We Are All Daniel Penny

Paul Kersey coined the term “Black Run America” over a decade ago.

There are a lot of people who dislike the term. They think it is misleading because actually Jews Run America. Personally, I don’t really see how the two narratives are at odds. We have both a Jewish liberal elite and a sick culture which is centered and organized around the figure of the negro. The oppression of the negro by “racism” and “white supremacy” is at the core of our established national religion.

“Black Run America” describes an essential aspect of our social order. The New York subway, for example, is run for the benefit of worthless vagrants like Jordan Neely. Innocent people are killed all the time there. They are often pushed in front of trains by sociopaths. No one cares. It only becomes “A Story About Race In America” when someone like Daniel Penny dares to lay their hands on one of these gremlins.

We are all Daniel Penny. We are all living under the same system and through this unique period of history. Never before in all of history have black people been put up on such a pedestal. Your life has been negatively impacted by this obsession in countless ways. Maybe you have to pay to send your kids to a private school because the public schools have been turned over to blacks. Maybe you have to commute to work because it is unsafe to live in a big city because of black criminals. Maybe you just pay taxes to subsidize the dysfunction. Maybe you lost your job because of some impious act of lèse-majesté against a protected class. Maybe you encountered obstacles in your career because of your race. Maybe you have been investigated and excommunicated from your church for “the sin of racism.”

The world is being run at your expense for their benefit. We are living through a social experiment. Daniel Penny’s freedom is the latest casualty of that experiment. He won’t be the last.


  1. The message is very clear : if you are a White Man, you must be, in every circumstance, utterly passive.

    This will work with many, it won’t work with me.

    No, I have a filter for these kinds of messages, and it reads : DON’T TREAD ON ME.’

    Happily, I am not alone in this, but surrounded by numbers untold of Rural White Southern Males who will never ever accept this.

    But, yes, if you are a White Male, who does not intend to be utterly passive, and you live in, or near, a Blue City in Blue States, then you ought leave.

    Move to the Southern Confederacy.

    The coming years will prove to you that it was a move you did not regret.

    • Do you find it odd that Joe Biden condemns white supremacy as the greatest threat to America at a black college, but does not condemn his fellow Irishmen Daniel Penny for choking to death a troubled black man? Joe Biden has not said one word about Daniel Penny. And he will not be saying anything. That is how the Irish are, they will not condemn the sins of their own, they turn a blind eye and lay the blame on other like innocent whites. They are so much better than us, this Irish filth, don’t you know?

      • No, Dear Mr. Browning – being an older Southerner, I am not at all shocked that the United States’ Government, or a high official of it, is busily invested in either removing White Southerners from Dixie, and or making us powerless in it.

        That this war has now extended to all Whites, even his own Yankee kind, is a case in point for a snake-like megalomania.

        That said, it is a sad thing to be used to, not to mention that my fellow Southerners seem hellbent to act as if nothing is going on.

        Thanks for the comment.

      • Bronstein you ignorant slut. This post is about White people and the current narrative being peddled by the US government, the media and something or someone else…
        Hmm, what or who could that be?

    • Ivan, if you think living in the South is going to save you, in the unfortunate event you have to defend yourself against a sacred negro, I believe you are quite mistaken. Wherever one lives in ZOGUSA.gov, the choices of crossing paths with a negro are: 1) defend yourself — even verbally — and end up with your life ruined, perhaps even in prison, or 2) submit and perhaps be killed. I applaud all good men like yourself who defiantly choose option 1), but good Lord, we are in one sorry predicament. Every one of us, stateless,

      • I would much prefer to stay where I am, as opposed to the South. Much fewer blacks around….it’s pretty peaceful here.

    • “surrounded by numbers untold of Rural White Southern Males”

      Ahmaud Arbery died in an area surrounded by rural white southern males.

      Who were perfectly and totally passive as their neighbors were made scapegoats.

      If you think it won’t happen to you, YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF.

