Basketball American Shoots Little White Girl and Her Family In North Carolina

Kinsley White at least survived.

The father who was shot in the back by this nigger while trying to protect his family is still in bad shape though. You can share and donate to their fundraiser here.

ABC News:

“A North Carolina man allegedly shot a 6-year-old girl, her parents and an additional neighbor after a basketball rolled into his yard.

The suspect, Robert Louis Singletary, 24, turned himself in on Thursday to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Florida, the Gaston County Police Department said.

The Gaston County Police Department received a 911 call at 7:44 p.m. on Tuesday about a local shooting. Investigators later determined that Singletary seriously injured one adult male and one juvenile female, and that a separate female was grazed by a bullet while a second adult male was shot.

Police identified the three adult victims as William James White, Ashley Hildebrand and Derrick Kenneth Prather, all from Gastonia. White suffered a gunshot wound and remains in serious condition, according to police. Hildebrand suffered a grazing gunshot wound, and Prather was shot but not hit, police said. The 6-year-old also suffered a gunshot wound, police said. …”

When I first heard about this yesterday, I thought the little girl had been killed like Cannon Hinnant who was shot dead in North Carolina while riding his bicycle a few years ago.


“The 6-year-old girl, Kinsley, said she was hit in the cheek and described to WBTV her understanding of what happened.

“I couldn’t get inside in time so he shot my daddy in the back,” she said.

The girl’s mother, Ashley Hilderbrand, told CNN doctors removed bullet fragments from her daughter’s cheek and noted that her own elbow was grazed by a bullet. She said they had nothing to do with the basketball game; the family was outside grilling and her daughter was riding her bike. …”

This isn’t an isolated incident.

Here in Alabama, a black woman recently shot and killed a 13-year-old White boy who was playing in her yard. She claims it was “self defense.” The story was also predictably buried by the media while this Ralph Yarl shooting in Kansas City has been dominating the news cycle.

Note: Groundhog Day, again.

It feels like we are stuck in an endless loop. These shootings continue to happen. White victims are buried by the media. Black victims are used to fan the flames and incite riots. Manifestos are either published or hidden from the public depending on how they serve the narrative.


  1. How about our WHITE sister, beat down in Chicago a week ago, they stomped her head……..their GHOULISH ex mayor, said the young people in Chicago need a safe place too go………and do what? A safe place to attack whites? …….It seems they have a safe place too attack WHITES already, it’s called the united states…….


  2. I hate these black bastard beasts with every ounce of what makes me a human being.

    In no other place is multiculturalism forced on you more than in prison
    I guess doing 10 1/2 years in the California Department of corrections turned me into a big-time ‘racist’ many many years ago.

    In a sane society, they’d have all been rounded up at gunpoint, and forced on a boat or forced into the noose hundred plus years ago.

    I hate them all.

    That coons entire lineage should dangle from a rope for this.

    As usual, since forced integration the juden news media will completely ignore this horrendous crime, but then they lecture all whites about how racist we are for noticing this stuff all the time.

    So, noticing that blacks are criminal predators is more of a crime than actual rape and murder in joo clownworld.

    I am just so tired of ‘normal’ white people ignoring the nonstop predation of feral niggers.

    I am quite frankly sick of so called normal people acting like they could care less that every day hundreds and hundred of white victims are assaulted , robbed ,murdered and raped by these evil black monsters.

    How many white children and families have their lives destroyed by these useless nation wrecking subhuman monsters on a daily basis?

    Have I mentioned how much I hate these fucken knuckle dragging animals yet?

    • Whites are atomized individuals, much more so than any other race. Very few of these materialistic fools see these victims as brothers and sisters.

    • “I guess doing 10 1/2 years in the California Department of corrections turned me into a big-time ‘racist’”

      That, or a year in the military 🙂

    • James, I hear you loud and clear. I’m 55 and have been out of prison a little over 15 years, but was in for a solid 20 here in Tennessee. I had a pretty messed up life even as a kid, was in and out of juvenile reform-schools, etc., even before prison. Blacks were always, at least to me, the worst thing about being locked away. Now, all these years later, however, I’ve came to realize that being locked away itself, plus doing all the dirt that got me locked away was worse… but I still can’t stand even seeing a black, male or female.

