My Growing Family

Since my wife is now officially in her second trimester, it is time that I announce that after eight years we have finally been blessed with another son, named Jackson, who is due in late October. I have taken some time off to begin preparing our house for this welcome surprise, but I will be back to posting more in the coming days and weeks now. Due to now resolved personal/medical reasons, we weren’t sure if this day would come, but now it is here and we are very happy to see our family grow.

Since there is such a large gap between the ages of our two sons, there are a lot of things for a baby that we no longer have or that are long past their expiration date. My wife has made a registry on Amazon and Target and has asked asked me to share it here for anyone interested.

Note: The ultrasound above was taken at 10 weeks which was about a month ago.


  1. Congratulations to all, Mr. W. You know I’ve benefited a great deal from my visits to this blog of yours. I’ve learned much about many subjects.

      • Well over a decade, yes, because I remember posting a comment at the time of an Obama election—probably his re-election, i.e., 2012. Can’t remember whether I was visiting Occidental Dissent regularly as far back as his first campaign, 2008, when Sarah Palin came onto the scene. I think I discovered Occidental Dissent rather the way I discovered Wikipedia: It took me a while to notice that, somehow or other, I kept ending up at the same site.

        Happy you think I’ve made a contribution.

  2. Congratulations. It’s great to know that there are still White prople who are still group-oriented. I think its important for Whites to know that they are a group like any pther and not some oppressive class designed to oppress nonwhites. The nonvariable biological and genetic heritage of light reflective eyes and hair coloration of Whites prove this and I hope you can teach your children these truths so they also have racial pride.

  3. Jackson?

    What an excellent name for a son.

    We’ll be praying that Miss Renee has a smooth delivery.

  4. Congratulations, excellent news. Your site is a beacon of sanity in a sea of the insane, all of your readers appreciate your hard work.

    • If I hadn’t kept up this ancient blog, I wouldn’t have a platform at all aside from Gab.

  5. Congratulations

    And with a prayer for all those who haven’t been so lucky as to
    – find and be blessed with a suitable mate
    – feel secure enough in resources to have a child

    It is a profound angle on civilisation, when one realises there should be a huge focus on making marriage and family realistic
    – people economically stable when still young enough to have children
    – gender / social relationships that sustain children and families and not undermine them

  6. Excellent! Congratulations. The white race needs a multitude of offspring!

    When you look at that beautiful White child in that ultrasound picture it is sickening to think that some filthy abortionist (frequently Jewish) would happily shred him into pulp in exchange for “thirty pieces.” (Maybe Iran is right, the U.S. really is the Great Satan?)

    Keep up the good fight for your race and your culture!

  7. Congratulations Hunter, Renee, and George (I hope I’m recalling your first son’s name correctly). I wish your family a healthy, happy, safe, and prosperous future.

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