America First Pedophilia Scandal

So, it came out while the site was down that Smiley (the dorky kid on the right wearing Pit Vipers in the video above) sent dick pics to Ali Alexander when he was 15-years-old. He also did it because he thought it would advance his political career. It has also all come out after MILO has predictably opened The Vault to destroy Nick Fuentes after their falling out in the Ye 2024 campaign.

Note: From what I gather, some of this unfair. Smiley sent the dick pics to Ali years before America First got off the ground. Still, this is what Nick gets for attaching himself to MILO and Ali.


    • Most of these creeps are federal agents or assets of federal agencies. Compromat is simply part of the game. This kind of dysfunctional outlook(cynical, anti-human, criminal attitudes) tends to favor perverts, sexual deviants who can be controlled through fear and coercion.

    • Nick being this close and cozy with not one but two flaming homos makes it essentially undeniable… Nicks a feyg

    • This. /\ /\ /\

      “We are ruled by the worst scum imaginable.” That’s it right there, also known as: Democracy on Parade.

  1. Truly judeo-christianity in Weimerika circa 2020s.

    Has Vincent James ghosted or renounced AF yet? What’s up with the reproachment between Fuentes and JFG?

    The alt-grift has been teeming with homos and jews for a while. Hopefully, this will be their swansong of their incel antics, shilling for the GOP, gayoping millennials and zoomers with false promises and compromised leaders.

  2. So the FBI is now in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s good graces again, eh?

    I saw a few photos of MTG looking pretty chummy with Scammy Davis Pedo aka Alaxander Ali.

    Both “traditional Catholicism” to “Christian nationalism” are fake and gay.

    Third Position is the way and the light.

    • MILO is living in one of MTG’s homes with his black husband. He has been ghost writing her book on Christian nationalism. Everyone involved in this on both sides is a joke.

    • As a Christian, I should here that I have always disliked MILO since the days he was prancing around in drag on college campuses. I have also always disliked Ali for the same reason.

      • Have you heard about charlottesville charging all the tiki torch marchers with felonies 6 years later?

      • As a rational being, I should here that I have always disliked MILO since the days he was prancing around in drag on college campuses. 🙂

        It isn’t necessary to have a particular religion to be repulsed by perv behavior.

  3. Gays love spite work. They are not a forgive and forget kind of people and if you can’t forgive and forget your are not a Christian. How much did Super homo Pete Thiel pay to get back at Gawker for outing him? Milo is no different. He is a spite worker too.This is a common thread you will see in this homosexual group, a vindictive spiteful nature.

    is it racist or homophobic to notice the shared common character flaws of a group or set of similar peoples? I hope so.

    I get a feeling Marge is going to hell, I want to live to see. Oh how I want to live to see it.

    • Your comment about MTG contrasts with your own statement (albeit false) earlier in the post. “…if you can’t forgive and forget your are not a Christian.” WRONG. Log in eye?

      This mindset also is aberrant Christianity, coming as it does from either Papism or Protestan-schism. God DOES command hatred of evil. He also says in Psalms, that we can have a ‘perfect hatred’ [Ps. 139:33] when hating those whom GOD hates.
      The only valid Biblical viewpoint on this, is as follows:

      “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – St. Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

      1 Thessalonians 2:14-16: “..The Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; prohibiting us to speak to the nations, that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God has come upon them to the end…”.

      “Live in peace not only with your friends but with your enemies; but only with your personal enemies and not with the enemies of God.”
      St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves (+1074)

      And, in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the word “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.”

      “…as a matter of fact, Jesus did not ask his listeners to “love” their persecutors in the Sermon on the Mount; rather, he urged prayers on their behalf. It is even more important to realize what Jesus meant when asked the audience to love their enemies. In the Greek, he refers specifically and only to “private” enemies (echthros) not to “public” or “alien” enemies (polemoi).27 Unless one keeps such distinctions in mind, a Christian hermeneutics of mission can easily degenerate into pathological altruism.28 The existential distinction between friend and enemy cannot be dissolved by transforming Christianity into a deracinated, cosmopolitan cult of the Other. National Jesus knew better than to mistake historical choice for ontological essence.”- Global Jesus versus National Jesus: The Political Hermeneutics of Resurrection – Andrew Fraser

      • @Fr. John…

        Sir, at the page, Morning Joe Calls on Red States to Secede, I wrote the following comment…

        “Morning Joe Calls On Red States To Secede”

        A classic Beta-male – he calls on someone ELSE to take the necessary action…”

        To that you posted this reply…

        “Well, Ivan. If YOU want to be a martyr, go right ahead. Someone needs to come forward, and no one other than Trump is even making a play for that moniker. So, your comment is just sour grapes, and nothing more.”

        With respect, Dear Father, I have put my life & liberty on the line for the South and White Southerners many many many times.

        Yet, because there was no reporter, with a television camera reporting my specific presence in these events, you do not know of it.

        For what it’s worth – if 1 out of 3 Southerners were like me, in this regard, we would be independent very very soon.

        As always, good to hear from you.

  4. None of this has any bearing on working class White people in the heartlands of our nations, the issues that effect our lives, our concerns or the threats facing our demographics.

    We don’t own America First’s degeneracy, have never been party to it.

    We are wignats, who they long ago disavowed.

    Take heart that many of us knew in our gut these people were screwballs long before any of this was evident.

    There are good solid, god fearing and honest White people aplenty out here, and none of this takes away from their right to organize and advocate for their interests.

    If things look stagnant here, look stuck in the ditch or off the rails look at France, look at the Netherlands, our cousins to the north in Canada. There are signs of resistance.

    Where there is resistance, there is potential for reformation and a will to go a different direction.

    People hate this queer culture instinctively and they don’t need permission to do so openly. We should hate this, and remember not to trust people we don’t know.

    If we fall, we should fall fighting with dignity and everything we have left to give. Our childrens future requires no less of us.

  5. Fatalism is a worldview resigned to oblivion. If we are not resigned, it has no utility for we the living.

  6. Off topic, but now everyone on film at Charlottesville UTR who carried a lit tiki torch is now in the legal crosshairs of authorities there…Several (?) rally goers have recently been arrested for intimidation or some such, which is a felony. Beware.

  7. Well, after all the UN has recently come out with a declaration that it’s about time for a revision/pre-emption of the various national laws regarding adult sex (of most any kind) with children/minors.

    BTW and O/T, I was just able to open this site and the DS site this evening after about three days of no connectivity.

  8. I read recently that the Crunchy-Cuck (Rod Dreher) doxxed some teacher at a “Conservative Christian” school about something less than obsequious to the (((usual suspects))) and the poor chump lost his job there. Interesting how these clowns always shoot right. Christianity is over in Murika. Only remnants remain scattered about here and there. Folks like Dreher (who lives in Hungary now) and Milo will be fingering them for the Jew-run death squads as the empire finally collapses.

  9. I swear some sections of the White racialist movement have more drama than a teenaged stripper!

    • The Navy SEALS are winning the online drama contest so far. And all of those retards are normies.

  10. Why are all these white nationalists organizations run by catholics? Lol…I am starting to think there is something up with these catholics and jews…

  11. It is curious how many perverts are in this movement and every other political thing. Have they all been hiding? Have the numbers increased because of online porn? Or are they just in all the prominent positions now? We need a pervert investigator who basically does what Steve Sailor does, just with a different focus.

  12. Elon’s rocket launch was White pride moment I think.

    Not everything is total shit HW man.

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