Traveller’s Grave Isn’t Even Safe From The Mob

Do you ever feel like you are beating a dead horse?

Do you ever feel like you have seen it all before on an endless loop?

Bacon’s Rebellion:

“This is getting ridiculous. Let’s recap the actions that Dudley has orchestrated in his effort to purge W&L of any association with Lee:

  • Removed Lee’s portrait from Lee Chapel (along with the famous Charles Wilson Peale portrait of George Washington);
  • Removed the Lexington Garden Club plaque outside of Lee Chapel due to its reference to Lee;
  • Removed from Lee Chapel all plaques referencing Lee;
  • Initiated the practice of closing the gates in Lee Chapel to block the view of the Recumbent Statue;
  • Supported the movement to remove Lee’s name from Washington & Lee (which failed to pass the Board of Trustees);
  • Renamed Lee Chapel to University Chapel;
  • Removed the images of George Washington and Robert E. Lee from graduates’ diplomas;
  • Cancelled Founders’ Day;
  • Ordered the construction of a wall to permanently obscure the Recumbent Statue;
  • Removed two plaques in Payne Hall marking the location of Lee’s first office and the spot where Lee was sworn in as president of Washington College;
  • Removed the plaque from Traveller’s stall adjacent to the President’s house.

As if that’s not enough, Dudley now seeks to remove Traveller’s grave marker outside of Lee Chapel. …”

BTW, this is the president of Washington & Lee University.

Dudley doesn’t appear to be Jewish. He is a leftist from Charlottesville who gets himself worked up into a sputtering rage over the “racism” of a horse that has been dead for over 150 years.


  1. noooo, ahahahah………..I laugh so as not to cry, the imbecility of the woke left, which was already at a high level, has now reached a very high level. How insane are leftists i don’t know… or sadly i witness it in these dark times


      That’s the deadly element in so called “democracy”.

      Mob mentality is vicious, irrational and exceedingly dangerous.

      Humans are herd animals and will stampede, just as other herd animals, wether physically or mentally. Herds can stampede over a cliff’s edge in irrational group behavior, just as our society is being driven to destruction.

      The ancient Indians would drive herds of buffalo over a cliff so they could feast on the carcasses, so the jwz are driving us over the edge of self-destruction so they can feast on the wealth of our civilization.

        • @Marcel & Arrian..

          Yes, when i was a kid we were almost all agreed that White was grand, race-mixing and homosexuality vile.

          Nowadays it seems reverse.

          I often comment to my wife : ‘Darlin’, do you reckon folks were jus’ pretendin’, way back when?…

    • @Marcel..

      “…the imbecility of the woke left…”

      How true – they think race does not matter, gender does not matter, being attractive does not matter, nothing of the past matters, (not even a minute ago matters – if it stands in the way of what they want now)

      The Woke Left is the price of Modernity – the endless peevish 3 year old, screaming at anything he cannot immediately take for his own.

      They want to control everything except for their own actions and minds.

  2. I generally favor Federals in most wars but I am starting to waver. The perverted evil coming from the Left is satanic.

    I give Dixie. I hope it plays on my Windows 7.

    • Good that you are starting to waver, Dear Christina.

      If you study our Founding Fathers, you realize that the Southern Confederates were the ones trying to protect ‘Federalism’, and the so-called ‘Federals’ the ones’ trying to destroy it.

      Proof of this is what we live in today – bloated unelected bureacracies that rule through lawless intimidation of our elected officials – the exact opposite of what our country was intended to be.

      • Ivan,

        I thought that on this website that I read that the Southern Constitution specifically mentioned Jesus. If that is the case then I further waver.

  3. PATHETIC, their ENVY, their JEALOUSY could not be more obvious, our enemies are not capable of producing a man equal too our NOBLE COMMANDER’S, NOBLE HORSE, let alone our NOBLE COMMANDER……….

  4. Here is a question, does anyone really think MARSE ROBERT or THOMAS JACKSON, would have ever voted republican, or associated with the republican party ??????? WADE HAMPTON answered that question, the democrats are satanic Marxist, the republicans are just a lukewarm version of satanic Marxism….neither are remotely worthy of our time, consideration and certainly not our vote……..

