Sinead O’Connor 1966-2023

Battle of the Air Heads Britney vs Sinead

Another One Bites the Dust

Another attention seeking, more than a bit confused, all over the map pop music celebrity Sinead O’Connor has left us…
Or as Freddie Mercury of the UK rock band “Queen” once noted:
“Another One Bites the Dust” Link

Sinead O’Connor’s life was pretty much just “look at me”, “I need attention”, “I’ve got lots of important, DEEP things to say… ok, they completely contradict what I said last week, but I’m as serious artist, political, religious philosopher so just… Look at me, hear me”.
(Irish born) Sinead O’Connor has given our own USA Britney Spears a good run for the $ money as to who is/was a more annoying air head, celebrity bimbo?

Maybe that could be a new, popular UK/USA reality TV show:
“The Battle of the UK/USA Pop Star, Celebrity Air Head Bimbos”

Sinead O’Connor craved attention her whole life – a shoplifter, put in an Irish Catholic school for “troubled girls” , she threatened suicide many times, and that was page 1 tabloid news! She had multiple children with multiple men often as bat shi* crazy as herself. She had a Las Vegas wedding with an addiction counsellor she met weeks before when she was getting high.

Her SNL anti catholic Christian tirades got her back in the news; she tried to follow that up by being ordained as an alternative Catholic priest/priestess!

Her “oh so sincere” religious and spiritual beliefs continued down the PC Woke, nut case path when she converted to Rastafarianism and finally ….
Radical Islam! 

I’m sure many of our readers would have liked to see the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Britney Spears, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton forced to wear the Islamic burka with a big gag over their mouths and accept 7th century Islamic fatwas that these crazy, attention seeking feminist/bimbos couldn’t speak or show their faces in public!

Of course Sinead could not just be a simple practitioner of these faiths, she always had to be the pop star celebrity high priestess! She was actually a decent pop singer in the 1990s before she lost her voice.

Now that she’s dead, it’s disgusting how she is being lionized as a ‘prophet’, ‘visionary’ for being ‘courageous’ – and an Irish New Age saint who “always spoke her truths.”
Well, m’thinks Freddy Mercury and Queen had it right about her and her kind:

“Another One Bites the Dust” Link?


  1. Freddie was a penis puffer.
    As Charlie Sheen would say…Duh Aids.
    This just in from South Park-Everyone has AIDS!
    All clowny aside it was pretty ballsy to rip up that photo on SNL.
    I’ll give her credit for that.

  2. It’s rather astounding when you read this kind of shit and realize that the Muslims are the relatively sane ones in the circus. Even life under sharia as a dhimmi paying jizya is more survivable than living under the present Judeo-Satanic (redundant term, I know) regime calling the shots in Clown-World. GBAGR (Good Bye and Good Riddance), Sindead.

    • @Exalted Cyclops…

      “It’s rather astounding when you read this kind of shit and realize that the Muslims are the relatively sane ones in the circus.”

      Well, if you think about it, Sir, the most Muslims are trying their dead level best to follow The Lord.

      We do not have to agree with their take on God, or be accepting of them swamping us here, to acknowledge that they, too, are Children of The Book.

      The Woke Left, on the other hand, are merely an unknowing reincarnation of the Judeo-Bolshevik demons who damn near destroyed Russia a century ago, merged with the spirit of Weimar.x 10

      In a word – the Apostles of Satan.are the oligarchic/academic Neo-Liberal Woke Left World, something to which you rightly allude in your comment.

      As such, we can rightly expect only the very worst misanthropic comportment from them.

      Currently, tens of millions of people in this country are, whether they know it or not, in dire need of the best exorcist the church could send.

    • Exalted Cyclops writes:

      “It’s rather astounding when you read this kind of shit and realize that the Muslims are the relatively sane ones in the circus.”

      I reply.

      I understand your feelings on this, but it’s just a weird twist of history that Whites, high caste Persians and Indians have always been at odds with Islam – it’s always been Arabs, Turks, weird Blacks, mongrel Malays, hairy tribal people on obscure Filipino Islands that have been the Muslims who attack us, terrorize us, go for our women and sadly boys – all non Whites, Jws, Blacks, Arabs, Turks go for beautiful White Nordic women or just easy Lib Leftist White college students like Barack Obama’s polygamous White hating father did.

      Sure there are some honorable Muslims at certain specific times and places like Malcolm X later in life, but this is rare and doesn’t last.

      Muslims in the UK, France, Denmark, Sweden, USA all vote Lib Leftist non immigration restrictionists parties.

