Russell Moore: Don’t Pretend the Uganda Homosexuality Law Is Christian

Conservative liberalism is a horizon.

As Robert Lewis Dabney famously put it, “American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.” It is the space that was recently occupied by progressive liberalism. In this case, conservative liberalism has moved on and become Obama era progressivism. George W. Bush era conservatism has disappeared over the horizon. It is “un-Christian” and “uncivilized.”

Christianity Today:

“In this day of social media mobs and troll-fueled extremism, it’s not unusual for a politician to be digitally attacked for being too weak and “not really one of us”—on a seemingly infinite number of topics.

Even so, one might be surprised to see Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)—not known for repudiating the far extremes of his base—labeled on various social media platforms as soft, weak, and compromising. Some even suggested that Cruz was rejecting the Word of God itself. His radically “progressive” idea? That Uganda shouldn’t criminalize homosexuality and execute gay people.

Normally, a social media controversy is the most ephemeral of pseudo-events. People who want to be noticed post shocking and even ridiculous things (“Y’all! It’s not just Target that’s gone woke; let’s boycott Chick-fil-A too!”) to get attention, knowing they’ll be denounced and quote tweeted, which will amplify their reach. They think that retweets and followers will somehow give them the belonging and significance they crave. Often, the best course is to ignore such things in the spirit of Proverbs 26:4—“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”

Sometimes, though, their kind of trolling can lead to two catastrophic ends that should concern those of us who follow Christ: the unjust killing of human beings made in the image of God and, at the same time, the bearing of false witness about what the Christian gospel actually is. …”

The states used to have “barbaric laws” that criminalized homosexuality until the Lawrence v. Texas decision in 2003. George W. Bush won the 2004 election by running on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Nearly every state including Alabama banned gay marriage in the 2000s.

Texas Tribune:

“WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, one of the most socially conservative Texans serving in Congress, told The Dallas Morning News that Texas should repeal its now-dormant law that bans gay sex.

“Consenting adults should be able to do what they wish in their private sexual activity, and government has no business in their bedrooms,” Cruz’s spokesperson told the newspaper.

The Texas Legislature passed the law decades ago. It hasn’t been enforceable since 2003, when the U.S. Supreme Court decided in a landmark ruling that it violated the Constitution. There have been regular attempts by Democrats to repeal the law since, but they have repeatedly failed in the Legislature. …”

“True Christianity,” too, is also whatever the elite liberal consensus happens to be at the moment. Even the recent past is conveniently forgotten. Homosexuality was a capital offense in Europe until well into the 19th century. It was still criminalized in the United States until twenty years ago.


  1. What goes on in Uganda, is the business of Uganda, why have more than enough pressing problems and issue’s, our time ,effort, energy and resources, should be focused on improving and getting our country together………if we’re going to have a country, that is, if not………if your serious, sane and want too do the Right thing…..,stay the course, stay in your lane, be
    Patient…….the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC is coming…………..

    • When you answer Hitler, Hitler, Hitler with Christ, Christ, Christ, then they want to tell you what a Christian is and is not. The “Christian” Moore quotes the old Testament throughout his defense is of homosexual rights. What about Christ, Moore? What about the baby lamb? Does the baby lamb need protection from the hungry wolves, Moore? Moore is a sell outs has sold his soul to enemies of Christ.

    • “What goes on in Uganda, is the business of Uganda,”

      Not when kosher hegemony is involved.
      They put their noses into everything.

      • Arrian ” Not when kosher hegemony is involved ” Point made Arrian, the Ugandan’s made a point also, They don’t give a s#$! About kosher hegemony and while on the subject, I will attempt too make a point, Since the kosher hegemony, put mr.zelensky in power in the ukraine, Bill Gates and the Monsanto corporation, have bought up all of the Ukraines farmland, before zelensky, foreign ownership of their farmland, was against the law, they really know how too distract the masses…….

        • “Bill Gates and the Monsanto corporation, have bought up all of the Ukraines farmland,”

          Hopefully, that will end with the collapse of zelensky’s zogukraine.

      • Arrian, correct. Terry, utterly stupid response. Robert, all things must inhere and ‘hang together’ with/in/through Christ. But the Messiah of Israel (the real, not the pretend, one- Rev. 2:9) must NEVER be contrasted with the YHWH God of the O.T.- because they are one and the same God. Different ‘persons’ (ousia/prosopon, etc.) but the same GOD.

        Either God’s Law (which is a perfect reflection of His Nature) is upheld, or we are operational (total depravity) and Actual (Russell Moore, case in point) SATANISTS.

