Joe Biden Announces Reelection Campaign

I’m voting for his opponent.

I don’t care whether it is Trump or DeSantis.

Civil liberties is the issue that changed my mind: the weaponization of the courts through lawfare, the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI, weaponizing COVID to purge political opponents, governors refusing to enforce the law to protect political allies, mayors allowing mobs to do whatever they please.

Note: The only real solution is a National Divorce.

This isn’t a solution. At best, it is just insulation from malicious actors who use their political power to cause us harm with Charlottesville being the prime example.


  1. I’m going to wait until the Dems have their convention and officially nominate their candidate. Then I’m flying to London and placing a big bet on the Dem candidate to “be elected” in Nov 24. American presidential elections are rigged. It’s a sure bet. I’m not a gambler, I don’t go to casinos or play games of chance. Our elections are not subject to chance, they are predetermined events now.

    • @John…

      You’re assuming that they will be elections.

      As you have noted, elections are rigged, and, that so, what rig surer than an election that has to be canceled until further notice.

      I really do not think that the Democrats ever intend on leaving The Oval Office, again.

      Of course, how long they can hold onto it with shenanigansis another matter.

      • They could simply deem Joey to have won the ‘election’ without even bothering to hold the physical event, much as they simply deemed Obamacare to have passed both houses of congress without a full vote on it. We’ve already gotten past the point where there is nothing resembling a rule of law in the trailer park pretending to be a nation, so why not simply declare Shitpants the winner now and be done with it? It’s not as if there’s anyone in the military who gives a shit enough to actually do anything about it.

        At the end of the day, the folks who give the retarded ventriloquist dummy the lines which he continually blunders will remain in charge as long as the petrodollar continues to hold the empire together. There are definitely signs this arrangement is coming to an end, with Argentina having just announced they’ll be paying China in Yuan instead of dollars for their imports. Once it actually ends and the all of the EBT cards no longer work, along with the many other payments coming from the beast, the real party will start in earnest. Hopefully you have a plan to quickly decamp to Hungary, IT.

        • Thank you for your thoughts, Honourable Cyclops.

          The truth is that Hungary, though culturally more stable than here, is not a safe haven.

          That this is so is because all the powers that have usurped here are trying to take the little nation down – coupling inflation, purposefully spawned by the war, sanctions, along with stealing Hungarian tax money,

          Unfortunately, at this time in history there is no ‘safe space’ for anyone who is not a One World Order Leftist.

          Yes, you are well up on things – for externally the petro-racket is falling apart, as are the US led coalitions.

          This month the Chinese Yuan has equalled the frequency of use for Chinese exports of that of the Rothschild/US dollar.

          As to the election of 2024 – it seems that the fix is in, or, if not that, then on the way.

          Most notably we see the removal of Tucker Carlson from Mainstream TV, and the use of his contract to keep him silent until December 2024.

          We see the Democrat Party already rigging their primary – with the removal of debates and moving the primary schedule to begin in SC, where the Rural Black vote (one of the most mind-numbed constituencies in this land) , will vote for Biden.

          Moreover, as recently confirmed by Matt Schlapp on Sebastian Gorka TV, the Republican Party has done absolutely NOTHING to rectify the systemic dilemmas that plagued the 2020 presidential elections in Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan.

          On one bright note – my area of the Southern Confederacy has been largely black-pilled, everybody quietly, or not so quietly, up in arms about what they feel has happened, and IS happening to this country.

          You might take that for granted, but, trust me – this area was, until only very recently, the most stalwart of Yankee Doodle Dandy supporters, and now?

          Definitely not.

          It has taken years of work, but, I can accurately report that my area, Southwestern Virginia and Northeastern NC is heartbroken and no longer optimistic.

          A friend of mine is a cashier at Roses stores, and he has told me that, with all the people with whom he has spoken, Black or White, he cannot recall a single solitary happy voice in many many months.

          Be well.

  2. The longer President Biden holds sway the better it is for The South, because just about everything he does is so noxious to White Southerners, we cannot fall back into our favorite form of imagining that all will be well, if we just work, pray, and do nothing.

    • Work, pray and do nothing. This has indeed been Whitey’s default for generations now.

      Events and circumstances have become too big for anybody to influence or manage deliberately. These super organisms, the US, Russian and Chinese (and the EU) government apparatus are unlike anything we’ve dealt with in history. So long as centralization continues, we will be unable to steer our fates.

      Periods of balkanization are part of the historical cycle of events, eventually it will happen again, here or in one of the other regions. These happen organically because no system can be infinitely complex or too complex for the technology of the age to manage the logistics and internal socioeconomic dynamics.

      In an age of monsters, the smart critter learns to dig deep and stay under the radar. Like mammals in the time of the dinosaurs, we need to dig in and prepare, but realize our place in events.

      The dissident movement has failed because it tried to fight dinosaurs, instead of being content to live underground or become nocturnal.

