New York Times: Tucker Carlson’s Text That Alarmed FOX Leaders: “It’s Not How White Men Fight”

So, this is the reason Tucker Carlson was fired by FOX News. He crossed the line when he said in a private text message … that honorable White men fight one on one.

New York Times:

“A text message sent by Tucker Carlson that set off a panic at the highest levels of Fox on the eve of its billion-dollar defamation trial showed its most popular host sharing his private, inflammatory views about violence and race.

The discovery of the message contributed to a chain of events that ultimately led to Mr. Carlson’s firing.

In the message, sent to one of his producers in the hours after violent Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Mr. Carlson described how he had recently watched a video of a group of men — Trump supporters, he said — violently attacking “an Antifa kid.”

It was “three against one, at least,” he wrote.

And then he expressed a sense of dismay that the attackers, like him, were white.

“Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously,” he wrote.

“It’s not how white men fight,” he said. But he said he found himself for a moment wanting the group to kill the person he had described as the Antifa kid. …”


The implication is that blacks do not.

FOX News is leaking all of this stuff to Media Matters and the New York Times. They seem to be under the delusion that releasing this clips and leaks is going to persuade the audience to hate Tucker and to come back and watch Brian Kilmeade and Lawrence Jones.


  1. “that honorable White men fight one on one”


    Our enemies fight as groups, especially the kosher klan, they work as teams of teams, ever probing to attack from any direction, marxism, integration, mass non WHITE immigration, porn, sexual perversions etc.

    • “New York Times: Tucker Carlson’s Text That Alarmed FOX Leaders: “It’s Not How White Men Fight”

      That’s the media’s spin.
      I suspect otherwise.

    • Bingo. That’s why they ALWAYS win.

      And winning – survival – in this remorseless world is all that matters. No one is keeping score, so do whatever it takes.

  2. “The implication is that blacks do not.”

    Group ‘jumps’ by blks is trivial by comparison to the chosen group that infiltrate our banks, press, universities, government, churches ……

  3. Tucker obviously does not know the Irish. The Irish love the 10 on one beatdown.

    • The Irish aren’t even an identifiable ethnicity in this country anymore you fool. Neither are Italians, Polish, German etc. Ethnic intermarriage has largely erased those identities so they exist as surnames only. There is only one tribe that steadfastly continues to maintain it’s ethnic identity and all of it’s ethnic pathologies/privileges and we all know which tribe that is.

    • If that’s true, at least the Irish are showing some cohesion, which is more than we can say for the rest of the WHITES.

      • Yeah they are united against Christ and are going to hell all as one. Are you a great American?

  4. There is no one reason why Mr. Carlson has been relieved of his show at Fox.

    Any one night from the last 7 years is justification enough.

    He told a lot of truth, that those in charge of this society do not want anyone to hear.

    I am surprised he lasted this long.

    In any case, he will be somewhere else soon enough.

    RT has offered him an open-ended deal, and NewsMax is offering Mr. Carlson $100 million dollars to do his own show and run their news program, with total license to sat whatever, whenever, about whomsoever..

    In this case, it’s all good for us, because Mr. Carlson has become an even bigger figure, owing to this scandal, than he was before.

    He has become the voice of The American People, and, as such, he will not be silenced.

    • Ivan,

      This is off topic but then so what? Do you remember when I said my grandmother lived in several states in the South in the 50’s and loved it? Well I asked her what her favorite southern state was and she said Georgia.

      No she never lived in your state of North Carolina.

      I am like that song called Girls Just Want to Have Fun. And so do I.

      I found a strange song called Goober Peas. The name alone is worth a play. Tennessee Ernie Ford–incredible that someone could be called that but I loved his name and the song.

      • Hello there, Dear Christina!

        North Carolina, as it was when I was a child, was a little different than Georgia, but, not much.

        Both states were Anglo-Celtic White Southern majority with a notable Negro minority.

        Both states, and both races, were governed by age-old customs that could be summed up with the words, ‘Honor-Culture’.

        We ate the same cuisine, cheered our favorite college teams on, went to church on Sunday, and drove to the beach or mountains when we could manage it.

        Men and women were not considered equal, nor were the races, so the differences were distinct.

        Individualism was valued, but, not to the extent that narcissism and isolation were common.

        Our society was a secretive and private world, as every person and family had experiences, and or members who, did not quite come up to standards, and, that so, we kept that to ourselves – instead of flaunting our failures in public and declaring them to be the center of our identity.