  5. In every country in The West, The Left, and the WEF oligarchs they unwittingly serve, have made it abundantly clear that many tens of millions of normal European people cannot be allowed to live in their midst, or, even, live – if we refuse to exist in any manner other than that which they, The Brilliant Ones, lay out.

    So, separation, of every kind, will be the story of the 21st century.

    Of this developing estrangement, I can think of no better example than a recent AFD organized protest in a large German town where The Millennial dominated Left showed up, in spots, to shout at those normal Germans who would like to live in a country that they recognize as German..

    The Millenial insult?

    FASCISTS! ! !

    The reply from The Normal Germans?


    • @Ivan

      It’s not just the left who serve the globalists. The entire political systems of the West are pozzed and filled with treasonous scum who sell out the people they are meant to serve.

      • Yes, Dear Tom, I know it’s a bad scene – treachery, usurpation, and corruption combined to make for Albrecht Durer’s woodcarving of the Knight, Devil, and Death.

        I do not know what is worse : hating your own kind, and trying to strike it down, or selling it out, just so that you can hav4e better hedges and herbals borders than your neighbour.

        I wish Mr. Farage well in his fight to cancel those who have canceled his ability to bank.

        An unlikely hero in all this is that classical liberal, the Scottish professor, Neil Oliver, he doing yeoman’s work in calling out the devilry, plain for all to see.

  6. Boy, the CPUSA (D) wants that past erased don’t they.
    Bull Connors (D) better fire up the hose by the segregated fountain, it’s 1964 forever.
    There will never be a black preezy of the steezy, millionaire black athletes and entertainers, or black teevee host to become one of the richest women ever.
    What a terrible evil racist place is America where the average Chicago union worker who is black makes about $125,000 annually with a chance at a golden pension if they can grift right.

    • ” the CPUSA (D) wants that past erased don’t they.”

      That’s how they destroy and replace a culture,
      just as Mao and Stalin did.

  7. Roman Catholic, married to a Roman Catholic. The last President was also a Roman Catholic, and he removed the Confederate battle flags from the Lee Chapel and elsewhere.

    The Washington and Lee graduates maybe pissed off, but, so far have not done anything about it.

    • @Orange…

      Unfortunately, White Southerners limit resistance to playing in reenactments.

      In every other venue we are, as a group, deaf, dumb, and mute

      It has to change.

      It just cannot keep going on this way.

      There is a limit to gutlessness and apathy.

  8. “”….beating a dead horse….””

    This is what they do and this demonstrates that we are winning big.

    They need to crush Russians in the Ukraine, put down MAGA rebellion at home, do something with China and Iran, stop dedollarisation, get Saudis back in line and so on.

    But they wasting time fighting with dead horses. This is pathetic and demonstrates that enemy is brain dead. What is very good for us.

  9. You know this won’t be a point on which I share your sympathies, Mr. W. If the horse—by which I mean its memory, the lore—didn’t have the significance Mr. Dudley recognizes in it, this grave would never have been created, and neo-Confederates would be untroubled by its removal. Your belittling the removal as a charge of racism on the part of the horse is the carping of a Confederate diehard. Mr. Dudley could say of this blogpost of yours what you’ve said of his actions: “[I’ve] seen it all before on an endless loop.”

    Personal affections and manifestations of good will notwithstanding, the divide between Confederate diehards and the rest of the white world is an unbridgeable one. It is the only such divide in Aryan history.

    • Historical vandalism by the Left is despicable, and so is blaming it on “Confederate diehards.”

      The best way to understand the Yankee is to recognize their idolization of John Brown, the guy who went around hacking his Tennessean neighbors to death with a sword because they were Catholics. Generations have passed and Yankee’s triumphantly jackhammering Traveller’s historical monument is justified because it upsets “Confederate diehards.” Trolling, at best.

      • Interesting, JPS. From what you say about John Brown, I’ll guess he has more fans here, at Occidental Dissent, than one would expect.

    • Hey, John – there are not just plenty of ‘Confederate Diehards down here, but, up yonder, as well.

      In fact, there are Confederate Diehards all over the world, because to be such means that you believe in local control for local people, not centralized governments officals, beholden to aliens, making decisions for you and yours.

      In this context we can see tens of millions of Confederate diehards in France, England, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Serbia, Italy, and on and on.

      Even Russia, in it’s own way, is a ‘Confederate diehard’.