        By the way, RM was dissed plenty, YEARS ago, over at Faith and Heritage. The last entry on Moore, was the following statement (still true, even more so!)

        “In what will go down as one of the biggest shark-jumps in the history of pulpiteering, the cherub-faced Russell Moore recently denounced Nationalism as “Satanism,” even going so far as to identify White nations with the number of the beast, 666! Which places his eschatology and hamartiology entirely outside the historic Church.”

        RM is the MILO of Evan-jelly-goo Xtianity. He destroyed the SBC over his SELBSTHASS of his own Whiteness, and now he’s just another CUCKSOCKER for the FAGGOTS.

        (Can I be any clearer?)

        • Ft.John+ I have no problem at all, with what Uganda did, but it’s their business, not mine, I really do believe it is a distraction, compared to what is really going on, in the big scheme of things…..

      • Arrian, no argument there, their is a multitude of rank and file southern Baptist people all over this land, who think right, act right and try too do right, r Moore and the rest of those Luke warmies, do not reflect the common belief’s and principles of the Baptist faith, therefore too difference us from them,……their is a man, who has a commercial, on the ” Political Cesspool ” podcast on Saturday evening’s, who identifies his church as the ” Confederate Church Of CHRIST “, we should do it, those of us, of the BAPTIST faith, if you want political, Luke warm, wishy washy Baptist church, faith and culture, stick with the “SBC”, if you want the Gospel of “CHRIST”, flavored with old time Southern preaching, teaching and Praying and Singing, Then if I may suggest, the ” CONFEDERATE BAPTIST CHURCH OF AMERICA “……….

  2. I agreed with the brotha until he inevitably invoked white supremacy. LGBTQ, feminism, and sexual revolution already decimated whites, perhaps killed us off for good, so the old favorite black race card no longer holds water. Blacks were right alongside Jews and white liberals for a long time cheering on LGBTQ in America while it had a disparate impact on whites. It piggybacked off of black resentment and victim mongering. They are going to be very uncomfortable in a world without whites.

    Russell Moore, David French, and Ted Cruz are all functionally atheist. They do not believe in anything except appeasing ever leftward marching liberal customs and holding on to their pocket books. The churches are subverted by liberalism like any other institution. One must retreat to the original protestant translations to find God.

    • Atheist has nothing to do with it. Those toads you mentioned are functionally leftists and typical Christians.

      • Dicarlo,

        An astute comment as usual. But are those freaks typical Christians?

        Until recently I would have never believed that such a defense of evil could occur in men who pretend to be Christian. Now I am less sure. There seems to be nothing off the table in the current USA.

        As long as people defend evil and do not pay for it then they will continue to curry favor with their masters. Many Christians do appear to be worms.

        Real Christians can resist by not attending or supporting with their money/votes the Russell Moore’s and Ted Cruz’s of the world. If they continue to support such men or ideas then they are the same as those evil men.

  3. It has long been clear that Ted Cruz has a problem, but unclear exactly what that problem is. Now we can see clearly. He has Lady Lindsay syndrome.

    • Everything is fine.

      I’ve just been working my ass off to pay bills. I have been too exhausted to write anything lately.

      • HW, I understand your exhaustion. After a long day at work, writing becomes burdensome. Although I have missed your astute commentary, I applaud you for having the correct priorities. Thanks for what you do.

    • @Goose—–You Irish humps cut my SNAP benefits. Your days of living high on the hog are coming to an end.

      • Roberta O’Browning,
        I’ll give you a rundown of my ancestry again if you missed it the first time. It’s:-
        54% Scottish.
        25% Welsh.
        13% English and Northwestern Europe.
        5% …….ahem………Irish.
        3% Norwegian.
        As for your SNAP benefits, I’ll just say this:- I’m not familiar with how it works, being a non American, but can I suggest that you:- stay off drugs an booze, frequent the gym, avoid fast food, sodas and sweets. Eat ONLY what you buy at the supermarket. Whilst there, buy fruit, vegetables, lean meats, dairy, cereals, eggs…………and consume in moderation. Drink mainly water and milk. Take responsibility for your health. Muscle up. Look and act like a man. Grow yourself a beard. Learn to fix your truck, your house or the back garden. The women will be all over you!
        Thank us later.

        • I know your kind and truth telling is not one of your strong suits. But lying, making trouble and pissing people off, you are the best.

          Maos army did not have shoes or guns…..and they won …….and you Irish retards want to pick a fight with these people. You are going to get the fight of your life. You should have chosen Christ, Christ killer.

