Supreme Court Kills Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is officially dead.

New York Times:

“The current Supreme Court has been out of step with public opinion in some of its highest-profile rulings, including on abortion and environmental protection. Yesterday’s ruling restricting race-based affirmative action at colleges and universities was different.

In a 6-3 decision, the court’s six conservative justices declared that colleges’ use of race as a factor in student admissions is unconstitutional. They cited the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits discrimination based on race. …”

My thoughts:

1. Everyone knew this was coming. It was one of my 2023 predictions.

2. Universities have long been planning to respond to the official death of affirmative action by junking standards and turning to more subjective means like personal essays to discriminate against Whites.

3. The pessimistic case: conservatives adhere to the letter of the law, which is now officially the delusion of a colorblind meritocracy, while leftists who control institutions double down and intensify anti-White discrimination. Affirmative action is already officially banned in states like Washington and California. The letter of the law hasn’t stopped the dispossessed of Whites. The elites are more ideologically anti-White than ever under Joe Biden.

4. The optimistic case: the Supreme Court decision fatally undermines the doctrine of “disparate impact,” which is the next domino to fall, and is successfully wielded against the DEI regime more broadly in court.

5. The official death of affirmative action now joins the demise of Roe v. Wade as part of Donald Trump’s legacy.

6. Enjoy the memes and the meltdowns.

The most likely result of this opinion is a mix of both scenarios. The practical impact of the decision accelerates anti-White discrimination even as it becomes more legally questionable. Hopefully, the growing disconnect between the law and the system will end up radicalizing more people.


  1. Here’s my prediction. Colleges will continue to practice AA, but just under names like “diversity”, “equity”, etc. I expect nothing to change. Even most Deep South colleges have a woke administration. The University of Alabama sure as hell does.

    • Yep, they’ll find evasive workarounds.
      Although such evasions could put them into a legal snare. The lawyers always win.

      • @TW & Arrian…

        Absolutely, Southern Academic Leftists will continue to grossly misbehave until either their licenses are revoked or they are sent to exile in a new Blue State Socialist Republic

        These people have absolutely no respect for anything but their own profoundly anti-Western views, and, as such, they only give you two choices – submit to them or drive them out.

        In the short term I know we will choose choice #1, but, in the longterm, I am quite sure we will opt for Choice #2.

        Very sad, indeed, to have a gun pointed at your head by your own kind.

  2. Here in California the scumbags get around the ban with income schemes. I don’t know the exact metrics on how they do this (I’m guessing they have income assertions based on race) but for one example if an of color and I were applying for a low income apartment and we both had the exact same earnings, even if I applied first, I would be denied and told I make too much money and the place would be given to the of color. The Supreme Court decision doesn’t matter when these POS undermine or disregard the law when it suits them.

    • As I always assert, only the natural forces of societal failure will correct this idiocy ie. Haiti and Venezuela.

      The mass of people are too stupid to maintain strict racial hygiene, they have no foresight, care or historical understanding.

  3. The popular opinion in my circles is that Those That Be are trying to offer “wins” for white males to curb their growing animosity for Them. They realize which kinds of people are better, from military operations to the construction of submarines, and with foreign powers who condemn Them growing stronger every day, They need more than the underclass.

  4. A young man had just completed his graduation from Harvard University and as you might expect he was incredibly excited.

    He was just thinking about his future and all the opportunities that lay ahead of him as we walked along the road and hailed a passing cab which slowed down and pulled over for him.

    He got into the taxi and the taxi driver asked him, “How are you sir on this lovely day?”

    Ther new graduate replied excitedly, “I’m in the Class of 2021 and I just graduated from Harvard University. I just can’t wait to go out there and see what the world has in store for me”.

    The driver looked back to shake the young man’s hand and said, “Congratulations, I wish you all the best. I’m Mitch from the Class of 1949”.

  5. “No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system”

    Truer words !

    (Her words show that libtards implicitly know nggrs are inferior, even if it’s only at a subconscious level.)