  2. I’ve done a few things, all 100% legal and not involving any kind of violence, that today would probably cause me much grief, although not with the law. One example: I used to drape a Confederate battle flag over my mailbox on MLK Day. Today, I might make local, state, or even national headlines.

  3. Look at that chiseled, fit, defiant White man being shackled by those swarthy goons. Poor son-of-a-bitch. He became the victim of what he fought for in the Marines — The United States of Negrotopia.

    I’ll bet he wasn’t a “racist,” either, and I’ll bet he regarded black Marines as his brothers.

  4. Black on white crime is set to surpass black on black crime in the next few years.
    new nation.org has been a pretty good source of information yet doesn’t report every single interracial crime that is committed.

    Someone once told me that if the average American knew the facts about interracial crime, we would’ve never had a black president 15 years ago, which I would actually say, is not true.

    I would say the vast majority of white Americans are very indifferent on this topic.

    Id say most of them simply flat out just don’t care.

    It’s almost as if the joos have bread tribalism out of our genetic make up.

    I also hear people all the time saying -well the white victims of black crimes are just people doing drugs or prostitutes, etc. etc.

    That might be true with 40 – 50% of the cases , as that leaves another 50+ % of cases to be ‘random’ ..
    Which is code for they are a racist hate crime against white people based on the color of their skin.
    I remember that the other side always accuses us of what they do..
    Which is , I guess ,Marxism101.

    White people are considered weak and pathetic soft targets to feral black animals, yet out of the other side of their monkey jowls we constantly have to listen to how we have all personally oppressed and held them down for 6 million centuries

    So which one is it .. can’t be both ,right?

    I mean, obviously, if it wasn’t for racist white people holding down da blagmanz they would have fried chicken stands & bakketbawl leagues on the moon by now

    By now they’d have crack empires in space , and would be space chimping raping alien wimminz on mars…you know ,if it weren’t for racist white people holdin them back..

    Just think you racists , we could turn space into a ghetto & diversify the various alien species with knuckle dragging monkey people.

    • “I also hear people all the time saying -well the white victims of black crimes are just people doing drugs or prostitutes, etc. etc.”


      They say that, until it happens to them.
      Then it’s a river of tears, ‘po pitiful me’.

      Just hypocrites, as most WHITES are.

    • Most Amerimutts are fatso, willfully ignorant, materialistic douchebags. Of course they don’t care.

  5. Obviously any rational person with a conscience supports Daniel Penny and anyone in his predicament. However, it should be obvious to any white person with an IQ above room temperature that Demoncrat run locales like Jew York Shitty should be off limits for Whites.

    Any White person who still uses the Jew York Shitty subway system is just asking to be the
    Corporate Medias next Ritual Human Sacrifice to the false god of racial “justice” or just another innocent, dead Honky that no one cares about. Mr. Penny really should have been paying attention to the inherent risks of living in an Anarcho-Tyrannical shithole .

    P.S.- Is the owner of this website on semi-permanent hiatus? This post is 2 days old and not a single comment posted yet?

    • @Black Pill Bill — You don’t have to be living in New York City, or any large city for that matter, to have a confrontation with a feral black end badly.

  6. ” It’s so f__king fake.”

    That describes the entirety of (((Western ‘culture’)).

    Over 2 million raised in Penny’s defense fund. That’s good!

    NYC, the next Detroit. From greatness to ghetto.

  7. “We are living through a social experiment. ”

    No, not at all !

    This is not an experiment, our malefactors have long known the consequences of racial mixing, it occurred century after century, the destructive results are certain and as reliable as gravity.

    The destruction is certain !

  8. I hope that NYC Jewish law firm which mostly White people donated over 2 million dollars to can help defend him in front of a rabidly anti-White Manhattan jury and an anti-White Jewish judge.

    We’ll see.

    It could be another illusory MAGA win amidst the Everest mountain heap of losses in the past 6 years while hyper-coping about so-called ‘Feds’ in Patriot Front which keep racking win after win.

    Glad that Penny is no longer a Marine after being doxed by the Corps who would’ve thrown him into the Middle East, Africa, or Ukraine to die for nothing.