        • You know people are starting to whisper, WTF are the Irish doing? Ask yourself, why did the Irish put a black guy to lead their military? What is coming that the Irish do not want to take the blame for? It is going to be bad,…….. for you and yours.

  4. Of interest:

    Jew Abortionist Dies in Plane Crash

    The wings — literally — fell off for Rochester’s highest-profile abortionist. Not only did he kill babies for money, ironically he ran a fertility clinic as well. Anything for a shekel, I guess.

    This sick Jew abortionist was accused of allegedly jacking off and inseminating dozens of fertility patients with his own Jew DNA. In the day and age of the Internet and 23andme, people were starting to wonder why they had 25-30 unknown relatives that were all half-Jewish… and started asking “Say, did your mother go to Wortman’s clinic?”

    Well, I hope on the ride down he got the exact same sense of terror that thousands of babies got when their mothers entered his clinic:

    • “inseminating dozens of fertility patients with his own Jew DNA”

      Same as Jeffrey Epstein’s goal.

      Jewish doctors have been notorious for ‘inseminating’ female patients for centuries.

    • X,
      Yeah I’m sure he’ll be missed!
      But, being in New York, I’m sure many of the aborted were blacks, Jews and other minority groups. Do any whites even live in the big apple now? Many who have abortions, are not fit to be parents anyway, and the children would likely be brought up the wrong way, and be a burden on society.

      • He said Rochester which is upstate. However seeing that all of the small cities throughout the Great Lakes region are black ghettos I’d wager Rochester is a hood as well.

        • Rochester has plenty of diversity. It’s the gibs that keeps the diversity going day to day. When the gibs fail the diversity will burn the place down.

          Fun facts; Rochester is where Frederick Douglass published his first abolitionist newspaper and where someone pulled down his statue in 2020, no one was caught.

        • Rochester…..that had all those riots in the 60s.
          The reason that Kodak and Xerox are just shadows of their former industrial dominance.

  5. The elite world obsession for LGBTQ is impressive……they’re pushing and promoting this sort of “religion” everywhere.

    • Sure, it’s one more tool to destroy stable cultures so they can be replaced with despotic tyranny.

      Destroy the family, destroy the society.

    • I’d also wager that the elites are basically perverts who don’t want to be judged, that’s why they define deviancy down. The original sin was the acceptance of widespread divorce 60 years back. I really think divorce might need to be banned for the good of society, also illegitimacy needs to become a crime for both parties involved, instead of banning abortion, I’d make it mandatory for unwed mothers. Bearing a bastard child is a crime against society, you are birthing an antisocial element that odds are will grow up to be a criminal. Bastardy is the bastard stepchild of all this divorce. Growing up in the 70s and 80s we had all these “bad” kids in our class, mostly from homes broken apart by divorce. Then in the 90s I started to see widespread illegitimacy. I was shocked in the late 90s when they threw a baby shower for an unwed mother at work. In the 80s they didn’t allow pregnant girls in my high school and now to endorse this shameful conduct?

    • Marcel,

      I am back in Texas for the weekend and the local news was promoting homosexuality which is a liberal perversion. Liberalism and decency are not compatible.

  6. No Hunter, “true Christianity” has NEVER gone along with this sort of thing. These men hate Christ and love the Jewish dictatorship that feathers their beds.

    Incidentally, Protestantism is not true Christianity, they didn’t learn its tenets from the Waldensians or a strict reading of the Bible. They invented it to serve their earthly purposes. When the USA and Britain occupied Italy and took control of Western Europe, giving Eastern Europe to the Soviets, they ensured that the office of the Papacy would be vitiated. Hell, Ike was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. Back when they worshipped Jews and hated the Catholic Church above all things.

    • I was mocking the “True Christians” that I have been arguing with for the past five months.

      • True Christianity is a rejection of Judaism, which believes that the Jews are Yahweh’s Chosen People and that he killed the firstborn sons of their enemies, which they celebrate on their high religious holiday of Passover. On Purim they celebrate that fact that Esther slept with the Persian king and got permission to murder 75,000 enemies of the Jews. They also believe that Yahweh ordered them to murder the infants and children of the Amalekites so that they can have their Promised Land.

  7. For years the LGBT was telling us : ‘we just want marriage rights.’

    Now they are busy trying to construct a national system wherein every child will be told that the centre of their humanity is the weirdest sexual voice they can find within themselves.

    Now the LGBT is telling children, years before they are old enough to drive : YOU MIGHT JUST BE A MISTAKE, and that, if you think it, the best remedy is to take cancer-causing drugs and hack yourself to bits to attempt to be what you can never be – someone else.