        That said, most in our cities no longer live these ways, so there is a lot of damage.

        If there is a way forward, it will be led by rural-appointed Southern legislatures adopting, piecemeal, earlier versions of Dixie.

        One could make the argument that this process has already begun.

        I think North Carolina will get going seriously on that path in 2024, right after Mark Robinson is elected governor.

        As it is, we are already redrawing districts so that those who are alien to us, in soul, will have a very hard road to hoe to win any elections.

        Currently we have a veto-proof Red legislature and a 52- majority on our Supreme Court.

        Yes, of course, young folks ‘just want to have fun’.

        It was this way a long time ago, and it is this way.

        As to Ernie Ford, the wife and I are big fans of his gospel performances – ‘How Great Thou Art’ at the top of the list.

        All the best to you and yours, My Dear!

        • Ivan,

          Thank you as always for your gracious letter and the information you have given me.

          You mention a veto proof Red legislature in North Carolina. I am always surprised that the “Reds” in the United States represent the nominally less liberal party in the USA. Reds elsewhere represent the Comrades.

          I hope your wife, three daughters, and yourself are in good spiritual and physical health.

          Vaya con Dios

          The song by Les Paul and Mary Ford

  5. Tucker’s mother is the Swanson Foods heiress. His father was a CIA agent. His personal net worth is about 500 million. I’m sure his heart is with middle and working class whites.

    • This isn’t a socialist-communist country, there are no classes in the US. People do things for their own reasons, wasps in particular.

    • @TW…

      Thank you for the information.

      Here’s some for you : in this country we don’t judge people for their folks – even though, I will admit, many apples do not fall far from the tree.

      I’ve watched Tucker Carlson for years – and, during that time he’s gone from a spolled establishment brat to a person in touch with reality who cares for the people.

      If you stop projecting your suspicious nature, for a few moments, you’ll probably pick up on that.

  6. “It’s Not Just Math and Reading: U.S. History Scores for 8th Graders Plunge”

    You can’t have a functioning republic with a nation of tards. Their simple minds will be controlled by cheap media slogans, “diversity is our strength”, “we all bleed red”.

    • So, why can’t their minds be controlled by counter slogans: Diversity means chasing down Whites. Diversity is a code word for White Genocide?

  7. “F*ck it we’ll do it live”

    That’s another point in the decline of our society, where unjustified vulgarity is commonly accepted, showing the complete disregard for the values of civility.

  8. Tucker actually said “White Men” in a conversation? That is so incredibly racist! Just saying White Men is a dog whistle for every reactionary, cracker ass honky in every trailer park in this country. Even identifying as White is evil because race is a social construct except when it comes to handing out government created privileges based on race, because SHUT UP!

    • A lot of ex miltiary go into law enflrcement and lot are Irish. Why won’t they release his name and why did they let him go? Because because because……

    • The Marine was a credit to the Corps, he cleaned up the trash. The Lügenpresse is already running pictures of the young MJ impersonator as a smiling, harmless, “teen” to set the narrative, another Trayvon Martin in the making. Of course, they don’t enumerate his 44 arrests for theft, assault, menacing etc. only his supposed “mental illness”, whatever that is.

      I will give the ex-MJ impersonator credit for this though, now he is doing his best ever imitation of the child molester, homo, pervert AKA Michael Jackson.

    • How the hell did I know the choker was Irish? How did I know? The blood tells all. Don’t you just love it when whites get blamed for the crimes of the Irish? “Ex-military” is becoming as common in these high profile killings as “manifesto”. Nobody wants to point the finger of blame at the Irish and their genetic shortcomings, why is that? Who is protecting them from accountability? Who damn it who?

  9. Kike Gertz lies that that banter is “creepy”. Meanwhile: the rest of the world is creeped out by his dick-nosed face.

  10. The Juice are playing this game, what did Cucker say to get fired? But it was nothing he said. His assignment at Fox was over, like his earlier assignments as a neocon at Heritage and Hoover. Cucker was reassigned. He has millions of NPC followers now. Where will Langley send him?

  11. Only a retard would fire (one of) the highest grossing political commentator(s) in America over something so innocuous.
    Since Fox is not retarded, they are run by wealthy, powerful, savvy businessmen, propagandists and apologists for the republican party and the military industrial complex, they obviously let him go for other reason(s), perhaps because he was getting overly critical of the establishment, or for some other reason(s) we’re not privy to.