      I hope your life is better these days, brother.

  3. Once again, I will post this quote:

    Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa—rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet.
    Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.
    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.
    A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrow-head worth preserving beyond the moment of its use.
    He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.
    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail!
    He lives as his fathers lived—stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!

    -Thomas F Dixon Jr

  4. “Shot (by a black) when their basketball rolled into the black’s yard’- Now you know why our ancestors believed in racial residential segregation and segregated neighborhoods.

    • It was the Northerner’s lack of experience with blacks combined with the “poor nigga” propaganda of the 50’s and 60’s which fueled the “civil rights” movement and allowed it to unhappily succeed.

    • “our ancestors believed in racial residential segregation?

      They failed.
      Only absolute separation will work, by oceans.

      • He’ll get few takers. They may hate us but they love our countries. No goodies in Africa.

  5. For 15 years I’ve been aware of this. 15 years is a long time to see the same thing over and over again, and then see nothing but political failure in the wake. The first one of these I saw and which disturbed me was Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian in 2007. It was a gratuitous, grizzly murder.

    Groundhog Day indeed. These are simply one of the many fruits of Black Run America. Our Negro Worship is still ascending to its apex. The 2020s and white Boomer die off are rapidly exposing all the cracks. South Africa is our destiny.

    The South was Right.

    • 22 years for me. My first revelation was the Wichita massacre of December 2000. As I mentioned in the other thread, it is like Groundhog Day except immeasurably worse. The term Black Run America – coined by ‘Paul Kersey’ – is ultimately a lie though. While it’s certainly true that large numbers of whites worship their magic negroes, the objects of their worship are not running the operation to exterminate them. The holy darkies are merely boots on the ground for those giving the orders. Typically, Jared Taylor gives a good overview of how bad things have gotten, and the article’s title is very true. He observes that Whites are fools but ignores the bad actors – refusing to name the Jew and the even more despicable shabbas-goy whites, which includes most so-called ‘Christians’. Writers like Taylor, Kersey and Kevin Gividen are useful to a point but they never report on the aftermath. The Carr brothers, perps of the 2000 Wichita massacre, merely the culmination of a killing spree, were originally sentenced to death but Repuke appointed judges on the USSC made a ruling which overturned the sentences. If they’re not already on the streets again, they will be before too long.

      The problem is that there is no actual resistance present in the white populace to all this evil. The number of whites who are even aware of the problem or its essential nature seem to be very few overall – most refuse to believe their lying eyes. Even simple things like taking steps to avoid getting your info from poisoned sources (all TV and broadcast media is enemy-owned), building your own platforms (continuing to use Faceberg, Twatter, etc.), or homeschooling (James Dobson stated Christians should leave public schools three decades ago) are simply ignored. There have been countless whites of vision who saw this all coming even as far back as 150 years ago. All ignored and tossed into the trash bin in favor of cheap Jewish lies. One cannot help a people who refuse to help themselves at all. Voat moar harder zeks. Maybe this time Cheetohead will save you with the shimmering golden lining of Jared’s updated and improved “Platinum Plan”.

  6. It was a miracle she wasn’t killed.

    Of course the J Media mafia monopoly won’t cover this true hate crime, same as they didn’t cover the Knoxville Horror or the Wichita Massacre and instead lied to our TV addicted Wave the Flag and Support the Troops Amurikun patriotards to have endless wars against Israel’s neighbors and White European nationalists like the Serbs and now the Russians.

    So let’s do it, make her a poster girl for BLM Lib Zio terror against our people. Let’s fitness the race, White Nationalist angle as the family is sure to be bought off, become pro Israel, Christian forgive the shooter etc.

    Doesn’t matter.

    Let’s have her be our little princess – grow up to marry a Viking MMA warrior prince.

