Groundhog Day

We’re back.

No, this website hasn’t gone permanently offline.

I’ve just been feeling a bit uninspired by the news cycle lately:

  • Donald Trump is running for president again
  • There has been another black mass shooting
  • A movement eceleb has been exposed as a degenerate
  • You won’t believe this new corrupt thing the government is doing
  • Trannies are everywhere from Bud Light to the Country Music Awards

I feel like I have covered all of this a million times before. I need something else to do. I’m not looking forward to beating / covering the dead horse of Donald Trump’s Revenge Tour.


  1. “Trannies are everywhere from Bud Light to the Country Music Awards”

    It’s done wonders for Coor’s stock.

    • Yes but it hasn’t helped InBev by wrecking their Bud Light franchise. Now these geniuses are running some ridiculous “patriotic” themed commercials trying to recover. Don’t they know, patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel?

      I hope Bud Light, which tastes like shit anyway, never recovers. Maybe it can become the official beer of fags, perverts and degenerates. Bud Light could run a series with their new clientele on cans such as the Lolita Express series with Epstein followed by Bill Gates, Clinton, Ehud Barak, Les Wexner, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew et al. printed on the 12 oz. cans. Maybe they would become collectible.

      • You forgot to mention the human gargoyle, Harvey Weinstein. It’s sad how soon we forget about major perverts like Harvey. When I’m feeling a bit down I think about that
        repulsive gargoyle languishing in prison. It always improves my attitude.

  2. “Teens rampage in Chicago”
    “Teens out of control”
    “Teens fight police and each other”

    Teens ???

    (You truely have to fight the journalist to get the real story.)

  3. “I feel like I have covered all of this a million times before.”

    The patterns are well entrenched and as repetitive as sunrise.
    It’s the media’s refusal to acknowledge reality that makes everything so exasperating.


  4. Good to see you back, Brad. I thought your wife might have had a pregnancy issue and you were dealing with that…How far was that Dadesville nigger shooting from you? I saw a shot of white students mourning it all.

    • Dadeville is right up the road from Auburn.

      It is nothing more than niggers having a typical meltdown. I saw that and I was like … do I even want to write about this? It has happened a thousand times before. No one ever learns anything.

      • Apparently it was a ‘Sweet 16’ party, 3rd grade graduation party and gender reveal party all-in-one for the “teens” between the age of six and sixty. Once again KKK inspired AR-15s, snuck into the U.S. by Vladimir Putin, went on a rampage, killing many future rocket scientists and brain surgeons. WTF is it though with the grieving Whites in the crowd? Stay at least 1,000 yards from this kind of trouble.

        Here is video of the coloreds looting a gas station in Compton which is in LA. Compton is largely hispanic now so it’s not just the negroes doing the looting, their colored friends are helping out too. This could be a long, hot, summer. Get thee prepared now.

        • Stores, if they exist, will have to go back to early 1900’s format, a clerk with all merchandise behind the counter. The clerk will get the items , sack them and take payment before handing over the goods. The modern additions will be cameras and a thick layer of bulletproof glass.

          I saw this in East LA, long ago.

          • Sounds exactly like that “Liquor Plus” on that reality show “Flintown” from Netflix from the mid 2010s. They had this big, thick, bulletproof plexiglass front with this plexiglass revolving door thing that they used to pass the money and merchandise back and forth. Evidently shiftless ghetto slugs would loiter out in front and they kept having periodic shootings in front of the place and the city wanted to shut it down. As expected, the place was owned and run by Hindus. Arabs and Hindus seem to run all the service establishments in the ‘hood these days.

          • Yes, ,this was once done in rough mini marts in New York City and other Black ‘Hoods.

            This scene from “Taxi Driver” reflects merchant realities in rough urban places and that was the 1970s.

          • Although not East LA the video above shows the animals looting in Compton which is majority hispanic now and has been for years. Unfortunately all of southern California has been ruined by the Third World influx. Orange County has lots of Asians and although the different diversities hate each other anti-White hatred is the KKK Krazy Glue that cements the coalition of the fringes. (HT to Steve Sailer).