      This is what the Confederate flag means, all over the world, and this is the internationally used and recognized symbol, that shows up at European soccer games – our great symbol being the symbol of local White Control of local White lands.

      Yet, there again, it can also be abstracted to mean local Kenyan control for local Kenyan folks or local Manchurian control for local Manchurians.

      The Confederate flag is the clarified Betsy Ross flag, and as such, it represents the genius of the American experiment, before it was taken over by New York and New England and perverted to mean a set of ideals for no particular people.

      Federal Diehards won the 20th century, but this century will be ours.

      The EU will be the first nut to crack, it either surviving as the Confederacy it was intended to be or dying as the Federal Monolith they are trying to make it.

      All the best to you, up yonder way.

      • All the best to you and your family in return, Ivan.

        If, as you suggest, some persons—maybe many—take the Confederate flag as representing something other than endorsement of slaveholding, well, then, I would say those persons have a poor understanding of it.

        I’m struck by the contrasting situation of the swastika. Though I’ve not really looked into the subject, my sense is that Hindus regard that shape as a traditional good-luck symbol or some such thing. Its association, in the West, with Nazism is something of which they are either unaware or that, in their view, has no bearing on their own display of it. The history of that symbol is something far different from the history of the Confederate flag.

        PS Many years ago, I happened to see, somewhere on the internet, an Indian television advertisement in which a swastika adorned the windshield of a motor-scooter. The scooter was that of a youthful Indian man, who was out and about on some fun-loving activity or another. Naturally, I, as a Westerner, found the sight of the symbol jarring, but I’d guess it wouldn’t have jarred an Indian television-viewer at all.

        • Thank you so much for your reply, Dear John.

          I can only repeat what our Southern ancestors said : ‘some of us have slaves, most of us do not. Northerners seem to think that it is better to pay a labourer a below subsistence wage and have no responsibility for him, we do not. Our flag represents our entire civilization – from our blood tribe, our traditions, our belief in our own sovereignty, to our Christian beliefs, and, yes, our economic system.
          It cannot be reduced to one thing.’

          As to slavery, I will only speak for myself, I am the descendant of numerous Confederate veterans from several states. All were dirt poor farmers who did not own a slave.

          Do you really think that they specifically fought for slavery?

          Moreover, Southern Chattel Slavery was morally superior to the Jew England Yankee slave system we have today.


          Because we called it what it was and took responsibility for it.

          In the Jew England Yankee system, slavery is redubbed, ‘Free Trade’ or ‘Migrant Labour’, and so on and so forth.

          Let me remind you that every stitch of what you and I wear is manufactured for us by those who work for a pittance,(way out of our view) and well as much of our food is grown, and or processed by those who are illegal, and, thus, have no right to vote, no social security, live in flimsy shacks.

          That these unseen servants of ours can move from one plantation to another, from one sweatshoppe to another,of their own volition, does not refute that they are our slaves, though, there again, Yankee slaves, for we do not take responsibility for their welfare.

          It is slavery. We remain a slavery nation, though, it is a hypocritical one – for we do not acknowledge it.

          Yes, the Swastika, with it’s supernatural Tibetan overtones, has nothing to do with our flag.

          As to you last example, about the perception of a symbol being a matter of perspective, yes, absolutely.

          Okay, all the best to you!

          • “Do you really think that they specifically fought for slavery?”


            “That these unseen servants of ours can move from one plantation to another, from one sweatshoppe to another,of their own volition, does not refute that they are our slaves, though, there again, Yankee slaves, for we do not take responsibility for their welfare.”

            The only thing the Southern slaveholders had to do to make things right was say to the slaves, “You have worked for us long enough to know what kind of remuneration, care, and living arrangements you can enjoy under our leadership. You are free to stay or go.”

            All the best to you, too, Ivan—from my end of the unbridgeable divide.

          • Then you are very much mistaken, Dear John, about what motivates Southerners, and, perhaps, people in general, to fight.

            My ancestors fought, some all but against their wishes, because some were determined to manitain our freedom and sovereignty, whilst many others were determined not to lose face, while appearing cowardly and negligent.

            We were a community, then..

            That said, we all have blind spots, and I have mine.

            Thank you for your correspondence and civility!

          • You’re welcome, Ivan. You know I’m always happy to exchange views with you.