    These are incredibly evil and dangerous things – not just to individuals, but, to society, and Man, as a whole – things which, by the way, are a part of an system of NGOs which attempts to pervade a country and which can be used to foment regime changes.

    With any luck what Uganda has done will be a harbinger of what is to come, around the world.

    As to Dr. Russell Moore – he did every possible thing he could think of to wreck The Southern Baptist Convention,, and, not satisfied that he has achieved enough, he is still trying to do more – even though he was correctly fired.

    Come to think of it, he never should have been hired….

    • Ivan the Cossack,

      May I go off topic? I always do that for I am a girl and that is that. Recently I told my family that last year you wrote that I could dance circles around the vast majority of American males.

      My family loved what you wrote me. It is because of you and others like you that I have stayed here. Here is a Cossack song and I hope it plays.

      • Dear Christina,
        Thank you for chiming in with such a kind message.

        Yes, you are a keeper, and, to that end, I am glad I play a part in keeping you here!

        Of course, I enjoyed this video – which, in deed, did play.

        Reminded me of something you might here in Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker Ballet’ – with a martial twist.

        I am glad you have reported to your family how you have become the Latina Princess of one of the most notorious White Nationalist sites, and I am glad they enjoyed my comments.

        Reality beats hell out of fiction, don’t it?

        • Ivan,

          I have heard of the Nutcracker. Educated people world wide have. I will seek out the Nutcracker Ballet and enjoy. The race views on this website never offend my kind unless they are anti-Mexican. Yet the articles never are. The comments? They vary.

          As you know or might guess everything I write is reviewed before I submit it.

          I am not allowed for instance to write what I completely think of certain racial and religious groups in the USA. It is our custom to never say the complete truth unless speaking privately to family.

          I am taught to be subtle, polite, disarming, and charming. That is how a lady is supposed to be. Despite my quick temper i try to be as such.

          • Dear Christina,

            I’m glad your family reviews your comments before the NSA and FBI do, because, being young as you are, those entities will follow you for as long as they exist, and, if things get worse, your Far-Right Mexican Nationalism thoughts and associations might well be held against you.

            You are not alone, for as bold as all of us are here, none of us speaks the absolute truth, as we speak it to our neighbours and family.

            Life is always about reading between the lines, something, coming from the background you do, is something you are quickly becoming adept to do.

            As to The Nutcracker :go to Youtube and listen to the orchestral highlights, or, if you are so inclined, watch the animated movie with those instrumental pieces.

            All the best to you and yours!

        • Dear Ivan,

          Your most recent comment scared me stiff in itself and the way it was phrased. The only times I have written with anger and complete honesty was when I had rants against white nationalists after non-stop sexual or racial insults directed against me. Those have mostly stopped due to the partial censorship on this site which mostly protects me.

          My family always decides in the summer where we will go to school when it begins again in the Fall. I share a bedroom with my older sister. I shared your comment with her. Your comment then went up our chain of command.

          So now it probably means a Mexican school instead of an American school. So I would only sporadically even be in the USA.

          I was always told that Federals would monitor a site like this but I thought it would not affect me since I am not one of you but your comment left me shaky.

          Interesting that in Mexico the only controversial aspect involving me on this website is—-me being on this website to begin with.

  8. I thought Ted Cruz being Latin and from Texas would be Catholic and conservative. Silly me. I could ask why supposedly conservative Texans vote such people into office but then to ask the question is to answer it.

    Texans are not really that conservative and the game is to pit the worst Democrats against the pretend opposition Republicans in order to choose the so called lesser of two evils.

    I would not have fallen for this scheme when I was 10 years old but it still works on adults somehow. For every pagan I meet who is not a christian I will meet 50 Christians who are not christians.

      • English Tom,

        The decay has been steady since classical liberalism arrived in the 18th century and accelerating after WW2. My religion condemned Classical Liberalism as a mortal sin in the 19th Century. Along with condemnations of Communism, International Socialism, Individualism etc.

        A classical liberal of the 19th century is currently considered a right wing extremist. That really highlights how degenerate matters are. The Christian churches have failed their flocks.

    • Never overestimate the intelligence of the American voter. There’s a reason we have nothing but scoundrels running the country.

      • Tikkun,

        Americans have high IQ’s but they lack wisdom and have the backbone of jello. Among my people the worst thing a man can be is a coward. To call a man a coward especially when uttered from a female brings great shame to a man.

        Unless they no longer possess shame.

        • “Americans have high IQ’s ”
          I wish.

