Breitbart Exclusive: Rising Conservative Influencer Pedro Gonzalez Regularly Espoused Racist and Antisemitic Sentiments In Private

I’m dying laughing at this.

This is the top story on Breitbart.


“Pedro Gonzalez, a rising conservative influencer and politics editor of Chronicles magazine, regularly in 2019 and 2020 sent racist and antisemitic messages, Breitbart News can reveal after reviewing months’ worth of his private messages.

More recently, Gonzalez has become perhaps most well-known as one of the most active and strident pro-Florida Gov. Ron Desantis influencers on Twitter.

“Yeah like not every Jew is problematic, but the sad fact is that most are,” Gonzalez wrote in one group chat in 2019, for instance. …”

BTW, Pedro is right about all of the shitty things Dump did as president, even if I don’t think Desantis is any better on that front. I understand why he supports Desantis.


    • “He’s just a based Mexican, deal with it.”

      Yep, it takes a based Mexican to speak truth.
      Too bad anglos are scared of their own shadow and afraid to say peep.

      • Well, they said they could replace Europeans and “Hey, hey, Ho, Ho, Western culture’s got to go!”

        That China and, later, India would then replace the United States and the European Union as their new cash cows to be milked according to the JPPI (Jewish People Policy Institute) “Alternative Futures” in 2030.

        And…lo and behold! After shifting all the industry to China, they are finding that the Chinese plan is to take their money, but remain firmly in control of the media, entertainment, culture … practically everything. The Chinese aren’t going to cede power and be the junior partners in any JPPI venture over there. One of the benefits gained from watching – in real time – what happened to the West under Jewish control.

        And you can just bet that the Indian leadership is watching the Chinese leadership and taking notes.

        They said they can replace White European labor with a more docile workforce. And … lo and behold! They have imported tons of tribal Mestizos whose only focus is on advancing their own and don’t give a flying flip about what the Jews will want or DO, for that matter. They only roll their eyes and smirk anytime, the kvetching about so-called “Anti-Semitism” starts up.

        And they don’t give a rat’s ass about what David French thinks about things, either.

        The future … which THEY orchestrated … is writ large. Because … thanks to their Anti-White policies, which only the White Left have fully embraced, the ranks of docile Whites and White Outrage Mob enforces is being culled and quickly. Which only leaves red-pilled and black-pilled Whites. Liberal Whites are being replaced with the likes of Nick Fuentes AND Pedro Gonzalez.

        While silly White brainwashed leftists are tearing down statues of the Founding Fathers, in El Paso, there is a cotillion where the Mestizos celebrate George Washington and dress up in colonial garb with the female even wearing the large skirts and the high hair.

        In Brazil, you have Mestizos celebrating the Confederates, with the men dressed in grey and the women dressed up in hoop skirts, celebrating the Ante-Bellum South.

        Oh, the irony.

        Unlike the West, there are no fables about how HUBRIS destroys the most clever, talented, and gifted people in the Torah or the Talmud. So, the issue of “just because we can doesn’t mean we should” or in the case of “regime change” or replacement, the issue of what should be substituted instead never comes up.

        This is how the smartest people with the world’s highest IQs outsmart themselves.

        My suggestion is that we all break out some hot buttered popcorn and some cold ones and enjoy the show.

      • Arrian,

        You understand us well. Our mentality is shaped by the Spanish from the Old World, the Catholic Church, the Moslems from the past, and the Indian mentality.

        As for David French? Outside of this website I have never encountered him before. I do not think he matters in the slightest except to mock.

        • @Clytemnestra @ Cristina…

          Mr. French is a perfect symbol for what has long been going on in this country – few have heard of him, and yet his very mindset has been setting the parameters of their lives, the lives of hundreds of millions, here, and untold many in foreign lands, for decades.

    • Black Knight,

      Pedro would be considered white in Mexico as I am. Pedro looks whiter than me. He is good looking.

  1. We are all entitled, legally, morally, and spiritually to discuss anything and anyone in a critical fashion.

    Jews cannot be an exception to this.

    No one can be.

    If you can’t take criticism, you cannot live this life.

    As to Gonzales : I read his many of his comments at Breitbart, and was not surprised by any of it, because anyone who knows anything, including those with Jewish blood, have no choice but to acknowledge these things about Jews and Jewry.

    When I was a kid the nearby book store was full of comic books making jokes about Poles, Latins, Irish, Negroes, Southerners, Yankees, and yes Jews.

    We need to get back to that.

    We need to laugh at each other, we need to criticize each other.

    We cannot allow Jewry to continually make over everyone else, just so they can feel more comfortable with themselves.

    If they cannot feel comfortable living with themselves in a diverse situation, then they must make the obvious choice and move to Israel, where there is a little Arab population, some Orthodox monks and nuns and the rest Jews..