          • “…The only thing the Southern slaveholders had to do to make things right was say to the slaves, “You have worked for us long enough to know what kind of remuneration, care, and living arrangements you can enjoy under our leadership. You are free to stay or go.”…”

            Since Jews were by far the biggest slaveholders, that was never going to happen. That people have attached and propagandized negative meanings to the swastika and the Confederate flag does not mean that it always stood for whatever straw man they have propped up.

            Not only were almost all the slaves transported to the US by the Jews, they owned the most slaves per capita by far, and then they blame White people for the problem they created. So any problems you have with slavery, you should take up with the Jews instead of White Southerners.

          • Don’t know what’s the count of the words you used there, Sam J., to say absolutely nothing, but it’s hardly a record for a neo-Confederate.

          • Ivan,

            You write graciously. I believe John B and me are the only regulars on this website that support the Federals in the War Between the States as far as I am aware.

            John B does strongly because of the slavery issue and I do mildly because of the revolt against lawful authority issue.

            Yet to the best of my knowledge the Confederate side was not condemned as sinful by the Pope of the time. No excommunications were issued against Southern Catholic rebels. Therefore there was no sin being a Confederate.

            I even asked American priests about this. This was their understanding as well. So it appears this is an issue where no sin automatically occurs regardless of which side one supports.

            The attack on Ft. Sumter was an unwise aggression however.

            Still since I am a loyal daughter of the Church and have no authority I can not condemn what my religion has not officially condemned.

          • @Christina…

            I agree with you that the attack on Fort Sumter was extremely unwise.

            The South just ought to have left the Union and stopped sending money to Washington.

            Failing that, the South never should have adopted the tactic of fighting a conventional war with The North, for at that time we simply did not have the resources, as we do now.

            In the end, war is much more about logistics than it is about anything else. As Voltaire said : ‘They say God is on the side of the big battalions.’

            That said, once The South figure out how to fight, in 1865, much of what had been lost was rewon, by 1875.

            Where we have really lost has occurred since Brown vs. The Board of Education.

            Since then our society has been under constant attack and we, as a whole, really have not shown ourselves will to defend ourselves.

            Though I hate to think it, or say it, I have no choice : White Southerners no longer know who we are, and not knowing who we are, makes it impossible to defend ourselves, even if we wanted to.

            It’s very sad to see my people so lost, but, lost we are, and very very badly so.

            All the best to you!

          • “[M]uch of what had been lost was rewon, by 1875.”

            Accompanied, Ivan, by newfound extras, such as endemic pellagra and ringworm.

            (Sorry, friend—couldn’t resist.)

          • @John Bonaccorsi…

            No problem, My Friend.

            Unlike The Left, nowadays, most of us on The Right still can poke fun at each other, and not get all out of sorts.

            Be well!

  10. One need not be jewish to be a subversive piece of scum. Most of our race’s biggest enemies are also white.

    • Very true, Dear Spahn, sad to say.

      It’s the craziest thing about pure White Gentiles – their ability to despise themselves.

      I’ve been around all kinds in this world and I know of no other group that has this problem.

      It may be trigger and exploited by Organized Jewry, but, it was not invented with them.

      It’s a tick in an otherwise great design.

      There again, everything has a tick, or two…

      • I read the quote before I read the name. But I thought, immediately, Anti-Irish bashing Must be Brownnose….. and I was right.

        I will be going to the Emerald Isle in a fortnight, first time for the Missus and I.
        I will enjoy every bit of my half heritage, and revel in the people who gave us Redheads, St. Patrick, and Guinness stout…. and NOT think of you, Sir.

        • Emerald Isle in the middle of July?


          Best get your swimming in before 10am, lest you turn into a beet!

    • “…One need not be jewish to be a subversive piece of scum….”

      True, but to solve problems, what do you do? You tackle the biggest ones first, then work on the smaller. Without the Jews, the worst of us would have little power. Take away the Jews supporting the worst of us and we would have far less of the worst ruling us.

      They are amplifiers of evil. Who always support and uplift the evil.

      • “Without the Jews, the worst of us would have little power. ”

        That’s the gospel truth.

        “They are amplifiers of evil.”
        Often the originators and nurturers of it.

