Axios: E. Jean Carroll Wins Lawsuit Against Trump

For better or worse, we are stuck with Donald Trump.

I’m hardly a Trump cheerleader. I just see the writing on the wall. I’m resigned to it. We’re going to be slogging through the Revenge Tour through at least 2025 and possibly through 2029.


“E. Jean Carroll’s win in her lawsuit against former President Trump is also a victory for a #MeToo-era New York law that temporarily lifted the statute of limitations on sexual abuse complaints.

Why it matters: Carroll’s success in court will likely lead to more litigation — victims have until November 2023 to file civil lawsuits against their alleged abusers — and possibly even more state laws modeled on New York’s. …”

No, Occidental Dissent isn’t dead.

My recent absence here is due to my sheer exhaustion with the news cycle. Did you hear about the latest dead black guy who is being paraded in front of the nation by the media? Did you hear what Trump said? We have seen it all a million times before. It feels like a chore to even respond to it.

New York Times:

“A Manhattan jury on Tuesday found former President Donald J. Trump liable for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll and awarded her $5 million in damages. More than a dozen women have accused Mr. Trump of sexual misconduct over the years, but this is the only allegation to be affirmed by a jury. …

On Truth Social, Trump continued his attacks, focusing on Judge Lewis A. Kaplan. He wrote: “What else can you expect from a Trump Hating, Clinton appointed judge, who went out of his way to make sure that the result was as negative as it could possible be, speaking to, and in control of, a jury from an anti-Trump area which is probably the worst place in the U.S. for me to get a fair ‘trial.’” …”

The only positive thing that I can say about this is that it is steadily increasing polarization and undermining confidence in national institutions. Even if you despise Donald Trump, he continues to drive his enemies insane who react to him in ways that undermine faith in Our Democracy.

I woke up to Joe Scarborough handwringing on MSNBC this morning about the erosion of confidence in the jury system. No one has any confidence in the “rule of law” anymore. It is a joke. Perhaps God is using Donald Trump as his instrument to sow enough division to dissolve the Union?


“Roberta Kaplan, the lawyer who represented E. Jean Carroll in her lawsuit against Donald Trump, is a lesbian who’s a longtime champion of LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, most notably as the attorney who brought down the main part of the Defense of Marriage Act.

A jury in federal court in New York City reached a verdict Tuesday in Carroll’s suit, which stemmed from an incident in the mid-1990s. Carroll, a journalist, said that Trump raped her in the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan and that he defamed her by saying she was lying about it. The jury found that Carroll did not prove he raped her, but she did prove he sexually abused and defamed her. Jurors ordered Trump to pay her $5 million. Trump has denied the allegations and vowed to appeal. He could not be criminally prosecuted because the statute of limitations for such charges has passed, but Carroll could bring a civil suit. …”

Oh, and onne last thing.

Guess who represented E. Jean Carroll in her lawsuit?

It was none other than Roberta Kaplan from the Charlottesville trial. Once again, even if you passionately hate Dump, this only shows that our fates are still bound in some way.


  1. Brad, will you finally take the black pill if a wokester wins the 2024 Presidential election?Wont demographics alone make it all academic after then?

    • In such cases demographics doesn’t matter. After the wokester victory, some states and territories will slowly drift to more autonomy.

      Yes wokerster is our president in the united country, but we will make this small local law and that tiny regulation and and some minor things like using foreign currency to trade wit Russia and Iran are just human rights so state can not limit them. And even when this is illegal, our state police cant get those clever trades. And so on.

      So step by step slowly Empire will fade away. It happened with Soviet Union before 1991.

      • @TW…

        I agree with Juri, here, and nearly said as much to you yesterday.

        When empires fall apart, and a reorganization comes, the demographic issues that mattered at the polls do not matter.

        History bears testimony to the fact that people can reorganize themselves as much, and as often, as they like – by a variety of means.

        Not just demographic, but, indeed, all, the trends that led to this place will not hold sway over what will come.

