Vladimir Putin Responds To Prigozhin’s “Stab In The Back”

This doesn’t look good!


  1. “”..This doesn’t look good!..””

    This looks good. Desperate Jews burning their 5th column down.

    People, Law Enforcement, Army…everybody supporting Putin at the moment. So coup is already failed. There will be no next 1917.

    Jews shall never burn down agency in the foreign country. Traitors may be needed in the future. This desperate attack demonstrates that Jews think that if they lose now, Russia will be gone forever so no need to save their people for future anymore.

    Similar to Ukro Army. Even the lost Army is still Army. Army might be crushed but then there will be tens of thousands war experienced civilians around so anybody can form new Army or start guerilla war or just keep hostile activity going.

    For Jews it would be beneficial to save Ukro soldiers to keep pressure on the Russian Western border after the war. Pure fact that they sending ukros to pointless death demonstrates that Jews think that if war is lost, everything is lost so no point to keep their loyalist alive for future battles.

    If Jews think that this is the final battle and no need to save resources then Jewry is in serious trouble and this is excellent news for us.

  2. I wonder how much of that 6 bil “accountting error” at the pentagram went to flipping Wagner? Also, I’m not a military strategist or anything, but isn’t hiring mercenaries to be the main vanguard in your offensive an extremely foolish thing to do when your opponents have more money to piss?

  3. I don’t doubt for a minute the CIA and the American State Department is involved in this. It is only bringing us closer to nuclear war. However, the Nazi angle is getting old. Putin thinks Nazis are behind Ukraine’s government despite the fact the leader of Ukraine is Jewish. And then we have the depiction of Putin being a Nazi, the new Hitler, on the way to world conquest.

    • If those Uke boys were real “Nazis”, they would ride to Kiev and arrest the corrupt jew actor Western puppet.

    • Heartland, As I’ve posted time and again, to the RUS, ‘Nazi’ is ANYONE from the West, who challenges Russian sovereignty. But, be that as it may, Here is my post, FWIW.

      Don’t use the J-Media’s terms, they PURPOSEFULLY do that to cover up THEIR crimes. You can’t be a ‘nazi’ AND a ‘communist’. You are either one (a nationalist) or the other (an INTERNATIONALIST). Moreover, the ONLY people who are commies admitted who they were, almost 100 years ago. Here are some quotes:

      “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
      Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

      “The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution”
      The Maccabean (New York), Nov. 1905, p, 250

      “Jewry is the mother of Marxism.”
      Le Droit de Vivre, May 12, 1936

      “Judaism is Marxism, communism”
      Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 64

      “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism.”
      Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 143

      “We Jews cannot be called upon to denounce Communism.”
      The American Hebrew (New York), February 3, 1939, p. 11



    Western Intelligence services have been very successful at infiltrating and overthrowing Russia in the past. Most notably they shipped in dissident Vladimir Lenin in 1917, and in 1989, they managed to bribe many leaders of the erstwhile Soviet Union into accepting and supporting the dismembering of the Soviet Union.

    Both overthrows led to horrific times for Russian people, the latter attempts most notable for co-opting Russian Oligarchs to pirate out Russian resources on the cheap to The West, the result being that the Russian economy broke down to the extent that old women were commonly seen selling drugs and their bodies, public transportation not working, soldiers often unpaid for long periods of time.

    That was the 1990s for Russia – the legacy of the last Western Coup


    In 2000 Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia, ironically he was both Yeltsin’s (Western Puppet) and President Clinton’s choice to lead the broken Russia, and they fixed the election for him – a choice the Western Handlers would soon come to rue.

    Soon disatisfied with Putin, Western Intelligence Services then supported the very same Russian Oligarchs, who had ravaged their own country in the 1990s, to get the same Russian Oligarchs in the early 2000s (when Putin was trying to reassert Russian sovereignty. and return his nation to functional normality again)


    Though they came close numerous times to assassinating Putin, they did not succeed – Putin eventually driving all treasonous oligarchs (most were Russian Jews, some Russian Gentiles) into jail or out of the country, where, to this day, some remain in the US and Britain, spouting disinformational interviews for the media that controls Western Minds.

    Roman Abramovich is most illustrious of this exiled group – he the one most notable for having pirated out Russia’s oil, on the cheap, to The West.