    Die for nothing for the US military abroad or come home and give up your life for a homeless schizo dindu.

    Tough choices….

  9. A George Floyd 2.0 martyr in the making. Will all of the attendant “mostly peaceful protesting” follow like last time?

    • He was a Michael Jackson impersonator, apparently that is a job in NYC. He is doing a great impersonation of MJ now, no question about that.

      • ” Michael Jackson impersonator”

        “Gib me sum moneyz or I spits on you.”
        A tune I’m not familiar with.

  10. If you must visit New York for some reason, don’t use mass transit.

    Don’t give the bastards a penny.


    Also, bring a bag lunch. Don’t spend any money in local restaurants or ant other local businesses. Don’t give the city any sales tax revenue.

    Also, if you see a penny on the ground pick it up so that no New Yorker gets it.

    • wear black, look angry, walk fast. Walk past people trying to hand you a flyer. Do not wear any jewelry. Keep your wallet in your front pocket. Do not keep all of your money in your wallet. Do not take money out of your wallet when you are standing on the street. Do not wear any type of headphones. Have a crappy cheap looking case on your phone. Do not take your phone out when you are on the street. Be aware of everyone around you at all times but do not make eye contact with them. Use taxi’s. NEVER EVER use public transit. Watch where you step. Do not give money to beggars and do not stop to speak to them. If you have to take metro rail, do not give money to beggars who get on the train asking for help-they’re lying. Even if you do all of these things, you’re taking a chance. Better off staying out of the city if you are white. It’s also getting dangerous there for asians.

  11. To maintain the devotion of its followers and the cowing of its opponents, the cult requires regular human sacrifices; both of its own followers (to create martyrs) and of those who brought their criminal careers to an end (to punish heretics.)

  12. “One of our own …. a black man like me”

    That statement alone shows that he is thinking racially.

    “Dem WHITE folks ain’t our own.”

  13. How do we know it isn’t some Smith-Mundt Modernization crisis actor kabuki?
    A society this retarded will fall for anything no matter how absurd.

  14. White existence under the iron heel of kikes, coons & shitlib race traitors.

    Death to jewmurca.

  15. We have reached the limits to civilized dissent. No one must know Daniel Penny is Irish he must be considered white to all, so as to condemn all whites for the crimes of the Irish. How fair is that?

    If they could do it to a black kid they could do it to you too, and don’t think for a second they wouldn’t given the need. It is how they are. You will see.

      • Why can’t you deny it? I told a Jew this and I will tell you too. The devil has no reflection he can not see himself as others see him. But I see you I see you as how you are. And Mick I know you better than you know yourself. I can see all the evil in you that you are blind to. And Mick is is disgustingingly revolting. If I were you a would learn to stfu, just a suggestion.

  16. “Personally, I don’t really see how the two narratives are at odds.”

    I believe Louis Beam sketched out the multifaceted hierarchy of the System in his Essays of a Klansmen back in the day. The System is multi ethnic, multi religious, and has a decent amount of class collaboration to it’s end goal of a New World Order or more accurately a Jew World Order.
    The main division amongst elite Jewry right now is whether the Jew World Order should be based in Israel (Zionists) or whether Jews should remain in exile ( Diaspora centered progressives, liberals, leftists).

  17. Cognitive Dissonance. Don’t know who I hate the most, niggles, Marines, Yankees, or Yankee Marines. And a 20 minute choke hold is an open invitation for a charge of murder. What was he thinking?

    Jews run America. Blacks don’t run diddly squat

  18. Those are the coolest looking perp walk photos I’ve ever seen. They look like the dailies from a New York crime drama starring Mark Wahlberg, Dennis Farina and Brian Dennehy. Very glad to hear that Penny’s legal defense fund has raised more than $2 million.

  19. A white kills a black……..’we need a discussion on racism in America’
    A black kills a white……..’shooosh nothing to see here’

    • Why can’t you say an Irishmen killed a black? Why do the words stick in your throat? Because you are better than us right Mick?