  2. I was worried that the website was dead…….fortunately no, this website is an institution and a home.

    • Not to worry, Dear Marcel.

      Mr. Griffin has a lot going on.

      Plus, he is tired of waiting for a large portion of our fellow Southerners, currently residing in La-La land, to stop pretending nothing serious is going on.

      Southerners are desperate to have a solution, that we like, handed to us, with little of no effort, but, that is very unlikely.

      What is likely is that, because of our collective attitude, this time in our history will interminably linger.

  3. I’ve just tuned out Trump out most of the time. He’s become something like a traveling show, who is hated by all the right people. He’s is giving cover to someone else to come along as a republican rival. It’s a long time to see how this turns out before a republican is made the leader. I can wait. I never thought Trump was the “inevitable “ one to be chosen anyway. Moses couldn’t enter the Holy Land, David was not allowed to build God the temple. Sometimes, you are given a role to play, and then fate, (God) etc. decided that you have done your part in the great play. Now it’s somebody else’s part to play from then on. Trump has some great skills too use. He’s is the great political “Wrecker” he got everybody to reveal their real selves. The democrats as lawless morally depraved creeps, republicans as craven, lazy grifters. But Trump isn’t organized well enough, and has too many personal problems I think to pull off a change, you need a different kind of person, I think, to move on. Just my opinion. But I’m not the only one who is beginning to think this way.

    • Interesting and thoughtful reflection on the God-Emperor of Grift. Even an evil ruler will ultimately be used in some way, sometimes not apparent until centuries after the fact, to further the actual God’s ultimate purpose.

  4. Trump may be just a 1980s reaganite + a few tariffs but no other neolib can piss off the left quite like him so if he becomes president again let’s hope it’s the final nail in the coffin for the union. Loose lips sink ships, and no other rightwing politician can talk trash like Trump.

    • He also does things that occasionally piss off both the left and right like defunding Ukraine. He’s just a bit more of a nationalist than most neolibs and neocons are comfortable with.

    • Yes, but today even an “80s Reaganite” is way beyond the pale of what our overlords allow. As far as this case goes, no matter what you think about Trump’s flaws the plaintiff’s claim that Trump spent his days wandering around a department store looking to jump in and rape strangers in the fitting rooms is absolutely preposterous. She simply made this up to hurt him and the scum in that city went along with it to hurt him because he is siding with real America against the alien tyrants in the Accella Corridor who hijacked this country from it’s rightful heirs.

  5. Ultimately, what this whole thing is going to come down to is that somebody is going to insist on an election result that too many others will not accept.

    Then things will break loose.

    1860 ring a bell?

  6. “my sheer exhaustion with the news cycle. ”

    That’s Very understandable.
    This is a reason that pro-WHITE websites, such as this, need multiple editors. Otherwise you’ll just burn yourself out.

  7. “A jury in federal court in New York City ”

    NYC jury, the proximate equivalent of a soviet court under Stalin.
    With the rise of the POC population, the WHITE man’s justice system turns into a joke.

    (Hopefully Jean Carroll will be slaughtered on appeal and Trump counter-sues for malicious litigation.)

  8. “We have seen it all a million times before.”

    “No goy, NO ! There are no patterns that you can stereotype behavior on. You must judge each incident individually, based on the deviously twisted narrative we give you. You goys are too stupid to do your own thinking.

    Goyisher kopf !”

    “Get the hell away from blacks” …..Adams

  9. Donald Trump is a predator, a monster. Decades ago he threw me down and raped me. It was horrible!

    No, I didn’t ever report it to the police, or speak of it at all for 30 years. No, I don’ t remember the exact day or month, what does that matter??

    No, I can’t remember the exact year, but that is unimportant. This is Manhattan, and I wany my 5 million NOW

    • I’m pretty stupid but how the **** does this conniving democrat bootlicking twat get 5 mil if Dump didn’t “rape” her? A joke indeed.

      • Because the jury said she gets the money, truth be damned. That is the way the “law” works in Third World shitholes. The ruling class uses the “law” to reward their friends, such as this lunatic woman. For everyone else, justice.

