Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation To Fight Anti-Semitism At Celebrate The Faces

Pick your poison.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden or Ron DeSantis.

Who do you want to put up with for the next four years?

Jerusalem Post:

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis signed an anti-hate bill that would strengthen his state’s ability to fight antisemitism at The Jerusalem Post and Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem Celebrate the Faces of Israel Conference in the nation’s capital on Thursday.

“We are doing what we can do in Florida to enhance the ability to hold people accountable when that really crosses the line into threatening conduct,” he said. “We are fighting back,” he stated at the conference that was also sponsored by The Museum of Tolerance. …”


“WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — Rep. Randy Fine and Rep. Mike Caruso made a trip to Jerusalem to deliver antisemitism bill HB 269 to Governor Ron DeSantis, according to Fine.

On Twitter, Fine wrote, “To Florida’s Nazi thugs, I have news: attack Jews on their property and you’re going to prison.” …”

Florida Politics:

“Delray Beach Republican Rep. Mike Caruso is trying to crack down on a disturbing rise in antisemitism through new legislation that would make publicly displaying a swastika and other intolerant imagery a felony.

That classification would also apply to people who distribute materials “with religious or ethnic animus,” harass others for their religious or ethnic heritage, and “maliciously deface” or damage public or private property, namely cemeteries and schools.

Each would be a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.

The proposed new law would also allow for first-degree misdemeanor charges — punishable by up to a year in prison — to be filed against a person who publicly distributes flyers featuring any material, objectionable or otherwise, if the flyers lead to littering.

“I will not stand here and do nothing. I will not be complacent, and I will not sit around. With that attitude, are we just going to wait for these haters to start breaking the glass windows and storefronts of the Jewish store owners again, like they did in the past, before we wake up?” Caruso said at a Thursday morning press conference. …”

I have always been deeply skeptical of Ron DeSantis.

My first impression was negative: shortly after he was inaugurated as governor of Florida, he flew to Jerusalem to meet with Sheldon Adelson and sign a bill to fight anti-Semitism. He put on the yarmulke. He made a big theatrical display of signing that bill in Jerusalem.

At least for me, the central question of the 2024 presidential election has always been … is Ron DeSantis a compelling alternative to Donald Trump? I’m not voting for Joe Biden. I have no illusions about Trump, but I have never been able to get on the DeSantis Train. I don’t trust the people around him. I definitely don’t want to empower the Reaganite wing of the party either that is backing him

Anyway, this is a major red flag. Dump was the “most pro-Israel president ever,” but he also has a personal axe to grind against Bibi now due to how unfairly he was treated in 2020.


  1. Who would want to attack a Jew? It is God that the Jews are at war with and it is God who the Jews have to worry about. Pass a law to forestall Gods wrath, go ahead DeSantis.

  2. In light of DeSantis’s current dust up with Jewish owned and dominated Disney,wouldn’t it be great If the first lawsuit under this new law was brought by Disney against DeSantis!

  3. Despite his craven servitude to the tribe and his other obvious defects I would pick Trump in a heart beat over the even more evil and obnoxious alternatives. That doesn’t mean I will vote for him though. I’m still trying to determine if this country is even worth saving at this point.

    The salient question is- Can we vote our way out of this?

  4. The argument for the lesser of two weevils is as appropriately applied to Biden vs. Desantis as to Biden vs. Trump. Anybody but Biden at this point is less bad short term economically and not getting us into a shooting war with China/Russia.

    The argument of Trump vs. Desantis, which is the bigger J shill, is pointless, as they both are zionists. This is the reality of the facts on the ground. We don’t have to like it for it to be the case. There is no “our guy” candidate and winning the presidency isn’t even good for Whitey, just less bad than Biden being in it, as a sock puppet of corporate power brokers.

    Folks need to get past the Jew thing and see reality clearly. They have inordinate influence in our politcs. Over all candidates. This is the fact and its INESCAPABLE.

    What ELSE differentiates these guys?

    Desantis isn’t gonna be a wreckingball in DC. He will be an establishment figure for the red team. Trump wants to be an establishment figure for the red team, but is opposed by everything establishment so has settled for running as a disruptive influence, a gatecrasher. He has no chance of reforming anything. Things will get destroyed in DC by the establishment trying to knife Trump in the back, making themselves look bad doing so. THAT is the upside to Trump. His policies are mostly dog shit. The people he surrounds himself with are no better.

    I’d rather see Trump crucified trying to win 2024, win or lose. Thats our win condition, because it furthers the trend toward Balkanization and decentralization.