          • I’ve seen it in small Southern cities with about 20 percent Black population. One was called the “Yes We Can” Mart. It was set up using a surplus doublewide modular branch bank building on some vacant paved lot in the hood where another business had been looted and torched. Money in drive through slot, Cobra 40, Newports, blunt wraps and change out the other hole.

      • I’m feeling strongly the same way- it feels like 2015-16 all over again, just way worse.
        The only interesting thing about the Dadeville shooting was the fact they had some of the worst/funnies nog names, ever.
        Other than that, same old same old.

  5. The world is full of interesting news. One of the Bidens pushed the dothead English PM aside, to shake hands with some whites. It was hilarious. It might have been real Biden, I’m not sure.

    Then ‘Biden’ goes to Ireland, and up the steps he goes, and the filthy shams shut the doors in his face. Hilarious.

    Indonesia, based Indonesia, says Israel cannot come to the world sportsball tournament to be held there. The games are best held without an Israeli team, they said. That is being a good example.

    One of the Putins ( there are two currently, and the original hasnt been seen since 2013) met with the Chinese Defense Minister. That Chink said he chose Russia for his first foreign trip, as Russia and China are developing a strong cooperation in every area of Military affairs. The cooperation does not include fags or trannies.

    Some Sovok (Soviet) apparatchiks are threatening to arrest and imprison Igor Girkin (“Strelkov”) This is the guy who started and led the Donbass secessionist revolt in 2014. He has also commanded Russian forces in Syria, Serbia and in Africa.

    If Russia had honest elections (no, not a chance, never) this is the guy that would win. But he has been coming down hard on that faggot Shoigu and the traitor Gerasamov. So apparently they are going to arrest Strelkov, who is almost like a God to the Russian Soldiers. There is open talk of fragging. If they arrest Strelkov, some Russian soldiers will frag.

    Look, that honor killing in San Francisco, where the Iranian killed the honky over the honky having a good time with his married sister. Rammed a butcher knife right into his heart, i mean, that is good drama. A married woman ! What a fool. Even though the woman is gorgeous, what a fool.

    One of our very best men is Amos Miller. Zog wants to put him away for life, for selling healthy meat. He is back in the news. An Amish to be sure, but on agriculture, in a new Southern Nation, Amos Miller shows us the way.

    Super Mario is a superstar. I even let my 16 year old watch that movie. And he knows all Hollywood stuff is forbidden. But this one is ok.

    • “One of the Putins ( there are two currently, and the original hasnt been seen since 2013) met with the Chinese Defense Minister.”

      How can any intelligent discourse ever happen, with this sort of Q Anon retard commentary? Try looking at the different ear “Bidens” instead. Putin is far more real than anything we have on the Idiocracy channel known as the USA

    • Rangewolf ‘s comment violates OD s comment guidelines prohibiting wild , unsubstantiated conspiracy theories .

  6. Clown-World rolls on and on. It’s very much like Groundhog Day, except several orders of magnitude worse. I don’t blame you a bit for taking a hiatus. The Gay Old Pedos are now agitating for a war on Mexico, after 40 years of ignoring an ongoing invasion from there (Cartels probably not paying out enough to suit them). The only thing slightly interesting in the presidential race is the entry of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the ring on the D-jersey side. He at least goes against some of the Clown-World narrative. Trump, regardless of whatever he says, is fully a clown. I wonder if they’ll kill off RFK Jr. I’d give the odds at 50% – greater if he starts to talk about (((who))) killed his father and uncle. Our elites are totally evil, as is the Empire of Lies they rule over.

    Maybe they’ll put Dumpf in Epstein’s old cell and he can monitor the situation along with his campaign from there. I read that the shekels are rolling in like crazy with the indictment. That would at least provide some sleazy entertainment. Jared is no doubt rubbing his rodentine claws in rapture collecting the mountains of shekels from the morons who donate. Since Dumpf is easily the most talented grifter since P.T. Barnum, the old adage about there a sucker being born every minute is truer than ever. Murika … just a drugged-out trailer park pretending to be a country.

    Maybe you should pick up your Southern history articles from years past and update them. The series you did on Haiti was quite informative as well. I’ve mentioned in several posts here what a prophet-like character Robert Lewis Dabney was, and he was only one example of several excellent examples from the old America.