  7. People do see these things happening.

    They do understand what you said about the double standard, and they do resent it because they know its only because they are White, and that the attack was also because she was white.

  8. Hey Hunter , I have a funny music video blog and happy 134 birthday to “Dad” blog in draft mode.

    Can you look over, it should be fine. I’d like to publish this today on our Dad’s Birthday.

    Thanks Hunter – how’s the new addition coming along?


  9. This story and all the others are terrible but need to be told. So many Whites still have their heads in the sand and listen to the Lügenpresse’s narrative. The elderly White guy who shot the black teenager in Kansas City is just the latest example.

    To hear the Lügenpresse tell the tale the elderly White guy was sitting in his Barcalounger, wearing his MAGA hat and KKK uniform with a swastika armband, drinking beer while shouting at the TV with a portrait of Adolph hanging on the wall. When he saw the black kid ring his doorbell he couldn’t wait to shoot him because that’s just the way White people are. Of course, to sell this false narrative stories such as the Cannon Hinnant shooting and this latest crime in NC have to go down the memory hole, they can’t even use them to push their gun control narrative.

    KC is somewhat dangerous, there is a fair amount of diversity there. That is exactly why this elderly gent was packing heat, he didn’t want to become a statistic of the diversity body count. Of course, it’s illegal to publicly make that logical connection in the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

    BTW, the guy’s degenerate grandson threw grandpa under the bus for diversity points. He looks like a mystery meat type anyway. The black kid and especially his lawyers just hit the ghetto lottery, they will take everything the old guy has and torment him through the courts for the rest of his days.

    And the Defence Dept. wonders why Whites don’t want to step up and enlist to defend the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire?

    They will attempt conscription of Whites before they will give up the Empire.

    • Funny. I have never felt more optimistic. This country is run by people who consider themselves the smartest people on the planet, bought into their own propaganda that the Chosen meant that they were chosen to rule the earth when they were only chosen to sacrifice the Lamb of God, because only they had the chutzpah to do it.

      Unlike Indo-Aryan culture, there are no admonitions about developing hubris and thinking you are smarter than the Supreme Being. No stories like Icarus whose hubris compelled him to fly too close to the sun with his wings of wax only to fall to his death. No stories about Arachne or other characters who boasted about their superiority to higher entities, drawing down their wrath.

      Everything they are doing is backfiring miserably on them. The ONLY thing that is still keeping them in power and having ANY influence at the moment is that the USA still formally holds the world reserve currency, that hold is getting increasingly more tenuous as the Saudis align with BRICS to end the petro-dollar.

      How vigilant will the FBI, the ATF, the police, and the military be against “White Supremacists” if they can’t feed their own family because the money is no damned good? How many of them will be kneeling to BLM thugs then? Do you really think they are going to round up draft dodgers for the Empire in the interests of godless pedophiles who want to force drag queens, sodomy, and sex changes on children then?

      Believe me, once all the Ponzi schemes they are juggling fall around their ears, the American people who pretend to ignore the antics of those who govern us to preserve their livelihoods will stop pretending and there will be hell to pay. Any attempt to bring back the draft to fight China for Taiwan or Russia for the Ukraine is going to light the fuse
      to the most violent backlash imaginable. Their time is running out.

      • > Everything they are doing is backfiring miserably on them. The ONLY thing that is still keeping them in power and having ANY influence at the moment is that the USA still formally holds the world reserve currency, that hold is getting increasingly more tenuous as the Saudis align with BRICS to end the petro-dollar.

        From your keyboard to God’s ear, may it be so. The sooner the empire is burned to the ground, the better our chances to survive as a people. That’s what it’s going to take.

      • ” . . . I have never felt more optimistic. This country is run by people who consider themselves the smartest people on the planet, bought into their own propaganda that the Chosen meant that they were chosen to rule the earth . . . “

        Indeed, that sums it up nicely. They have legions of non-Chosen parasites who believe they have picked the winning team by throwing their lot in with The Usual Suspects, all of whom are in for a rude surprise when GloboHomo goes tits up. We have seen this act before, many times in history, and it always ends the same way, badly, for all those involved.