    The most famous of these treacherous Russian Oligarchs was Boris Berezhovsky, his wild machinations for maintaining his kind of massive corporate power in Russia portrayed in the now famous Russian film, ‘The Oligarchs’

    Eventually, Boris Berezovsky fled Russia to Britain, where he died under suspicious circumstances in his own bathroom, years later, something many consider a just punishment for his treasonous acts.


    As to whether this coup would succeed, it is an extreme longshot


    Because Russians are, as a whole, largely behind Putin, reasonably contented with the direction of the country.

    Putin hold the hearts of many who serve in their military.

    Many polls reveal that These people are the 80%, those unhappy with Putin, especially the war, the 20%

    Those who support Putin have gone from the 55% percentile of before the war to now the 80% percentile.


    #1. That those who control The West remain committed to destroying Russia, and, to do that, they must get rid of Czar Vlad, and persecute The Russian Orthodox Church.

    #2. That The West now knows it cannot win by dint of financial, military means, or by the international pressure which has gone so much against them in this effort to reconquer Russia via proxy and subterfuge.


    None of this will make any difference whatsoever in the longrun.

    Russia, under Czar Vlad, will perservere in The Ukraine, and make out of that whatever they want.

    In the short term, Western Leaders will use this for eternal talking points to imply that Russia is hopelessly disunited and weak.


    Russia, at this time in history, is much strong than The West, and, if it so wanted, could drive to Paris and stay there for a very long long time – longer than the Germans who so loved ‘their Paris in the early 1940s.

    Russia, however, under Putin, is not interested in the kind of expansionism it pursued under the Judeo-Bolshevist Soviet Union.

    Vladimir Putin has many times said that all that was regrettable.

    No, the olde/new Russia simply wants to be left alone and live in security and peace, yet, given how The Jew England Yankee World Order of The West is, that is quite an ambition, indeed.

    That said, only God, himself, could beat the Russians in The Ukraine, in 2023, and, evaluating both sides as they are, it is quite clear why he has not intervened on the side of The West, as he did for Russia, when he, on October 11, 1941, brought a Winter down on the heads of the European Invader, the likes and severity of which had not been seen for a century before.

    This time God is on the sideline, and, I have a hunch he is punching tickets for Czar Vlad and Russia again, if, albeit, more quietly than he did in ’41, because the reality is that they do not need much help.

    • >Russians
      >largely behind Putin
      >reasonably contented

      This explains why Prigozhin was able to capture Rostov (the Ukraine invasion’s supply hub), and Russia’s tactical nukes stored at Voronezh, and was able to march to the suburbs of Moscow with no resistance. Wagner’s journey from Rostov to Moscow was like marching from New Orleans to Richmond without getting taken out by combat-ready units or even an air strike or missile strike. Again, zero resistance. Sounds like everyone has Putin’s back.

      I suppose it also explains why the entirety of Russia’s elite crapped their pants and fled Moscow.

      And I suppose it also explains why over a million capable young men previously exited the country to avoid mobilization — they just want to lay down their lives for Putin so much.

      Suicide, divorce, abortion, alcoholism, and drug abuse are rampant in Russia because they’re all so happy and trad living in a wretched winner-take-all mystery-meat mafia state.

      Look conservatards — no one in Russia enthusiastically supports the current regime except government workers and old babushkas who watch Boomervision. Russians are meek, cowardly, obedient, and conformist. They just scratch their behinds in events like this until it is clear whose truth prevails. Russian despotism has always been and always will be a corollary of Russian apathy and the wretched Orthodox idea that suffering indicates virtue. They are not a race to be envied.

      To be fair, I’d be apathetic too if I lived in a place that was basically Mordor. Burgerland will get there soon. We’ll have to make do with cynicism in the meantime.

      (Eid Prayer in Moscow)

      • To put ANY sort of pseudo-PISSLAM ‘prayer’ in your post, shows you are an SOB, and God will judge you. ANATHEMA. Modern Russians are soft, because they imbibed the JEW POISON, just like the USA.

      • @Some Dude…

        Thank you for your reply.

        The notion that most Russians are quite unhappy with Putin defies a long list of personal contacts and open sources I have long maintained.

        Also, I cannot see the notion of Prigozhin marching to Rostov, unresisted, as evidence of anything other than nobody knew what the hell was going on. What were people supposed to do – come out and assail The Wagner Group with kitchen spoons and laptops?

        That the oligarchs crapped their pants and fled is not something that would surprise me, if those to whom you are faithfully reported can be seen as representative as the whole group.