  6. Over 60 years of these kosher laws that have been destroying America.

    To those who dis on Trump, what would the court have ruled with Garland as a justice ?

    • Arrian,

      Would not any Republican have nominated to the Supreme Court conservative justices that would have rendered the same decision? If true then the Republicans still have some value.

      If only Trump would have done so then yes I will take back some of my anti-Trump stance.

  7. Justice Roberts left an escape hatch for the leftist proponents of affirmative action- the so-called ‘Holistic approach” which deems a diverse student body to be a positive good for the school(who knew?) that they can strive to achieve through differential admission standards for whites and blacks. This was schemed up by Justice Lewis Nowell in his decision in the Bakke case(1978) which ruled that racial quotas were unconstitutional but he then signaled to the leftist elites that they could achieve the same goals through his murky holistic approach reasoning. Powell was appointed by Republican president Richard Nixon and was supposed to be a stalwart conservative, but like so many before and after him folded like a cardboard outhouse in a hailstorm once he ascended to the high court. The more things change, the more they stay the same! The only way this decision can have any legs for us is if a true conservative president wins in 2024 and then cleans house at the EEOC (as Jeff Sessions proposed to do until he was unceremoniously booted by Trump since he was a white southern gentile and fair game for Trump, unlike the snake in the grass traitor Rod Rosenstein, who Trump treated like an adopted son)- the federal agency created to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The newly staffed EEOC could then place an in house representative in every so-called “elite” school. These newly staffed admissions departments would enforce strict meritocracy, while mandating that all admissions must be based on standardized test scores like the SAT(undergraduate schools), LSAT(law schools), GRE(graduate schools) and MCAT(medical schools)- in other words, no ditching standardized tests, which some elite schools have started to do even before this decision came down. No more legacies, “athletes”, or unqualified minorities. Don’t scrap the !964 Civil Rights Act- just enforce it according to a common sense interpretation of its language- in other words no racial discrimination- just meritocracy. Out with the old, in with the new!

  8. “Rod Rosenstein, who Trump treated like an adopted son”

    Trump is a total tard on the JQ.
    you’d think that a resident of NYC would be a bit savvy.

  9. It’s not going to make any difference. Just a minor slap on the wrists of the anti-whites.

  10. Blowtorch, any conservatism that was worth a damn died in the 60s. What are you talking about, “true conservative?” That sounds like some dumb shit my older-than-boomer grandparents would fall for when marking their mail in ballot according to some stupid mailer they got – mailers touting any candidate whose check cleared as the “most conservative republican”

    People who were conservatives in the 1960s wrote songs like “We Don’t Want Niggers in Our Schools” and “Segregation Wagon.” The word conservative as used in those political songs had meaning. Anybody who’s dug around for some Johnny Rebel tunes has doubtless run into these too. Conservatives of 1964 certainly wouldn’t support a “common sense” interpretation of the suicidal Civil Rights Act. Read mainstream histories of MLK and they’ll tell you that what it meant to be a conservative was to oppose integration, plain and simple.

    Anyway, you miss the point entirely because you want to work through a system that’s illegitimate ab initio. It can’t be saved. The republic is dead.

    We don’t fear a merit based system, but neither do we want to associate with negroes. To be forced to associate with someone you don’t want to is a moral crime tantamount to rape, and I think it’s time we started treating the coloreds like we would any rapist.

  11. Long March EDU termites will find a workaround.
    They have plenty of tenure time on their hands to continue burning it all down by any means necessary.

  12. Justice Clarence Thomas is a great Southerner, for many reasons.

    One I will list here : he reveals those Whites, who say they are in it all for The Negro, to be who they really are, because if there is one man The Modern American Left truly despises it is this man.

    And what really galls them is that they think he is too ’emotionally scarred by his youth in Jim Crow’ to comprehend how much he, as a Nero, ought be beholden to them, for all that they have done.

    Just watching the Leftists White fidget and try and find a way to silence Justice Thomas has got to be the most continually gratifying amusement on today’s political scene.

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