    Winning 2024 is NOT a win for Whitey.

    • “Winning 2024 is NOT a win for Whitey.”

      No, because Whitey has been letting things slide for 70+ years.

    • > There is no “our guy” candidate and winning the presidency isn’t even good for Whitey, just less bad than Biden being in it, as a sock puppet of corporate power brokers.

      Agree that there is no “our guy” to be had. You’re kind of missing the greater point though, which is that the entire stinking rotten tower of coprolite needs collapse before there can be any prospect of an improvement in our collective survival chances. I’ve noted many time here that Joey Shitpants is literally a retarded ventriloquist dummy (here’s the best portrait I’ve seen. It should go right next to the one of Bill Clinton in the stained blue dress). The “Biden” regime is destroying the Empire of Lies faster than Dumpf or any other Repuke ever did. The foreign banking cartel known as “Federal Reserve” is rapidly running out of rabbits to pull from its Banksta top-hat. Prince Jared’s “Abraham Accords” are dead. MBS has pivoted to the middle kingdom and will now accept payment in yuan instead of only USD. This is just the start. The rioting dindus of Fergudishu had it right, even if for the wrong reason: BURN THE BITCH DOWN! The Repukes serve only to delay the collapse. To borrow Lenin’s phrase: Worse is better.

  5. Hey Hunter please use our/Farstar comic about proposed hate crime, thought crime persecution about a certain self hating J, who dissed J money changers like George Soros.

  6. Cultural Marxism or Koshervatism, take your pick, unless you vote for a 3rd party like the constitution party.

  7. Enemies need to hit by their own weapon. It would be good rally up all other minorities so they would demand also protection by the very same law.

    Other oppressed groups also need protection so this law must defend every other minority too. Let the woke Ron fight with diversity.

  8. @IRONIC…

    “I’d rather see Trump crucified trying to win 2024, win or lose. That’s our win condition, because it furthers the trend toward Balkanization and decentralization.”

    That’s a very penetrating analysis.

    It’s also the reality of the matter, whether one likes it or not.

    Where we are, in both 2023 and 2024, is stepping over all those necessary stones to get down the garden path.

    Can’t get to the garden without going all the way down the garden path.

  9. Governor DeSantis wants power.

    Whatever you think of him, he’s not daft.

    He knows that Jewry holds the bulk of financial and systemic power of The West.

    If they are not alright with him, he will go nowhere, OR … if he gets somewhere without them, they will work to blunt him – as they did Trump.

    Like it or not, Modern America is a franchise in The Jewish World Order, which is why I call this franchise The Jew England Yankee United States’ of America.

    This title, though ugly & repugnant to many ears, reflects accurately who holds sway and to whose benefit that sway will be applied.

      • Thank you, Dear Arrian.

        Unfortunately, it was not difficult to hit the target.

        Only those who do not want to see, do not see it…

    • Hello Ivan;

      The money is going bad now, great financial disruptions are ahead because of almost a century of piling up debt and unlimited money printing backed by not one grain of gold or silver since Aug., 1971. The whole GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire floats on a river of fraudulent money enabled by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The other fiat currencies are even worse, the USD is just the best looking broken-down horse in the glue factory.

      When the financial system breaks down the economy will break down too making the supply disruptions from Covid look like nothing. U.S. cities, stuffed with diversity, already stirred up and angry and reinforced with with record numbers of Third World invaders will be ripe for exciting times, worse than summer 2020 if there are power failures or supply shortages. This is not what the U.S. Government wants with an election next year and the Deep State planning to stuff Trump and his supporters down the drain after the election and seize permanent control.

      Financial failure combined with political defeat of the Deep State would put an end to their power which is ultimately dependent upon endless free money. Their assumption is that this will never happen, they can abuse power as much as they like without consequence, their hubris knows no bounds. Unfortunately for them no tree grows to the sky there is a limit to everything. Unfortunately for us, we’re all along for the ride from Hell when the money goes bad.

      • @12AX7…

        I agree with you that 2024 is going to be a year of incredible drama, much of it contrived, though, I would add, 2025 will be a year of spontaneous unplanned drama.

        From Oklahoma to North Carolina, The Upper Confederacy it tightening up and hunkering down – everywhere except Virginia, which, for the time being, has been lost.

        I expect a new Virginia to come about – a ceding of the Northern counties, the rest reunifying with West Virginia.

        Yes, the financial system is ever further awry, something upon which they are desperately trying to tamp down and cover up.

