The Alogging of Ethan Ralph

UPDATE: Ralph is fine.

I’m fine.

I am still wrestling with my current issues – working long hours at my normie job, sheer boredom with the news cycle, feeling uninspired because I feel like I have said everything I have to say. Otherwise, I am doing fine and I am looking forward to the birth of my second son in the fall. Sure, Donald Trump is running against Joe Biden, there are shootings, race riots, the usual, etc. We’ve seen it all before.

I want to say something about this situation though:

For several months now, Ethan Ralph’s life has been falling apart in public under the weight of his wife leaving him, losing custody of his kids, severe drug and alcohol issues, loneliness, myriad lawsuits and debts. Ralph’s misery is being compounded by a savage pile on by Alogs online.

It is difficult enough for any man to go through the trauma of losing their family. I can’t imagine what that is like though when so many people on the internet who have nothing better to do are celebrating it and getting involved in the situation and getting dopamine hits off of it. The cyberstalking has gotten to the point where Ralph has been posting suicidal tweets and posts on Twitter and Telegram.

Imagine trolling random strangers on the internet to point where they are getting suicidal or celebrating someone getting divorced and losing their family. The nihilism, sociopathy and cruelty of these people is reaching a fever pitch. Criticizing ecelebs for their many flaws is one thing. Much of the criticism of people like Ralph or Nick Fuentes is funny and warranted, but this is spergy and going way too far.

Anyway, this is the current state of the internet. The Alogs are all waiting to see if the “lolcow” which they have been stalking and tormenting for dopamine hits is actually dead. Hopefully

Note: There is a lot that I could say about cultural Christianity and how it is lost in these brutal online spaces. I was told by these people the other day that the best time to kick a man is when he is down. That’s the mentality of the mob of people who are doing this.


  1. You are too bored with politics to write about it? Some of us believe that Barack Obama and his cronies have rigged elections in large Democrat run cities which means that our Presidential races are rigged and many Senate and Governor races are rigged. In other words, we no longer live in a Representative Republic or a Democracy. We live in a defacto dictatorship with Obama as our dictator. That’s boring to you? Or you believe we still have real elections in PA, WI, AZ, NV, CA, NY, MI and any other state that is controlled by Democrats?

    • J6er and everyone else reading this blog,

      Nothing matters to USZOG, except sending more weapons to the jewish government in Kiev, in order to continue to wage their proxy war on Russia.

      The America that your great grand parents knew has been dead for several decades now, and the marxist/jewish left are rooting for the maggots, while MAGAtards and other “patriots” are cheering for the corpse.

      Make no mistake, the abomination known as the American Empire is a zombie thrashing around still because through inertia instead of a necromancer.

      • The people are really bad these days. I deal with returned products coming back from the Amazon fulfillment centers and the amount of theft going on over the last couple years is off the charts compared to back in the mid 2010’s. These people buy new stuff and then file for a refund and return blatantly used, old items. And the people at Amazon just check it in and give them their money back when it’s obviously not something purchased in the last 30 days. Then even when it is a recent purchase they return stuff all messed up with magic marker etc. What ever happened to the “you break it you bought it” ethos I remember as a kid? These people these days are just bad, bad, bad.

      • A war with China over Taiwan, which the U.S. government cannot win and the Chinese government cannot afford to lose will put an end to GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire. Taiwan is about 100 miles from China and about 7,000 miles from San Diego making the island relatively easy for China to attack and difficult for the U.S. Government to resupply and defend. Add to that China’s larger navy than the U.S., vastly greater industrial base, lack of diversity and genuine domestic support for unification and the odds are in favor of China and getting stronger all the time.

        Defeat destroys the legitimacy of the government on the losing side even when the defeat isn’t total. The Tsar was overthrown by The Usual Suspects, the Kaiser was forced to abdicate Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was dissolved in WWI because of defeat. Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo in 1814 resulted in the Bourbon Restoration in France and Allied victory ended fascism in Italy, the Nazi regime in Germany and war mongering by Japan.

        A U.S. military failure in the Pacific will show the world and especially White people in the U.S., who seem to be asleep that GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is, amongst other things grossly incompetent and that its diverse, multicultural military cannot defeat China. The U.S. Government will provoke further domestic crises by simultaneously blaming Whites for the defeat and trying to conscript Whites into its high-tech military because the colored people just can’t run things.

        There will be no rally ’round the flag effect this time like there was after 9/11. After the string of lies regarding the background to 9/11, further lies plunging the country into Iraq War II, the clusterfuck known as Afghanistan, the vast increase in colored people since 2000, the throwing open of the U.S. border and the undeniable war on White people there is no one to rally ’round the flag anymore. Recruiting shortfalls now in peacetime show that Whites are sick of supporting GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire’s military, an attitude unlikely to change soon.