        Demography is destiny. The only law these wogs in NYC understand is the law of the jungle from whence they came and where they should go back.

  10. It’s all theatre, while the world de dollarises, while China gets stronger economically and militarily.

    The Great Reckoning will soon be upon us.

    • . . . while Pakistan, with perhaps 300 nuclear weapons, comes unglued. This is the biggest unreported story of this news cycle and the Lügenpresse, as usual, ignores it. India, right next door also has a nuclear arsenal as does Pakistan’s ally and India’s enemy, China. The Indian government must be watching Pakistan closely and considering a pre-emptive strike if Pakistan’s army loses control of the country and their nukes go missing.

      China seems unlikely to accept that without a response against India, a very bad outcome the geniuses in Washington neither desire nor control. These same geniuses helped to get rid of Prime Minister Imran Khan who was moving Pakistan closer to China by joining the BRI and opposed the U.S. war in Afghanistan. That plus financial difficulties exacerbated by the Ukraine war have destabilized the nuclear armed country.

      Good luck to the Deep State getting the U.S. public to sign up for another war in that part of the world.

        • Korea. The public soured on the war such that Truman could not run for President again in 1952. The public hated him because of the indecisive war. Gen. Eisenhower won in 1952 by promising to end the Korean War which he did by secretly threatening to use nuclear weapons and drive up to the Yalu River.

          Vietnam. The public soured on the war such that LBJ could not run for President again in 1968. The public hated him because of Vietnam.

          Pres. Nixon recognized that the public had soured on the Vietnam War by Jan. 1969 and proceeded to withdraw U.S. troops from S. Vietnam. By May 1972 there were no more U.S. ground troops in the country, only the Air Force and Navy bombing N. Vietnam and destroying their army in the south. N. Vietnam signed a peace agreement in Jan. 1973 and returned US POWs in Feb. 1973 because of Nixon’s strategy.

          Jan. 1973 was the last time conscription was used by the U.S. Government to staff its military. Since Jan. 1973 the military has been all volunteer. Conscription ended because of public opposition to the Vietnam War and the need for conscription to fight that war.

          The public also soured on George Bush II’s Iraq war. As the war dragged on and wasn’t a “cake walk” as advertised the public turned against GWB II. He had to resort to transferring sailors from the Navy and airmen from the Air Force into the Army and keeping troops past their separation dates to keep the Army staffed. Lack of troops was a limiting factor behind GWB II’s strategy because there weren’t enough volunteers. Public disdain for GWB II and his wars made bringing back conscription impossible thus limiting the Deep State’s war options.

          The diverse, multicultural, GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire’s military is overextended again with its wars in Ukraine, support for Taiwan and probably one hundred other places, too. The military cannot attract enough volunteers to staff its military. It has failed to meet its enlistment goals several years in a row, particularly the Army and Navy.

          This is just the beginning. Congress will not pass a bill of conscription with an election next year especially since both Dementia Joe and Trump avoided military service during a time of conscription. Loathsome politicians are terrified of losing their next election if they vote for a bill of conscription otherwise the draft would be back bigly. The Deep State’s problem now is that they require public cooperation with their wars and the public is having none of it. Non-cooperation from Whites is what will eventually cause the Deep state to fail, not violence.

      • “very bad outcome the geniuses in Washington ”

        You don’t understand.

        Jwz believe that a catastrophic war will usher in the jwzish utopia of jwish global rule.

  11. Only racism, sexism ,homophobia, and antisemitism (aka normalcy) can save us from tikkun olam now.

  12. Trump did the right thing. He had consensual sex with this woman and instead of speaking the truth and embarrassing this mentally unstable Irish woman for all the world to see, he ate it. Kudos.

      • Trump really doesn’t know the Irish, but he is starting to catch on. Do you think it is finally starting to dawn on Trump that the Irish are not his friends? I was shocked Trump chose Tacopina instead of an Irishmen to defend him…..and Kaitlan Collins isn’t Irish either. WTF is going on? Now if Trump could only hate the queers the way Kaitlan Collins does, he might be something again. You do know the choice was Don Lemon or Kaitlan Collins and Kaitlan Collins won?

