Poll Watch: American Jews Overwhelmingly Prefer Joe Biden Over Donald Trump

After all he has done for them, Our King still gets no love from the Jews.

Times of Israel:

“WASHINGTON (JTA) —Jewish voters would favor Joe Biden over Donald Trump by 50 percentage points in a 2024 US presidential election matchup, according to a survey released on Monday — a stark contrast from polls of the national electorate that predict a close race between the two leading candidates. …

If the two men do face each other in the general election more than a year from now, and the survey results bear out, the Jewish vote will fall roughly along the same lines as it has for decades, with a solid majority of Jews voting for the Democratic candidate. In 2020, surveys showed anywhere between 60% to 77% of Jews voting for Biden over Trump, and a 2016 survey found that 71% of Jews voted for Hillary Clinton. …

The exception in Monday’s poll was its small sampling of Orthodox Jews, who made up 9% of respondents; the vast majority said they supported Trump. Surveys of Orthodox Jews ahead of the 2020 election also found that a majority planned to vote for Trump. …

Israel continued to rank low as one of the top issues concerning Jewish voters: Just 6% named it as a priority, in line with previous surveys. …”

No surprises.

Most Jews are simply irredeemable shitlib atheists in their politics.


  1. Watch that video where smally mchat says we smash things and burn down.
    Enjoy four more years of it and there will be nothing left.

  2. ‘American Jews Overwhelmingly Prefer Joe Biden Over Donald Trump…’

    I reckon I can’t be all that surprised.

    American Jews, Secular, Reformed, and most Conservative types are almost entirely in favour of having their children, and, indeed, everyone elses’ children allowed that, if they think themselves a mistake, at age 8, they ought go have themselves hacked to bits, so that they can be a surgically-enhanced crossdresser.

    Many American Jews even think that it is good that children could initiate this process without their parents even being informed.

    Many of the same types of Americans Jews absolutely detest that anyone have a sense of their own tribe, other than themselves.

    In fact, they are so ridiculous that near half of these American Jews have an unfavourable view of Israel!

    I mean : if you do not think it is a good idea for your own people to have their own piece of land, without having to answer to anyone else, then there is no hope for you.

    Meanwhile, many of those American Jews, who are favourably inclined to Israel, think it a horror that any White Gentile group have a piece of land to themselves, without being routinely overrun by every non-White Tom, Dick, and Harry, in the world

    American Jews are supportive of, in the pornographication of this country, not to mention abortion, and they are not the least bit contrite about that.

    The only groups of American Jews who seem somewhat exempt from a lot of this derangement are the much much smaller Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews.

    Most American Jews only attend synagogue once or twice a year, and only then because one of their kin all but drags them. Most American Jews think the Bible is a collection of symbolic yarns who application to human life long ago expired.

    I could go on, but, suffice it to say – self-identifying American Jews, as a whole, are worse than a dead weight on the rest of us, they are a collective poison, and I say that as someone whose blood would easily qualify himself for Auschwitz or Treblinka..

    Some older Jews agree with me, most famous of all Michael Savage (aka Mikhail Weiner)
    That’s why they pushed him off the radio.

    If the influence of these non-Savage type Jews continues to grow over this country, it is going to find itself in some sort of horror variant akin to the exact kind of hell they produced for Mother Russia in the 1920s and 1930s.

    It’s scary, but, then again, I’ve not only seen Jews in this country go downhill, Blacks and Whites have gone way down since I was a boy.

    A majority of all our groups have become weak, dependent, decadent people who cannot think for ourselves, other than to say that whatever we think, at that moment, is how it ought be – no matter how many how many centuries of learned human experience the doing of that sets aside.

    Americans did not used to be like this.

    If you like your fellow Man, as I do, and you knew this country when it was great, it’s a very very hard thing to watch – like a championship football team falling apart in the Super Bowl – making one unforced error after another.

    Politically, the only answer is secession. Culturally, the only answer Christ.

    Only Christ could fix a mess like this, and only one church is still intact to do it – The Orthodox Church.

    However, the American Orthodox Church might not be up to that, as they, too, are sliding downhill, sad to say.

    On a final note – that American Jews prefer Biden to Trump is yet another sign that they are venomous ingrates, as I have never seen a powerful White Gentile man lean over to do things, just to make them happy.

    If I were head of Dixie, Southern Jews would get a chance to swear an oath of allegiance, and if they violated that they would be given a market price for their real estate and shipped overnight express to Vermont, where they could work on usurping the cows and perverting the skunks, of which there are many in the Green Mountain State.