  2. Wanted to find out who this Ethan guy is, some links said he is married to a horse. So I gather the horse bolted.

    Another link said he is guy. That hangout for young homosexual catholics.

    Swishy Nicky is the boss there, he should take care of his guys. Help them to disengage if nothing else. No one with addictions should be in the game, anyway.

  3. Mr. Wallace,

    I did not know you had a normal job. I was under the impression that you were well off with a large farm, that you employed workers and could hang around fishing, hunting, and writing articles at a whim.

      • Brad, understand perfectly your desire to devote more time to preperation for the new family arrival. Your time will certainly be more precious in that future.

        However, one consequence of less attention to your Blog is that commenters cannot contemporaneously engage each other. I find the repartee useful in sharpening my thoughts about issues, and sometimes it is fun to engage naysayers. But without the Administrator’s attention, comment threads die.

        Don’t know enough about the underlying tech of your site to say whether there is a blog function that allows commenter engagement without the Host’s constant supervision. If so, please activate that feature. If not, we all lose something by your absence.

        • I agree. There are plenty of news events that could be posted up here. Brad wouldn’t even have to do any writing. Just post relevant articles about the state of the Occident.

        • @J.R.,

          You all should come over to Telegram, and start your own channels and chats. DMs are encrypted. Instantaneous banter back and forth.

          Just a suggestion.

          • Hello November,
            Don’t want to clutter up OD with tech talk, but I scanned Telegram as per your suggestion. Seems more like an encrypted text/email service then a place for posting articles or other sources of comments on current events or past lies to be decoded. But I’ll examine it anyway. An old cat can learn new tricks.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        If I understand J.R. Chloupek’s comment correctly he would want unmoderated comments to occur.

        Before your moderation I was subject to many comments that said I should be raped, that I should be stripped and forced to service donkeys, that I was a Mexican whore, a Mexican animal, a Mexican insect and on and on.

        I put up with that caca before but will not do so again. There are a lot of freaks on this website.

          • Cristina & Brad:
            Point(s) taken about antisocial commenters. As I said, I do enjoy the give and take of exchanging reactions to OD posts, but I also do not want to see personal animosity and/or criminal threats either.
            I assume the solution is more consistent and current moderation,, but recognize life stops for no one, including expectant fathers. But my point still stands: testing out ideas on other people is a prime benefit of blogging/commenter interactions.
            We all learn something about the world around us, and ourselves, that is valuable, through contact and communication. I assume you all feel likewise. So if you want to keep OD relevant, that will take additional effort on you part.

        • With all due respect, Cristina, this is NOT YOUR website!

          Though you occasionally offer interesting insights about your culture, I can’t figure out what brought you here and what keeps you here, despite the outright hostility you have faced in the past at this site. But I guess, for some mysterious reason, access to White Anglos (whether they want to grant it or not) is considered some inviolable civil right by those who are not. Go figure.

          That said, Hunter, like you, I am sick to death of the kayfabe clown show that increasingly passes as American politics these days. I suspect that the outcome has already been decided.

          My prediction is Biden beating Trump again. Democrats will hold the Senate and Republicans will gain more House seats so we will all be treated to more fun-filled political theater watching the smirking Christopher Wray and hissing Alejandro Mayorkas stonewall the Republicans who can do nothing but impotently scold them.

          Hopefully, this time, the ringmasters won’t be so lazy, stupid and full of hubris that they can’t help the brain-dead media hacks with smart talking points that create enough plausible deniability to make the predetermined selections less obvious to the normies this time.

          I do miss your historical analyses. I don’t mention Taiwan, because China has the best American president that money can buy in office, so I think it’s a matter of when not if Taiwan is taken over by China.

          But Ukraine is of special interest to me, not only because it is the same neck of the woods that my maternal side came from, but because I think any win there by the EU/NATO over Russia is going to end up being a Pyrrhic Victory that ultimately ends up putting a final nail in the coffin for White Europeans all over the world.

        • I thought HW was a Jeffersonian scholar and gentleman farmer who lived in his own Monticello, complete with colored servants and bastards, no?

  4. I think Ethan Ralph has hit a rough patch of road in life, never heard of the guy, till I read this story, I will pray a quick prayer for him, he is not the first or the last guy too have is back against the wall, punking out and taking your own life is WRONG…….say, you got drunk and hurt some innocent people in an auto accident, I can understand you hate what you did so much, you could be driven too that point of madness, but Mr. Ethan Ralph is symbolic of the people of his generation and these prophetic times we live in….