      Sure, some principled Muslims will voice opposition to J porn, J Hollywood or unconditional USA military support for Israel – David Duke tries to work with Muslims, but again nothing much ever comes of it – Islam’s 1 billion plus want what we have – they know that Arab Moor Muslims or just “ISLAM” invaded, conquered and occupied Spain for 700 Years and they want that back same as they want all of France, Sweden, US.

      The Whites who convert to Islam are almost always people that have issues, chips on their shoulders regarding mainstream White American/British society – examples here Britney Spears, Sinead O’Connor now Lindsey Lohan and that spoiled White San Fransisco Suburban teen ager John Walker Lindh who went in for all Lib Leftist causes, fads, things before he ended up joining the Taliban in Afghanistan – USA military special forces found this guy after we intervened after 9/11/01.

      You’re probably too young to remember Patty Hearst the spoiled, bored rich daughter of California WASP media mogul William Randolf Hearst who was kidnapped by a Leftist Marxist terrorist group the SLA Symbian Liberation Army – she did the Stockholm syndrome thing and converted to their terrorist cause – took the name “Tania” got on the FBI’s most wanted list. After she was found, she kind of went back to trying to be a pop celebrity had some TV show. I see Patty Hearst and Sinead O’Connor as pretty much identical.

      If you just can’t work with any existing form of American White Christianity (Sigh, been there, done that) – consider some higher caste form of Hinduism, Buddhism, Parsi Zororastrianism. Jost Turner of NSKindred was trying to develop that before he died under circumstances I’ve never been comfortable with.

      God(s) bless you and yours.


      • Mr. Ryan,

        Glad to see you back in artistic action. Until the Fall Semester I come and go but am usually here on weekends. I have no use for a freak like her. If her voice is good then I guess she can sing to el Diablo for all that is worth.

        Whatever problems white societies have Islam is not the answer.

  3. The deceased was more than just attention grabbing and a bit confused, she suffered from serious mental illness her whole lifelong.

    On the other hand, she possessed a voice, the haunting qualities of which will never be surpassed, if equalled.

    Here is the proof, she singing brilliantly, as only she could, Sean O’Riada’s Irish masterpiece, ‘Mna na h Eireann (Women of Ireland).

    May the Lord have mercy on her often blasphemous soul.

      • @John Bonaccosri…

        I definitely do not enjoy this song, Dear John, But … it is interesting to me, from a musicological identitarian point of view, how she incorporated aspects of traditional Irish singing into late 1980s pop.

        • Yes, Ivan, I was startled the first time I heard this. Come to think of it, I’m still startled every time I hear it.

    • “Women of Ireland” first came to my attention by the Chieftains in the Kubrick film, Barry Lyndon. Far better rendition, and I don’t have to legitimize an Irish HO.

      • @Father John…

        ““Women of Ireland” first came to my attention by the Chieftains in the Kubrick film, Barry Lyndon. ”

        Yes, me, too.

        I agree, too, that The Chieftains own this song, and, indeed, the entire classical Irish repertoire.

        The Chieftains’ version of this song is on my desert island list.

        That said, there is room for others, and Sinead makes her case here.

        I have heard plenty of others sing this, and not nearly so well, even though, technically, they were better ‘singers’ than Miss Sinead.

  4. Skinhead O’Connor represent the pre-woke, people that don’t know who they’re, who change their beliefs every day, who think to be Rebel but they’re not because they endorse perfectly the system. I’m not even angry toward people like She because they are not mentally sane and they’re in their life the First enemy of themselves. She punished herself and her child more than anyone.

    • @Marcel…

      “Skinhead O’Connor represent the pre-woke, people that don’t know who they’re, who change their beliefs every day, who think to be Rebel but they’re not because they endorse perfectly the system”

      Yours, Sir, is a brilliant analysis.

      Yes, The Woke-Bolshevik Left simply have no idea how their unsettled emotions are fanned and directed by the oligarchs who want to control everything.

      Never saw a group of Americas who want to control, or be controlled, like the Modern Woke Left.

      They’re rabid, to put it slightly.

      That’s the bad news.

      The good news is that they have completely put off the other 66% of our country, that, increasingly, no longer sees them, The Woke Left, as merely addled, but, now as dangerous – something that has to be dealt with.

  5. I never liked a thing about her. She had one song which got radio airplay, that I found a bit insipid and long, and what was with that head? Why couldn’t she just grow some hair like a normal woman?
    Four kids to (I think) four fathers, then she came out as bisexual, lesbian (can you be both?), then she became a priest, then a Muslim. I mean………WTF! She’s a walking contradiction. Islam isn’t compatible with her world views.
    She was your typical leftist:- I want, I want, I want. You can’t please them.