        Yes, it will affect us, but, you know – the bad pain of getting right is much better than the lesser pain of sailing along into infinity, not being right, and getting worse and worse, all along.

        Yes, their hubris knows no bounds, because they have not had their nose clipped.

        It’s been long this way, but, you can see with things like the retaliatory campaign against Bud Lite, the new veto-proof Red State Legislatures passing laws ranging from new currency formulations to anti-LGBT laws, that the era of passive and submissive states is ending.

        Words has it that the NC legislature is contemplating establishing our first state currency since 1865, and the state militia, which was banished by scalawag Democrat governor Beverly Purdue about 20 years ago.

        In any case, I am wishing you and yours, up yonder in Green Vermont, the very best.

        The landscape and the seasons will always be stunning, no matter who is in charge!

      • @More of The Same.

        There certainly have been times in history when Jewry was weak and poorly organized.

        Getting their butts whipped, hither, thither, and yon, taught them to have their s&*^ together, and to be vicious in competition, this because they learned that being weak, and being on the short end of the stick is a very very painful experience.

        So, yes, they, or, at least, the organized part of them, play for keeps.

        White Gentiles used to be that way, too, only, in recent years the weakness of worrying what other people might think has set in to a very paralyzing extent.

  10. Trump is definitely PRO-BLACK

    Desantis might be PRO-JEW

    Both no good for average whitey.

    Either of them (especially Trump) getting crucified by the left only give them more credibility. Average whites need to see the importance of race over politics.

    But if I have to pick my poison I’d go with Desantis.

  11. 2014 me would be surprised to hear this, because in those days, I wanted Pro-White ideology and values to go mainstream, but nonetheless, here it is:

    I miss the days of 2013 and 2014 when White Nationalism was so isolated and marginalized that the Enemy didn’t bother deplatforming us because we were too small to matter.

    We shot our shot in 2015, 16, and 17, and we got crushed. I think if the 2014 versions of ourselves knew what was going to happen in the ensuing 9 years, we’d have been content to stay silent, live our lives, poasted on our websites and comment sections, and otherwise remained a small, powerless, international clique.

    We changed things, forever, in the Troll Wars of 2015-17. And unfortunately, we made everything worse. We freaked the Enemy out to the point where “White Supremacy” was declared the No.1 domestic terror threat by the DHS and the FBI (and I’m sure the CIA too)

    One way or another, most of us who are attracted to Pro-White thought, like a moth attracted to the flame, are abnormal and off in some way. Myself included. We embraced an ideology that was radioactive for decades. The normies are repulsed by it. Then and now. Probably even more so now.

    I think it would be better for the mental health of us all if we stopped trying to convert anyone and just huddled together on our blogs and websites sharing our thoughts and opinions. The normies aren’t converting. Not the libtards, not the contards and christards, not anyone.

    There was a window of opportunity in the late 1800s and early 1900s when the subconscious, instincts of normies against race mixing and mongrelization manifested as conscious thoughts and institutional policies. The best our race could come up with is “race mixing is bad because it hurts the children and confuses them,” a problem easily solved by embracing anti-racism and all children as “normal” and “healthy,” including trans children.

    Eat burgers and steaks. Drink your booze of choice. Play video games. If they’re tolerable, watch movies. Follow sportsball. Look at pics of pretty women on instagram. Share funny memes with your friends. (Bonus points if they are Pepe the Frog memes). Listen to any genre of music except (c)rap. If you are in position to do so, have sex. Do anything and everything sensual and pleasing. Take vacations to pretty places. Ignore everyone who barks orders at you that isn’t your boss. Eat, drink, and be merry.

    The lolbertarians had it right all along: Live and let live. The consequences no longer matter. To warn against those consequences is to push the Sisyphus Rock up the cliff. Comfort and Security. Last Man today, Last Man tomorrow, Last Man forever. Eff Struggle. Its tiresome.

    • I wish I could take your advice, but the Fate of my people will haunt me until my dying day, I am sure. I would refuse to booze it up and follow sportsball, regardless.

    • It looks like you’re right, I would have hated to admit that, but here we are.. The jews or the white bleeding hearts always crap everything up. Maybe this is what Rome looked like before it went down the drain.

    • So, eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die? So White activists are mentally unbalanced? If we do nothing the enemy wins by default! This has to be the worst advice I have ever seen on this or any other “Racialist Right” forum.

  12. What if Biden or Trump die?

    I think it is going to be Newsome vs Desantis in 2024.

    However until then there are still some primaries:

    Right now I am very favorable towards a run by Tulsi Gabbard as she would be a non-interventionist in foreign policy and has spoken out against the CRT stuff.