    • Under the current, Politically Correct dispensation you can’t say anything bad about Jews or say anything good about Whites.

      • @More of The Same…

        Yes, what you say is absolutely correct.

        It’s what I always say about Modern Southern Whites : we’d rather die than say anything unpleasant.

        Our greatest fear is to be disliked.

        Our enemies know this and have exploited it to the hilt.

        Although I love my fellow Man, and wish others well, I make a point of speaking ‘unpleasant truths’ around my fellow Southerners.

        It’s a kind of Confederate Johnny Appleseed, and, though I have paid a price for it, I also have seen more than a few of my seeds sprouts.

      • @Black Label…

        Yes, Collective Jewish insecurity, particularly in this country, is legendary, which is peculiar, because if you know your share of Jews, personally, you will find them cocksure to a fault.

        Professor MacDonald has covered this Jewish duality very well.

        Reminds me of a former girlfriend I had who, though she was great in many respects, always tried to rearrange me and my opinions, because she was so terribly insecure.

        In the end we had to separate, because I had to be who I am – not who she would have me be.

        Many many relationship stories run like this, sad to say.

        In the end, if Jews want to live mixed in with others, they will have to learn how to be less arrogant/insecure.

        Otherwise, they are going to be by themselves…

    • “Jews cannot be an exception to this.”

      You’re just a naive goy.

      ” Jwz are an exception to everything, goy and don’t you forget it!”

    • Hahaha ,remember Blanche Knotts ‘truly tasteless jokes’?
      Classic stuff!
      The chapters were usually titled- “Jews, poles , blacks , mexicans , WASPs etc
      Very funny
      I remember in 1985 maybe being like seven years old and buying those books for like 2$ each
      Every year a new , updated version of the book would come out and I collected them
      I gave them to my daughter like 15 years or so ago

      One of the funniest jokes I remember was -why don’t blacks have kids with Mexicans?
      Because they don’t want their kids to be too lazy to grow up and steal!

    • Ivan,

      In the spirit of the situation I offer you the Mexican Hat Dance. Perhaps it will play.

      • Thank you, Dear Christina.

        The local Mexican restaurants, in my town, and, indeed, all over Eastern North Carolina play Mariachi music, mixed in with other sorts of contemporary/traditional Mexican music.

        I always appreciate that it projects the classic devil-may-care joviality of the Mexican Good-Ole-Boy.

        Really, this music strikes me as German Oktober Fest musik, only laundered through the Latin soul.

  2. When will we learn that Conservatism Inc. is not our friend? This election cycle, the primary objective of the Republicans, who are backed by cretins like Stephen A. Schwarzman and Steve Feinberg, is letting corporate landlords buy up every single-family home in the country (they quickly buy properties on the market with cash no-questions-asked, which freezes everyone else out), and then drive rents sky high while turning entire neighborhoods into overpriced slums. Inspiring stuff. Conservatism as an operation is bought by billionaires and staffed by opportunistic men with the souls of lackeys.

    While Pedro isn’t my cup of tea, why would you do the ADL and the SPLC’s job for free? Well, we know what’s going on here. I hope he doesn’t cuck.

    On another note, neither Gonzalez nor the article’s author has taken the time to read Spengler. Spengler wasn’t saying that Christianity either emasculates or has been emasculated. Instead, he sees atheism in any civilization as a megalopolitan and inevitable form of its earlier religious culture. He’s critiquing modernism by contextualizing it as a creatively sterile end of things — a rehashing of existing materials — and not as a beginning of new things as progressives believe. He views Western Christianity as civilizationally distinct from what once flourished in the East. His main idea is that civilizations are born (ours was born loosely around 750-1000 AD), have a long creative phase, and then die in a shorter sterile phase where the urban population quickly booms by impoverishing the provinces and then disappears just as fast because it no longer feels itself as a creative destiny. Such civilizational death cannot be avoided or delayed. So Spengler’s a blackpiller who thinks the best we can do with our lives is to become competent professionals and knowingly accept Caesarism and decline for what it is. His philosophy of history does not have a racial or materialist element; he’s some sort of temporal idealist if that’s the right phrase, like Heidegger.

    tl;dr saying “Spengler was a Nazi, therefore Gonzalez is a Nazi” is braindead on multiple levels

  3. Who cares what people do in their own private time.
    Hillary has endorsed Rhonda Santis. (honk!)
    Please clap and enjoy some taco bowls of love.

  4. I always liked Pedro Gonzalez’s pro-White stance and wondered why we can’t get our own Whites to do that.He writes very good articles and I’m glad to see he is aware of the Satanic Jewish evil which runs the West.How many know but don’t feel strong enough to voice it,or perhaps with total Jew control of media they have nowhere to voice it.