  7. Greetings.

    That’s me in that Groundhog Day photo, to the left of Bill Murray. Blue cap, glasses, beard, thirty years younger, trying to look interested. Filmed on the town square in Woodstock, Illinois.

    From a mere extra in a Hollywood movie, now I’m in full color in the Sunset Boulevard of my life on Occidental Dissent. With AI facial recognition, the SPLC will soon spot me and identify me as a known associate. “I’m ready for my close-up now, Mr. Dees.” Oh, wait. Morris Dees got fired four years ago. Maybe there is some justice in this world.

    Seriously, as Northerners, we’ve learned a lot about the Southern perspective from Occidental Dissent. Learning how brutally the Southern Whites were treated during the Northern Occupation has been a revelation. We Northerners were not taught much about that back in school. (For obvious reasons.)

    If you’re a little burned out, take a break. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard.

    But the movement is finally starting to creep into the mainstream, so things are starting to get interesting. Everything is upside down and inside out.

    Who would have thought that formerly anti-establishment musicians like CSN & Y (who had “Ohio” banned from the radio in 1970) would subsequently go loony-left authoritarian and object to freedom of speech and demand that people toe the Big Pharma party line?

    If musicians won’t criticize the system when it goes off the rails, who will?

    Crazy times ahead. Expect the unexpected.

  8. Summer riots are scheduled by our benevolent overseers. This looks primed to be bigger than BLM 2020…

    Hold on to your butts.

    • I wonder why they would “schedule summer riots” now? Seems the destruction is just on autopilot, once they turn it on they can’t shut it off. That and black underclass culture has become so toxic it’s now pretty much unsustainable. The kids are now “wilding” every chance they get. I’d also say large parts of the country are suffering mental health crisis from all this “legal” cannabis around. Virtually every high profile incident of mass murder involved heavy cannabis by the perp. The exceptions being Sandyhook and Virginia Tech. This stuff is now even more prevalent and the potency has gone through the roof with these juvenile delinquents using these concentrates that are nearly 100% THC so the mental health damage can occur much more quickly.

      Where I work there seems to be a crisis with middle aged black relatives and acquaintances of my coworkers committing suicide? This old grey bearded black guy and the elderly black UPS driver keep asking “what the heck is going on?” after each death. I am wondering if these legal, high potency cannabis products are involved? The blacks at work all love Governor Pritzker, “he legalized weed!” and cannabis use seems far more widespread in the black population than whites (it’s bad enough!) I remember the liberal college professor talking point in the early 90s was “white youths use drugs at an even higher rate than black youths” supposedly to make some point about discrepancies in arrests confirming racial bias. But I don’t believe this was true, at the time in high school only a smaller circle of “burnouts” used, but when I entered a big 10 university full of black affirmative action admittees (the cream of the crop of the ‘hood) it seemed pot use was ubiquitous among them. I think Michael Savage is right in that all this weed is a big, underreported part of all this violence and degeneracy around us.

  9. Lots of sources are saying Ukraine will start a big offensive around April 30. The nukes may finally fly. Both sides pretty much say this war is all or nothing.

  10. Hey Hunter:

    Would you like to take a year and a half completely off OD, Southern Nationalism, Dissident Right, Race Realism, Patriotic immigration and just get away, recharge with your beautiful and growing family?

    I did that 3 years ago when I went to Cape Town South Africa and it did me wonders.

    I and one or two trusted OD writers can keep OD up and operational, legal and still well read.

    I think you are right the next year and a half of Zio USA Patriotard, BLM protests/riots, Cuckservative RINO talking heads, Trump II Presidential elections is going to suck. We’re not going to have much, any influence on it.

    I recommend that you take some, a lot of time off – get with your family, work on finances, ways to make some $ as American WNs are THE cheapest people on planet earth – worse than any Js.

    Take care brother.


  11. Might be time for another history series.

    On the News front I was interested in Marjorie Taylor Greenes appearance on 60 Minutes. I guess the mainstream media has to shoe so mbv e MAGA Republicans so thry vd will not be accused of a total news black out. 10 of millions s of people have been radicalized by the events of the last few years.