      • Arrian,

        Yes. Why does she have short hair like a man? She embraced the Infidel religion. I find her sickening. No wonder the American news media are running puff pieces about her. She is a religious traitor.

        As hot as Mexico, California, and Texas currently is it is nothing compared to the heat she is now suffering.

        • If I may, Dear Arrian –

          Christina – Sinead was a bisexual feminist who, by her own admission, rotated back and forth between bulldyke affairs and bears (very hairy men)

          The basic training at Parris Island look began in the mid-1980s, it undertaken by those women, almost always lesbian feminists, who wished to shear themselves of anything that might be misconstrued as remotely pleasing to me.

          If memory serves, Sinead was the first public figure to sport this horrifickly unfeminine look.

          Though I always understood the motives intellectually, in my heart of hearts I could not.

          No, if I were a lesbian woman, the last thing I would accept is a female lover who looks like a man, and a Corporal Cue-ball at that!.

          • Ivan,

            Most foreign or domestic music since the late 1960’s I do not enjoy. A rare exception were the Bangles from the 1980’s.

            I found them by accident on youtube music a few months ago. Walk Like An Egyptian, Manic Monday, Eternal Flame, If She Knew What She Wanted etc.

        • Miss Alva “;It is nothing compared to the heat she is now suffering ” Sinead sleeps with the rest of the UNSAVED, JUDGEMENT Day has not happened yet…….

          • Terry,

            Good catch. Since she was baptized and could have repented before death then I cannot say with infallibility where she is now.

  6. This is symbolic. With the end of communist era, their icons also leaving the stage.

    Very similar to the end of Soviet Union. With the crumbling of the regime, our heroes also left us.

  7. Mental illness runs in Irish blood. But don’t tell an Irishmen that, you will stimulate them into murdering you. Sick bastards one and all.

  8. I sincerely hope in her last days she sought forgiveness and repentance from our Saviour. Mentally ill people sometimes lose their faith because their illness confuses them.

    • Stephen- Did you read the column? How in HELL, can you think that a woman with such a messed-up moral and RELIGIOUS WHORING SPIRIT, could EVER seek to recapture the salvation she so willfully despised? Does your Papal paradigm ignore the belief that Cain (who killed Abel, remember?) EVER won back his so misvalued status? Or that Esau (forerunner of the Jews of today, the DEICIDES) petitioned YHWH God with TEARS, and was NOT GRANTED HIS PRAYER? Even corroborated in the Epistle to the Hebrews?

      How has Vatican EWWWW mired you Bergoglians in such error?
      Misericordie, Domine.

        • @Stephen…

          Good thing you were not in the South, in the old days, because, when I was a kid, and even more so before, there were Fred Phelps abounding.

          Other than his disdain for Protestantism, Father John speaks and carries himself like a Grand Dragon.

          Also good that Father John has moved down with us, as his views will still be more appreciated by us than his Northern cousins – like you!

          All the best!

    • I wouldn’t exactly call “Madonna” a “Good traditional Catholic”.

      Didn’t she do music videos back in her hey day of her getting F#*$&@ in a Catholic Church? Wasn’t she briefly married to Sean Penn and like to torment her husband by driving around upper Manhattan in a limo and picking up Puerto Rican boys and having them bang her in the back seat of the Limo?

        • @Marcel that’s in your opinion. LOL.

          @Jack, didn’t Madonna meet with the Pope recently. In the last year or two.

          • I haven’t (thankfully) followed that old, washed up skank “Madonna” (Can’t stand any pop singer celebrity with a one name, God like name such as “Madonna”, “Sting”, “Prince”, “Ye”, “Bono” ) so I don’t know if she did finally meet in person “The Pope”.

            Well, with this worst ever, pro homosexual, pro Muslim migrant invasion, “Liberation Theology” Pope Francis the two would make a fitting pair!

            I did see that the Pope before this one Pope Benedict (very solid Pope, check out the Benedict Option on The American Conservative pretty much ran this even then old skank whore out of Italy, she was apparently ex communicated 3 times!


          • No is not my opinion, it’s a fact…… Sinead was against catholic church, she ripped the photo of Pope John…. We know that you’re obsessed with catholic but truth is another.

  9. Fun fact about Freddie Mercury. He was from a Parsi family that had moved to England from India. They were the descendants of Persians who fled to India after the Muslim Arab invasion of modern day Iran in the 600’s. His funeral was a Zorastrian (pre-Muslim religion of Persia) service. And Freddie Mercury was not his birth name.