    RFK Jr looks pretty good too. He has heavily criticized the Democrat party which I like and I agree with him about 75% on vaccines.

  13. “Florida’s Nazi thugs, ”

    Young men who simply distribute educational flyers ?

    Try some of the hoods around Miami, if you want thugs.

    “Do dispys really make up that much if the GOP primary voter pool?”

    They have far too much influence, unfortunately.

    Does Ron actually believe the stuff he reads?
    “Their ideology, an apocalyptic ideology, combined with the ability to use humanity’s worst weapons”

    (reminder that Israel has nukes they won’t cop to, and some German subs to boot)

  15. DeSantis looks like racial filth to me anyway.I agree with Robert Browning that the Jews are at war with God and His beautiful creations.We may be powerless to stop it but our Father is not.The demonic Jews tremble at Gods power and know their days of mocking Him are short.Christ is King and the victory is already won.I am done voting after many decades of getting nowhere.Even the GOP here in SC is so corrupt and Jew owned that it boggles my mind.They pass bills to protect the powerful Jews but nothing for the Whites that vote for them.They passed the bill to keep anyone from criticizing Jews and another to give the billionaire Jew-owner of the Carolina Panthers 190 million of our road money to build an exchange so he could move his nigger-football camp from one place in SC to another.The move in no way benefits the taxpayer but it sure pleased their Jew master.It fell through because the Jew couldn’t get the training camp built by taxpayers(and he is worth 13 billion.Let it all fall down I say.

    • @rebel roy — You should agree with Browning on just about everything. Like Browning, you’re a dipshit and a religious kook. You see DeSantis at the jew wall? He’s praying to your god. LOL! Christianity probably lasted about 10 minutes before it was brought under jewish control and is why most Christians like to blend the words Judeo & Christian together acknowledging jewish authority for some delusional perceived benefit but the only benefit is Christians get to love their slavery while they love their enemies, and Turn the other cheek. No, the jews aren’t your enemy Roy, it’s people like me who see through your ridiculous bullshit.

      That so many White people, not just “racial filth” like DeSantis, waste so much time pondering the imponderable, spending their lives examining some fog that has no shape or defined detail, is probably the reason the jews took over. Religion is one of two greatest scams ever invented, the other being government, each being one side of the same coin.

      To contrive some mystical being for which there is no evidence is the mark of a con artist that takes the ignorant and convinces them he knows a secret and for continuous support he will act as the intermediary between his marks and the god he invented out of nothing.

      The belief in religion enslaves people from thinking rational, and logical thoughts. What did the jew say? — the “opiate of the masses,” which transforms people into unthinking automatons because these kind of folks think they are taken care of, which produces the laziness, and lack of effort that got Whites into this mess.

      • @DICARLO…

        “That so many White people, not just “racial filth” like DeSantis, waste so much time pondering the imponderable, spending their lives examining some fog that has no shape or defined detail, is probably the reason the jews took over.’

        Actually, you have unwittingly happened onto God’s greatest blessing to European White Gentiles, this ability to fixate on ‘examining some fog’, because this little predilection is what has led us to lead the world in technology and art – all of which arise from a better understanding of that ‘fog’.

        Never forget : Beethoven and Bach are played all over the world, two of our greatest ‘examiners of fog’.

    • the cognitive dissonance y’all have is that y’all worship a “second coming” jew (reincarnation) as your lord, god and king/emperor … he ain’t of my ancestors, nor my people, nor of my racial ethnos … wake up … y’all have incepted the lie so deep y’all can’t think for yourselves anymore …

  16. Another stupid American jew-licker. I guess you have to kiss the ring if you want to participate in the top level of American politics.

  17. “Other oppressed groups also need protection so this law must defend every other minority too.” (@ Juri)
    ^^That is, no doubt, absolutely the plan. Once the intent of this law is established, it can easily be expanded to include everyone else except straight White people. It has been the plan all along to get us to the U.K. style thought-crime/pre thought-crime tyranny.

  18. rep.randy SWINE, This would have been proper, “Too florida’s thug’s, I have new’s, you attack PEOPLE on their property, your going too prison”, get it congressman SWINE ?!!!!…………All people, starting with WHITE people, congressman SWINE………..

