Tucker Carlson Leaves FOX News


Does anyone watch anything else on FOX News?

UPDATE: We have the explanation.


  1. You ppl still watch tv? Sad. Possibly you could use CIA agent leaving Fooks as a jumping off point. I shot my tv in the 80’s. No regrets, none.

  2. I stopped watching Tucker two years ago, after I got tired of yelling at him “so what should we do about it?” Crickets. I haven’t watched any TV news since then.

    He’ll likely wind up on OAN, or some other lesser network, and fade away like Lou Dobbs did.

      • Hopefully both of you will be wrong and he’ll rise to a higher platform.

        May News Corp burn in hell, bankruptcy

    • @Kapper…

      10 days have passed since this article was posted and Mr. Carlson has received giant offers from all over the place.

      Scuttlebutt has it that he will simply walk away from any contractual money owed him, by Fox, to make sure he is in place, wherever that will be, to guide the presidential debates and give analysis to the 2024 campaign.

      Given that Mr. Carlson is a reporter, and not a politician, it is not his place to present solutions, but, rather, to report the solutions and actions of others and hold forth over them.

  3. Wow.

    The ADL, J Neo Conservatives, J Media mafia get their way, get another White scalp.


    We are now under pretty much full ZOG, Neo Bolshevik, J and other anti White media mafia George Orwell 1984 with a ZOG, BLM, Homiterm slants.


    Time to dust off those old fax machines, carbon copy ribbons, get a PO box, let’s resume doing Samizat zines.

    My God – I knew ZOG, the Neo Con ADL Js had Tucker Carlson in their cross hairs, I just didn’t think they could do it without some made up entrapment sex, or racial scandal.

    This is horrible.

    OK, this is wild speculation and OD doesn’t promote unsubstantiated conspiracy theories but…

    I have some vibes that ZOG, J Neo Cons and (I think the half J son of old man Murdoch) are putting out feelers to Bill O’Reilly to bring him back as an acceptable replacement to Tucker Carlson. I ve seen some recent videos with Bill O’Reaily and Glenn Beck where they were talking about Fox News making some changes, they were spinning it with some BS that Fox’s viewership was too old, too Right wing Conservative but they both obviously miss their Fox gigs.

    ZOG always does this, looks for some more folksinger, “Looks White” news presenter like George Will, or Folksy Country and Music/Rock and Roll Singers like Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Junior or the worst Tobey Keith to be the spokesman for their Neo Conservative Zionist, New World Order Wars, regime changes against Arab, Persian and especially White European Nationalists – Us.


    OK, it is what it is – same as the j Neo Conservative purges at Jonah Goldberg, David Frum, William Kristol’s J ZOG (International) National Review.

    If you haven’t read it, download this and make it a part of your short list – explain the facts of Zio American life about the ZOG takeover of American

    “Unpatriotic Conservatives ” (inter) National Review David “The Lying J” Frum


  4. It is the culmination of a relentless multi-year leftist censorship campaign. This explains why recently Tucker was going harder than usual on his color-blind and gender-blind tricks. The leftist campaign was suddenly peaking for some reason and he was trying to head it off. Likely because of Trump and 2024.

    I watch nothing else on Fox, and it is now once again a universally worthless network. This is what Paul Ryan wanted when he got on the board.

    • Tucker was weak most of the time, always putting colored people on to defend Whites to show he isn’t “racist”, whatever that is but he did have his good moments, too. The good news is that Fox will take a huge financial hit with Tucker gone. It would be hilarious if combined with the Dominion lawsuits and other lawfare the loss of Tucker drove Fox into bankruptcy. Ha, ha: fuck ’em!

    • Yep, the only commentator that touched reality.

      This is an object lesson to the rest of the overpaid political commentators, ” either you preach the ZOG line or we’ll Tucker you !”

  5. Many many thanks to Mr. Carlson who, determined to do an honest job of it – in an era unsurpassed for it’s dishonesty – had to know that this day would come.

    Though some here will grumble Mr. Carlson failed everyone by not giving Hitlerian speeches every night, the reality is that the work he did made many aware of many things that they were not, before, in 2015, he committed himself to do this kind of work.