    • spahnranch1970,

      Your comment on Mexico being pro Confederate I believe is correct as far as I am aware. We wanted a weaker USA. The slavery issue is a non issue to me. Catholics who owned black slaves were in good standing with the Church and were never ex-communicated or denied communion. Of course you could not enslave someone without just cause but born slaves? A different matter.

      The reason for my pro Federal viewpoint is that it is a mortal sin to revolt against lawful authority except under the most unusual circumstances. Of course that is what the colonists did in 1775.

      The southern cause is more complicated religiously. So I still support the Federals but the Southern rebels have points of morality that have to be addressed.

      It is also true that does the United States government represent lawful authority?
      They were a freemasonic government. Is the official doctrine of the USA is that authority comes from God? Since God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost I think not.

      The Treaty of Tripoli of 1796 signed by President Washington and passed by the US Senate told the Infidel that the United States is not a Christian country nor is it founded on Christian principles. I am going on memory here so I hope I write correctly.

      • Spanner,

        Addendum: It is also true that to the best of my knowledge no Catholics who fought for the Southern rebels were ex-communicated like rebels usually are.

        The rebels in the 1860’s who fought against Austrian rule in parts of Italy and against the Pope were ex-communicated. The rebels were trying to form a country called Italy which is not a moral imperative especially when the rebels are going against lawful authority. Pope Pius IX excommunicated the rebel leaders including the King of Sardinia if memory serves.

        The head of the rebels was Garibaldi a Satanist who President Lincoln asked to be head of the Union army according to some reports.

        Sometimes I think that the more I know the less I know.

        • So what did the pope do with the various factions of the Spanish Civil war? Also, do you think Pope Frankie is legit?

        • @Cristina– So Spanish Nationalists (Franco et al.) were considered “Rebels” by the Catholic Church, yet they were endorsed by the Church at the same time? And Pope Frankie is a bum who ought to have a beggar’s tin cup and be set loose in the streets of Bs.As wearing a flour sack for a guayabera I wonder what Dr. Boyd Cathey would have to say about all of this.

          • Flaxen,

            I do not understand your comment. The Nationalists ultimately restored the Monarchy which was the legitimate government of Spain. An evil anti-Catholic regime like the Republicans is/was not legitimate. For a government to be legitimate one of the conditions is that it has to be considered that authority comes from God and they can not oppress the Church. I have clearly stated that most though not all rebellions are unjust religiously.

            Counter revolts like the Catholic Vendee in France against the Republicans in France during the French Revolution were just since the Revolutionaries were illegitimate and evil.

            Pope Francis is dubious in his morality at best. Whether he holds the throne or not is something I do not have the authority to decide.

            My first and second paragraph were decided by the Church a long time ago. As for my second paragraph you should consult the moral and theological authorities of the Church for more official information.

            Actually you should consult competent and official doctrine and theologians in good standing with the Church on all Catholic matters.

            I suggest you change your tone to a civil one when addressing them however.

          • Flax,

            I have been taught that a rebellion against a government is just if certain conditions are met.

            Those conditions are:
            1. God given rights of the people or the Church are being violated in important matters.
            2. Resolving of the issue can not be solved by peaceful means but only by violence.
            3. A reasonable belief that the revolt will bring more good than evil.
            4. The revolt has a reasonable chance to succeed therefore justifying the violence.
            5. The government being overthrown is illegitimate. This usually means the government does not recognize that lawful authority comes from Father Son and Holy Ghost and/or the Church is being oppressed.

            Pope Francis is the pope until he dies or abdicates as far as I am aware. He might lose his jurisdiction if he openly and officially supported heresy. As always the Pope can be resisted if he goes against defined dogmas. So once again I state that I do not have any authority to decide if he is Pope or not.

            Probably anything further on this would require Church authorities and/or the strongest of theologians and Canon Law officials. I have taken this as far as I am currently able to.

          • Flax,

            I did not write that you were uncivil to me only your style would have to become milder in dealing with theologians that is all. I have no problem with your inquiries which I find very pertinent.

  11. Militant leftists cannot be mollified because they believe in a permanent state of chaos and revolution.

    • @Spahn…

      They are mostly physically underdeveloped brats who will fold quickly, when they are given some real resistance.

      One sees this in the recent confrontations between Antifa and local White Rural Males, in the West.

