• Fuentes was banned day 1. Anglin held on for three months, but was ostensibly banned for another fat woman joke.
      I do wonder if Elon knows about all the moving parts of the “safety” committee.

  1. Not a surprise, Elon was never an ally of anyone but himself, a good bidnessman. No doubt the Deep State told Elon: “Nice businesses you’ve got there, it would be a shame if they burned down. Why not buy some insurance from us?” None of these people have an ounce of moral courage even though they would remain wealthy and powerful although somewhat diminished if they stood up for the truth.

    The Deep State’s mission now is to derail Trump and they will be going balls out to do that. Look for arrests of Trump supporters and FBI raids if Trump starts surging in the polls before the ’24 election. They are capable of anything, just ask JFK.

    Trump is beyond weak himself and unsuitable for public office but the Deep State is deranged, paranoid and therefore, extremely dangerous and they want Trump gone, permanently.

  2. Varg will keep on rolling just like Burzum and fans will have already downloaded the music and political philosophy.
    The real rebels are underground with no profiles anywhere in the hive.
    Meet me in the forest.

    • Musk, as all major businesses, relies heavily on access to banking services. You’ll never guess who controls those.

      Banking is at the nexus of all commerce, the reason they always tunnel into those institutions.

  3. The suspended accounts all have 2 things in common:
    1. The individuals suspended are not Jews.
    2. The individuals suspended all have a history of criticizing Jews.

    On the other hand, faux-edgy Kosher-Nietzsche “Alt-Right” Jews like BAP are not being cancelled. (“How maek feel?”)

      • Was BAP banned by Elon’s twitter?

        My thesis is that Elon’s twitter is worse than the twitter old regime.

        The old regime banned offensive jokers like BAP, but they never banned serious and sober conservative intellectual Kevin MacDonald.

        Elon’s twitter, on the other hand, lets the jokers run wild, while banning serious men such as Kevin MacDonald, James Edwards etc.

        Worse, the banning of Kevin MacDonald coincides with the expulsion of Tucker Carlson from Fox News.

        The pattern seems to be, conservative media moguls (Rupert Murdoch, Elon Musk) are purging any non-Jew who is explicitly (Kevin MacDonald, James Edwards) or implicitly (Tucker Carlson) anti-Semitic.

  4. Anglin is just stupid. How did he manage to delude himself that he would be allowed inside the new right wing that the CIA is building? Of course they are going to exclude him.

    James Edwards will not fit neatly inside the new CIA built right wing either. But he is a long way from stupid. I am sure he has no illusions. Alon/Elon the deepest deep state Jew, won’t include Southern Patriots in his emerging “X” kingdom.

    They are already working on Substack. Which is far and away the best thing going in April 2023. But it is hosted by Amazon. Stripe handles the fees and donations. And Cloudflare. Substack is about to get multiple reamed by these ZOG entitities, and I am truly sorry about what is about to come down on Substack.

    After they wreck it Alon/Elon will buy it, and purge all the good authors.

    So CIA agent Tucker will wind up at Rumble? Rumble is a Langley operation, and is publicly traded. Pure ZOG. The three million or so Tuckerheads can follow him over there.

    The CIA has done this before. Oldies might remember Buckley, Kirk, and the YAF faggots, who started Human Events. All pure Langley. Everyone else was ruthlessly purged, and many died. They built their Jew friendly right wing and it held, right up to 2016.

    Now they are doing it again, and they are succeeding. And they have a new law about to pass, all dissent will be outlawed and punishable by 15 years in prison. This is happening.

      • I wouldn’t get all concerned about Bill Buckley working with/for the CIA – that was back in the days when the CIA was run by White Gentile anti Communists – even up through the days of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard the CIA and the intelligence community wasn’t run by the Js, anti White forces, though the FBI back in the day was run by a Right Wing closet homo J Edgar Hoover.

        Bill Buckey’s brother was actually a decent guy as I recall, I think he was pro Rhodesia, US Senator from New York State.

        Read Rockwell on Bill Buckley – GLR was complimentary but just said Buckley wouldn’t cross over that line to name the JQ. The Js weren’t attacked, named at National Review except in the late 1980s, early 90s by Joe Sobran and Pat Buchanan – both got purged and then and old and out of it Bill Buckley just turned over National Review to the horrible J Neo Conservatives – that was all she wrote.

  5. The moron McLaren is retweeting photos of people at the torch march for identify them……..how bastard he’s become……

  6. Why do people even get excited when this or that happens? I really didn’t think anything would change with Twitter. I was on Twitter for a while….years ago. I’ve opened up new accounts a few times since and again when the new owner took over. However Twitter was nothing like it was in the old days. I could find pretty much nobody I know on Twitter at all and I communicate with about 500 – 600 activists on a regular basis. I replaced Twitter with Instagram because I personally get more fun and communication out of it. You Tube I use as always. I’ve tried Gab but I just can’t figure out if it’s worth my time or not. For one I have an issue with screen names in general especially if people don’t use a real name, a real pic, and contact info on their profiles. I’m just not interested in communicating with shady profiles. The only reason I don’t use Gab is because it’s “Free Speech” but I really see no Invisible Empire content on Gab and I peronally know of someone being deleted for Invisible Empire content. So it’s not worth my time on Gab. I love Stormfront and was a member for many years and very active. However again they have “screen names” but some don’t personally connect on profile info like names, pictures, and email, group info, and so on. So I dropped my account on Sttormfront for the same reason I don’t use Gab. It would be nice if Twitter was “Free Speech” but that’s obviously not true. I think the World of James Edwards and The Political Cesspool. He’s a great man and leadr for White Folks. I’m surprised he lasted that long on Twitter. So the search continues for a true “Free Speech” social media platform. Deo Vindice!

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