  5. When did Breitbart turn into the SPLC? Not long ago that BB would have treated this very same subject matter semi-laudatorily.

    And pray, why is someone who is at least somewhat JQ-aware peddling Ron “Sign an Anti Free Speech Bill in Israel” DeSantis?

    • Breitbart was founded in Israel. It’s been them a along, same ole, since even before they were pushing that faggot constantly, under Semitic Steve.

    • How come nobody ever calls the Jews anti-Christ, and you know they are, to the bone. Why must everything be destroyed to be remade new??? Because the Jews demand a world wothout Christ and a world without Christ is a world without you and me, Pedro.

    • As someone who prefers to see DeSantis win the primary over Trump, I can answer that:

      It’s a matter of aesthetics and taste. And beyond that, it’s a question of “What does it mean to be White?”

      From a WN perspective, both Trump and DeSantis are Jew lovers. DeSantis signed that anti-semitism bill and has the public support of multiple Jewish conservatives and investors. Trump wasn’t as popular among conservative Jews because his populist rhetoric in the 2016 election season reminded them too much of Hitler and the Kay Kay Kay, but they ended up supporting him when he became, in his own words, the most Pro-Israel President in U.S. history.

      So, its a wash between Trump, DeSantis, and any other Republican candidate if the JQ is the prism. I always love to dunk on my conservative friends and family members whenever they try to tell me that its a “miracle” that the “Jews came together” in 1948 after two thousand years of earth wandering, but, my IRL practical side basically ignores the JQ and votes for whichever Republican I personally like the most. Which in the 2024 election, is Ron DeSantis.

      DeSantis strikes a raw nerve with every progressive I know: My brother, a former highschool classmate, Pat from Manhattan, and Richard Spencer. They hate him at a visceral, personal level. It’s not just the policies or the “Here We Go Again” scam artistry. Its DeSantis personality. Or as Spencer says, a lackthereof.

      I don’t know much about DeSantis personally, and I don’t know what to make of his personality other than he’s a skilled politician. But, insofar as DeSantis represents the triumph of so called “anti social” personalities – which is to say, the “Leave Me Alone!” personality – over the Normie personality – which is to say, the “be more social and herd like” personality – then a DeSantis victory in the primary and in the general election over Joe Biden might yet represent a complete and total vindication of the individualist, libertarian spirit over the collectivist, leveling spirit, which, as far as I’m concerned, is what “saving the White Race” is all about.

      Viewed through this prism, DeSantis could represent the final conclusion of Whiteness and the ultimate triumph of Whiteness. Whether Jews get something out of that for themselves is of no concern to me as long as the Chud becomes the archetype for humanity and the Normie becomes so hated by everyone that he is buried underground for generations to come.

      Any white man or woman who is more concerned about some street shitter on a subway train eating his food with his bare hands over another negro or mestizo who pushed an old White lady into a subway train is Never Going To Make It. If Whites don’t care about IQ differences explaining the entirety of racial achievement gaps between Whites and nonwhites, and crime stats being almost entirely determined by biological difference in impulse control between Whites and the darker races, then they don’t get what matters in life. Their values and concerns are mute and invalid. Especially their support for Democracy. Whites who support “Our Democracy” also support taking their children to another drag queen performance and openly forgive their black and brown killlers of their White daughters, like Molly Tibbits Dad.

      DeSantis wont stop any of this, but he will represent a rebuke of the kind of Whiteness that progressives stand for, as represented by Pat and Richard Spencer. That’s enough for me.

  6. I have much to do before heading back south but I just could not resist reading this article and commenting on it.

    The comment by Jean-Francois Gariepy was true and amusing. I have never personally known any Mexican who would be upset at Pedro for this. The idea of being upset over comments against people who hate my religion and are always scheming is beyond my understanding..

    At the same time I have been taught to be way more subtle than Pedro. Pedro is a public figure and he is dealing with white people many of whom are programmed to be indifferent to their own but to mindlessly protect others. He has to act accordingly.

    Unfortunately I leave by noon so any unanswered response is not a snub but an unfortunate time schedule.

  7. Yeah I saw this. I’ve been lurking in the comment section saying basically everything in this comment section haha.

  8. Who cares what an INFLUENCER says or thinks in private. The only INFLUENCE they have is what they’re willing to stand behind PUBLICLY.

    Most, if not all people in the punditry class know that jews have disproportionate power. Some think it’s good, some think it’s bad, others are apathetic to it but they pretty much all know.

    Pedro would attack anyone publicly calling out jewish power as “wignats” “spergs” or “feds.”

    Him running away from his private statements know that they’ve become public also helps trains his audience that speaking on jewish power is “no-no.”