          Being spineless has been marketed to Americans as ‘tolerance’, by those master craftsmen of the big LIE.

    • Oh, My Dear Christina – what you have written here is emblematic for what you will be going through for the rest of your life – this namely being the fact that you, a seeker of the truth and a teller of the truth, will be surrounded by a society of people who, describe them as you will, are definitely not that.

      You are a very old soul, and given the fine blood and upbringing your mama and daddy have given you, your understanding of life is always going to cut way deeper than the Average Joe – either Mexican or American.

      Get used to the loneliness that comes with being an aristocratic soul, for that is what you are.

  9. The Dabney quote is so true and profound. And he said that in the late 1800s. I always ask, “What have conservatives ever conserved?”.

    • TW,

      As far as I am aware the only or at least the most glaring American conserved tradition would be firearms and their laws.

      Within the last two or three decades firearm laws in the United States have become more and more lenient reversing a century or more of gun control law trends.

      From the article-Which States Allow the Permitless Carry of Firearms by Katharina Buchholz 06/04/2023 (april 6.2023)

      “Only California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Washington D.C. prohibit the open carry of guns (while requiring a permit for concealed carry), the same category Florida had fit in prior to the change. All 25 states other than Florida that allow permitless concealed carry also don’t require a permit for open carry”. This is according to information by the Giffords Law Center.

      The article itself:

      Inspiration for my article came from one of my uncles and a cousin. One in the Army and another in the Police.

  10. I’m gonna side with Ted Cruz on this one.
    What consenting adults do in private is none of my business.
    That being said, what happens in Africa is none of my business either.
    Really sick of the western meddling, looking forward to its end.

    • That being said, I’m against gay marriage and adoption.
      Marriage and adoption are public things and IMO gay relations are inferior to straight relations.
      They also break with tradition, and tradition has intrinsic value.
      But yea what consenting adults do in private, none of my business.
      That’s how I feel about it, I’m libertarianish.

      • “what consenting adults do in private” has been the operational lie of the faggots to get normal heterosexual people to stand down. It’s been a great success as I see by your comment. Just when are you going to realize that these degenerates are an existential threat to our society? Faggots are clearly demented and are in league with the jew psychopaths.

        It is an unfortunate fact that Whites have had to deal with homosexual degeneracy in some form or another throughout history, although it was often dealt with harshly and without mercy, as can be evidenced by the penalties meted out by certain Germanic tribes for this crime against Natural Law. In this modern era however, the jew has promoted and sponsored the “gay lifestyle” to levels never before seen in the long period of our existence; an action that is extremely harmful to the youngest members of our Race.

        The parasites and traitors in our midst have now begun the process of indoctrinating the boys and girls of our Race, those who shall live on after we pass, into acts of bodily and moral corruption that amount to little more than genetic and spiritual suicide. Children at the ages of ten years and even younger are now coerced with descriptions and images that should never be allowed to pass the ears or eyes of those so innocent and impressionable. It is not OK for these pervert parents to do this in the privacy of their own homes. They need to be dealt with — severely.

        It is self-evident to anyone with even average cognitive ability that Americans have descended into a societal parody that cannot sustain itself. The jews and those they control have brought untold misery upon ourselves and our children, and it will take drastic reforms to correct this terrible slide into chaos.

        In future our liberated Homelands will more than likely have to take serious action against the “Homosexual Movement” in order to restore some semblance of normality and decency among the masses. There can be no argument that the leaders of such an insidious cancer, mainly of the Jewish variety, would have to be arrested and tried for multiple forms of treason, as they have broken the minds of so many innocent victims.

        With the average individual, it can be hoped that many who currently suffer from such mental illness maintain enough grip of their faculties to be open to corrective therapy, as has worked with some success in past instances. With the banning of so-called “pride parades,” which often act as poorly disguised fetish orgies, and other forms of degenerate media, we can possibly hope to turn the nightmare of the present into an example of what is in store for those who allow the manipulation and subversion of their societies by the jew.

    • I agree, Dear Karl, that a man’s home is his castle and that between consenting adults their affairs are not our business.

      That said, gay marriage, adoption, and all the rest of the LGBT issues, including trying to sexualize out children are outside the home, and not private matters between two consenting adults.

      As such, they ought be prohibited and banned, and I have the feeling that you will see the South lead the way on these issues, within the next decade.

      Southerners are not going to live with gay marriage – no how no way.

      Teachers sexualizing children ought result in stiff prison terms and a revocation of their licences.