        • @Fr. John+—–Evan Blinken husband is a filthy kyke, you wanna take that back Mick? One of you own is married to a filthy kyke. Why aren’t there any good old boys pairing us with Jew spouses and so so many Irish Jew couples? I mean you are just like us, aren’t you??

    • Yeah, she’s Irish, and her father and mother were probably Roman Catholics? That makes her a regular Rachel Maddow, just another nun.

  13. What about Tuckers triumphant return to Twitter?

    It is time to get a burner phone and make a new account to follow him. Can not cuck the Tuck!

  14. Know you why Jill “Drapes” Biden sat in the last row by the toilets at the UK coronation corona nation.
    Banana republics always have visions of 1000 year reigns and total ideological conformity.
    That doesn’t mean it will work out that way.

  15. Who gives a damn. Dementia Joe just stuck a huge dagger into the USA with blanket amnesty for Turd World invaders, with an attached policy to ship them all over the country.

  16. I don’t want a business as usual Republican president in DC ever again. Conservatives are incapable of keeping their eye on the ball and just end up wrapping themselves in the flag and defending whatever dumbshit the party pushes.

    We need a bull in the chinashop to smash the place up and cause a panicked overreaction by Zog. Its no lose for Whitey. Trump is the big orange boomer bull and he has been smashing stuff, and making Zog panic for 8 years now, even out of office.

    “Perhaps God is using Donald Trump as his instrument to sow enough division to dissolve the Union?”

    Hw, is this not what you want? Just roll with it man.

    What’s happening right now is anything but normal. Its a hell of a time to be alive. There’s plenty of media covering everything Trump. Write about something else if you don’t wanna cover Trump. Get out of the 24 hour news cycle coverage business and write something you enjoy. Or don’t. You’re a good dude, I’d rather you weren’t miserable, writing about modernism again or something lol, even if it drives me nuts.

    My idea? Write about balkanization. How it’s happened in the dissolution of past empires. How its happening now or not in the case of Zog. What the effects are. You’re a student of history. Its your comfy space, so stick with it.

    I don’t know. Do something you want to do. Life is too short.

    We are living in an era of historical significance. We have front row seats to a seismic shift in the global balance of power. Hell of a time to be a historian, to get to see the wheel turn on a major power in real time.

    In other news, everything. There’s so much more going on outside the DC Dumpsterfire.

    You can throw a dart at a news aggregator (don’t throw darts at your phone…. you know what i mean) and find something interesting happening. Try something else. Read foreign media only for a month and turn off Breitbart. We have the world at our fingertips. There’s surely something out there that will catch your eye.

    Write a satirical homage to David Icke. Hell I don’t care. Anything.

    • “Tucker streaming from Twitter would burn cable news to the ground”

      Oh, plz, plz be true.

  17. Just the (((System))) using lawfare to fuck Dump, as they do anyone who dares to go against the (((Narrative))).

    But yes, Moar Polarization is good: the sooner the kike/billionaire DC/jYC house of cards collapses, the sooner neckbearded throats will be slit & jewfro heads will be blown apart.

  18. Mad Dog Musings 10 May 2023 1am_The ZOG-Emperor Gets Civil Lawfared by ZOG & Boomer Whiggress Skankazoids with (kikess) lawyers

    Today is the early morning of 10 May, 2023 and Pastor Lindstedt is looking at an e-mail from Thomas Maher who is the States Attorney for Stanley County sent to Sheriff Brad Rathbun who on May 26, 2022 illegally in violation of South Dakota State Law 15-16A-6 stating that no foreign judgments for “defamation” (I called Bryan Reo a mamzer faggot ZOGbot) and so Rathbun gave my inheritance to Bryan Reo for the $2.75 million judgments across four cases and currently intends to sell it at the end of the month to some agribusiness or billionares. However on Dec. 8, 2022 the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the coonsolidated cases to the Northern district of Ohio where Bryan Reo is trying to win again through discovery barratry.