        As to Russians being ‘Russians are meek, cowardly, obedient, and conformist’, I would say that, in my acquaintanceship with them, they are no more so these things than Americans, English, Germans, Canadians, or French.

        Most people are not like Artur Schopenhauer, Iggy Pop, or Ayn Rand (nee Rosenbaum)

        In summary, you don’t like Russians, and you see them as spineless for not resisting someone you think they detest.

        In essence your entire remark is a negative poison pen type, which leads me to be suspicious about your motives.

        • The most important thing is that none of Russia’s nukes go missing and end up as a mushroom cloud somewhere. The current rogue administration in Washington would probably enjoy that, sick and evil bastards that they are.

          I’m surprised a commercial airliner hasn’t been shot down by a shoulder launched SAM yet, there is no way the CIA/MI6 knows where they all went. Likewise with other munitions being dumped into Ukraine by the ton.

          • @12AX7…

            Yes, I am surprised, too, that further conflagration has not occurred, especially at the Zaporozhe Nuclear power plant.

            We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed until the inevitable occurs – the Ukraine falls out of the hands of those who stole it from it’s own family.

            Sorry for all the Ukrainians who have been unwittingly hurt by the unwillingness of numerous civilian populations in The West to revolt.

            Good to hear from you!

    • Any god who intervened on behalf of jewish bolheviks in 1941 would have to be pure Evil. Which may well be the case considering what the world looks like today.

          • Oh, no. I don’t know EVERYTHING. But I do know a lot. That’s what a Doctorate, studying four foreign languages, and being a professor does to one. What about you?

      • @Tikkun…

        I know it is hard to swallow anyone helping the Judeo-Bolsheviks, because they were so god-awful. (no pun intended)

        Being a bible-believing Christian, I see that God interacts with us, on both personal and larger levels.

        I agree with the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis; they who have so offended the rest of the Jewish World, since WWII, in suggesting that God rose up Hitler to address collective Jewish sin.

        If you venture to the book of Judges, in what Jews regard as their Tanakh and Christians as their 1st Testament, and you will see such exact events with the exact reasoning.

        Personally, I cannot see any other rational explanation for how such a vicious Winter came down on the heads of The Wehrmacht, on October 11 of 1941.

        The normal Russian Winter, falling around the normal mid to late November would have seen the Wehrmacht on Red Square. by early December.

        As things stood, however, things got so bad with the Germans, by late November, that they had great trouble repulsing attacks by Cossacks on horses.

        Credit to Zhukov and the Mongolians.

        That said, it remains hard to imagine such a thing just a few months before, but, if you have ever been out in the cold, day and night, for weeks on end, you know what that can do to your body and mind.

        That said, I could be wrong – it might have all been arbitrary universal caprice unfolding – maybe.

        Maybe not.

        Always good to hear from you.


      Russia, at this time in history, is much strong than The West, and, if it so wanted, could drive to Paris and stay there for a very long long time”

      What? They can’t even take the Donbas province in the eastern Ukraine? They clearly don’t have much of an air force because what the US would have done is pounded, and pounded the Ukraine’s air defense system until it had total control of the sky after a few weeks and then hit anything that moved. There would be no “resuply lines” ferreting in weapons from the west, The Ukrainian Army would be cut off, enemy cities would be cut off, the Army would be hit over and over with bombs where it hid and forced to surrender. A10 warthogs would patrol the skies on the roads from Lvov to Kiev, no ammunition would move eastward. At least that’s what the military we used to have 20 years ago would do, don’t know the proficiency of it now with all the little girls and queers shoehorned into it by the regime. But it’s clear Russia is poor and doesn’t have the sophisticated Air Force and weaponry in the quantities needed to take on the Ukraine.

      Putin expected them to fold like the Afghan Army did, he underestimated how much those people in the world madly hated each other and had the balls to fight. My sister used to hang out with some Ukrainian born girl who came to the US at the age of one. She basically grew up in the world of the John Hughes Movies, the upper middle class Chicago Suburbs of the 80s. Yet all she cares about to this day is the Ukraine and a hatred of Russia, she was spouting this stuff in the 90s so it is not just some recent fervor over the war. It really ticked me and my mom off, if the Ukraine is so important to her then move back because she lives HERE in the midwest and her life should be focused around that. She’s also into her Orthodox Church yet loved Obama and the Democrats, how could any religious person support a party with a blatantly atheistic agenda? It’s a crap part of the world we were lucky not to live in, too we are allowing North America to fall to crap too.

