CNN: Donald Trump Presidential Town Hall

It starts around 7:00.

Note: I’m catching up. I missed it last night.


  1. Trump is controlled. The Wuhan Lab is a level two research lab. Gain of function research was only gone at level four research facilities. The virus came from a lab in either Ukraine or Tiblisi Georgia and was transferred to Wuhan by Ukraine militiary people attending the sports games…..on whose authority?? DOD.

    • I never get tired of pointing out that the US does not have an interest in starting a biological war with China. China does not have an interest in starting a biological war with the US. The only people who could possibly benefit would be the Jews who, it appears, thought they were going to move into and control China. We that is not going to happen and we always know the Jews psychopathic behavior when they do not get control. We see the same since thier control of Russia was stopped. They destroy everything. Let’s also not forget a Jew from Harvard set up the Chinese lavatory in Wuhan. It would not take much in the way of speculation to think that he also had some influence in their course of what and how to study. One of his students was arrested carrying biological items out of the country in his sock.

      I think, and it seems likely, the Jews helped set up the lab, got them on the path of covid research then dumped the virus in Wuhan then, of course, tried to blame it on the US. But no US, uncontrolled, government agent is going to start a bio war with China. No one can win this with respect to China and the US.

  2. This is the mainstream media throwing the right a bone, to make us forget that they censored Tucker Carlson.

    Tucker’s new gig on Twitter is not secure. If Elon censored Kevin MacDonald and James Edwards, he will also censor Tucker. When the ADL says “jump”, Elon asks “How high?”

  3. Trump is not Pro White. He’s a civic nationalist. He loves “Diversity” just as much as the other side does. He would implement it without all the “wokeness”. Yes, we’re all Americans. Let’s all come together and MAGA, blah, blah, blah.

    IMO, he’s being set up as the last Great White Hope, a bogus savior. In reality it will make little or no difference which side “wins” the selection. Our enemies control both sides.

  4. Those many of us are disappointed with President Trump’s first term, and many more who simply hated everything it stood for, one thing you cannot take away from him…

    He represents a kind of Alpha male that White Gentile America used to produce, in my childhood, in abundance.

    Trump is incredibly tough.

    He takes, and keeps on taking, blows that would have put many men half his age in the graveyard.

    You have to admire that.

    • The guy is great. No matter his faults, he continuously takes mighty blows, turns them around and makes his tormentors look foolish. Other people would wither under a tenth of the strain.

      • I agree, Dear Sam.

        In his own way, President Trump is great.

        I certainly would have broken long ago under such a strain.

        I don’t know how his physical body holds up to it – just the tension, alone, would give most a heart attack.

        He’s a lion.

        Be well!

  5. Yes, all the jwzsh assassins are coming out of the woodwork to stab Trump.

    (He’s made some private comment, like Nixon, that has them working for his ruin.)

  6. Screwed again, my fellow Goyz.
    (((JP Morgan))) just got all the assets of First Republic, while we, the taxpayers, are stuck with all the liabilities.

    Must be comforting to have bribe control of the zogov.

  7. “FBI refuses to give Congress informant file alleging Biden took bribes as vice president” NYpost

    Who controls the FBI ?
    Have to protect their shabbos goy.

    • The Jews don’t do this. When someone pisses them off, they call everyone they can and tell them to get rid of this person irritating them. And it works.

      Maybe something more productive would be a constant mass of irritating calls to anyone and everyone involved to get rid of these people who are doing this. I’m always trying to come up with a way to throw sand in their gears. The government has a thing called “earmarks”. Where specific funds are delegated for specific things. Now if it’s legal to have “earmarks” then it’s just as legal to have “unearmarks”. Get several of your representatives to unearmark the individuals involved. Tell your representatives if they do not find a way to show these scummy people the door, then you will find someone who will. Throw their asses out on the streets. Not only should they receive no pay at all from the government, they should not receive any pay from any private company that has government contracts. If they do, the company will have all it’s funding eliminated.

      A huge stack of laws they pass after the damage is done will do far less than throwing them out on their asses when they do this. You will, for sure, get their attention. And while Judges may try to reinstate them if they are in turn “unearmarked” then the next time a judge sees a case like this come up they will throw their hands up and declare themselves not able to provide funds for whoever was dumped.

      These people are using government funds to pay people to persecute us and we need to cut them off. They don’t have the money to persecute us without all these people being paid by the State. This is the IMPORTANT point. They do not have the finds to persecute us without our government paying for it. Their whole apparatus would wither and die without government finds to operate. Now some may say we can’t do this, but if you can vote for specific funds for things then you can damn sure vote not to spend funds on specific things and any judge who says different should be earmarked himself and any official who distributes funds to someone unearmarked should themselves be unearmarked and on and on until they get the message and stop.