    • Yes, the may believe that, but they are preparing the ground for the most vicious tyranny possible. They’re just useful fools.

  12. Poor old fellow. Spent his life faithfully bearing his master thru many battles, rough roads, and strife, never harmed anyone, and yet some moron 150 years later, filled with so much hate, can’t even leave him to rest in peace. I dispise these people.

  13. Definitely, not “Dudley Do-Right.”

    The GOP at any level of government only will protect tax cuts for their donors, and unconditional support for the terrorist zionist parasite occupying Palestine.

    Rest east Traveller. A maelstrom of a reckoning is coming.

    • Keep telling yourself that. If it hasn’t happened by now it will never happen.
      I mean, they taken down everything connected with the Confederacy for heavens sake!

  14. Dudley worked at Goldman Sachs from 1986 to 2007 and headed the New York Federal Reserve from 2009 to 2018.A punk totally serving Satanic Jewish interests and orders.Maybe a crypto-Jew or just scum whose sold his soul to them.

      • @Exalted Cyclops…

        Yes, Eastern philosophy was quite clever to discover the value of realizing that you do not really exist – and yet, they were not Leftists!

  15. Desecration of the graves themselves is up next for the Woke Mob.
    That’s French Revolution stuff.
    You’ve been warned!

    • @Kapper,

      Are you aware of the desecration of graves that took place during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s? The leaving of exhumed corpses of clergy on church stairs.

      This behavior was partook by the communist :Republican” forces that the US and GB/UK, and the USSR supported against the nationalists led by General Franco. You might say it was the preface to the Second World War in Europe where Anglo, jewish, and marxist-leninist joined together to destroy Western kinds last hope.

  16. I understand the apples (what horse wouldn’t like an apple?) but why are the Pennie’s there?

  17. It takes an extreme level of weakness and fragility to be offended by a horse’s grave marker.

    • These Yankees aren’t offended by the slavery of the negro. They wish they could kill us the way their Puritan antecedents murdered Welsh washerwomen in the English Civil War because they thought they were Irish. They’re as bad as the Jews.

    • @Tikkun…

      Yes, that is true, though, in my view, it is also a sublime demonstration of what is both venal and dishonourable.

    • The pettiness of this act reveals the extreme sadistic hatred of the left, like a murderer who kills his victim and then kills victim’s pets.

      A horse ?
      What crimes or forbidden opinions could a horse have ?

    • @Tikkun

      They want to erase it as a symbol because symbols can create thought and, as O’Brien told Winston in 1984, “the thought is all we care about.”

  18. In a macabre sense I’m glad they did this.
    It gives us insight to the true depravity of their character,
    showing that all their vocal protesting for universal acceptance and tolerance is a complete sham.

    • I am glad, Dear Arrian, that you can find something positive in this.

      As a Southerner, one whose civilization and heritage is constantly spat upon, defamed, and lied about, I cannot.

      For me it is just more salt in the wounds, though, there again, my fellow Southerners have grown used to cowardly looking the other way, instead of doing something about the situation we live in.

      Be well!

      • Bright point,
        It’s an opportunity to replace the marker with a better one and one resilient to vandalism.

        • Thank you, Dear Arrian.

          Good point on the vandalism.

          It’s just hard to get used to living in a society which is so despicable it targets graves, because they hate your ancestors for having you.

          In my view, if you attack graves, you are just a step away from doing the same to the living.

          As a Southerner, it is a constant issue in my prayer life to live with feeling like a foreigner in my own land.

          That’s not right.


    In my experience, with people, of every sort, around the world.

    Most people do not want to be free, or, if they say that they do, their actions show you that what they really wish is to be comfortable and secure.

    To be clear, there is a minority of every group who are very concerned with personal sovereignty.

    Judging by the resistance to the poison vaccine, I’d say it averages about 25/35 in each land.

    So, the notion that slavery was an abomination, in any land in any century, because it violated personal sovereignty, does not square with what I know about humans.

    Most folks do not wish to be free, and, not only that : they would have no idea of what to do if they were granted such a wide leeway.

    Most people prefer to be ruled, and not just by someone else, but, by a whole bevy of things.

    Sorry to think this, but, a long life of watching folks, and listening carefully to them, leaves me no choice.

