New York Times: Study Offers New Twist In How Humans Evolved

We are in a weird place.

On the one hand, “The Science” is becoming more woke due to extreme political and cultural pressure. On the other hand, “The Science” also seems to be finding it harder to deny the existence of racial variation in the human species as the evidence from genomics accumulates.

New York Times:

“More than 20 years after scientists first released a draft sequence of the human genome, the book of life has been given a long-overdue rewrite.

A more accurate and inclusive edition of our genetic code was published on Wednesday, marking a major step toward a deeper understanding of human biology and personalized medicine for people from a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Unlike the previous reference — which was largely based on the DNA of one mixed-race man from Buffalo, with inputs from a few dozen other individuals, mostly of European descent — the new “pangenome” incorporates near-complete genetic sequences from 47 men and women of diverse origins, including African Americans, Caribbean Islanders, East Asians, West Africans and South Americans.

The revamped genome map represents a crucial tool for scientists and clinicians hoping to identify genetic variations associated with disease. It also promises to deliver treatments that can benefit all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity or ancestry, researchers said. …”

Did anyone else catch the stunning return of polygenesis this week?

New York Times:

“Scientists have revealed a surprisingly complex origin of our species, rejecting the long-held argument that modern humans arose from one place in Africa during one period in time.

By analyzing the genomes of 290 living people, researchers concluded that modern humans descended from at least two populations that coexisted in Africa for a million years before merging in several independent events across the continent. The findings were published on Wednesday in Nature.

“There is no single birthplace,” said Eleanor Scerri, an evolutionary archaeologist at the Max Planck Institute for Geoarchaeology in Jena, Germany, who was not involved in the new study. “It really puts a nail in the coffin of that idea.”

Paleoanthropologists and geneticists have found evidence pointing to Africa as the origin of our species. The oldest fossils that may belong to modern humans, dating back as far as 300,000 years, have been unearthed there. So were the oldest stone tools used by our ancestors.

Human DNA also points to Africa. Living Africans have a vast amount of genetic diversity compared with other people. That’s because humans lived and evolved in Africa for thousands of generations before small groups — with comparatively small gene pools — began expanding to other continents. …”

The consensus when I was growing up was that there was “one human race” which evolved in Africa and neatly dispersed across the world and there wasn’t enough time for regional variation to accumulate into “races.” Neanderthals were also a separate species which did not interbreed with modern humans. This has been supplanted by a murkier picture of gene flow between “Stem 1” and “Stem 2” in Africa and humans dispersing across the world and encountering and interbreeding with extinct races like Neanderthals, Denisovans and the West African “ghost” population who passed on their genes.


  1. This stuff is very interesting to me. Of course I never accepted the out of africa mythology. It was clearly an artifact of afrocentrism.

    Science, over the long term will trend toward the truth roughly in keeping with central tendency. Eventually it will be irrefutable we aren’t the same race as the blax.

    Its already evident.

    • ” Eventually it will be irrefutable we aren’t the same race as the blax.”

      I don’t want to wait for ‘Eventually’.
      The massive harm done by these lies is irreparable, mulattoes will never be bred back to WHITE.

      • ” The Science” also seems to be finding it harder to deny the existence of racial variation in the human species as the evidence from genomics accumulates.”

        EXACTLY !

        Too much evidence (truth) is building up behind the dam. The dam is cracking and runing over the top and the spillway can’t divert it all.

        Let’s hope the dam of propaganda breaks and the truth floods out.

    • It’s already proven that Whites aren’t the sane as Black’s. Gebetic differences can either be variable (quantitative differences) and nonvariable (non-quantitative differences) and if the former is true then a common origin exists but if the latter is true there is no common origin abd Whites and Nonwhites fall into the latter. So all Momwhites share a common ancestor bit Whites have separate ancestry.

  2. I only have anecdotes to share.

    I remember having the opportunity to sit in on a university genetics class. The professor, a kind, liberal old woman, a friend of mine, explained the Out of Africa theory of human descent as gospel. Naturally, it’s not my place to interject, but I found an opportunity to do so when a student asked why humans migrated north, and stayed their, “where it’s cold and difficult for humans to survive”. The professor fumbled, but she was kind enough to ask for my answer when I raised my hand. “Look at the first skulls found, compared to this modern human skull,” I suggested.