        The present course is unsustainable but it’s also unknowable how much longer GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire can continue running, just on inertia. What is astonishing is that it has lasted so long, not that it will come to an end. The Ruling Class has no intention of giving up the Empire though, consequences be damned and is resorting to every expedient to continue exercising their destructive power.

        They are ruining the currency and hiding their bankruptcy through the artifice of inflation, a hidden tax on all dollar holders while driving nations away from the USD through sanctions. A more self-destructive policy, at odds with their own ends would be difficult to conceive but there it is, from the smartest people in the world. Hubris is indeed the best word to describe their actions.

        The military and the USD are the two pillars of GloboHomo’s power and both are failing. They are now salting public discourse with discussions of conscription because their woke military is obviously not up to par and they need White, Christian males to competently staff it. The only reason the scumbags in Congress haven’t tried to implement conscription yet is because next year is an election year and no one wants to be on record voting for conscripting their constituents into the horrors of the Third World U.S. military.

        It’s one thing for the U.S. Govt. to demand conscription through law and it’s another to get it. As you have noted correctly, there will be massive opposition to conscription by the public. Apparently that is the Rubicon the U.S. Government is afraid to cross because of fear of a massive public backlash, which is inevitable. Hubris will come into play however and the geniuses in charge of GloboHomo will try to implement conscription anyway. They have no choice and they can’t help themselves.

  10. The war on White People continues. Our enemies pressed fast forward in 2020 with the race riots and violence in the streets. Now Chicago has been taking over by Black thugs with no remorse. Same goes for every single big city in America. Small towns included. The violence against White People will continue until our folk joins together and protects ourselves. Always remember they label us a “Hate Group” but it’s these left wing scum that are the real haters and all these stories are all race related. Deo Vindice!

  11. Good evening Hunter. I haven’t received any word from you to the contrary so, I’m going to post my blog about the Bud Lite music parody and a birthday greeting to “Dad”.

    I hope everything is going well with you and yours.


  12. Sad story…Yet you are leaning for Donald Trump who wants to further empower blacks and already released thousands of black criminals from prisons with the help of his buddy Kanye West and other black celebrities. He didn’t do it for votes, he’s a jewish-influenced wigger from New York.

    • Trump is less bad for Whitey than Biden is, and is himself a catalyst for waking Whitey up, undermining the credibility of the empire, furthering the only realistic goal we have, which is to survive the inevitable balkanization that will eventually rip this country apart.

      Trump isn’t our guy. He is a dumb orange boomer. He’s also someone the regime is trying to destroy, unsuccessfully, and obliterating any perception of legitimacy Washington had even 5 years ago in the process.

      All of this is win win and a clear reason to vote trump.

      Would i prefer there never be a president again? Yes.

      Would i prefer Whitey never participated in this farce again? Yes

      Neither of those are gonna happen this election cycle. This is the realistic thing we can do now.

      • > Trump isn’t our guy. He is a dumb orange boomer. He’s also someone the regime is trying to destroy, unsuccessfully, and obliterating any perception of legitimacy Washington had even 5 years ago in the process.

        This opens up an interesting theory about Dumpf. As you note, he’s not our guy and moreover has never been our guy. Given that, why does the imperial machine appear to be so intent in destroying him? I remember that fairly early on in his term, someone made the observation that Trump wanted to “make a deal” with our enemies rather than actually fight them. That is certainly true enough. They went on to note that the enemy didn’t make deals and continued on their warpath out of their Trump hatred.

        Is that really true? Or, was a deal actually made – whereby the enemy would continue to act out whenever Trump tweeted while they got their folks into all of the key positions. Thus Trump would continue to build brand-loyalty among his largely clueless base as he sold them out. According the Jared and all of the Gaslight Media, Trump is way out in front of the Repuke field in both fundraising and polling. If so, the ‘backroom deal’ theory – which also jibes with the continuous backstabbing on Trump’s part – could very possibly be the explanation. As you note, they have not actually destroyed him. They have certainly destroyed any number of greater and more courageous people than Cheetohead the Clown though, even some with more FU money than he has.