      • Yes, Dear Ironic, the 1st Southern Confederacy failed because, as you would suggest, it adopted the wrong tactics.

        And when it changed those tactics to what was right, it got back a large measure of the sovereignty it had lost.

        And, yes, the force of movement of culture and politics, at this time in history in this country, have grown beyond anybody’s attempts to influence.

        That it is so is because The Centralizers are slipping.

        What has seemed so formidable progressively seems less and less so.

        2022-2023 have been bad crop years for the Political Racketeers.

        2024 will not be any better.

        In fact, it will be worse for them.

  3. Two Irishmen running for president on the Democrat side. They are better than us, don’t you know?

    On May 12, 2010, Kennedy filed for divorce from Mary; three days later she was charged with drunk driving. On May 16, 2012, Mary was found dead in a building on the grounds of her home in Mount Kisco, New York. The Westchester County Medical Examiner ruled the death to be a suicide due to asphyxiation from hanging.

    They are so much better than us.

    • Well, they are so much better than YOU Braunstein. Admittedly that is a very low bar. But don’t worry Braunstein, no matter who wins the Jews will still be in control.

      • I’m a sinner. When Joe goes over to Ireland and talks about “our people” is he talking about the Junior Samples types or them Irish lovebirds Rick Lowry and Dylan Mulvaney? Who is he talking about when Joe says “our people”?

    • Tucker still believes in that threadbare bullshit of “All Men are created Equal”/Civic Nationalism which reached its sell-by date during that fraud Reagan’s “Conservative” presidency, at the latest. He has more and more examples six inches in front of his face that All Men are not created equal but like most Whites, he refuses to see it. His premise is false therefore his conclusions are faulty but he refuses to examine his premise.

      In Tucker’s defense if he were to tell the truth and say that racial differences in life are genetic in origin and can’t be fixed he would be sued into oblivion by the so-called “Justice Dept.” (sic) and ruined. The ruling class and their allies know damn well genetic differences account for different behaviors (e.g. criminality) but they are waging war against Whites, not trying to make life better. The idiots on Fox TV and other “Conservatives” constantly point out the hypocrisy and lies of the Left without effect because the Left’s goal is destruction therefore lies and hypocrisy don’t bother them in the least, they are revolutionaries.

      Ultimately, Tucker was an entertainer preaching to the choir but working in a business. Business is all about making as much money as possible as quickly as possible without going to jail and Tucker was bringing all kinds of heat down on Fox with his act. After the Dominion lawsuit management decided Tucker was too much of a financial risk so out he went.

      A similar thing happened at CNN with that idiot Don Lemon. He was on CNN because he was blackety, blackety, black which gave him a certain amount of leeway. His whole act was blackety, blackety, black which didn’t sell but the was there to appease the Al Sharptons of the world and keep the scumbag lawyers away, not to sell advertising like Tucker. Both stepped outside of the guardrails; Tucker on a variety of issues, Don Lemon by antagonizing women and some wog on his program recently. Had he insulted White males as a class and defamed Christianity there wouldn’t have been a foul called and his stupid face would still be on TV.

      Good “Conservatives” like Buckley, Rod Dreher, the repulsive David French, Rush Limbaugh, the remaining crew on Fox et al. know where the guardrails are and don’t step over even one inch. Their job is to be controlled opposition, not to reform the system, which cannot be reformed. They are like dogs standing on their hind legs, begging for treats from their masters. It will take the money going bad for this dog and pony show to come crashing down.

      • @12AX7…

        People arrive at similar, and or same, destinations via different routes.

        To make a positive contribution the contributors do not necessarily have to see the whole picture.

        If they see just some of the picture, but, act on it, that can be good.

        Mr. Carlson did a fantastic job of talking to our brethren who are mentally usurped, that they now have an entirely different view of the country in which they live.

        Two figures, on The Right, have had a much bigger effect than any other. One is President Trump, and the other is Tucker Carlson.

        The Left is not mistaken who he is or what he has done.

        He is a Far-Right White Supremacist in denial.

        That said, you do not have to mention the word, ‘White’, to encourage to protect White Things.

        Tucker did that – and he did that effectively to people the likes of you and I could never reach because we are too well-aware, and too free in our expressions of that.

        You and I, as well as every other visitor to this blog is a scary prospect to those who have no idea how much they had been led by the nose.

        All the best to you and yours up yonder.

        • Hello Ivan;

          Your perspective is correct. I must admit that although my views are considered out of bounds now, they are no different from what was considered normal discourse and received wisdom when I was growing up. The world has changed, for the worse, but the views here on Hunter’s fine blog were taken for granted as normal well within living memory across the country.

          • Thank you, Dear 12AX7, for your kind and frank reply.

            Yes, I am, a born and raised Democrat, Southern Dixiecrat, and, what with the country having changed so much, it qualifies me for Far Right – very Far Right.