    Also the AI stuff is pretty scary.

  12. I would like to have a word with this mysterious “Cristina Romana Alvarez” that some of you here on OD bizarrely look up to as some sort of goddess despite being a upper-class Mexican spectating the unraveling of the West

    I am not white, I am a second generation Filipino American with strong Spanish heritage on my mother’s side, but I strongly commiserate with many, but not all, of the beliefs expressed by those here, especially regarding Blacks and Jews.

    I first discovered this website by way of being featured on the now defunct blog Modern Heretic 3000, whom taught me a masterclass regarding the true nature of blacks, my perception of whom was cemented when I witnessed with my own two eyes, four black teenagers stealing shoes from a Nike store at a mall in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I have lives for most of my life, and of course, Jews as well (His hilarious Holocaust-centric articles, with words like “skull crushing machines,” “electric belts,” and “dogs with poison teeth” often sent me into uncontrollable laughing fits)

    For Ms. Alvarez:

    My gumption tells me you must be part of the upper-crust 10%, ruling White Mexican elite ensconced from all the crime, corruption, poverty, drugs etc that plague Mexico quite literally high in your ivory condominium towers somewhere in Polanco or Santa Fe (for the uninitiated, this is where those residing at the top of May-Hee-co’s lopsided class pyramid reside in it’s capital,) those aforementioned problems possibly created by your ancestors, the Conquistadores’ fatal mistake to either, not bring any Spanish women with them on their voyages to the New World or breed with the native Mayan/Aztec population (which in all brutal candidness, was light years ahead of what those of the Negroid phenotype in Africa ever accomplished in their own, the “WE WUZ KANGS” lies not withstanding,) I also take it that you must be between 16 and 24 ( I am not romantically interested in you, if that’s the impression you got from this sentence)

    You, and others here on OD may take strong offense to this but, for the longest time now, I have held the belief that the United States of America, or maybe a foreign power that does not champion judeo-progressive “woke” ideals, must invade Mexico, Iraq/Operation Just Cause style, go full scorched earth on the cartels, and “behead” the Mexican government, itself a partial apparatus of the cartels, and install in it’s place a corruption-and-cartel free regime that will work to bring prosperity to the Mexican people, which in turn will strongly curb immigration to the US from Central America and the rest of the world, by enticing them to immigrate to this reborn, reinvigorated, Mexico freed from it’s shadow of it’s past self.

    • Where are you going to find this honest regime? Mexico is corrupt because its people are corrupt.

    • @Christian k

      If they do that, sir, they can’t kill 100,000 white men with fentanyl every year and make billions and billions of dollars off of methamphetamine and cocaine sales ….

      You know ..the ‘real freedoms’

      But yeah..
      Great comment ..

      That Christina girl often agitates me with her arrogance about how wonderful her people are and how it’s totally fine that they invade our country illegally
      Her people don’t belong in my country by the tens of millions illegally.
      And I don’t fucking care what anybody says.

      So to any ballsy white immigrants… I dare you to try to sneak into Mexico.

      You’ll be thrown in jail immediately and tortured by savages
      I wonder if tens of millions of non-Spanish-speaking gringos were illegally invading
      ’may-hee-coh” if their gov would sit there and tell the people they were a bunch of racists if they didn’t want to hear that they were gonna become minorities in their own country in 20 years?

      I wonder if they would be told to enjoy this demographic replacement of their people by this illegal invasion??
      I seriously doubt anybody but white people would be told to lay down and die like this.

  13. 4chan /pol/ discussions are losing their edge as well, amidst news that is continually same-same

    Despite geriatric Trump & geriatric Biden being challenged by geriatric RFK Jr with a painful-to-listen-to speech impediment

    There is a funny idea that Obama could shortly be President again, based on the fact the 22nd Amendment only limits a President to two ‘elected’ terms, but doesn’t say anything about ‘appointed-succeeding’. So if Kamala agrees to replace age 89 Feinstein as Senator, Obama can be arguably appointed Veep and then succeed Biden till Jan 2025 LOL.