        • “why does the imperial machine appear to be so intent in destroying him? ”

          Because the kosher spies have caught some of his private conversations and reported back to the rabbinate.
          Same as Nixon.

      • I respectfully disagree that Trump is less bad for Whitey than Biden is.

        By his own ineptitude, Biden is destroying the USA which IS the locus of Jewish power in the world. That is why Israel drew down the wrath of Stalin to align with the USA rather than the USSR.

        Trump’s presidency promised to Make America Great Again, but he really Made Israel Greater with his Abraham Accords and building the American Embassy in Jerusalem, declaring it the capitol of Israel.

        Trump won the White Working Class vote, because many of them thought he was a closet Old School Democrat who would bring back a lot of good-paying jobs and even TRUE Affordable Healthcare (similar to what Europe had before it lost its mind and brought in all these migrants to sponge off the system).

        Trump cratered to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell by putting through tax cuts without leveraging them to get the Southern border wall funded and finished first. He wasted a lot of valuable time with Obamacare, further pissing off the GOP by exposing that running against it was just a way to fund GOP campaigns into perpetuity. It worked for abortion for several years.

        His changes to NAFTA were cosmetic doing very little to bring industry back. He could have but didn’t use his presidency as a bully pulpit to require all Federal, State Municipal, and County governments to only use products made in America. He didn’t do enough to slap tariffs only any countries that did not have at least part of their manufacturing over here.

        He pushed the Rainbow crap every bit as much as Biden did and is STILL doing it!

        Most importantly, that contemptible scumbag allowed his supporters who rallied at the Capitol for his worthless behind to be thrown under the bus. Even those who aren’t still languishing in the District of Corruption’s Gulag STILL waiting to be formally charged with anything have been tracked via their Not-So-Smart Phones and are on an unofficial Domestic Terrorist List thanks to HIM!

        For all his bleating about his great love for “Our Great Country,” Trump is threatening to discourage MAGA Republicans to stay home and sit out the 2024 election if HE doesn’t win the primary.

        Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth. If Biden is the worst thing that could ever happen to us and while Trump inexplicably remains very popular with many naive MAGA Republicans but loses any general election thanks to many Independents and Republicans who don’t like him, why can’t Trump be patriotic enough to be a statesman and support which ever candidate is most likely to beat Biden? Like DeSantis? Whose widely successful gubernatorial term was only possible because Trump backed him in 2018?

        Barack Obama became infinitely more powerful and wealthy after he left the presidency. He remains the real head of the Democrat Party and controls his puppet, Joe Biden, leaving him to take any blame for his policy failures. His minions continue to harass Trump and any who are stupid enough to openly support him.

        Trump could have saved face and his supporters a lot of pain and aggravation by conceding the election, leaving quietly, and plotting REAL revenge from Mar-a-Largo by helping America First candidates to win office in both parties. Cite his age as the reason to stay out of the WH after seeing what damage an old president could do. Build unofficial Nationalist caucuses in both the House and the Senate so a hand-picked successor could implement his policies – if he had any besides I Wanna Be President.

        Trump had shown his behind so many times by 2022 that his endorsements actually hurt more candidates than they helped. Had our “stable genius” had a lick of sense, before THEN, he would have read the tea leaves revealing that HIllary Clinton was more popular BEFORE she started campaigning for the WH in 2016 and Biden won without campaigning at ALL in 2020. The man is incapable of getting out of his own way. His ego is too big for that. Bad attention is better than no attention to him.

        If Trump had won again in 2020, the Anti-White, Pro Rainbow LGBTQ+ crap would still be going on strong and proud and we’d be paying for his Black Platinum Vote Bribe as well as the one he was ginning up for the Hispanics. Whites would go back to sleep, thinking we had a Pro-White President, and be further lost.

