Ethan Ralph Crashes Fuentes Rally II

We have an important Ethan Ralph update.

To recap:

  • Ralph’s wife Pantsu left him a few months ago and flew back home to New York with their daughter
  • Since around April, Ralph has been sinking further and further into depression on his Twitter timeline as he publicly struggles with his drug and alcohol addiction issues
  • Last week, Ralph’s depression escalated to the point where he was posting suicidal tweets and messages on Twitter and Telegram. Clearly, the man is a wreck.
  • Just watching the situation on Twitter, I sensed that all the stress he was under was building up to something. I publicly said something about it. I said the Alogs should knock it off.
  • Ralph posted a suicide note on Telegram. No one believed it.

That’s where things were with Ralph on Friday.

He was scheduled to attend the Nick Fuentes rally in West Palm Beach this weekend. He had a plane ticket. He said he wasn’t going. He changed his mind. He seemed to be on the fence about it.

  • Ralph shows up in West Palm Beach. He isn’t dead. He looks sick. Ralph’s face is all fucked up. He looks terrible.
  • Ralph is served with papers in a new lawsuit at the airport. Another L.
  • Ralph hangs out with a few Groypers in West Palm Beach who are chanting “Ethan Ralph, Ethan Ralph.” A clip of this circulates on Twitter. Apparently, he gets drunk on Saturday night.
  • Ralph announces on Twitter that he ISN’T going to the Fuentes Rally. Something came up. He is flying back to Mexico.
  • Ralph announces on Twitter that he is going to the rally after all.
  • The so-called Sussy Squad around Fuentes DON’T want Ralph to attend the rally.
  • Nick Fuentes ghosts Ralph and refuses to answer his calls and texts … or so he thought.
  • Ralph is told that he can’t attend the Fuentes Rally. He concludes that Nick is being passive aggressive and using his minions to force him out.

This is where all the stress that Ralph has been under EXPLODES last night.

  • Ralph feels personally insulted and betrayed by Fuentes and LOSES IT in a fit of rage
  • Ralph turns on Fuentes, accuses him of protecting pedophiles and doxes his homosexual inner circle on Twitter.
  • Ralph posts the location of the Fuentes Rally on Twitter
  • Ralph threatens to destroy America First on Telegram
  • Ralph is BANNED from Cozy
  • Ralph mocks the poor attendance of the rally where less than 100 people show up.
  • The Fuentes Rally finally starts
  • Nick speaks to a crowd of like 50 to 100 people. The audio is a disaster and he is muted on the livestream for like 15 minutes
  • Nick speaks in front of a bizarre background that looks like piss swirling around a toilet
  • “Ethan Ralph” starts trending on Twitter
  • Elon Musk draws attention to the fiasco
  • By the end of the night, Alogs are praising Ralph and celebrating his victory over Fuentes

UPDATE: Ralph is live again going off on Fuentes on Rumble.


  1. In the war, there are losses also on our side. Very bad and very unavoidable.

    Enemy has more mental breakdowns, suicides, addictions and other shit. This is the only thing what matters.

  2. I have only been able to watch bits and pieces, but I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Nick has been on F&F at least three times. When Nick and Sneako became BFF, I knew it was only a matter of time until Nick would be on F&F.

    For awhile, I wondered why Nick was starting to get so cozy (pun intended) with the RP manosphere, when the flagship personality of that sector is Andrew Tate, and Tate and Nick are each others’ antithesis in every which way you can think. Then I figured it out: Nick is just more or less setting up a recruitment booth for AF and Cozy over in the RP manosphere. He’s not actually reinventing himself into that sector.

  3. Elon censors James Edwards and Kevin MacDonald.

    Then Elon shines a spotlight on this sorry spectacle.

    Elon is not a friend.

  4. Americana are so childish.
    Even the Jews probably have a bit of shame in ruling such a cringe rabble

  5. I love to see Nick Fuentes crash and burn taking on pit bulls like Ethan Ralph after he made his bones off a fake and ghay concern troll against the old Alt Right in 2017-18.

  6. Alcohol is fine.

    However, one should not rely on alcohol to cope with anxiety and other mental health issues.

  7. You claim to have no energy to write about current events anymore, but have managed to find the time to grace us with two tabloid style articles about some weirdo nobody has ever heard of before?

    • Yep.

      This minor e-drama is more interesting than anything really going on right now. 5,000 people were watching the stream last night.

      • You need to do a crisis intervention to stop your boy Ethan Ralph from self-destructing, HW. May I suggest you ask Lord Spencer to participate?

        • I don’t know Ethan Ralph.

          I just saw him taking a nosedive on Twitter since his wife left him. The alogs were bullying him to the point where he was posting suicidal tweets. I thought it was going too far and said something.

          At any rate, the situation has changed dramatically since last weekend. Ralph turned on Fuentes. The alogs all seem to love him now. Ralph is channeling all his aggression against Fuentes now. I heard he exposed Fuentes as a faggot on his stream this afternoon. Thousands of people are watching the soap opera.

  8. Alon (Elon) is a Jew. Of course he is not a friend. As a Jew, of course he will ban James Edwards. The best of the Goyim, ban them.

    Anyway, if someone is inclined to quarrel, just look at the early Alon picures, from South Africa, and on into his early assignments from the CIA. You will see the unmistakable face of a hideous Jew.

    So he had a lot of work done. The CIA has the best surgeons. They skillfully removed his Jew face.

    What is this about Swishy Nick’s homosexual inner circle being doxxed by Ethan Ralph? But that it is a gaggle of queers has hardly been a secret. NOT my people. NOT on our side.

    So it all began to unravel when Pantu the horse galloped away to New York with the philly.

    Wasted a few minutes watching the homo give his speech. The way he constantly flails around, crazy just not sane. Hard times for Anglin’s crush.

    • It isn’t really news.

      Jaden McNeil exposed the Sussy Squad. Ralph is merely confirming what has already long been known. The only reason I wrote about it is because I need to get back into the habit of writing again after the last two months of work and long distance trips and the news cycle has just been boring.

  9. Folks should do what all salt of the earth White men do and suffer their struggles with depression and alcohol in private. I do.

    I’m spending more time with work and other interests. The world can go hell on its own without me fussing over the details lol.

  10. Big Tech on Cozy when the Ali Alexander grooming scandal came out said something along the lines of “If you have to take dick for total aryan victory, I think it’s worth it” when talking about a 17 year old White boy being propositioned by a Ali Alexander, a brown man in his mid 30’s.

    Everyone at Cozy has this mentality, even Ethan Ralph did, until they realize that Nick isn’t going to bring them Total Aryan Victory and that AF is at best a cult of personality to the benefit of Nick Fuentes and his ego, or at worst a group of closeted homosexuals praying on young men under the watchful eye of Nick Fuentes who may be an FBI Informant at this point given his situation with Jan 6th.

    Ralph is going through the same phase now I think Chris-Chan did now that he’s leaving Cozy. Him simping and DCMAing people for Nick, was the last real stain he had on him. During the stream he said he wanted to mend things with people (looking for new friends now) and claims to be trying to kick his drug habit, whether that’s possible. His attacks on Nick and his catboy ranch is something everyone enjoys as well deserved too. Like Chris-Chan, he’s about to enter the “It’s cool to laugh but not cool to mess with him or pick apart every day of his life” phase and people will have some degree of sympathy for him. That is if he can maintain the good will and truly try to glue the pieces of his life together instead doing dumb stuff.

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