    My friend went back a few slides, to show the difference, as skull shapes from early hominids to modern (European) is still a valid university comparison. “Note the larger forehead and extra cranial space. Humans,” I did not say Europeans, to avoid rising tensions, “evolved, over time, to have a larger prefrontal cortex, which affected their memory and impulse control…” I went on to share how humans who went north survived by prioritizing critical thinking, which led to evolving larger craniums over time. Careful planning and mutual, social cooperation is critical to survive in such harsh conditions. Everyone seemed pleased by my answer, including my friend, who resumed her lecture passionately. I do not believe in OoA, but I could at least share my true beliefs through it.

    Would you trust me, however, if some of the white and almost all of the Asian students started looking at their non-white, non-Asian classmates differently?

  3. “We are in a weird place.”

    Yes, but, one thing is neither weird nor new, and that is that science does not exist in a vacuum.

    Thus, science will be used to, and for, political ends, and, thus, will be not only bent to those ends, it will be created for those ends.

    That’s why, at this point, I have become extremely wary of ‘the science.’

    Age has shown me that science is a view, and, as such, it is a religion that attempts to compete with Christianity.

    In fact, the most ‘religious people I know, brute fanatics like I have never seen, are the secular-science oriented sorts who, it may come as no surprise, spend a lot of their time decrying religion.

    This is weird, and, very troubling and complex – dealing with religious fanatics who, in denial about their state, seem themselves apart from all the rest.

    The Left. -supported by the Central Banks, and the whole massive corporate/governmental structures they have at their disposal.

    Weird – very weird…

    • Yes. “Science” has become religion, particularly in speculative and extrapolative fields like evolutionary biology, astronomy, and earth science, where hypotheses cannot be proven or disproven in lab experiments. These fields concoct their own quasi-religious narratives and myths.

      I vividly recall seeing a show about astronomy on PBS maybe ten years ago (probably “Nova”) in which they were discussing astronomy. They interviewed some whacked-out female professor who declared that in two billion years the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way would get sucked into a black hole and as they disappeared, they would engage in — her words exactly ” an “intergalactic dance,” anthropomorphizing inanimate objects in Nature. Her eyes lit up and bugged out like a Hare Krishna in a trance as she described this.

      Pure rubbish and psychological projection, masquerading as “science.”

  4. Homo erectus has been speculated as the “ghost population” that blacks share genes with. Blacks are also the only race with no trace of Neanderthal genes.

    • “Blacks are also the only race with no trace of Neanderthal genes.”

      It shows.

      ( Neanderthals had a brain case of about 1600 cc, modern Europeans, about 1350 cc.)

  5. The Out of Africa Theory is also bogus and is,in my opinion,mainly posited for political reasons like the Greenhouse Gas Effect. One day,I firmly believe that I will be completely scientifically vindicated in this belief.

    • “One day,I firmly believe that I will be completely scientifically vindicated in this belief.”

      Only if we prevail.
      Otherwise the truth will be buried, permanently !

      ( until the truth prevails, hoe many will be hurt by these lies ?)

    • I saw some documentary with “acting” in make up and costumes of the alleged first encounter between Cro Magnon and Neanderthal. Yes it is possible that a group left Africa and contributed heavily to modern man…but I highly doubt that the group was composed of brothers. The brothers seem to come from West Africa fairly recently and spread throughout the continent. It could well be a much more evolved form of H. Sapiens lived in Northeast Africa much more similar to the peoples of the near east today. Also with sea levels rising from lows during the ice ages a lot of archaeological sites around the near east and Arabian peninsula where Erectus, Neanderthals, Archaic Sapiens may have lived and modernized could be under water. But the idea of some jive ass brother and his baby mamas waltzing into Eurasia and creating civilization seems to me a political wet dream of the left.

      • The first modern humans were obviously not black. Blacks have paler palms and soles, which indicates that they adapted darker skin to survive the equatorial sun.