        Jared Kushner discouraged Trump from wooing the White Working Class male, telling him that he already had the Double-Wide Trailer Park Vote sewed up. Obviously Trump shares his opinion, because he believed him. He threw the Charlottesville Protesters under the bus, allowing his OWN Justice Department to prosecute them. Biden’s Justice Department under Merrick Garland isn’t acting any differently than Trump’s did.

        Trump brought us Operation Warp Speed to roll out those vaccines which are killing many young and healthy people. He remains so tone-deaf to how much his base loathes those vaccines that when he brings OWS and is booed, he looks baffled. He needs to zip it, because when the full extent of the damage OWS has done comes out, HE is going to get the blame instead of Biden.

        Trump would bring us only enough prosperity to fund OJ’s projects for bringing this country under a Global World Order controlled by them. Things would get worse under Trump but a lot slower. He’d turn down the heat only enough so that the boiling frog wouldn’t escape from the pot.

        I would find it hard to vote for Trump again in good conscience, if Biden’s ineptitude hasn’t completely destroyed the Empire before 2025. And IMNSO, the Petro-dollar as the World Reserve Currency destroying the Empire and its wicked grip on the EU is the ONLY thing that can take the boot off our collective throats. Ironically, I think Biden is some kind of gag gift from God to us all to save the White race, proving that God has a wicked sense of humor.

  13. Low impulse control and taught that Whites are the cause of all its problems. What could go wrong?

  14. “It feels like we are stuck in an endless loop.”

    The patterns are always the same.
    As much a law of nature as gravity.

  15. Guns, the advanced development of many centuries of sophisticated science.

    Blacks, primitive bush savages.

    The two don’t mix.

  16. “Just get the hell away from black people” s adams

    Well, mr. Adams, few have the wealth that you have to afford that obvious solution.

  17. It never ends. Grant them 1000 demands and they’ll have 1000 more. Now they expect “reparations” which our rotten, Anti-White traitors in charge are liable to give them, all at our expense of course.

    “Whitey owes us, whitey owes us” is the programed mentality since the 60’s.

    • As all WHITES that have lived in Africa say “don’t give gifts to blacks, they take it as a sign of weakness”, they’ll always be back for more and more and…..

      • They will burn the bitch down coast to coast when the gibs fail. Their hispanic friends won’t be far behind either as the recent video from Compton showing them looting a gas station indicated.

        Their neighborhoods are already lawless as the police have mostly given up responding to car racing and street takeovers in LA. The USD going bad certainly won’t help things in the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire get better.

        • ” burn the bitch down coast to coast when the gibs fail. ”

          No, the WHITE areas are too well armed.
          Just as during the LA riots, WHITES blocked streets with cars and brought out lawn chairs with rifles and shotguns.
          They’ll make a ruin of their own areas.

          • You are correct. I meant the diverse areas will be burned to the ground, not White suburbs and rural areas, I should have been more specific. That 2A thing has a way of discouraging the diversity.

            I remember during the Ferguson, Mo. riots a negro gentleman urged the bruthas not to burn down their own hood but to get some vehicles together and drive about thirty miles to the rural areas. There they would show their righteous indignation by burning down small towns in rural Missouri.

            The bruthas looked at the guy like he was crazy, there was silence in response to his statement. They are afraid of areas outside the shitholes where they live, they knew better than to fuck with people in rural Missouri.

            OTH large urban areas that are overwhelmingly diverse, especially those with colored politicians like LA, NYC, Chicago etc. could get very interesting this summer, there is a lot to burn there. Will the U.S. Govt. together with various state govts. try to settle colored refugees from burned out cities like NYC in nearby White suburbs after they burn down their shitholes? I kind of like that idea, a dose of enrichment for suburban, White liberals.

  18. Just how is this sweet and innocent little girl and her family, going to keep living, next too ” those people “? For our young too know this fear,………. The united states of Detroit….

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