    He’s validating the perspective that speaking of jewish power is nothing more than political pornography. Something you shamefully engage in privately but never speak of publicly. By engaging in it privately he also embraced a cruder more resentful, vulgar questioning of jewish power. Making it more pornographic. Why is it so hard to engage in nonhateful conversation of jewish power? If you don’t internally think it’s wrong why not just address it in a matter of fact fashion, rather than bottling it up and then venting out with hateful memes and crude antisemitism?

    I liked his segment on tucker where he basically outlined white genocide and spoke of replacement theory in racial terms rather than political votes for democrats which tucker would always frame it in.

    I honestly would’ve respected him more if he was agnostic on jewish power and never made these statements.

    I’m sure you could find scores of people who behind the scenes whisper similar things, who cares if they won’t say it publicly and worse if they’ll attack people who do?

    Only silver lining is that you could say many more people know the truth but are waiting for permission to speak about it. But they’ll never get permission and those in the punditry class are those who gave permission for people to speak on subjects.

    Many shitlibs know the truth about blacks and demonstrate it via their “revealed preferences” of moving as far away from “diversity” as possible, no one (especially on this site) would call them base or give them credit for secretly being “our guy.” Nor should they.

    I care not what someone secretly knows but what they’re willing to advocate publicly.

    Pedro could’ve easily of apologized for some of the crudeness of his memes but say issues of double standards surrounding jewish power are issues that need to be talked about.

    Instead he threw himself and everyone who talks about jewish power under the bus.

    It is ironic he called whites cucks for not speaking out about jewish power when he would attack any white who would and immediately cucked as soon as his thoughts on the matter came to light.

    Chances are he’ll get worse on the few subjects he was decent on, mostly calling out antiwhiteness. He’ll now face extra scrutiny for speaking on racial issues. He would partially redeem himself if he doubled down on calling out antiwhiteness but I’ll bet he’ll only pull those talking points out very scarcely and/or do the conservative thing of blaming white people for antiwhiteness… everything is whiteys fault, even antiwhiteness.

    *yes I get the arguments for how white people contributed to antiwhiteness and certainly many elite whites do promote it but when you blame white people overall for it, or white college kids you’re way off the mark. The average whites responsibility isn’t nothing but is a small factor overall to the institutional antiwhiteness.

  9. He already bitched out. Jews are no doubt celebrating their latest scalp.

    They are currently building their “brown/black face of white suppereemaciss” narrative. They’ll slot this dumbass into that and keep rolling.

    Never bitch out if you’re going to do this stuff. Think of yourself as somebody charging a machine gun nest in minecraft roblox Call of Duty. If you take incoming (metaphorical) fire in the neck on your way there, just (metaphorically) throw your (metaphorical) grenade belt at the nest,scream “Fuck you” and then die knowing you did your squad proud.

    If you’re not going to do that,then inject estrogen and get some fake tits and the jews will leave you alone…for now. You’ve got about 5 years or less before white trannies are oppressors too.

  10. Clytemnestra,

    I always enjoy reading your articles. And yes my first duty is to my own. American mental and moral problems are just to be ignored or exploited. We follow a simple mentality —our own people come first, second and always.

    Of all the American Founding Fathers I like George Washington the best and Thomas Jefferson second. George is like someone who could have been a Roman general under the Republic. He is ageless in his appeal.

  11. Ivanavich,

    You have written the truth. A person should condemn Jews and everyone else when they do wrong and praise them when they do good. This is truth and justice.

    For every instance that I have condemned Jews I must have condemned Catholics a dozen times or more. As for jokes? Anti-Mexican jokes rendered without hatred and if they are good I have no problem with.

      • Ivan,

        Thank you. I could not tell a good joke to save my life. Actually no girl I know can tell a good joke. Guys seem to be so much better at joke telling.

        To tell a good joke means a good delivery and that seems difficult.

        • Well, Dear Christina – we are different, men and women.

          Women are very good at chatting, something more than a few men struggle with.

          Women are also good at loving, acceptance and patience,the most important things.

          Also, you are a serious kind of soul, which means shuckin’ and jivin’ ain’t gonna be your thang!

          That said, you may, with age, develop a gothic style of humour like my Alabama wife has.

          Oh, the things she says – could make a lot of folks blush!

  12. Ivan,

    That is nice. I leave shortly and will be gone for awhile. I wish your family and yourself the best. So until later.

    • Thank you, Dear Christina – if your trip is not already over, let me wish you a good one!

      • Ivan,

        Actually I have already been gone and am back temporarily. I come and go because I help father with business. I will be an Accountant ultimately. My brothers are military officers. My sweet older sister is a ninny. I write that with kindness since she is very nice. I showed her my comment and she laughed and said I was a scorpion.

        As you can see I am all my family has for the business except maybe some of the younger ones. My poor father. Of course with cousins/aunts/uncles etc. there is a support system. There are many advantages in many relatives and a large family.

        So until Sunday I am in and out again.

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