  11. The modern world of society seems to mainly consist of which sins and which crimes society can legalize and make ‘normal’. Orwell was quite a bit ahead of his time in showing what happens when logic and reason just become political issues of group think. So called important people covering their own asses and doing what they suppose is socially acceptable rather than thinking for themselves and trying to do right. I\m guessing this is how the decadent and perverse upper classes if the west became so incredibly messed up.

    Turning Christianity into some bullshit new age movement instead of a traditional view of the gospels hasn’t helped.

  12. At least the children of Ham in Africa clearly have more common sense, and dignity, than a majority of the Amurrikwan population, thanks to not being lorded over by a cabal of subversive chosenites

  13. I am not a Christian because Christianity actively works to deracinate, demoralize, and deceive white people. Christian white nationalists condemn those who have walked away from the faith that preaches only lies and encourages our genocide.

    As a child and adolescent, I attended a Southern Baptist Church brimming with cucks just as shameless as Moore and French. The pastor cheerfully parroted left-wing ideology and rabid Zionism under the thin veneer of what passes for “conservative” biblical theology. The sizeable church over 2k members was close to 95% white. The effeminate pastor and his beastly wife were both obese. His daughters were as obese as they were repulsive-looking. His adopted daughter became pregnant out of wedlock by and subsequently married a nigger. This couple sat in the front row of the large church sanctuary for the viewing pleasure of all the cucks in attendance. With few exceptions, the men who attended regularly were effeminate and displayed a lack of manliness. Most were out of shape and dressed poorly. They looked tired as if they had grown accustomed to their wives leading them around from one church or shopping mall to the next. The sermons that they “loved” to hear expressed merely recycled humanism delivered in the package of scattered bible verses. An exception to this ideology was slavish Christian Zionism. Jews were spoken of as a master-race chosen by God to save the evil gentiles from the fruits of their perennial ignorance. Our pastor made clear that the Jewish people were defined by their blood and that their blood had a right to occupy all the soil of the holy land. His favorite verse was “God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel.” Our pastor regularly recounted his many trips to Israel, “the Holy Land,” and described the plight of the Jews there with the emotions of a teen girl after seeing her first Holocaust propaganda film. Water from the river Jordan was regularly poured into baptismal pools. This is my lived experience of Christianity. This is what Christianity means to me. Once I became an adult, I no longer had to endure such mental poisoning.

    If I incur the wrath of Christian nationalists, so be it. I would encourage these men to attack cucks like French and Moore and to leave us white nationalist apostates alone. Many believe my apostasy warrants death. If so, then those men value their faith over their race. This is fair enough, but at least, they should not misrepresent their priorities. My words will likely fall on deaf ears, but that is fine.

    • My church, and I assume most others, always had a reading from the OT, and some sermons based around it. The intent is to make us think that these were “our” people, or that they were the “good guys” and we should sympathize with and revere them. Too many Americans worship the jew and are unable to make the connection with this tribe and the amount of damage they have done to White civilization.

      • “The intent is to make us think that these were “our” people”

        You’re echoing Adam Green’s thesis, Christianity being judaism for gentiles.

    • @anon

      Wow, you hit it on every point !
      Those are exact facts concisely expressed. You nailed the SBC.

      ( rsearchers tested men for their testosterone levels of all major professions. Lawyers had the highest levels, preachers the lowest.)

    • The ‘church’ you describe is a perfect example of what happens when Christ is taken out of Christianity. The ‘old ones’ mentioned in Solzhenitzyn’s Gulag Archipelago responded to the question of ‘Why has all of this happened?’ with the simple response: Man have forgotten God is why all of this has happened. The organized church in the west is by now merely another Satanic zombie operated by the Synagogue of Satan. Walk away. Leave them to face the judgement which will fall sooner or later. The so-called ‘church’ you attended is a literal inversion of the real thing.

      • @Exalted Cyclops…

        America, as currently constituted, advocates forced integration, race-mixing, still abortion, in many states, and sexual perversion of every sort.

        America also advocates pornography, the sexualization of children, polygamous lifestyles,, adultery, and equalities of peoples – including citizens and non-citizens.

        America also protagonizes women to act like men and men to act like women.

        Given that Christianity is unequivocably against these things, it can only be thought that America is completely unbiblical.

        Try as I might, I have to wonder what Christian, born in this country, can consider himself ‘an American’.

        I myself, holding typical views of a White Southerner from the 1970s, am basically a involuntary pariah in this society.

        That’s how far we have moved away from our core, and in how much time.