  12. Conservatives have no problem fighting dirty when it comes to foreign enemies who would rather just be left alone. They have no qualms about killing civilians with a push of a button and assassinating foreign leaders.

    It’s only when the issue is defending one’s own at home that they will invent a million reasons why there is no virtue in protecting their own people.

  13. I read on Gab from several JQ newlings that Tucker was Anti-White….


    Give the JQ to a homeless White Guy and he’ll think he’s Buddha.

    In time though, these newlings will grow a much deeper wisdom than any normie provided they can withstand the whirlwind which will also bring a crashing humility.

    The JQ is truth but it’s not the key to any kingdom.

    Who is the greatest enemy of humanity?

    The US Regime.

    Political foes which normally would be enemies might become allies if they could harmonize on this fundamental concept.

    We’ll see…..

    • White men have no allies. Rarely even eachother.

      I trust the future of my kin to no one.

    • Also, humanity’s enemies aren’t my problem.

      Fuck humanity, i’d rather survive, at its expense if need be. Let humanity, whatever that is, fend for itself when it evolves a common identity.

      For now, the 14 words are all I hear. White kids are the only ones I care to toil for the future of, that I’ll sacrifice for.

      Nobody else is my problem. Nobody else cares about White kids, only their own.

      I’m no White Knight. And we can’t afford to be either.

  14. Arrian,

    The nonsense that we all bleed red is amusing. So does my medium rare steak. I now go to school privately in Mexico and my school year ends in July. So now I actually have to study to make A’s. Imagine that.

    So I come weekends for family reasons. It is Cinco so I come early. We finally won a battle against the French who I actually like–at least back then.

    I tried commenting on Yahoo and most of my comments were blocked no matter how mild. So much for the concept of freedom.

    • “nonsense that we all bleed red is amusing”

      Yes, so does the dead skunk on the roadside.
      I suppose it is amusing. I think it is tragic that any are so tarded just to quote such an idiocy.

  15. Lol!

    This whole Ukraine thing is turning into a huge embarrassment for ZOG and Russia both. I’ll be surprised AF if both governments don’t collapse because of it, leaving only the dog eating communist fucks in China as a true superpower.

    My only consolation is the increasingly retarded gymnastics that the Russia shills and Putin Ballfanners are doing to avoid admitting how collossaly stupid this has been for Russia. If ZOG is sending drones to Putins house for the lulz, they gotta think he’s a total joke, which certainly seems to be the case seeing as all he did was bitch about it like a total faggot.

    Kim Jong Un had his brother publicly killed with chemical warfare. He gave zero fux what anybody thought. ZOG blew up brown hero general in Iran and gave zero fux what anybody thought. Zelensky blew up the Russian flagship of the Black Sea fleet and gave no fux. Murdered muh Dugin’s daughter, no fux given. Putin gets bombed at his own house and what…. nothing.

    Putins entire military venture has been a debacle, and seemingly the only people that can accomplish anything meaningful are these mercenary’s who, seem to be more patriotic than the Russian military, whose forces had to be conscripted to get them to fight ?.

    We’re dumping cash and old tech into Ukraine, but at this point we have nothing else to lose but that. Is it stupid? Yes. Are there other things the money should be used for? Yes. But its late stage imperial dysfunction so I don’t know what anybody expected. There is real upside for ZOG if they pull it off. They’ve already gotten Sweden and Finland off the fence and into the NATO fold (the enormity of this alone is historically significant). Everything we’re spending weighed against gaining the resources and overt support of two first world modern militaries (two of the better ones in Europe) and the use of their territory is a no brainer. If it all ended right now, with Ukraine losing territory but ultimately joining NATO (as appears inevitable at this point), and NATO getting Finland and Sweden, hell. Thats frigging huge. Will ZOG screw it up? Probably, but its late stage imperial dysfunction so I don’t know what anybody could really expect.

    Russia though, this whole thing has been a giant self inflicted wound, and will end up a pyrrhic victory at best. More likely the Russian people are going to end up in economic vassalage to the dog eating communists in perpetuity.

    Its a lose lose for Whitey, and a win win for the yellow team and ZOG to some extent.