    • Yes I knew that. That Parsis were/are an interesting people, their religion is very pro higher caste, White racial.

      When so many of our people are looking for Eastern philosophies, dharma, karma – I suggest they check Zororastrianism, Parsis out before any type of Islam.

      • J,Ryan ” I suggest they check Zoroastrianism, Parses out before any type of Islam……..SOUTHERN SOLDIERS, I would like too think, have enough sense, to recommend too people……..LOST people, the proper path, the ONLY PATH, too the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIGHT, you seek, you need and you can really have is thru JESUS, anything and everything else, is a DAMMED LIE and a waste of time, historical,theological study is one thing, forgiveness of sin, ETERNAL life is bought and paid for thru the BLOOD of “THE LAMB SLAIN ” The KING of the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC is no NOVELTY, HE LIVES and he has got his eyes on you JACKMAN………..

    • @Arrian…

      I only know one person who does not suffer a TV”.

      That said, many people no longer get their cues from that medium, but, from the computer.

      That said, the computer, too, is infested with balderdash.

      You have to know enough how to skate past it.

      You know, when I grew up, we all believed the TV, above the major evening broadcasters, like Walter Cronkite.

      We actually regarded them as the purveyors of decency and truth, and the arbiter of reality.

      Decades later, and you can see the effect.

      That said, many many have died without suspecting a thing.

      • “You know, when I grew up, we all believed the TV,”

        Hell, it was a god. People put in the middle of the living room, like a holy shrine.

        Even the Buddhists I’ve known don’t put their family shrines in the middle of the room, it’s off in a corner.

        • It’s true, Dear Terry, that the Internet, from the phone, is heavily manipulated, however, there still is a huge choice.

          When I grew up there were only a few TV channels, and they all voiced the same lies and distortions.

          Moreover, the TV did not report on itself, like the computer does.

          Today, a large percentage of the population, both Left & Right, has become aware of the media manipulation.

          In 1970 there was no such awareness.

          • Yes, Dear Terry, and what I like about old Black and White media is there is so much elegance, cultural solidity. (men are men, women are women, good is good and bad is bad) and, yes, of course, that I am not flooded by an endless cavalcade of non-White characters.

            After a lifetime of enjoying Hallmark movie, my wife and I ‘left’ them with Candace Cameron Bure.

            I will not be subjected to the normalizing of sexual perversion, the promotion of race-mixing, or the notion that this country is a non-White country.

            .AND Hallmark …is now dedicated to those things.

          • >1970

            “In 1970, Silverman was promoted from vice-president of program planning and development to Vice President, Programs – heading the entire program department at CBS.[1] Silverman was responsible for the “rural purge” of 1971, which eventually eliminated many popular country-oriented shows, such as Green Acres, Mayberry R.F.D., Hee Haw and The Beverly Hillbillies from the CBS schedule.”

  10. Ppl are idiots for these media idols.

    Recenty saw tickets for Taylor Swift concert, $400 to $55,000 per seat.
    Drake, 180 to 8000.

    • @Arrian…

      I cannot see why Whites would patronize Swift.

      If Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, The Scorpions, Heart, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk, Dokken, Accept, Judas Priest, Ratt, or Nazareth had been advocating anti-White causes, like she does, you can be sure I never would have patronized them, in any way..

      • Wow! You just listed most of my old LP record collection circa 1980!
        Best concert I ever went to was also in 1980, it was Def Leppard, followed by Scorpions, then Judas Priest. Heavy Metal triple bill!

    • @Tikkun…

      Yes, her voice was haunting, and, yes, we are living in the Era of The Spoiled Narcisstic Brat…

    • “She had a beautiful voice.”

      After the sound engineers did the umpteenth iteration of filtering her voice.

  11. Ivan,

    Thank you for the information. She does appear to be a tortured and confused soul.

  12. Mr.ED, the talking horse, I consider more personable than any current actor on network tv, flipper I consider more intelligent than anyone in the current administration…..

  13. Ivan,

    I thought i would leave this comment here rather than on the Traveler thread since this is a fresher article.

    It fairly recently came to my attention that sovereign colonies becoming states of the Union voluntarily could not leave the Union yet the American Federals had no problem in creating an artificial state out of Virginia called West Virginia.

    So states are not independent yet parts of states are???

    By that logic counties and cities could then secede from West Virginia or any other state not by morality or law but by Federal whim and self interest.

    In my mind this is a strong case for the Southern cause by the Federal’s own actions especially since it is the States that have authority by the Electoral College and who elects senators and congressmen.

    Catch you another time.

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