            Is that not odd, that, in merely holding the views practically every White Tarheel, and, indeed, many Northerners, had just 50 years back, I cannot even remotely qualify for ‘The National Mainstream.’.

            That said, in The Rural South of 2023, a Dixiecrat who refuses to budge is NOT the exception, no way, no how, but, the rule, which, up yonder, is not the case for you.

            I remind you that, if it gets too painful for you up there, come down here.

            We have many communities, of varying sorts, and I am quite sure there are more than a few that would suit you.

            When this country formally comes apart, I imagine you would prefer to be surrounded by people like me – in fact, I am quite sure you would vastly prefer it.

            In my area I know many many people, and I can count on one hand those Whites who do not hold to strict constitutional values and almost all of the tenets of our Southern heritage.

  4. Man, like every ad, watching this you’d think America was 40% black. Just another day of the elite high priests demanding subservient negro worship from the cattle in post George Floyd America.

  5. Don’t rule other players such as Newsome from California out. The 2024 election is over a year and a half away. Lots can happen before then.

  6. Fetterman’s neck lump and any inanimate object.
    Regarding Tucker just saw a post title-Blackrock owns 15% of FAUX news.
    Pull that Brandon campaign hearse out front and be lame and be proud.
    I’m loving the comedy of leftoids in bed with corporate, gov, media, every establishment outlet, and still pretending that it is 1964.

    • > Regarding Tucker just saw a post title-Blackrock owns 15% of FAUX news.

      The own a large percentile of Dominion as well. Guess Larry Fink didn’t want to pay lawyers so getting rid of Carlson was just part of the settlement. Kosher Nosetra has to keep on doin’ bizniss after all.

  7. @ Robert Browning,
    I like the Scots the best.
    They are like the Canadian truckers, extremely underrated.
    At least JFK was a WAR hero out in the hellstrike chaos and not just on a movie set.
    Brandon is participation trophy don’t eat the paste or paint chips president for all times.

  8. Here’s the reality regarding Biden, his dementia is getting worse by the month. By the beginning of 2024 he will be pretty much incoherent.
    Then what are the Dems going to do?
    I continue to be amazed at how the “talking heads” treat his running again like it’s going to be business as usual with him.
    They know nothing about dementia?
    That lately, everytime he goes up to the podium to speak he makes a foolof himself?

  9. “Note: The only real solution is a National Divorce.”

    Only total civil breakdown will bring that.
    The established powers will never allow a peaceful resolution.
    If there’s divorce, it will be divorce by murder.

  10. It signs the orders with its pen or else it gets the stairs again.
    Saw a great tweet blurb post title…NO ONE wants Brandon but we’ll get him again, such is democracy.
    Honk, honk!

  11. @ RB,

    Comrade RFK has changed all tunes and is now pro-vaxx while calling “climate deniers” war criminals.
    The offshore bank account has been enriched? (honk!)

  12. Dementia Joe may end up face down in his breakfast cereal without any help from the Dr. Mengele types on the Deep State payroll, he is obviously in bad shape. Then it’s: Cackling Kamala, Come on Down, You just won the Booby Prize, You get to be Mr. President until the Deep State gets rid of You! If Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President the stock market will crash and burn immediately among other bad things that will happen. Good luck with rallying the country to support the U.S. Government when it starts its next big war, President Kamala.

    Between Sen. Fetterneck, Sen. Dianne “One Foot in the Grave” Feinstein, Dementia Joe, the battalion of decrepit, old bastards like Sen. Mitch “The Undertaker” McConnell, Sen. Pocahontas, Sen. Bernie the Bolshevik, lunatics with racial grievances like OAC and The Squad, the Republican thief/liar/Brazilian from Long Island, Rep. Eric “Fang Fang” Swalwell, Congress has openly, brazenly become a circus of lunatics, grifters, traitors and thieves more than ever before. In other words, Congress is now ‘democracy perfected’ on display. Of course: ” . . . a great empire and little minds go ill together.”

    • Look who the party of John brown olde DIRTY BASTARD fast Freddy Douglass, have on their roster, Liz Cheney, mitt Romney, Lynsey graham, the bushes, sushi mCconnell, p, Ryan in Dennis hastert, Nicki ” SOUTHERN FLAG HATING “;Haley, for once and for all, they are not good enough period…….

      • Mr. Smith,

        Yes. The Republicans are horrible. There is no voting out of this evil mess. Both parties are obviously the same at the national level. If I would suggest prayer and biding your time until the system collapses of it’s own evil weight would it seem i was too naive?

  13. Unless the lincolnite’s put J.D. VANCE and MTG or congress chick BROBERT as their ticket, we should just totally ignore them and we want Senator Hawley in and sushi mCconnell out, Lynsey graham, can be replaced by Franklin Graham, it’s all a big stupid joke anyway, so J.D. VANCE for president, or OLDE DIRTY JOE, will do just fine……


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