    • Ivan, I concur. Almost a decade with the Deicides working for them, I saw up close and personal how utterly irredeemable they are. I even had a gay jew colleague from college who even flirted with catholicism, and yet never once renounced his faggotry; and all his co-ethnics loved him, and saw him as a jew through it all. Total pervert, btw. ‘By their fruits, etc.”

      I also agree with the forced repatriation of all Jews (and blacks) out of Dixie, forever. What Sam Francis said, is FUNDAMENTAL: “What we as whites must do is reassert our identity and our solidarity, and we must do so in explicitly racial terms through the articulation of a racial consciousness as whites.”

      As far as the Pseudo-dox. They will allow their own Ethnicity (Russian, Greek, Ay-rab) but NEVER, EVER, EVER will there be an indigenous ANGLO ORTHODOX Church. But there must be. St. John Maximovitch and St. Tikhon Belavin said yes, a hundred years ago. Why can’t they? PHYLETISM, pure and simple.

      • Thank you for the confirmation, Dear Father.

        The situation in this country, is wildly out of control, and, at some point some gestures will have to be made to rectify it.

        I note that rectification has already begun in at least one way – on the market, the recent consumer boycotts against certain companies having gone to lengths few had ever expected.

        As to the situation with the Orthodox Church here : I used to wonder why they were not growing more than they have, until it dawned on me that there is a kind of self-sabotage in them, one aspect to which you have alluded.

        As to Whites Gentiles : there are a number of sane and moral options, other than continuing on as is.

        Some years ago I was drowning in all this human and national failure. Nowadays, however, Christ has helped me keep my head up, this because I have heard over and over again : “this current situation will not stand. I’m not turning over the world that I made to Rothschild, Pfizer, Schwab, and Blackrock.”

        As always – happy to hear from you!

  3. I guess having part Judared gran kiddies hasn’t added to his appeal with the nose. Trump:-
    racial pandering and simping gets you nowhere. Just worry about your voter base, or you’ll lose them too.

  4. The jews Trump is compromised by / indebted to are wealthy pro-Israel jews, many of whom are as liberal as the shitlib atheist jews

  5. On a somewhat related note, I saw an interesting twitter clip yesterday. A group of ultra Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish men were dancing the hora while hoisting the Ukraine flag and trampling the Russian flag.

    • Why am I not surprised? Ukraine has been “Anatevka” for over 100 years. The Shithole of Russia. May God grant total victory to Putin. SLAVA, VLADIMIR, SLAVA!

      Jews are the problem.
      We need a final solution.

  6. Trump and cuckservatives ought to know by now that the more you bend over backwards for your enemies the more they despise and take advantage of you. Meanwhile, the former shit all over their base, aka Whites, and their base comes back for more.

    If these cowardly, traitorous cucks ever give blacks 14 trillion in “reparations” it won’t be enough. Blacks will still have 1000+ unfulfilled demands to scream for.

    Of course, it all makes sense once you realize Trump and cucks are controlled opposition.

    • “give blacks 14 trillion in “reparations” it won’t be enough.”

      As everyone who’s been to Africa has told me, “don’t give anything to blacks, they see it as weakness and will expect ever more to be given”.

      • That idiot Trump was desperate in 2020 to win re-election so he tried to bribe Platinum Americans with his Platinum Plan reparations as his traitorous son-in-law Herr Kushner advised. Trump is pushing this shit again, the guy hasn’t learned a thing. The blacks are never going to vote for him but they will take the money. Can’t fault them for that, the fault is with stupid, corrupt Whites who will go along with reparations hoping they will be fed to the crocodiles last.

  7. Why do the Jews still like Joe Biden over Trump? I’d say it’s because even the Jews have been fooled into believing that Trump will close the borders. Yes even the Jews are believing campaign lies and propaganda. Fact is the Republican Party will never close the borders, never deport illegal immigrants, and never ever had Fair Trade because the Super Rich love all I just said. They love anything that actually hurts the White Race. Trump is no different…he’s a liar. He says he’s for border security but takes campaign money from the very people who made the borders open in the first place and profit off Illegal Immigrants daily. As for the Ukraine….the Republican Party has been against Ukraine in general because they don’t want a fight with Putin. The Democrats have been strong on supporting the Ukraine. So the Jews probably think that if the Republicans are soft on Ukraine that the Republicans will be soft on support for Israel in terms of foreign policy. This is all political ideology driven waves in politics. The Republicans are going through an idiot like libertarian trend that began in 2020 but that useless trend will eventually end because this isn’t the 1700s anymore….aka we need more Government in 2023. In conclusion….it don’t matter who’s in office because the Jews and the Super Rich control them so nothing really changes. Deo Vindice!