    • Your words do not fall on deaf ears, anon. My experience growing up with Evangelical Christianity is more or less the same as yours. It led me to the conclusion that Nietzsche, Edward Gibbon, and William Pierce were right about Christianity being a Jewish psyop designed first to destroy Rome (which it did, per Marcus Eli Ravage’s admission in 1928) then the whole Gentile Race – which is to say, the Aryan Race.

      I think from 376 AD, when Christianity was made the official religion of Rome, until the 1800s, when the modern era began in earnest, the reason why Christianity was adapted and integrated by our race is because, for centuries, we were healthy enough as a people to ignore the poisonous aspects of Christianity – such as the horrible teachings of Matthew 5 and Galatians 3:28 – and mold that Abrahamic faith in a way that suited us. James Burnham covers this in “The Germanization of Medieval Christianity.”

      How we acted back then with the crusades, the explorations and colonizations, was all our racial spirit at work, manifested through the outward prism of Christianity. It was not Christianity itself that caused us to do that. We integrated it in a way that worked for us and was subordinated to our racial instincts. Contrary to what the Christian apologists within WN argue, the past was, essentially, Fake Christianity, and what we see with the likes of Russell Moore and David French is, through the doctrine of Sola Scriptura, Real Christianity.

      I also think Christianity lasted for as long as it did because it answered the Teleological Question better than any religion or philosophy before or since. It answered the core questions of meaning and purpose. It gave our race a reason for being, which we hitherto lacked and henceforth have failed to answer with any sort of moral or logical persuasion. We’re left with Alt-MSNBC making tweets about the White Race emerging from a cocoon like a butterfly.

      Atheism and #SCIENCE can’t and won’t answer the Teleological Question for the reason Ann Coulter and many other conservatives once said during the Bush years: Because they hate the idea of an all powerful God (a Skydaddy, which even Andrew Anglin mocks) that created them and rules over them. Christianity, at its best, forces us to submit to Reality, which God created, and even in Anglin’s Buddhist interpretation or Pierce’s cosmology, which God manifests as.

      Libtards yearn to become shape shifters who control reality, which is the core of transgenderism. Calling it a “mental illness” does a disservice to what an existential threat it is. A man who thinks he is a woman, or a woman who thinks she is a man, does not wish to submit to reality, which is indicative of a spirit of shape shifting and total deception. It is Luciferian. (See? We’re back to Christian Eschatology again. Even Hitler loved to use the word Satanic to describe the enemies of Germany. Rightfully so, I might add)

      Protestant Christianity discredited itself when Martin Luther invented Sola Scriptura and his followers started treating The Bible like the Pharisees treated The Law. Jews are indeed the Master Race and all that if we take a literal reading of the promise to Abraham in Genesis. All sorts of terrors and Aryan annihilating evils follow from Sola Scriptura. The Christian Faith cannot be salvaged, should not be salvaged, and will not be salvaged as long as a literal interpretation of the Bible reigns supreme within its churches.

      And as for the Teleological Question – what happens when we die? What is the meaning of life? Where are we headed? – I’m confident that future generations of Aryans will find that out, so long as the cancer cells such as Pat from Manhattan are eliminated from the gene pool and not allowed to drag the rest of us down into the agrarian age. The Libtards need to be subordinated and euthanized, the Christard churches need to be shutdown if they don’t comply with Racism, and our ideology must become the ruling, dominate consensus of the whole world.

      The past was created by the Chud, the present exists to serve the Chud, and the future will be ruled by the Chud.

  14. Not falling on deaf ears here. The majority of the many TV preachers and new-age churches are raising money for “holocaust survivors”, “helping ukraine”, rebuilding the jewish temple, or flat-out selling salvation.

    About half of the churches around here fly the homosexual flag.

    • Might as well replace any cross in the sanctuary with a statue of Baphomet while they’re at it. Would the cucks in the pews even notice?

    • Also the gospel of greed.

      Give money and God will pour out the gibs.

      “churches are raising money for “holocaust survivors”, “helping ukraine”,
      Yep, there aren’t any poor or needy WHITES in the US.

      Most of the money goes down a bottomless pit , or worse, financing our ruin.

  15. This is one of the reasons why I have no use for Conservatives and Republicans. They turned on Christian Family Values & Morals long ago. The social conservatives went the way of the Dinosaurs when President George W. Bush went out of office. Now morality in this country is in a downward spiral all because right wing idiots think small limited government is more important than having a country governed on Yahweh’s Laws. Deo Vindice!

  16. favorite verse was “God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel.”

    Tell that to Vespasian, Titus, Trajan and Hadrian. They crushed jwz and destroyed israhell then rose to be Roman Emperors. The first non-nobles to become emperors.

