VDARE: Invictus Arrested For Tiki Torch Parade

In related news, at least three more people who were at the torch march in Charlottesville at the Unite the Right rally have been arrested: Augustus Invictus, William Fears and Peter Cvjetanovic. All were prominently featured in photographs of the rally by “journalists.”


A ridiculous six years after the legendary August 11, 2017 nighttime tiki torch march across Charlottesville’s University of Virginia campus, Florida attorney Augustus Sol Invictus became the seventh participant to be arrested, on June 26, 2023. Today, after being held in jail in Florida for weeks, apparently out of sheer vindictiveness—he did not contest extradition to Virginia—he is due to appear in court in Charlottesville at a bond hearing. …

This is the way our justice system works now.

In progressive cities, the only thing that matters is whose side you are on. This was only dimly apparent to us back in 2017. The Unite the Right rally was premised on our belief in civil liberties. In theory, anyone has the First Amendment right to hold a demonstration anywhere they want and enjoy police protection, but that is not how our system works anymore. Ask Kyle Rittenhouse or Daniel Penny.

In the People’s Republic of Cville, it WASN’T a crime to carry a tiki torch in a First Amendment demonstration in 2017. It only became a crime years later after an election was held in 2019 and it was decided by the victor to start prosecuting people in retrospect for political reasons.

Note: As I said on The Political Cesspool, the state of the country is dire and we are closer to the brink of disaster than we imagine. The fact that this is happening is just one data point in the overall trend. Millions of people on the Right are losing confidence in elections, the justice system, the military, etc.


  1. Notice who WON’T talk about this: Fuentes, Anglin, TRS, Keith Woods, Joel Davis, The groyper crowd, and especially the GOP.

    • Klaus Schwab has admitted he has social influencers on his payroll. What is the price for selling you out Justin, 2 cents?

  2. My personally opinion is that in USA the situation was terrible already in 2015 when they started to destroy and remove monuments and censor movies. Then ok the situation got worse and worse over the years from 2014-15 until today. The sad thing Brad is that these guys and others are probably arrested with the help of Evan McLaren, who was at tiki torch march and the last month was sharing photos of those who participated in the tiki torch march on twitter so that police could identify and arrest them……… How his betrayal advanced.

  3. We already know the federal government is corrupt. “Confederates” and others who like the 10th Amendment think the states are much better. Not. Just as corrupt. So what about city and small town governments? Without question the most corrupt of them all. Just make a comment on a local politician’s social media and it will be deleted in a second unless you’re a mark for them. It’s beyond corrupt. The most censorship of all is at the local level. However remember it’s not the government or the economy or society that’s corrupt…. it’s people that are corrupt because they care nothing about God. ?

  4. Did they arrest the janitor and groundskeeper too in this third rate lame fake and GAE gaslit CCCP turd of a banana republic?

  5. So many guys tainted indefinitely by one day of pure autism.

    Its a shame, it really is.

  6. Well, till the LORD return’s, thee Earth belong’s too Satan and america is his favorite WHORE…….” Confrontation is good, it bring’s clarification “. Patrick Buchanan………..

  7. “faces one charge of burning an object with the intent to intimidate”. He could face 5 years in prison for lighting a tikki torch in a march. The man is literally being harassed with lawfare for having an unpopular opinion. Wasn’t it Stalin who said, “show me the man and I will show you the crime”?

    • @Arrian

      A few years ago an Israeli with the Israeli embassy in Brazil had to flee the country as it was found he and others were organising sex parties with under age girls.

  8. Is C-Ville a test case for trying that in a small town? See Aldean say nothing about the system arresting these boys for the crime of confronting Antifa/BLM and their Statue Removal Iconoclasm.

    • ” Statue Removal Iconoclasm”

      Do you realize that it is torah mitzvah to destroy gentile images “from high places” ?

      Jews were trying to destroy images of Madona and child in medieval Florence c1490. A crowd gathered and physically tore them apart.
      Subsequently The Medici enacted special laws to protect jews. Always special treatment for the privileged chosen.

  9. Across the entire West people are realising that the system sees us all as nothing but toilet paper.

    This system is doomed. The parasites know it. Chaos and revolution approach, and will touch the entire West.

    May you live in interesting times.

  10. Anyone who still thinks the GOP is going to get us out of this mess is either delusional or mentally retarded. The GOP is Anti-White controlled opposition and that includes Trump.

  11. Garfinkle’s DOJ has become USZOG’s NKVD. Logical progression from the jewish Frankfurt School’s intolerance of White Gentile unity.

    • “Garfinkle’s DOJ has become USZOG’s NKVD.”

      They do this in all countries. They get into the government and become vicious tyrants, East Germany, medieval Spain, France, Italy , Turkey, all the way back to ancient Pesia.

      There’s very good reason they’ve been hated everywhere, for 1000’s of years.

  12. Yeah, more Zio/Cuck persecution of just sane, regular W folks.

    Hey Hunter, I have a blog in draft mode ready to go – it’s about the demise of that great, always spoke her truths, spiritual, save the world womyn Sinead O’Connor!
    Good grief.
    It’s ready to go – have a look. If I don’t hear a “nay” in an hour or two, I publish.
    Keep the faith W bro.

  13. Thank God this is finally happening. I lost faith in these institutions over 10 years ago. I was way ahead of my time.

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