  6. “rejecting the long-held argument that modern humans arose from one place in Africa during one period in time.”

    Only the tip of the iceberg.
    The race scientists of the 19 th and early 20th century understood this.

    What we’ve been fed as ‘science’ has only been thinly veiled political policy camouflaged in ambiguity.

  7. Genomes are a construct of the white male patriarchy.
    Wish I hadn’t sold that recombinant DNA textbook from the golden Legacy America days.
    Hat tip to Red State teachers.

  8. The insistence that all of humanity originated in Africa is the Miscegenation Maniacs AKA The Usual Suspects doing handstands to buffalo gullible Whites into breeding with Blacks.

    The fact is, humanity originated on the super continent of Pangaea and spread out. They were separated through continental drift (described in the Bible as the Peleg Era when God separated the disparate people after language confusion made them all scatter to the corners of the earth at that time) and evolved into separate races to survive their new environments.

    • Not they weren’t. Pangea was around during the Triassic, the earliest days of the dinosaurs and had already broken up and was starting to look pretty familiar by the time the age of the dinosaurs came to an end 65 million years ago. Hominids only date back around 4 million years and Homo Habilis, where we began eating meat, using stone tools, and our brains began to enlarge over chimp size to about 2.7 million years. By then the continents would look nearly identical from orbit.

    • Hey little buddy. Someday you’ll understand that the OT was just the Heebs’ feeble attempt at explaining things they didn’t know the answers to, and writing for themselves a sympathetic, yet genocidal origin story. Yahweh was a made-up embodiment of themselves, who gave them(selves) license to murder and dominate all other peoples.

  9. Science is alien to me, who knows how it really operates in the upper echelons.
    Who are these geneticists who studied these 47 genomes?
    From what economic, racial, religious and ideological background(s) were they?
    And who was funding, and so directing them?
    What corporations, governments, NGOs, and universities (which themselves are corporations funded by other corporations, governments and NGOs)?
    What do these corporations, governments, NGOs and universities believe?
    Do they really believe in the truth?
    Are they diverse people with diverse beliefs?
    Or do they all have the same agenda, the same agenda the people at CNN, MSNBC, the NYT and so on have?
    Would you trust CNN, MSNBC and the NYT to give you accurate info about these 47 genomes?
    I look at science the same way I look at CNN and so on, science doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it is largely just another tool of the ruling class, and our ruling class are scum, they are Satanic pedophiles who cavort with people like Jeffrey Epstein.
    It’s not the science or our science, it’s theirs, they have the power and most of the surplus wealth, and so they get to steer the science.

    • I’ve listened to PhDs in forensic anthropology, in matters of cranial capacity and structure, do they ever walk on eggshells. They drop their voice to a whisper and mumble.

  10. If science found God, would it tell you?
    Or if it found that humans originated in Europe or on multiple continents, would it tell you?
    If science found extraterrestrials, whether in the form of microbes on Mars or sentients from across the galaxy, would it tell you?
    If science found subsaharans or australoids were different enough from caucasians to be classified as a separate subspecies, would it tell you?
    There is an order, our ruling class has spent trillions upon trillions upon trillions of dollars maintaining and developing this order, they don’t let anyone or thing disturb it but themselves.
    Do you really think they’d let science say anything that would profoundly disturb this order?
    What if caucasians split off from subsaharans and australoids 500 thousand years ago instead of 50 thousand?
    And that subsaharans and australoids have an iQ of 70 largely because of nature, not nurture?
    Imagine what that might do to our collective psyche?
    Findings like that can’t be made public, they would undermine the social order, and the globalists and Jews have a vested interest in maintaining the social order because they sit on top of it, they’re not going to change it unless they figure they’ll be even higher on top.