    Interesting re Russia-Ukraine war, and why it is all in slow-burn mode … ’till 2030 maybe’ say some Russians now

    With an ethnic conflict maybe starting inside Russia

    The Russian oligarchs impede the Russian side in the war, as they still dream of ‘deals’ with the West, partying in Monaco etc

    USA also slow-walks the war, as the real strategy may be to drag out the war till Russia implodes from the inside, not from ‘sanctions’ but from ethnic tension finally bubbling up while Moscow is distracted in Ukraine

    Russia is 15% Muslim and has lots of ethnic minorities who didn’t get their independence after 1991, like the Chechens … who haven’t forgotten how Putin helped kill tens of thousands of them

    The idea that ‘trad Russians’ get along well with trad Muslims etc because they share ‘family values’ turns out to be weak … ethnic difference be what it be, even if both sides are ‘trad’ … no ‘multicultural paradise’ even if everyone is trad, it turns out

    Rolo Slavskiy, a noted pro-Russia but pessimist on the war, documents how ‘Russia is Experiencing a Wave of Muslim Terror On a Scale That We’ve Never Seen Before’

  14. Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa—rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet.

    Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.

    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrow-head worth preserving beyond the moment of its use.

    He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.

    In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.

    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail!

    He lives as his fathers lived—stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!

    -Thomas F Dixon Jr

  15. Mr. Wallace,

    No need to feel uninspired. I think American whites expect logic and reason to prevail. That is not necessarily true. I expect little to nothing from humans.

    So have a few margaritas and relax. One can never reason with your enemies so do not even try.

    May I address another white nationalist myth? That is the idea that if American whites go belly up that the rest of us will miss you. That is NOT true. The powerful families will rule as before just like we did before our contact with you. We will also write our own history.

    The technology that attaches itself to the poor of our countries is something that we are not really concerned with. We got along without you before we knew you and we will again. No insult meant for I am pro white to a certain extent.

    It is just that you are primarily on your own. I am sentimental so I at least will miss you people so stay firm.

    So the internet is wonderful and I found this song that might describe matters. It is Going to Get Along Without You by Patience and Prudence.

    • Clarification on mentioning the technology issue…

      Modern technology does save lives and creates delightful things like the internet for example. Some societies would be hit harder than others. Africa would be especially devastated without American food, medicine, etc. But then they would adapt and stumble on.

      In short since gratitude is the most fleeting of all human emotions I just do not think that non white countries for any length of time would regret American whites becoming less numerous and powerful in the USA.

      It is imagined that things would be as they currently are just with a lot more non whites. By the time reality hit I think the freebies would be missed but not necessarily the originators of such gifts.

    • Cristina,

      You of all people should know the history of human sacrifice and other sociopathic behaviors that the Aztecs, Incas, Myans, North American Idios tribes exhibited prior to contact with Western civilization.

      Your people might survive without us, but at a subsistence level of current health and food standards that you enjoy due to MY people. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be your omnipresent companions on your own. That is because we are the golden geese of your standards of living.

      Not going to lie, I would have absolutely no problem depriving non-whites of their cultural appropriations of ours, and allowing them to carry on without our tools, agriculture, and altruism. Shall we call this White People Going Their Own Way (WPGTOW)? The idea of a “White strike” has been floated around in pro-White circles. We know that everything that non-whites take for granted would come crashing down fast, and they would be caught in a classic “Catch-22” dilemma of begging Whites to return, or continue forth in their racial hubris.

      Sure there will always be powerful families/tribes/warlords in any setting involving packs of humans. Have you read the fantastic non-fiction book “Empire of the Summer Moon?” It describes how indigenous Indios conducted the most brutal warfare without a shred of mercy for the babies, women, elderly of their enemies. I believe that left to their own devices without Western (not jewish) legal system in place, the inhabitants of North and South America would return to that form of warfare again.

      Catholicism is fading everywhere, except in Sub-Saharan Africa. There are no fill in the nation’s name Republics of Catholicism, as there are Republics of Islam. Do you know why? It’s because Islam still has a sense of the sacred in the vast majority of its followers, while Christianity has zealots spread out few and thin.

      I know that your comment was directed at HW, but I could not resist using my scorpion stinger.

      • November,

        Let’s take your article one paragraph at a time.