  5. The western deep state satanist, cut a deal with Prigozhin, he has no chance of winning, If he survives, he won’t be safe in Russia or Europe, but why would he care, if he has been promised a hook up, here in the states, the deep state satanist, would not surprise me a bit, iniating some provocation of the so called American right.

  6. He doesn’t look broken down and tired to me.
    Neither does General Armageddon with the suppressed 5.7 on his lap ordering a stand down.
    Sad trombone for all the Putin haters, always so sad.

  7. And Zarathustra said, “I love Vladimir Putin, the last white man on Earth.”

  8. May you live in very safe interesting Times!

    Stay safe and strong!



    No seriously have fun and relax this summer!

  9. As of now, this former chef has self exiled to Belarus, all the Wagner guys can sign contracts with the military, and they have relenquished the territory they took… so…. I’m back to having zero idea what the hell this was.

    Some serious self inflicted wounds, but at least the civil war seems to have been averted.

    Who knows.

  10. Not a single person in Russki Mir knows what they are doing or even knows what they are trying to do. Performance art posing as grand politics — the Boomeriest coup ever!

    Putin: “Hi. Is now a bad time? No, I don’t need ammo, I need a ride. And Lukashenko, Prigozhin is being very very mean. Oh dear, I don’t know. Give him a potato or something. Spasibo. Hurry!”

    I’d feel sorry for these contemptible goons if they weren’t exterminating Ukraine’s white Christians and replacing them wholesale with churkas from Central Asia. It is a good thing Prigozhin is now out of the picture — he is less educated, more creative, more reactionary, and much more brutal than Putin.

    Prigozhin proved that humiliating Putin is *exactly* the way to make that manlet do what you want. Despite the inane talk of off-ramps from midwit politicians, Putin is basically Marvin the Martian. Get the F-16s over there ASAP.

  11. I’m actually disappointed. I wanted some freaking intrigue to break the monotony of our gay AF democratic process.

    Oh well.

  12. If you have followed Russian politics, you know that Putin’s opposition is more likely to use nuclear weapons than Putin ever would!!! :nuke: That’s what this whole Wagner thing may be about—attempting to force Putin to use tactical nukes. That’s how I’m betting.

  13. Putin certainly is a more eloquent and inspiring speaker than the burned-out light bulb of a president we have.

    • Under halacha law, your mother must be Jewish in order for you to be officially counted as one of the tribe. That doesn’t preclude a halfling like Priggy from siding with the tribe or taking money from CIA, City of London, et al. Putin’s allusion to 1917 was basically a way to state the Jews were behind the present coup. Most Jew oligarchs from Russia are already gone – living in west and funding color-revolutions along with Soros, et al.

      Some basic points:

      Russian army likely did not kill any Wagner – the vid made by Priggy was fake – unless it was a few rogue actors. Most Wagner (rather than Priggy, a caterer who has zero actual military experience) are loyal to Russia and actual military command is via RF MOD, not Priggy. The dispute was over a new law which brings all PMCs completely under command of RF military, effectively making them privately-funded units who take orders only from RF government. Some Wagner did in fact down RF choppers and a plane with advanced EW gear which resulted in at least 12 dead. Not impossible CIA / MI-6 / SAS types embedded in Wagner as this damaged military ability to crush Ukro-Nazi “counteroffensive” under way. Most Wagner laid down arms as massive Akhmat force converged on Rostov.

      It remains to be seen whether this was a massive maskirovka-shitshow by Priggy – who is basically an oligarch pretending to be a Julius Caesar, or (more likely) Priggy has been in the usual suspects’ pocket for some time. Empire of Lies knew about coup attempt in advance and the usual Jewish loudmouths are all suddenly praising Wagner, with Jewkraine regime even raising Wagner flag in places. FSB also found a huge pile of cash in Priggy’s St. Petersburg office – which was raided by them. Possible VP and RF knew Priggy was in Soros’ pocket as well. The road from Rostov to Moscow is 1200 miles. It was blocked by all sorts of trucks, trenches dug across highway etc. Simplicius is generally the best info source on the whole issue.

  14. Yes Prighozin is a Mischling, same as Putin, same as Trump. As a result of Prighozhin’s SMO Putin’s popularity went fron 120% to 180%, yet everywhere the Wagners went they were greeted by the people as heroes.