  16. If he had worn the Criminals In Action lapel pin like Shauna Vanity would they have let him stay?

  17. The importance of this, if true, can’t be overstated.

    For the last decade I’ve observed a deliberate effort by Eastern aligned and Dissident (Western) media to promulgate a narrative about the inferiority of Imperial military technology, vis a vis Russian/Chinese/Iranian tech. Its a familiar narrative, easily accepted because it coopts the perspective of Dissidents of the overwhelming decadence and pervasive corruption of the Imperial structure. Confirmation bias is always a powerful fulcrum for propaganda.

    This propaganda has been effective because its basis hasn’t been subjected to daylight. In Ukraine, a true proxy war, this is no longer the case, and most of the assertions of Russian military superiority have been obliterated. This is just the latest example.

    There are many lessons to be learned by looking at even innocuous things like this. Do Not underestimate ZOG, and more importantly, do not overestimate the Eastern aligned nations and allow yourself to be propagandized into tacit support for them because you think somehow they have a chance to break ZOG and what…. rescue us?

    Our fate is in our own hands, and we should not trust people that make no secret of hating us, with our salvation.

    Give no succor to our enemy just because they are also the enemy of ZOG.

    Look for the little things, like this missile attack, and question what you are told. Mistrust and skepticism are traits all wise creatures possess.

  18. For any of you that think only American blacks hate Whitey.

    Blacks are predatory. A vulnerable young White kid is like a rabbit in a snare to these animals.

    Show this article to your kids. They need to know how to protect themselves. Their innocence will get them killed and its your responsibility to prepare them to live in a world of monsters.

    • Blacks are predatory
      innocence will get them killed

      Those are gospel !
      Also…… Blks respect/fear strength

  19. Robert,

    I am not sure why you are so anti Irish but I did find a song for you. It is “It’s a Long way To Tipperary”. I hope it plays. It is a good song.

    If you reply based on the current tempo of this website it might be a while before it posts and I see it. Until then—Adios.

  20. O/T I sure can’t wait to see what Cristina has to say about all the Huwhite Nationalist mayhem in Texas.

    • Flax,

      Assuming my other post to you comes through this is an addendum. I saw a picture of the Mexican shooter in Texas. He is obviously of mixed blood. Therefore he being a white nationalist seems dubious at best.

      While almost any human belief is possible one does have to go with the probabilities. He looking at and possesses white nationalist literature means little in itself.

      At our main home our library possesses a King James bible yet we are not protestants, we also have a Koran I believe but we are not moslem, we also possess Mein kampf, Das Capital, the Communist Manifesto etc. etc. Yet my family is neither national socialist or communist.

      So the mere reading or possession of such material in itself is not conclusive. I am on this website and I generally have a reasonable opinion of the articles and a mixed opinion of the comment section yet I am not a WN.

  21. Flax,

    I just flew in for the weekend and only by luck caught your comment. I am currently in Texas and the local news is saying he might be a white supreme supporter. I am trying to grasp at the ridiculous nonsense that a Mexican could be a supporter of white supremacy which is essentially just Anglo supremacy in the USA.

    I understand him not liking Venezuelans in Mexico but in the USA? At first I was wondering why so much air time to just another massacre in the USA and then I saw that the powers that be can make propaganda out of this massacre based on the white nationalist by play.

    Can a Mexican/Mexican-American be a white nationalist? I do not see how. In Mexico? That is laughable. Who would work for us? Most of us have Indian blood.

    In los estados unidos? We are not part of your tribe. Either he is deranged or this is a set up. I am extremely pro white but a white nationalist? Oh my! That is kind of funny.

    Remember I have been on this white nationalist website for 3 years and I know what white nationalists think of me and my people. There is no way in hades I would support white nationalism and any Mexican that does is a complete fool.

    If you reply remember I am only here until Sunday. My school year ends in late July so until then I can only arrive at weekends only determined by family events beyond my control.

    • slight clarification:

      I believe white nationalism has a reasonable belief if it stays within certain boundaries like –being for the evacuation of all illegal aliens, very limited legal immigration ( there is obviously no right for people to come to the USA with or without the granting of citizenship).

      Also, being against certain gross immoralities is just. There is still a huge problem from the WN viewpoint and that is the white American birthrate compared to many groups already in the USA.

      I am not sure what the percentage of the population of the USA is white–non hispanic. Subtracting Jews from the WN equation and the white population might only be around 55% of the overall population.

      When I realized that around 3 years ago I was shocked for I had always thought whites were more numerous in the USA than that.

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