  19. Governor DESANTI’S, who and how you pray is your business sir, but I share some scripture with you governor MARK 13:1,2 And as he went out of the TEMPLE, one of the disciples saith unto him, MASTER, see what manner of stones and what buildings are here……….And JESUS answering saith unto him, seest thou these great buildings? There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down………. So you see governor the obvious, underhanded attempt to make JESUS out as a liar, the Temple and all the buildings associated with it, were completely destroyed, the wall that you prayed before governor, is the last remaining wall of the old ROMAN fortress, they named “ANTONNIA”,!IT overlooked the TEMPLE and the TEMPLE MOUNT area, by design, your a very busy man governor, thought I would give you a heads up governor……..

  20. In modern American politics, the more ‘socially conservative’ you are, the more pro-Jewish you have to be.
    That’s why DeSantis is tolerated, he’s one of the most socially conservative state governors we’ve seen in some time, but he’s also one of the most pro-Jewish.
    Social conservatism is only tolerated by the republican establishment if it’s ultra Kosher, and conservative nationalism, maybe, but not white or Christian nationalism, that’s verboten.
    That’s why Trump was allowed to say the things about immigration that he said, because he was super pro-Israel, otherwise the right’d find a way to nix him, they probably wouldn’t’ve platformed him in the first place.

  21. Andy Fine, Mike Caruso, and Mystery Meat DeSantis. Remember those names. Servants of a hostile foreign power

  22. What do Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Giorgia Meloni and Vladimir Putin all have in common?- All kiss Jewish ass like there’s no tomorrow and the Jews still hate their guts nonetheless- every last one of them! What a bunch of cowards!

    • You’re woefully mistaken, and you can easily rectify that situation by reading Jazzhands Mcfeels’ article on

      “Why I changed my mind about Russia”

      • Are you referring to Putin? Check out the photo of Putin in his beanie genuflecting before the Wailing Wall just like he was Mike Pence- a true beta dog submission if there ever was one!

  23. What an utterly sickening cuck. Did he let them gang-bang his wife when he went to a FOREIGN COUNTRY to sign a bill to put AMERICANS in prison on felony counts?

    I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

    Frankly this is out-and-out treason as far as I am concerned. This guy is a subservient stooge to a foreign nation.

  24. De Santis: pute des juifs and guilty of mortal sin, I would judge, by praying at that wall and putting on the little hat. He belongs to them. He’s no Catholic.

  25. Just as bad if not worse than Trump. This dude is the Corporate Republican of all Corporate Republicans and nothing but a tool of the Jews. I noticed on the I Side With political quiz that most Republicans are running as right wing libertarians for President and ole Ron as you said is more along the Reagan wing line. So he says now. At this point the left wing, right wing, libertarian wing, and communism ideologies are all controlled by the Super Rich or the Jews in general. Seems the only logical thing is advocate for Nationalist ideas that offer real solutions which the establishment politicians will never like because it means the White Race will be more united and have a much better life. Deo Vindice!

  26. You are going to piss your pants when Ro Khanna dons a yarmulke replaces DeSantis in that picture. It is going to be side splitting.

  27. There’s a lot of Fed-pointing going on lately and I think this is one area which this blog could do great service:

    Who do the Feds support more, DeSantis or Trump?

    DeSantis is a Bush neocon Republican. Period.

    Backtrack to the Bush era and there were no pro-tranny Republicans on stage and gay marriage was still not the law of the land.

    DeSantis is a return to neocon Republicanism. Feds and the ruling elite don’t mind Desantis’ cultural conservatism because that war is already over and they know they pushed too far and too fast and can easily withstand some pushback.

    What they can’t tolerate is Right Wing Populism which is anti-neocon.

    That’s why Tucker was removed and Trump will most likely also be indicted by the DOJ special prosecutor before the elections.

    The GOP presidential debates will be a return to the past: who supports Ukraine the most, who supports Israel the most, who denounces Russia the most, who stands against white supremacists/anti-semites the most, who supports tax cuts the most, who stands for limited government the most, who wants to cut entitlements the most….

    DeSantis won’t beat Biden and Biden won’t even need to campaign heavily due to Dems vote harvesting but the entire charade of the last few years is to return us to the past.

    The Feds and the ruling elite want Bush Republicanism back and Right Wing Populism neutered completely.

    The Feds and ruling elite also don’t want voting White Republicans moving to support any groups like Patriot Front, etc. which is why PF get called Feds so often.

    Others should add to this conversation because it’s an important topic.

  28. If you vote for Trump you’re voting for a full blown Jewish takeover- his kids are all married to Jews, and he kisses Jewish ass until his lips are chapped. Elect him and see who he appoints to high government positions. Compare his treatment of Jeff Sessions with his treatment of Rod Rosenstein.

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