    So I’m looking at Lawyer Maher’s e-mail to Sheriff Rathbun admitting that the cases did get overturned. Are they going to simply return my inheritance and cancel the final sale?

    Now my brother Pighook the Mother-killer is up there and bothering them and me to sign a Limited Power of Attorney for him to hire a lawyer. I’ll call later on 10 May 2023.

    But the ZOG-Emperor and myself an my Aryan Nations Church have the same problem with ZOGbots working with jew or nigger lawyers to generate a lying civil-lawfare case and take property, then liberty and life and your very soul if you let them.

    The Aryan Nations / Ten Thousand Warlords final solution is to simply “chernobylize” the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant where Bryan Reo used to work until that web page noted that SwordBrethren/SoredMamzer the Teutonic Crusader noted See-Eye Dentist under Baal Finck(el-sheenie) & Eliar James was actually Bryan Reo/Ol’ Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor and fired him. But if you can chernobyl one old ailing nuclear power plant around Cleveland, who not the other nuclear power plants around these Blue Hives and leave a radioactive ruin for the next 500,000 years proof that Democracy is Satanic and a godly form of government is local theocratic military dictatorships where no jews or non-whites allowed.

    Pierre is the State Capitol and Ft. Pierre the county seat across the Missouri River each within the river basin. The Oahe Dam — a massive earth dam is five miles upriver and if destroyed would deluge away both Pierre and Ft Pierre. Summary Resistance drumhead courts-martial could be set up on high ground.

    The only way that a White Man can get any justice is in fighting then winning a National War of Aryan Christian Israelite Liberation and that means exterminating all of the jews and non-whites or driving them out. And that means killing 200 million ZOGlings and establishing local theocratic military dictatorships — The Ten Thousand Warlords — who will run things to suit White Men, like the original Ku Klux Klan did.

    Judge Thomas Parker who is the never-ending jurist listening to the coonsolidated Bryan Reo v. Martin Lindstedt & Aryan Nations 19-cv-2103 retrial. Bryan Reo is trying to hold on to the 1806 acre inheritance it and Attorney Robert Konrad stole in violation of South Dakota State Law 15-16A-6 which says that the foreign $2.75 million judgments can’t be levied upon until all the appeals are done and on Dec. 8, 2022 the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded these judgments and brought it back to the Northern District of Ohio for re-trial.

    Bryan Reo of course is trying to gain by trickery more “discovery” of what has been on Pastor Lindstedt’s Aryan Nations forum for years.

    Lawyers and ZOG won’t stop until 200 million ZOGlings are dead and ZOGbots have to eat theys’ spawns’ nuts.

    The ZOG-Emperor Drumpf should have made me his Chief of Staff on the Glorius & F’d-Up 6th of January and cross’d the Rubicoon. I voted twice for a Pussy-Grabber but all I got was a pussy which isn’t even humpable. So since Cheeto-Jesus won’t do what is necessary other than pule & moan, I’m running either for governor of Missouri or for Prez-o-dint myself.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Dr. Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for Governor of Missouri or Prez-o-dint 2024

    • ” I voted twice for a Pussy-Grabber but all I got was a pussy which isn’t even humpable.”
      ^^Now, THAT is a hilarious line!

  19. Raped in Bergdorf Goodman? Wft. It’s like a fantasy passage in American Psycho. “When I go to Bergdorf Goodman I always rape some random hardbody in the ladies dressing rooms.” “Oh Donald why here?”

  20. I’m not a big fan of The Donald, he’s not that great, a liar and a blowhard. However his enemies are the scum of the earth. The worst people in the country are his biggest foes, open birders lunatics, baby killers, homosexal hate froups, limosine liberal nigger lovers,who want to destroy western civilization, while they pat themselves on their snotty asses for ‘caring’.

  21. Box wine stocks only go up.
    I did laugh when P.T. Trumpum said I literally don’t know who this woman is.

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