  11. Very good article, much to consider, most of the knowledge of men and the world before the flood is not generally known, White people are thee ” Adamic” people, simply put the lineage of the man, our Lord fashioned with his own hands, out of the dust of the Earth, Adam blushed and so do we, that is our racial marker, their was a civilization on the Earth before Adam, but this is a subject, we could easily spend the rest of our lives, researching, studying and discussing, I hope the host of this site, doesn’t mind me, suggesting the work’s of Trey Smith, Steve Quayle and just about anything relating to Christian Identity, they do offer answers, all biblically based, our Lord would not have us too be willingly ignorant, I do believe in the 6th day doctrine and that is simply, our Creator made the man ADAM and put him in a very special place, close to 6 thousand years ago, so much knowledge with held from us, I will finish this post saying this, we didn’t build the pyramids and the real truth concerning ” Antarctica and Mars ” is not told or the forbidden technology, certain powers in this world possess………the book of ” Enoch ” is very interesting, but then again, so is the King James………Long live the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC, JESUS is at the top of our pyramid and he has HONEST, SMART PEOPLE, who serve him….And our REPUBLIC……….” Political Cesspool ” live tonight, like going to church, wouldn’t miss it for the world……Too the host of this site and Mr. Edwards, Mr.Alexander, many, many Thanks, keep up the good work, you really do make a difference….

  12. I’m thankful that I obtained my science degree many years ago before this nonsense developed and Watson, the DNA pioneering genius, was canceled because he was White and rational.

    I’m sure there are still colleges where this rampant lunacy hasn’t infected all branches.

    Regarding the OOA theory, it never really bothered me because it’s obvious that Europeans are phenotypically different than SSA’s.

    Crude anti-blackness is mega-cringe even if it’s justified at this point in time of peak Anti-Whiteness. There are plenty of black people who are very smart and successful much more than missing teeth KKK members yelling while spitting with Bud Light on their breath.

    The point is not to become irrational about race by claiming all black people are low IQ and any successful ones needed affirmative action.

    The point is to do what Egypt just did and sue Netflix for fabricating Egyptian history by claiming Cleopatra was a SSA.

    Watson didn’t do anything wrong but the Great Satan had him removed and defamed just as they’ve done for countless genius thinkers, poets, writers, scientists, and philosophers who knew the truth.

    Keeping the truth alive while neo-Bolsheviks run rampant scorched earth over everything is the herculean task at hand.

  13. When I saw that article on the bird, I had a feeling you were gonna write an article about it. It is nice to see science getting closer to the truth of the Bible, as stated by Clytemnestra. I would like to point out, though, that, by and large, it’s losses of genetic information (from the complete gene pool given to Adam and Eve) that make us to differ (e.g., Europeans lost the genes for dark skin, Africans lost the genes for light skin, etc.) In fact, as Stone Choir correctly points out, much of the genetic diversity in humans today comes from Noah’s sons’ wives.

  14. At least I’ve never read claims that people like Darwin and E.O. Wilson (two time Nobel Science Prize winner for his study of sociobiology from Mobile, Alabama) were Jews. Btw, the latter had water thrown on him in the mid-seventies at college lectures by communist “students” for his work being racist.

  15. These sort of DNA studies have become a game-changer.

    They have moved a lot of people (myself included) from the old “We are all exactly the same under the skin” to “Different genetic coding leads to different brain biochemistry leads to different cognitive function leads to different individual behavior leads to intractable social/political conflict between different genetic groups.”

  16. It will be interesting to see what happens as the Roman Cathollc populations of the US inter-marry with the Roman Just as oriental populations evolved in Catholic populations of Latino America. Say for example Irish mestizo zambo combinations. Or Italian mestizo zambo combinations. In the same way that Spanish mestizo zambo combinations evoled (so far) in Latino America.

    I have always believed that, for example, northern European populations evolved in northern Europe. Oriental populatioons evolved in Europe. African populations evolved in Africa, and so on.

  17. Good afternoon Hunter.

    I have a blog in draft ready to go. I’m having trouble posting an image/media (of Mafia made guy Michael Franzese) in the blog – maybe it’s an update issue with Safari, Firefox software or your WordPress software.

    The title/theme of the blog is suggestion with move from the “14 words” “White” to “15 words” Hyphonated European immigrant Americans like “Italian Americans”, “Greek Americans” etc.

    Can you fix it, post it (if you like the blog)?

    Thanks brother,

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