Proud Boys Fight Rose City Nationalists At Portland Pride

Some things never change.

The leader of the Proud Boys, a federal informant, was convicted and sent to federal prison with the leader of the Oath Keepers over 1/6. And yet, these groups are still out there getting into street fights with nationalist groups over the optics of respectability.


  1. So…. i’m not american and it’s difficult to me to understand……. Proud boys who have always fight near other right-wing groups aginst antifa and other far-left groups, now decided to fight against right-wing groups??!!! what a tragicomic show.
    I’m young but i don’t understand our generation…… There was a time when if you belonged to a political party you stayed there for life. Instead today we have potential allies fighting among themselves and stupid people called “former” or more correctly traitors that one day change radically their views and backstabbing their old friends.

    • So called right wing groups have long been infiltrated and influenced by the fed. Look up the FBI’s PatCon for example. PF are the new flavor of cartoonish fake NatSocs for the zoomers, Read PF’s “manifesto”, it’s like reading a faction bio from a video game.

  2. Anarcho-tyranny fed group vs fed group? Just the usual fed/state gayop to associate real nationalists with thuggish attention whoring junkie circus clowns. Alas, this gayop lacks the panache without the Antifa feds jumping in to make it a true junkie royal rumble free for all.

  3. Led by their wrongfully-imprisoned Hispanic, African American leader, Enrique Tarrio, a former informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Proud Boys, whose name reflects their collective pride for their members’ many sexual orientations, stood up for the true conservative principles of anti-fascism and anti-racism by fighting against white nationalism. This brave stand against anti-semitism arose out of Gavin McInnes’s, their founder’s, profound commitment to the security of the Jewish people. McInnes is a proud Christian Zionist who fearlessly advocates for the principles of our Judeo-Christian Western Civilization (TM): individualism, multiracialism, Judaism, Christian Zionism, homosexual rights, interracial marriage, pornographic exhibitionism, and above all, an undying devotion to the State of Israel. To educate the ethically ignorant people who practice Islam, McInnes fearlessly filmed himself both kissing a homosexual Jewish man in front of a gay night club and inserting a black dildo into his rectum on his live stream. Inspired by his penetratingly deep example of personal sacrifice, his followers are willing to fight and eradicate all forms of anti-semitism, most especially the white nationalism of Patriot Front. Given his painfully deep educational programs, McInnes exemplifies the best of the info-warriors who fight each day for the survival of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization: the greatest culture ever.

    Satire can only show so much. McInnes and his ilk including Christian Zionist Patriotards are our enemies. They must be given the same treatment as their fellow anti-fascist comrades if they fail to stop serving the filthly Jews as negro-led golems. These mentally disabled servants will share the same fate as their cunning masters. The men of Patriot Front will gladly execute any such final solutions to these problematic golems.

  4. How did such creatures as Baked Alaska, the Milo guy, “Sammy Davis, Jr.”, The Bison Shaman, and others ever become considered by some to be part of the the dissident right? Or what was known to some of us as the Movement years ago. My black pill is not wearing off.

    • Revolution is by default one big mess with crooks and freaks. Normie does what is norm and will never be revolutionary.

      Only when freaks and crooks moved Overton window and revolution itself became a norm , normies moving in.

      This folk definitely stirred pot and made a lot of politically incorrect things from unmentionable to everyday business.

    • The dissident right was killed by this idea that the be-all and end-all was appealing to the “masses.” The problem is that the masses are very stupid, and that meant dumbing down the message and the messengers.

  5. This is to confusing. I can’t tell who is what! Are the ones they (Proud Boys) call Nazis Antifa?

    • That’s the idea, keep things so confused that sincere true WHITES can’t form strong organizations.

  6. I want to add that “activism” is a job in this country. America, The United States, is the epitome of job program activism. The so called right or opposition play the game as controlled opposition and it’s just a job.

  7. Proud cucks are system bootlickers. If those were feds they would have pulled guns and badges the second they were attacked, at which point every dumbass Proud Boy and 3per would have dropped to their knees to blow them.

    These boomers get the wall too.

  8. So tiring. It really is. Any kind of meaningful movement will just keep getting destroyed and fractured by the deep state. We are NOT in control of this country or the fate of America.

  9. Ever wonder why so much of this kind of stuff goes on in the northwest? There is a huge militay base called Joint Base Lewis–McChord in Tacoma. You cut the military by two thirds, this stupid stuff stops over night.

  10. Fake news. An unnamed source reports that the fight started from an argument over what is better, eliminating Ben Shapiro’s tax burden (what’s his net worth? Twenty million? Fifty million?), or polio.

    Let freedom ring.

  11. Conservatism Inc sucks.
    Surprised there are such things as “Rose City nationalists”. Would’ve thought those Northwestern types didn’t have a nationalist bone in their body.

    • I believe (could be wrong it’s been a while) that the “Rose City Nationalists” are loosely affiliated with the North West Imperative. Apparently there are a few other NatSoc orgs up in the Northwest and the NWF is still around as well. I have no idea how much overlap there is amongst those organizations though.

  12. Sight.

    That was/is pretty lame – like watching the final episodes of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club or a LDS, used to be “Mormon” church General Conference featuring the LDS Prophet/President who’s now ~ 93 years old/young.

    What’s it like to go 93 years without ever kissing a woman that isn’t your wife, never getting in to a fist fight or getting a speeding or even a parking ticket, not drinking a beer, a glass of wine or a hot drink of caffeinated coffee?

    I don’t think either the guards of Heaven or Hell want these boring old White people like Pat Robertson – there’s some other place these most boring old White American people go…


    Hey, Hunter – sounds like you could use a break for this “not going anywhere” American WN “Movement”, Religious Right sh**.

    Would you like some of us to take over running OD for a while?

    What’s the latest on your growing family?


  13. Kinda makes you miss the days when the targets of upstanding Americans were Catholics …

  14. The “Proud Boys” are obviously just another Deep State psyop like the Oathkeepers. Our future demands men not boys.

  15. The White Nationalist community and the Patriot community have nothing at all in common. All they care about is the 1700s, protesting against a $1 tax, and making excuses for a country in decline. They love the Republican Party knowing the Republican Party cares nothing about America. They vote for politicians that say they support the 2nd Amendment but it’s not because those politicians love Guns…they only support Gun Rights because of the GOP’s views on Free Market Capitalism. They don’t embrace the 2nd Amendment and what it actually means. The Patriot community has accomplished nothing. What about us White Nationalists? We fight for the White Race because that’s what matters. We don’t care if it’s right wing, or left wing, or libertarian, or socialist….we do what’s right for the White Race and the country we live in. We look at all White People as our family no matter if they live in the United States or Dixie or Europe or Canada or another White Nation. 14 Words. Deo Vindice!

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