    Count Bernadette did everything to help jwz. His reward, he was machine gunned to death by the jwz.

    • America has consistently “blessed” Israel. America and Americans have given them hundreds of billions of dollars over the last decades, and we have spent trillions fighting wars for their benefit, not for ours. Our boys have been sent to be maimed and to die in the name of Israel. Our government’s entire foreign policy is built around promoting the interests of Israel. We have also allowed jews who live in America to operate unhindered, and to take over all of our institutions.

      Once a religion that condemned the jews as the murderers and rejecters of Christ, Christians have continued a process of being restructured to set Israel and the jews at the center of their beliefs. Any given pastor is more likely to discuss Israel, and the importance of helping the jews, rather than to discuss real world problems Americans face. American Christians accepted the reclassification of Christianity as “Judeo-Christianity.” Af Chriter all. They all believe their Christ was a jew, don’t they?

      Despite all of this Israel blessing, it certainly doesn’t appear that America has been blessed, but in fact, the opposite. Instead, it appears that America is run by Satan, and that America has been completely abandoned by God.

      The implication of the massive dip in the quality of American life and the American experience is that no God blesses nations that bless Israel. In fact, the assumption would have to be that God dooms nations that bless Israel.

      Of course, at the same time that we blessed Israel, due to jewish promotion through the jewsmedia, we also endorsed unnatural acts of immorality, lunatic freaks, homosexualism, feminism/abortion, mass immigration and race-mixing, and someone could argue that this is why Whites are doomed. Maybe If we were not a “nation that blesses Israel,” we wouldn’t have had a problem with someone pointing out the fact that every single one of these destructive agendas was being promoted by the jews.

  17. The only positive attribute the SBC has are the WHITE bodies in the pews. Take that away and everything else is toxic.

  18. A pride parade in downtown Tehran would be impressive or even Uganda.
    Kony has left the building and the girls never came back home.

  19. Speaking of Uganda, Ann Barnhardt gives a very interesting account of the place’s history vis-a-vis sodomy and why all of the folks like Teddy Cruz, Russell Moore and David French and (((those who pull their strings))) are all so adamant that Ugandans not be allowed to outlaw the practice.

    It seems they want Uganda to come under the rule of an updated King Mwanga, which would be more in line with Clown-World’s agenda.

  20. Can others who know, not just speculate – is terrible White, not J Neo Conservative David French a open, or closet homosexual?

    He certainly looks like one.

  21. Ted Cruz’s tweet is probably sincere, because it is not explainable on strategic grounds. However, I really must take issue with highlighting Jenna Ellis’ dishonest reply.

    There is no need to use poor arguments when good ones will do. Ellis recast the issue by pretending Cruz’s specific point was about crimes involving children, when Cruz did no such thing.

    Ellis tries to make herself look more heroic and important than she is by boxing Ted Cruz’s Goliath shadow rather than engaging the man’s actual arguments. I find her straw-manning to be pathetic. Someone who knows better (she’s a lawyer) but instead writes clickbait for a living.

    For those women whose looks provide them an audience, it would behoove them to make the best of their limited time, because of how rapidly they age out of their career options.

    Ellis’ Twitter is Pro-Jew and cringe. I don’t find women like her (ex: Kayleigh McEnany) to be helpful in this kind of discourse, which is sadly unsurprising.

  22. Even among some White dissidents, there is a general acceptance of homosexuality as if it’s not really a societal problem and is merely the influence of Christian fundamentalists who want to conform the rest of us to their standards. Homosexuality, including the entire LGBTQ movement, is everyone’s problem.

    For one racial dissident’s response to this, see my article: “My Journey to the Homosexual Question’ on The Unz Review (website) January 12th, 2023. It covers having worked in the Hollywood movie industry and the things I observed as a young man, including the perverse sexual practices homosexuals engage in, and why they are destructive to White racial identity no matter how benign they may claim to be.

    • The story out of Hollywood, only whispered of course is that their big scandal, which they are successfully still covering up is paedophilia. The “Me Too” scandals served to distract attention from this big scandal. The “Me Too” scandals made it seem that the problem with Hollywood is taking advantage of women, not their unholy interest in children.

      The paedophilia problem extends to the entire ruling class of course, Epstein being a prime example with his underage girls. If this problem were properly exposed the regime would fall. There are still enough decent people in this country who will not accept paedophilia, it is the last taboo left, apparently.

  23. We need a law like that over here.
    Amazing, someone in Africa got one thing right.
    Happy Pride month dweebs!

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