  5. > Jan 6er rotting in prison while BLM rioters go free
    (rant, rant)

    There’s nothing untrue in your post. However, you conveniently omitted a major part of the problem – the total lack of any genuine opposition to it all. If you really were a Jan 6er rotting in prison, you seem to have forgotten who actually tossed your ass under the bus that day and left you to the tender mercies of Church of Woke D-jerseys and their minions. None other than your “God-Emperor” Donald Trump himself, along with the entire R-jersey squad. He could have issued pardons for the lot of you as he left for Mar-a-lago. Instead he pardoned every black thug and jew swindler Jared could come up with on short notice. The only thing the worthless ‘opposition’ cucks in the congress of whores can do is raise the debt ceiling to send more weapons to the lawless regime of the maestro of klezmer penis-piano. McCarthy and Cocaine Mitch still there – along with Lady G and Uncle Tim (her house negro).

    That being said, ol’ Cheetohead is arguably less fake and gay (an admittedly very low bar here) than any other worthless air-wasting POS in the Gay OId Pedobear party. The whole system is rotten far beyond any hope of reform or repair. The only flag worth supporting at this point is the black flag of anarchy and destruction. Burn the bitch down. The faster this degenerate Satanic empire is completely destroyed the better. Even Islamic rule under full Sharia law (no picnic there to be sure) is preferable to being ruled over by the Satanists who rule over us now. I suppose one could make the case that re-electing the orange clown would finally trigger the Church of Woke into a fullbore violent action which would force the stupid-assed white populace into actually taking some real action to defend themselves and overthrow the putrid regime, though that notion is questionable as the most the tards seem to be capable of is to go over and fight in Jewkraine if they’re not too busy snorting fentanyl and the like. Brad is correct. It really is like an endless re-run of Ground-Hog Day.

    • Exalted cyclops ” The only flag worth supporting at this point is the black flag of anarchy and destruction ” Cy, the only flag worth supporting at this point, is the only one, worth supporting since 1861, the SOUTHERN BATTLE FLAG, but the black flag, does have a purpose if used correctly and that would be, planting it in the ASS of our enemies, imo CY……

  6. There’s three things this guy must do:-
    *Get off drugs and alcohol. Is it any wonder his wife and kids left.
    *Not worry about what people say online. Have a thick skin and know you’re not the only one.
    What people say online can be different to what they say to your face. Never let them shut you up or change your beliefs.
    *Losing custody of children is temporary. When they grow up and leave home, they’ll see whichever parent they want, get married and still give you grandchildren. Look at the long term.
    If you sort out your health and finances, better luck generally follows you around.

  7. I don’t know if ten years ago I could have imagined reading something like “the only flag worth supporting is the black flag of anarchy and destruction” and come away thinking that was a perfectly reasonable preference versus the status quo. But here we are. If aint a mess, it’ll do till the mess gets here.

    • As long as the vast majority of Whites have what makes them comfortable and secure, they will do nothing. If a threshold of horror and pain kicks in enough collective doors, “something” might happen. But even that is no sure thing. I’ve been watching this for over forty years, when I was in my teens.

    • Sir, the situation here in the West has deteriorated significantly since 2015. But seeing so many radical, dissident right groups like Patriot Front, NSC131 and Blood Tribe Ohio appearing on the scene gives me hope that many of us will make it out alive.

  8. Always be a thorn in the side of commie RAT POS subhuman vermin and to hate something means at one time or another you must have loved it.
    Curses from maggot hive dullards are equal to blessings from actual humans.
    I loathe Long March useful idiots and duped dullards of every stripe but they aren’t worth the emotional investment of hatred.

  9. HW’s boy, the King of West Memphis, Arkansas, is a rather cartoonish fellow but I certainly don’t wish him any harm or ill fortune.

  10. You might have a point, if it weren’t for the fact that Ethan Ralph was precisely the type of person to harass, defame, lie about, and exult in the destruction of others. He repeatedly made fun of Mr. Metokur, who towers over him not only in terms of physical stature, but in intellect and talent, because Metokur is dying of cancer. He gets no pity from me and deserves none. Why does he get sympathy from you, Brad—because he’s one of these fake AF e-Christians? Pathetic.

    • I heard about Metokur dying of cancer.

      It strikes me as weird since there is a Metokur bot account on Twitter going at it with Ralph every day. He is supposedly dying and these are his last days on earth, but he has six new tweets up about Ralph since I last checked

      • And it doesn’t strike you as “weird” that Ralph is a drug-addicted convicted sex offender and child-abandoning “Christian” who is apparently suicidal but has time to tweet endlessly?

        • UPDATE:

          As of yesterday, I am hearing Jim isn’t dying of cancer anymore, which is in remission.

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