      • @Bob Brown eye,
        ……. Because the Irish are a Celtic, white people, just like the Scottish, Welsh and Cornish are.
        You’re the only poster on this sight who mentions the Irish constantly. If it’s only you doing it, doesn’t that tell you something? You may need to adjust your views somewhat.

  20. Bio. racialism will save the White Race abd Daniel Penny. The current psych. racialism is why Daniel Penny’s act of self-defense is deemed oppressive. So #psychracialism needs to be replaced by #bioracialism or else Daniel Penny and other White Males will be denied justice

  21. I am astounded at how dysfunctional the personal life of this black guy I work with is. This is someone who unlike so many black men, understands the need to get up and show up everyday for work. Unfortunately he doesn’t fair very well in other areas in his life. He talks about “what a good father he is” as if words alone make it so, but has “three baby mamas” one of whom he was married to and just walked out on his wife and one year old child because he wants to “be out there” screwing around. He is a huge clown, I have to say the guy is very funny. He models himself after the typical black standup comedian. These “baby mamas” well, they’re white. For some reason all these lowlife white women throw themselves at this guy. These integrated schools in Champaign County are really, really bad. Maybe in the 70s and 80s the kids still kept apart socially because they were growing up with WW2 and Silent Generation parental households. But these new kids growing up with bastardy, divorce, addicted parents easily fall into social circles hanging out with the black underclass and having babies with these verbally aggressive, narcissistic black men who hit on them constantly. I’m now convinced that if some miracle occurs and a cultural counter revolution takes place we can’t simply go back to the “sock hop” era where the girl is enchanted by the greaser. But need to go way further back to the way the Indian Immigrants arrange appropriate matches for their children. Parental involvement itself seems to have largely faded and is mocked in the culture with anti 50s and anti suburb themes running through any depiction of the past.

    Oh, and watching another white nerd gamer-loser nutcase at work throw temper tantrums and act all unhinged. (The funny brother I just mentioned makes Columbine jokes about him all the time as soon as he leaves the room.) I am now quite convinced that heavy cannabis abuse is the vital ingredient not mentioned in most of these high profile acts of mass violence. I haven’t heard it mentioned but I bet the guy in Farmington New Mexico was a user, we know the Uvalde guy was pissed at the grandma he killed for taking his weed away, I bet that Native guy who knifed those people in Manitoba was, I bet the Buffalo “racist” shooter was too. Alex Berenson gave a talk about his book on weed and psychosis where he first became interested in his topic when talking to his psychiatrist wife who casually mentioned the violent murderers in her psych ward were “all heavy smokers” of cannabis. I was also surprised that the late trolling atheist Christopher Hitchens brother Peter Hitchens is a big conservative who writes a lot on how weed is involved in most of these horror stories we hear. Most of the Western European “Jihadis” were losers who abused cannabis before being drawn to something that enabled their deranged minds to lash out and hurt others. The Batman Colorado Theater guy, Dylan Roof, the guy who shot up the Kenosha McDonalds, Jim Jones. Looking at their back grounds the mass killers who didn’t abuse cannabis are the ones who stand out: the Virginia Tech Nerd and Sandyhook Autist, looking at the rest of them there is always “big pothead” on their resume. I am betting the widespread availability of these high THC concoctions from these so called “dispensaries” is an ingredient in all the craziness going on in society, even the lower profile stuff like the bums pushing decent citizens off subway platforms onto the tracks. It’s bad, these degenerates are going to get conquered in a few decades, the globalist oligarchs do NOT have a competent citizenry capable of a first class military anymore.

    • >the ones who stand out: the Virginia Tech Nerd

      another Korean had the record until 2011:

      >Chun Mal-soon later said that her boyfriend “suffered from an inferiority complex and had been bothered by villagers’ comments on their living together unmarried”

  22. Penny is going to have to join a white gang whether he wants to or not. He can kill with his bare hands. He’ll have to put in work and have more time added on. He’ll never get out.

    Killing that crazy guy isn’t as cool as we’re making it out to be.

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