        Paragraph 1–Of course I am aware of how Indians were. I never heard of the ridiculous noble red man theory until I came to the USA. I thought it was a parody at first.

        Paragraph 2 is just wrong. The idea we become stone age people is ridiculous. The Indians are not running the country in Mexico anyway. Trying to pretend that nobody can do anything except whites is very much in error.

        Paragraph 3-This applies more to Africans than most other people. Anyway my blood is primarily Spanish therefore this does not apply to myself or the people ruling and dominating Mexico.

        Paragraph 4-Latin American countries are generally dominated by whites of European descent so do you think that when push came to shove that we would allow things to fall to that level? The idea that non whites are irredeemable savages is not true. Of course I know about the savagery of Indian warfare. Do you think Vikings and other white barbarians were not savages as well? Yet they have not been savages for a long time.

        I think white Americans committed lots of atrocities in WW2 with the indiscriminate bombings. So everyone can be a savage even in modern times.

        No. i have not read the book you referred to me.

        Paragraph 5- As for Islam? There is nothing sacred about that blasphemous religion. Or what they would do to someone like me as just part of their routine. Despite the failings of our Catholic leadership our rules can not change. I was Confirmed therefore I have to be ready to die for the Faith as do all others. Currently all that is necessary is just to believe and practice the Faith.

        It does not bother me that you wrote instead of HW.

      • November,

        Cutting through all of our verbage latin whites dominate Latin America more than anglos dominate the United States. So why do you think we would revert back to some post nuclear apocalypse movie?

        Do you think that latin whites are demonstrably inferior in native intelligence and innovation to English speaking whites?

      • November,

        A further personal consideration on my part is that I am pro white for the following reasons–

        1. I am white or close enough and I have more racial loyalty than the average Republican walking down the street
        2. I do not like the enemies of whites
        3. I recognize that whites are obviously the goose that lays the golden eggs yet to believe that every country with significant non whites will become savages is incorrect

    • Is it still giving you an error message?

      The site was down for a few days because of the monthly bill. It should be fine now.

  16. God bless you, Mr. Griffin.

    You’ve done a tremendous amount of work through the years and it is only perfectly understandable that sometimes your flame would burn low.

  17. Hey Hunter , I have a funny music video blog and happy 134 birthday to “Dad” blog in draft mode.

    Can you look over, it should be fine. I’d like to publish this today on our Dad’s Birthday.

    Thanks Hunter – how’s the new addition coming along?


  18. @Cristina,

    For clarification, I misread your third paragraph, and was under the impression that you meant all Whites, and that you were throwing in with non-Whites in not missing us. Though, it could still be interpreted this way. Also, White Nationalism is not confined to the USA, and it’s not a myth that our presence in America would not be missed. Sure some of those that has three grandparents that were of European descent would be able to carry on at much higher levels than pre-contact Indios, but how long would it be before the natives got restless, and went full revolution on those families in high places? Since in Latin America, it was/is condoned by the church and state that miscegenation is not illegal, it would only take a few centuries, until every inch of North and South America turned into something similar to a brown Brazilian living in a Rio hillside favela.

    Going back to your statement that American Whites won’t be missed by non-whites is a bit presumptuous, and the current woke (jewish) narrative that has been spread by “The Big Lie.” Even ‘proud ‘ negro comedians have joked that they wouldn’t want to fly in an airplane with an all black flight crew. Chicanos are muy machismo about their capabilities, but in truth, they are really bragging about physical labor and not maintaining first world nations. Illiteracy would become even more rampant with time too. Not even the inevitable harsh Darwinian conditions would be able to save them from themselves. I’m f course, I am talking about a century or two of being without Whites.

    On the other hand, we do not need non-whites at all. The wealthy Anglos brought the Chinese coolies , and alongside the Jews, the negro problem for maximum profit. God forbid that they actually paid a White man a living wage when they could get cheap non-white labor. They still do this to the current day, but it is mostly American jews on Wall Street and in corporations that keep the non-whites taking jobs and technology jobs for less than they would have to pay European Americans.
    We all know that you are on team Latin American Catholics whether Castizo or mestizo. So in regards to America acting as a counter force against China and Russia, am I wrong in that since your family’s wealth is tied up in USDs, you are aware that the BRICS and BRICS+ nations uncoupling themselves from the USD being the world’s reserve currency and what that will mean for your family’s finances? I hope you can understand that while not being a shill for either China nor Russia their weakening of America’s power internationally and more importantly domestically is a positive outcome to those that this tyrannical government views as its enemies. Ffs, US-ZOG even consider traditional Catholics potential enemies of its talmudic state. I bet Krafty Wanker could find a job a the DOJ persecuting Catholics lWhite or otherwise. Haha.