    • I thought Trump shot himself on the foot by making that big, beautiful Trump Wall his cornerstone campaign issue. He over-promised. If he had focused on promoting himself as the Jobs President, he would have easily won.

      He would have been better off framing the loss of our industry as a national security issue and stressed the importance of the American governments and corporations to work with the Latin American governments to vet temporary workers to provide manual labor as needed and then go home to their families.

      Remain in Mexico, which was implemented later, worked very well. If Trump had been more of the stable genius he claimed to be, He could have exploited both the Scamdemic and the Child Sex Trafficking industry to build the wall.

  8. Yep, I can tell a farm boy who never met a jew growing up when he gets on the internet and writes his “Israeli Conspiracy Theory” crap thinking Israel is at the front and foremost thought of the average jew on the street in America. I had a bunch of them in my wealthy suburban Chicago high school and they were the biggest secular liberals you’d know. The “democrat agenda” was very familiar to me as the agenda of the mainstream jewish community in the 90s before I ever went on the internet and read any anti semitic critiques. It was an “of course” because even though I sort of understood how “jewish” liberalism, the academic agenda, popular culture, and the democratic agenda were I was still fooled into thinking anti semites were all about their hair and eye color and had no notice of their political and cultural attitudes. There’s a good reason they lie to you in America that they were persecuted solely for their religion, eye color, hair, etc. Because if they told you the persecutions were in response to their politics then the average Joe on the street might take a look as to what exactly their “politics” is?

  9. Though all of the Jewish Diaspora profited handsomely from Holocaust Reparations, the Marxist-Zionist feud respectively divides the Trotskyite Jew faction which was violently purged from the Soviet Union by Stalin, AND the Jews who actually were trapped in Nazi territory with nowhere to flee any backlash created by the Treaty of Versailles.

    Most likely, it is only the Boomers who came of age in the Vietnam era who might remember Russia’s Refusenik Era in the early seventies. The Russians who had taken over the Communisty Party leadership wanted a government that looked more representative of the population. So a policy was implemented that every time a Jew left office, he would be replaced by a Russian. Many Jewish Party members agitated to leave there and then. The Soviets fought their emigration because they had access to too many state secrets.

    The Zionist “Never Again” Jews want to preserve their own ethno-state (but fail to see the need for truly allying with friendly ethno-nationalists from other countries which is why Trump is only the latest Zionist Gentile Ethno-Nationalist to be driven out of office AFTER granting Israel all kinds of concessions and getting nothing accomplished at home thanks to resistance from the Marxist/Trotskyite faction and their White Libtard Fellow Travelers.

    The Marxist (Trotsykite) Jews see Israel as more of a liability because their incessant warring with their neighbors in the Middle East AND their treatment of the Palestinians trashes their whole Anti-Semitic Victims Schtick AND generates even more resentment from countries whose own borders, ethnic identity, and sovereignty don’t matter anymore. Charges of hypocrisy can’t be defended if there is a Jewish ethno-state.

    Lastly, the Marxist (Trotskyite) Jews already control all the levers of power globally and no longer see the need for a formal Jewish etho-state to flee to. They can declare victory and implement their own terms.

    They figure the Israelis will be absorbed globally into the rest of the Jewish Diaspora. Most Israelis – even Bibi Netanyahu himself, already have more than one Non-Israeli passport, because they see the handwriting on the wall. The USA is a major destination spot for them.

    I believe that the United States guarantees sanctuary to any Israeli who wants to move here. We’d most likely have to absorb the entire Israeli population thanks to this agreement. Because … NEVER AGAIN!

    And for all their loud public pandering to Muslims, HIndus, Blacks, and Hispanics, we can be pretty sure that the Marxist/Trotskyites have implemented their own back room policies that would protect Jewish schools and Jewish neighborhoods from being enriched too much by diversity – the more vibrant, the better!

    It is speculated that the whole war in Ukraine is not only to marginalize Russia but purge Ukraine of any Gentiles to relocate all the Israelis there, if necessary. I guess that’s their back door plan to deal with any Mad Max fall out from the BRICS alliances destroying the USA petro-dollar.

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