  6. I have liked Tucker’s style since he was a kid wearing a bow tie.

    Wait until people start calling FoxNews advertisers, on the advertisers toll free line to complain about FoxNews firing Tucker. They will be asking, why are you running ads on FoxNews? It will be ugly.

  7. Albeit a respectable conservative my guess is that Tucker was getting too close to talking about White Genocide.

    • He broke the ZOG narrative on Jan 6.
      That was too much.
      You can’t break the party line on political events, you will be punished.

      To the gulag with you, goy.

  8. So you are supposed to vote for Donald Trump because Carlson is off the air and whites are going to jail for tik torch protests? Sorry, do you got anything else to sell me on Trump? How about some free chocolate cake?

    • He is going to build a big, beautiful wall, fifty feet tall across every yard of the Mexican border. He is going to deport millions of wogs and expose the Deep State. This time he really, really means it, not like last time. Just ask Jared and Ivanka.

      If you can’t trust a lying carnival barker from NYC who can you trust?

        • I do not know where you live, Dear Mr. Browning, but, I know many men I can trust.

          If you are that isolated, move, so that you are not.

          • Ivan Turgenev, Ole brown stain is fine living where he does, at the anal reconstruction center, the one in between the IRISH embassy and Corky’s ” Dangling Banana ” IRISH pub, word on the street is brown stain has been barred from the Corktown ” Big Pickle” pub, they got tired of him proselytizing for bud lite and Skittles……….

    • Do Russians kick Putin out of office because their soldiers die in Ukraine, Dugin daughter and other people were blown up, multiple factories were burned down, Russians get attacked on the streets in West Europe ?

      Well, no. Russians understand that in the war, there are losses. And in the war, we must fight with the warlords we have. There are no boring SuZis or Clausewitzes hanging on the road corners looking for employment. At the moment, there is nobody who could replace Donald. Only alternative is capitulation.

      • Oh you’re wrong, Juri. Murika is home to the greatest military strateegeryist of all time, the towering JOE T’ZOO, whose early exploits as warrior-lifeguard fighting the dreaded Romanz and their Centurion Corn-Pop are the stuff of legend. The following aphorisms are from T’zoo’s classic treatise, The Art of Bore.

        *The journey of 1000 gaffes begins with a single misstep.?
        *A journey greater than ten thousand miles begins by stepping off a cliff.?
        *Never trust a piano player who uses both hands to wave at the audience.?
        *You can always find a plan if you use a good teleprompter.?
        *To dismount with dignity. First take your foot out of the stirrup.?
        *When your enemy approaches, unexpectedly fall from your mount; and in the following confusion, boldly crawl away!?
        *Planning is a form of laziness.?
        *You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts without having a slight Indian accent. I kid you not.?
        *I don’t shake hands with the air, the air shakes my hands.
        ?*So the best way to get something done…If you ..If you hold near and dear to you that you.. uh… like to be able to uh…….. anyway.?
        *Know your enemy as I do, you will stumble, lose many midterms, shake many invisible hands.?
        *Become your own best enemy.
        ?*Shake hands with the air! Your opponent will wonder at what person he’s not seeing!?
        *Always speak in garbled tongues. It is better to walk it back than to stride forward.?
        *Always greet effusively people who don’t exist. Your enemies will understand this as a sign of perspicacity: You see things that others do not.?
        *We planned and run the war, but Ze didn’t tell us that we fucked up. Shame on him!?
        *By doing almost everything, nothing is achieved.
        ?*If your strategy is seen as failing against a first enemy, apply it against a stronger enemy to confirm it doesn’t work.
        ?*Though a warrior may gain victory over a thousand Corn Pops, still greater is victory over thyself.?
        *Fervently believe your own disinformation.?
        *When climbing stairs, better to fall repeatedly and make yourself look weak. That way, people will never be able to tell how weak you actually are.
        ?*If one can defeat himself he need not be defeated by another.
        ?*When there is nothing left to do, you can cross your arms. There is no need to do it running.?
        *When you don’t know what you’re doing, neither does your enemy.
        *Never look a gift horse in the mouth; sniffing the nether regions is my way or the high way. To Hunter go the spoils.
        *When you have failed as a general, boldly become a ‘woman.’ Wars are won in the concubine’s bedchamber.
        *I’ve said it before: self defeat can be defeated. But you have to defeat it yourself.?
        *The supreme art of war is to fight without winning.
        *A great democratic leader delivers everything to his people but no less than 10% to the big guy.?
        *The government is 70 percent right 30 percent of the time.
        *If you can’t grope and sniff young girls, you must lick the world.