    Prigozhin has powerful superiors inside the Kremlin, some of them nasty space lizards, such as Kirienko, a full blooded space lizard, whose father was a literal mass murdering Chekist. What part they played in this is unknown.

    Wagner troops are world class , but that 5,000 of them could take Moscow, or even get into Moscow alive is absurd. They were counting on their friends in the Kremlin to make Putin fire Shoigu, and put an end to the disruption.

    That was Prighozin’s only demand, as we all know, fire Shoigu. Keeping in mind Prigozhin is owned by a clique of powerful people inside the Kremlin. He works for them. And they all hate Shoigu.

    • Shoigu appears to be a good administrator of Russia’s MIC. They’ve had no shortages of war materials. Prigozhin’s obsessive whining about the goy is strange as Shoigu has managed resources very well.

  15. The Deep State forgets that during their soft, slow-rolling Russian Collusion coup against the American people, Trump was forced to lay strict sanctions on Russia for the entire four years of his administration.

    Because of their two-front war, Putin had the opportunity to use those sanctions to get other countries to buy and sell to Russia using non-American money, especially to the Chinese Dragon whose clout was the only thing American greed manufactured.

    Once American companies like fast food franchises pulled out, Putin simply nationalized and Russified them.

    Very little has changed for your average Russian who was rather understanding to Trump’s dilemma but they are very much annoyed with American leadership now thanks to the Deep State’s attempt to plant the rainbow flag in Russia as well as all over the West.

    With all the other goofball ideas – the move away from coal and natural gas and the border wall/fence – Russia can afford to wait out NATO which will probably end up breaking up after the American petro dollar goes away.

    In his own way, Putin’s Russia is following the same playbook that was used against invaders since Alexander the Great. Burning the countryside and villages and waiting for the Russian winter to finish off the invaders. But Putin has managed to keep it to Ukraine while keeping the status quo in the Russian mainland itself.

  16. @Clytemnestra You’ve got what happened in Russia in 2022 mostly correct. Although most notoriously of these “nationalisations” of Russian branches of foreign companies happened with an implicit backing of those foreign companies themselves. In fact much of buyers for those assets were Russian oligarchs and big businesses themselves. And again one has to be open to a possibility that those deals had price tag behind them, likely a support for some regime change in Russia in a future.

  17. I also felt an urge to expand and correct the local Ukie apilogist @Some Dude on what’s going in Russia. In short the reason Prigozhin Wagnerites had a rather warm welcome in Rostov – on – Don city was not because people are “slaves” but because considerable portion of mostly ethnic Russian populace, especially in a more frontline and geographically “European” regions of the country are sick of the war at this point.

    But more than just war itself Russians are becoming sick of frankly “neo – Tsarist” and “minoritian” autism of Putin’s inner circle. Many Russians see both Shoygu and Kadyrov as an incompetent diversity hires promoted into upper echelons of power thanks to them being representatives of ethnic minorities (Tuvans and Chechens respectively) obviously at the expense of an actual ethnic Russians with an ability and talent in military matters. Add to it the fact that Shoygu is a kind of commie royalty as well as a former close friend to late Boris Yelstsin and also that Kadyrov was an active participant in islamist Chechen militias in the 90s and it becomes understandble why many Russians privately and even publicly as it was in Rostov – on – Don supported Prigozhin’s boys coming to Moscow to tell Shoygu and Putin that enough is enough.

    Again even if you guys have a suspicion that this was a pro – Western coup attempt and again i’m not saying that this is an unreasonable position to have it just shows you that at least some in Western power structures know and understand the actual issues that haunt Putin right now. Which is the fact that while he is somewhat strongly anti – LGBTQ+ Putin has a Russian ethnic resentment problem that he is either completely autistic about or frankly doesn’t see as something worthy of his political attention. Going forward i think it will hurt Putin’s power over the country and Prigozhin’s coup attempt is a first sign of more things to come.

    • Rostov will halve in population if the Ukrainians establish naval bases at Kerch and at Sevastopol. If the Ukies allow US missile batteries in Kerch the Don river becomes a port without trade.

      Why this largely Russian metropolis would
      actually accept a Jewish Warlord like Prigozhin setting up his capital there is any one’s guess. Enlighten me how an Ukraine Crimea and a USN infested Azov Sea with American muscle stationed on it helps Rostov-on-Don thrive. Ethnic Russians will be much diminished if chased out of the Crimea and Azov sea by NATO.

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