  8. The Greatest Show on Earth! Step right up, goy and place your shekels in this here box shaped like St. Hillary’s private parts.

  9. I’m not quite sure why he was on CNN, none of the commie shit bags that watch that network will vote for him. I do think he enjoys pissing off his enemies.

  10. Kayfabe Kabuki for drooling chongoloids of the EBT world shopping bazaar.
    Societies that are too stupid to exist will be put out of misery.

  11. OK, I’ll bite, since either Brad is busy stockpiling diapers or commenters are Trumped out on the God Emperor’s schtick. With his CNN townhall performance, our favorite ex-president secured the Republican Party nomination for president in 2024.
    I say that based on both the audience reactions as well as my knowledge of the psychology of his supporters. People who vote for Trump do so because he had mastered the performance art of pseudo combat against their perceived enemies. Other Republican candidates simply cannot let themselves go in order to pretend to fight TPTB& because they all hope to benefit from selling out their voters at some point.
    Trump, never having been a part of the grift to any significant extent, retains the 1950s Norman Rockwell image of TPTB being honest patriots at heart, whom he wants to like him. So he can refuse to play the game verbally, endearing himself to the lower classes, while at the same time refusing to actually fight the powerful effectively.
    Needless to say, I remain unconvinced he would govern competently insofar as effecting genuine change. But I have no doubt his die hard supporters will give him another chance. Should be entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

  12. Top cardinal sins according to the US Regime and bootlicking media lackeys:

    1. Claiming 2020 election was stolen.
    2. Opposing war in Ukraine and having any semblance of moderation towards Russia.


    1. The 2020 election was stolen (fact).
    2. Supporting Russia against Jukraine is the correct moral stance (fact).

    Plenty of other cardinal sins such as defending yourself while White, opposing Israel and child grooming faggots…..

    But, it was good to see the older Whites in that crowd who have grown semi-deaf to the psychological manipulation of the Jewish media. Of course, they’re not as far right as we’d like them to be but they see what’s going on in their own communities and the other-planetary nature of the official media narrative.

    What we need now is for Whites en-masse to drop out of the military and/or a right wing political migration from Military Patriotardism.

    Daniel Penny was not a hero because he was a Marine. This is what led to his downfall.

    • I’m gonna have to steal several of your neologisms. Jukraine is perfect. Why didn’t I think of that? Similarly, patriotardism is a portmanteau that is too good to pass up. Aside from that I would modify your statement about “cardinal sins” since even a mere lack of enthusiastic support for Israel is considered grounds for cancellation.

    • ” . . . What we need now is for Whites en-masse to drop out of the military and/or a right wing political migration from Military Patriotardism.”

      This is exactly what has been happening and it is significant although not reported on very much. Without many thousands of young, White, Christian, men enlisting, the military’s combat effectiveness declines drastically. The Deep State is well aware of this and wants to bring back conscription of Whites, they already have enough wogs.

      The politicians would be happy to oblige but with elections next year and Whites not wanting to end up like the maimed guys in the veterans charities commercials Congress will not pass a bill of conscription. The Deep State may try to use their extensive blackmail against loathsome politicians such as Miss Lindsay Graham to bring back the draft but the fear of losing an election is greater than the fear of Epstein type, Deep State blackmail. It has been fifty years since the draft ended, good luck selling that bullshit to the public again.

      Of course, cutting back on imperial commitments for the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is not on the list of remedies, it never is.

  13. “Daniel Penny Surrenders to Face Charges in Subway Killing of Jordan Neely

    The Manhattan district attorney’s office will charge Mr. Penny with second-degree manslaughter for choking Mr. Neely, a homeless man, to death” Nytimes

    See what happens to good WHITE men, who defend society ?

    • @Arrian…

      “See what happens to good WHITE men, who defend society ?”

      It’s not happening much in the South,m particularly not in Rural Smalltown areas.

      If you are troubled up yonder, come down here.

      We’re far from perfect down here, but, we are better than up yonder – way better, it ain’t even close.

      The South was right 160 years ago, the South was right 60 years ago, and The South still is right – though we whisper out resolution nowadays, it still remains the same.

      Our legislatures and governor’s mansions are increasingly locked and loaded to deal with the latest New England lunacy, this run by International Jewry.

    • Penny is Irish, you can’t tell the difference? I bet you think you Biden and Dylan Mulvaney are good white men too.

  14. can we at least link this from bitchute, gab or rumble? We are feeding cnn with that link and it will just be censored anyway.

  15. As if we’re going to talk or vote our way out of the collapsing and collapsed White Western Civilization.

    As if CNN or now Tucker Purged Fox News will broadcast the fair and intelligent, reasonable talk that will get us out of this.


    Time to build monestaries, walled city states on rivers, islands – look to Orania and Vatican City, Constantinople back in the day.

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