    • November,

      If you think I am soft on Indians or blacks you are gravely mistaken. No latin I have ever known likes blacks. Blacks for awhile would miss your freebies and then they adjust and proceed as they always have.

      Brazil is dominated by whites which is what keeps it together. So is Mexico. Latin America without American whites would not disintegrate like you are writing. No caveman future for us –outside nuclear world wide war of course.

      Outside of manual labor it is true that whites do not need non whites as a general rule. We got along without them and we could do so again. My song above is quite fitting for Latin America in reference to white Americans losing influence in the USA. But it also applies to whites in reference to non whites.

      So the song works. We do not need you to be civilized, Mexico under Spain was developing and Spain was highly civilized as was Italy without English or American white influence.

      The idea that American whites are necessary is no longer true. Other societies have access to modern technology and know how to work it. If American whites lose influence other Western European countries will bend over backwards to support non white countries.

      So essentially it would be one fool replacing another. Remember the white man’s gifts would be missed but not whites themselves. I just do not see much gratitude overall among blacks at this point in time. Cherry picking exceptions aside.

      I also think Asia would do okay with white decline in the United States as well. I do not see a caveman future for them either.

    • November,

      Our conversation is wonderful. I leave this evening so until next time.

      So until then I leave my definitive race views that I have posted on here time and time again.

      1. I am strongly against marriage between white and black
      2. As I have many times before I condemn illegal immigration to any country
      3. I am more pro white than the vast majority of Republicans
      4. I have no use for Repubs or Dems. or Russia and China
      5. I strongly believe in the class system of Mexico
      6. I despise South Africa for it’s non stop rape and murder of whites
      7. I strongly resent white racial displacement anywhere since I am white
      8. Black people would still be rubbing 2 sticks together if not for whites
      9. Every race has the right to it’s identity.
      10. There is no moral obligation to give aid to anyone or any country outside of the basic necessities of life, The invasion of Europe bothers me. That is the homeland of whites and I am either pure or close.


    • November,

      A further clarification. Mexicans including myself frequently call American whites just whites even when some of us are also white. We also call American whites Anglos–a word more common in past decades I think. Anglo is not just ethnic but language oriented as well for I would call a Polish American an Anglo but not an Italian-American.

      Both terms have strengths and weaknesses. So I think that when confusion might occur I will use the term American White. I like the word Anglo so I will not completely retire the term.

      Sorry for the late response.

    • November,

      You mentioned the Church and interracial marriage. It is a temporal matter. If the State forbids it then the Church will not perform such marriages as far as I am aware.

      If legal then it is up to the Bishop of each diocese. If he forbids it then no marriages in his diocese. If he allows it then it is up to the individual priest for no priest is forced to perform a marriage interracial or otherwise. I asked two American priests on this–both Irish Americans and they said they would not perform such marraiges. They have refused for years and received no condemnation from their bishops.

      So it is up to the government and society to step up on this issue. Remember once a marriage rather interracial or not is performed by the Church then the Biblical law of —“What God has joined together let no man cut asunder” becomes moral law.

      One can be against interracial marriage for temporal reasons but not for moral reasons since it is no sin according to my religion. The Spanish came without Spanish women for a long time at first and that shaped matters for a long time.

    • November,

      I do not believe in very much of what you believe in. Your comment insulting my family by stating that you do not give a rat’s ass what we think is insufferable. Therefore it would be best if you never address me again outside of moral necessity.

      Also your comment on a dog greeting the dead instead of St. Peter was blasphemous.


  19. You’re probably feeling uninspired because you fell for the “Christian Nationalist” red wave media psyop, and now you’re stuck in this comment section with the dunces who also enjoy that particular delusion.

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