  20. Ivan,

    Somewhere on here you wrote me a comment and yes I agree with you. Remember my heart is with the South and since I am not allowed private judgement I do not condemn the Rebels morally.

    Your people are just so much more like mine in their warmth I just cannot help but like you. My grandmother was in the deep South in the 50’s and she loves you people.

    • @Christina…

      Yes, My Dear, I am now well aware of your granny having been with us, and that she likes us.

      I appreciate that.

      As I have often told my fellow Southerners and White Nationalists, though we don’t want to be swamped by those who are not us, the Mexican is someone with whom we share a great deal in common – a belief in courtesy, tradition, honour ,family, kindness, politeness, hard work, good-homemaking, and friendliness.

      We also share supersticiousness and a scepticism of looking at the world through the prisms of Modernity & Science’.

      I like Mexico and Mexicans. I’ve had untold interactions with your people, and all but less than a handful have been good.

      I’m sorry your nation has gone to hell in a handbasket, but, in our own way, so have we, too.

      It’s a bad time for Humanity, but, I am sure things will get better – one way or the other.

    • @Christina…

      “I am not allowed private judgement I do not condemn the Rebels morally. ”

      One thing I would say to you, Dear Christina, though we are commonly thought of as ‘Rebels’, the reality is that it’s The New England Yankees who are ‘The Rebels’.

      We fought that war to preserve our traditions, civilization, economy, and society,

      To that end, I provide you with some contemporary quotes, from Southerners…

      “I love the Union and the Constitution, but I would rather leave the Union with the Constitution than remain in the Union without it.”
      Confederate President Jefferson Davis

      “When the South raised its sword against the Union’s Flag, it was in defense of the Union’s Constitution.”
      Confederate General John B. Gordon

      “Any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world”.
      Abraham Lincoln – U.S. Congress, 1847

      • Ivan,

        It is true that I cannot officially condemn the South for rebelling but my private moral opinion is allowed. I just do not see how a rebellion with killing people is justified under those conditions.

        The Catholic criteria for a revolt is only allowed under the strictest of circumstances. That would be that the basic rights of a people or the Church are denied across the board for a society in a serious matter, that violence is the only solution, that a revolt with killing people will create more good than bad, that the revolution has a reasonable chance for succeeding. And/or that the government the rebels are revolting against is illegitimate.

        Here is how I see matters by Catholic standards:

        1. The Basic God given rights of Southerners are not being denied
        2. I do not see how violence is the only solution to Southern grievances
        3. How would a revolt by killing people do more good than evil?
        4. I also do not see that the Southern rebels had a reasonable chance of winning therefore creating destruction without lawful purpose.
        5. The USA government does seem illegitimate since they never believed or claimed that authority came from christianity. See the Treaty of Tripoli 1796 for confirmation. The South to their credit did so.

        The Church however knows all of this as much or more than me. My comment is based on my instruction and knowledge that I currently possess. So it appears that pro Southern views versus Federal views are opinions against opinions. If that is the case then I cannot get too worked up over the Civil War.

        I fly out Sunday and as usual do not know when I return. I will be going to school in Mexico in the Fall so my visits will become more rare in the future.


        • @Cristina…

          Sorry to hear you will be absent, though, given how the Internet is, I cannot see why your being there would keep you from us.

          We are, after all, you digital home away from home:)))

          So, please, don’t be a stranger!

        • An addendum: Probably the main if not the only reason the Church did not give an official condemnation on the American Civil War is that the war did not have anything to do with Catholic Faith and Morals or a Catholic government and populace.

          It probably considered both sides outside of the Church so why get involved?

          I am speculating but since my religion is quite authoritarian/totalitarian and traditionally is not shy on passing judgments then I believe my speculation has merit.

          Well I have written enough on the War Between the States for awhile. I will now concentrate on 21st century affairs.

      • Ivan,

        I strongly disagree with the comment by Lincoln you provided me. It is despicable and sinful. Then I find Lincoln despicable. You can not revolt against a government and kill people merely because you want independence and a form of government that “suits them better.” There has to be way more justification than that.

        The other quotes I appreciate. I do find the Southerners past and present naive.

        • @Christina…

          Yes, we, Southerners, are naive. That’s all at once our strong point and weak point.

          It always has been so.