        The collected wisdom hath been culled from the good folks (barflies) over at Moon of Alabama, who’ve come up with quite a list of aphorisms taken from the most heavily used part of the used Depends pile. 

  9. I have never owned a cable subscription in my life, or satellite. I just can’t be bothered with TV.

    Can honestly say I’ve never watched a full show of Tucker’s.

    Will be curious what Tucker puts his time into going forward. Doesn’t he have his own show independently already?

    • I watched the monologues.

      It was pretty much the only thing that I watched on all of television.

  10. Tucker is out.
    Yet Jim Cramer continues to bark his proven suicidal economic advice at $6 million a year.

    Kosher privilege sure is nice.

    • Here is the anti-Cramer ETF, not a joke. Cramer is actually excellent as a financial adviser because of his consistency in being wrong on everything all the time. Let him spew his advice and do the opposite, as close to a guarantee of profits as you will get.


      Being wrong most of the time is almost as good as being correct most of the time. The guy is predictable, predictably wrong but still predictable unlike most of the other idiots on TV.

  11. Does anyone know if Tucker’s severance has a noncompete clause ?

    I’d sure like to see RT pick him up.

  12. ” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Rupert Murdoch to take Tucker Carlson off the air.”

    Who is a USZOG senator to call for the abridgement of the Free Press ?
    Didn’t he take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US ?

    Oh, I forgot, “make no covenant with the idolater (goyim)”, the Constitution doesn’t apply to him.

    • @Arrian…

      “Who is a USZOG senator to call for the abridgement of the Free Press ?
      Didn’t he take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US ?

      I think we would both agree that, though Senator Schumer is a very bright man – who knows the Constitution back and forth – he only cites it when it serves his purposes, and you know perfectly well what those purposes will be.

      The majority of The Left, nowadays, not only has little appreciation for the genius of the American Experiment, they actually would like to muzzle it, tie it to a tree, then lynch it.

      Though my fellow Southerners are desperate to find a nice, quiet, and convenient way out of this ever-worsening situation, without hurting anybody’s feelings, I remain sceptical, extremely sceptical, that they shall succeed.

      All the best to you and yours, up yonder way!

  13. Or how about confronting the real flesh and blood enemies (Greenblatt of the ADL, Max Boot of the J Neo Conservative War Mongers”) or Cuckservatives WASP traitors that collaborated with the Talmudists, children of the Devil to get Tucker Fired to get all the White Gentiles at National Review and all of Conservative Inc fired, purged, made social and religious pariahs for opposing any of their counter productive J Neo Con wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, SERBIA and now Russia Ukraine.

    Oh they also purged any honest White Conservatives like “The Derb” for just noticing Black violent crime, Black hatred of Whites.

    Everyone here should have “The Derb’s – The Talk, then non Black Version” in their top five racial realities educational articles to help red pill norms.

    Also some examples of the hissing, vile J snake J Neo Cons and other J snake skin disguises (different J snake skin disguises, always the same J snake)

    Here are links to “The Derb’s The Talk the non Black version”


    Canadian J Neo Conservative lying warmonger David Frum announces purge of any and all White Gentile Conservatives that opposed their failed Iraq, Afghan, Syrian, Serbia wars, interventions, regime changes:

    “Unpatriotic Conservatives David Lying Je* Frum National Review”


    ADL announces, proclaims “Tucker Carlson Must Go” by Ugly Alien Nosveratru Vampire Mr Greenblatt


    We’d hope that there would be a lot less dumb goyim, wave the flag, support the troops, Israel is our best Democratic ally, drink crappy A Busch Beer, worship Black felons in the NFL and worship all things J like Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski J Hollywood, patriotard songs from Toby Keith and Hank Williams Jr and Patriotard “Let’s fight the Russians they’re White Racist” movies like Red Dawn and Rambo III but….