          As to revolt, I absolutely accept your view of it, though, I will remind you that The United States was first formed by centuries’ long wars of conquest fought against Indian nations; that our countries (state/colonies) them amalgamated into one with a violent rebellion against the King.

          Moreover, our Constitution gives the legal basis and justification to protect ourselves, by all political and military means, against a government. It is there in both our 2nd amendment and 10th – the latter a guarantee of state sovereignty over federal.

          That is the objective truth, though, if you want to, as long have Northeasterners, you can maintain a different view.

          As to the Catholic Church’s notion of a rebellion, they never give any right to anyone, outside of their own authority, so they are consistent in this.

          We., however, are a Protestant nation, and, Protestantism, as I am sure you are so aware, is formed from the notion of rebellion being a necessary exigency against all forms of tyranny.

          All the best!

  21. John Bonaccorsi ” You have worked for us long enough to know, what kind remuneration, care and living arrangement’s you can enjoy under our leadership, you are free to stay or go……
    .short, consise, honest and eloquent, with no loss of face or dignity too my people, once again your keen insight and decency shine thru, thank you for being a friend too our cause, whether it is your motive, or done inadvertently, you teach us , we can all do better and be better, that being said Mr. Bonaccorsi, if what you proposed, had been implemented, history would not unfolded as it has and Gods will, will always be done, I really hope, the political leadership of our coming REPUBLIC, will have the same wisdom, common sense and goodheartedness that you have SIR…..

    • I’m sure you’re too kind, Terry, but it’s always good to hear from you.

  22. Ivan,

    Of course I agree. Assuming the 10 Commandments are still in effect then even otherwise law abiding Mexicans and others who want the wealth and opportunities that belong to American citizens are coveting that which does not belong to them therefore violating one Commandment.

    If they then invade another country violating that country’s sovereignty then they are stealing therefore they are violating the Commandment of “Thou Shall Not Steal”.

    The only excuse for a temporary illegal invasion would be a disaster where basic human needs were necessary but were not possessed. Of course those needs could be provided to those in need without such an invasion.

    Merely wanting more creature comforts (an easier or better way of life) can not justify an invasion. In short wanting more money cannot justify theft.

    • @Christina…

      Thank you so much for your very empathetic thoughts.

      Yes, from our point of view it’s an invasion, and, as such, it’s very threatening.

      On the other hand, speaking Spanish well, as I do, I have had countless conversations with these ‘invaders’, and none of them think that they’re invading us, but, rather, that they are coming to do the hard work that few of us, or so they think, want to do for such a reasonable price.

      In the end, this invasion has been engineered by the White replacing Democrat Party, and industrial oligarchs combined with the Chamber of Commerce that wants slave labour.

      If there is an ire to be directed, and there is – then it must be directed at these people.

      That is coming, it’s there in the wind.

      Yes, I wish Latins would try to fix their countries rather than give up on them and race over here, but, alas, many feel like their countries are, at least from an economic point of view, totally ‘unfixable’.

      All the best, Dear Girl!

    • @Christina…

      The one thing I want to emphasize here is that I have a very positive view of Mexicans.

      No, I have not liked every one I met, but, most I have.

      The quintessential Mexican, to me, is my friend, Esperanza – she a Northern Mexican rural n lady who, in her early 20s, 9the late 1970s) took out her frustrations on her cheating husband by coming here and staying here..

      Of course, she did not divorce him, so, they still are married, and, yes, they have several children.

      Esperanza is a sober, kind, loyal, honest person who, after decades of being here, still does not speak English. She is very hard working and, in the town where she works, she is the very best crabber, the countryman of mine for whom she works, very very fond of her.

      Not that he pays her worth a damn, because, he is in on the Jew England Chamber of Commerce slave racket.

      This is the comedy over the Confederate flag, our detractors saying we are slavers, but, the truth of the matter is that, if you do not like slavery, then you have to take note that the Jew England Yankee United States of America is a slave racket, the likes of which the has rarely seen.

      Of course, they rename it ‘Free Market’, Migrant Labour’, and so on and so forth.

      It does not change anything though.

      In the 18th century the slaves were the Negroes, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the slaves were the Irish, the Chinese, and Eastern European Whites, and, now, the slaves are Latins.

      The faces change, but, the system has not.

      I am a proud Confederate flag waving Southerner and I will not accept any rebukes for my ancestors, nor offer any apologies.

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