    Our Red State J TV addicted, junk food, junk AB beer addicts seem to have gone along with all this J sh*#& before why should they stop now?

  14. Fox shares lose $500 million in 20 minutes on the announcement of Tucker’s departure.

    Burn you bastards, burn !

  15. I am sure the ADL got out the champaign. I hope Fox news goes the way of the Dodo. America cannot be reformed from the inside!

  16. Because he exposed fedboi Epps and Big Pharm?
    FAUX news is all fraud fake and phony just like everything else in the world laughingstock Kwanstain.
    How long will external enemies wait before the green light for hostile takeover is given by internal quislings.

  17. Jews take out another enemy….

    Abby Grossberg (former Tucker show producer) helped take him out.

    Infiltrated and then subverted like clockwork.

    The Far Right might be completely suppressed and powerless but our JQ Science is untarnished.

    Don’t worry though because Blormpf is going to MAGA!

  18. Conservatives had major victories with the rise of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

    The next victory was in social media with Trumps Twitter account.

    Now all that is gone. Losing ground. Rush passed away. Trump is off of Twitter and now Fox News appears to be imploding with Tuckers departure.

    Also it is important to note that Fox got rid of Dan Bongino as well recently. These guys were not afraid to talk about George Soros & Race Replacement of Whites.

    I have a feeling ZOG is gearing up for something in the Ukraine. Some kind of escalation and they need to silence White Dissidents now before it pops off.

    For the immediate future I will be tuning into Newsmax.

    • “Major victories”. What exactly have “conservatives” accomplished in the past 40 years?

      • Yes, unfortunately, Dear Tikkun, it does seem that way.

        Yet, looking at it from the Modern Leftist perspective, we have had major victories foiling their desires to disarm us, down to our butter knives, have overturned Roe vs. Wade, have established a successful and growing counter culture and economy, to a broad and growing Populist movement, not to mention the vast upswelling of militias, all through this country.

        Yes, from our view things look bad, but, from the view of our opponents we are dangerously resurgent.

        Maybe The Left knows something we don’t.

  19. So Carlson has finally been shitcanned by Kike Inc. He was the best political mouth on televitz by far – but he made it absolutely clear in that statement the other week that he has nothing but loathing for pro-Whites, so fuck him.

    He’ll probably land somewhere for a big Rogan-size pile of cash, but that would no doubt come with strings that guarantee that he never mentions his jew oppressors he no doubt hates now if he didn’t before, So what would be the point?

  20. Typical Jewish smear campaign. If you can’t fabricate a reason to have the goyim arrested, then you destroy their reputation with vile slander about “ant-Semitism, sexism, and racism” and sue them in civil court.

    (((They))) just took down the most profitable guy on FOX after almost threatening to bankrupt the entire network with the Dominion suit. That’s a very big deal.

    The message is loud and clear: we are going to control the Narrative, and if any of you goyim are stupid enough to challenge us, we’ll take you out.

  21. I’ve seen this far too many times.

    Young right dudes, do not allow women or Jews into your inner circle.

  22. Fox was ordered to can Carlson just in time for the launch of Shitpants Joey’s “re-erection” campaign. Honk-Honk! Voat moar harder, Zeks.

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebG2POkoHgU

    TYLER DURDEN is saying, this is the speech that got Tucker fired.

    And if you listen, Tucker is one teeny tiny step away from saying, “purification throrugh transgression” IS modern day Judaism.

    Sabatai Zev, Jacob Frank were the Jews who restore meaning to Judaism through the idea of “purification through trangression” the Jewish religious belief that going bad things bring you closer to God.

    The truth is too great a threat to the Jews. It must be suppressed at any price.

    • Rip off the Alt-Right’s Nietzschean mask, reveal its Frankist soul.

      I saw a BAP tweet once, it was clear from the context that he considered Frankism “based”.

      Second City Bureaucrat, replying to a BAP tweet, literally and verbatim called for “purification through transgression”.

      Paul Gottfried is a protégé of Herbert “Polymorphous-Perversity” Marcuse.

      • The gay orgies, this is the astuff they came up with to sell us during the gay orgies……with their jew and irish buddies.

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