Whatifalthist: Why America Will Have Its French Revolution

Fair warning.

I don’t agree with Whatifalthist on everything. I do agree with him though on some big picture things like historical cycles, cultural demography and where current trends are headed.

Note: I have covered a lot of the same ground for over a decade here.

UPDATE: Having watched the video, I see Whatifalthist has drifted further away from the center right.


  1. We already had our French Revolution, 1860-1877. History has moved way beyond that.

    What is coming will be closer to Noah than the Grand Orient Lodge.

    In the meantime, too many are saying “”it is the Jews.” It is the Jews, of course, but numerically it is more the Masons and always has been. Freemasonry will have to be completely eliminated. Maoist style re-education camps, ten years minimum for all of them.

    • “t is more the Masons and always has been. Freemasonry will have to be completely eliminated. Maoist style re-education camps, ten years minimum for all of them.”

      What are you talking about? Freemasonry is not the problem. It’s been a national strength and an important traditional institution in America since the beginning. To our national detriment, it’s been in decline for decades, having suffered precipitous degreases in membership numbers. Freemasonry is a shadow of its former self, and has very little power in modern America.

      Many of our most important national heroes were proud Freemasons, including founding fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe, Ethan Allen, John Jay, Sam Adams, John Paul Jones, and Paul Revere.

      Confederate generals Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forest, and George Edward Pickett were Freemasons.

      Some of our best presidents were Masons, such as Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk.

      The Freemasons are a “secret” society, but all of our rituals have been disclosed to rhe public for centuries now. Masons vow to be honest men who support their nations. What do you find so objectionable about us?

  2. Hey Mister H. Wallace,,,

    I’m a Guatemalan but I appreciate your work in defense of the White people. There’s nothing wrong in loving your own people.

    God bless you and your family.

  3. Don’t kid yourself. The way to win this Second Civil Racial & Religious Holy War is through chernobyling the weak spots of the Dying ZOG, namely killing millions of ZOGlings and torturing all the Satanic regime criminals and theys’ entire families so this terrible thing doesn’t ever be done again.

    I’ve been on the front lines of this civil war for the past 30 years, had my grandchildren kidnapped and raped — the retarded six year old because he was my grandschild and I propose Biblical levels of punishment upon Modern Sodom and Gomorrah. I’ve lost my own inheritance to Bryan Reo of the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center, and had South Dakota and Ohio state and federal judges get around theys’ pretend 1st Amendment by allowing jew-mongrel lawyers pretending to be white supremacists claim that they have been “defamed” by me even mentioning theys’ past.

    In the future the old ways of torture will be used to extract the truth and the French and Russian Revolutions will look like an Easter picnic when ZOG implodes. I’ve told regime criminals that I’ll make them eat theys’ spawns nuts and sodomize theys’ daughters with a broomstick if theys own peckers ain’t up to the job. I’ve said that in kort paperwork:


    The Sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were kidnapping strangers from the caravan route from the Red Sea to Mesopotamia and bringing them in for “trial” before Amorite Canaanite jew judges. Eliazer, Abraham’s servant given to him by Nimrod was kidnapped and showed contempt of court after hitting the head jew judge with a rock. Palthiel, Lot’s righteous daughter was burnt alive for feeding and watering a kidnapped prisoner and the part about 50-10 righteous men were to overthrow the circus korts of Sodom and Gomorrah. You can read “the rest of the story” in the Book of Jasher Chapters 19-21.


    The Men of Sodom trying to cornhole Jesus Christ and the ArchAngel Michael simply confirmed theys’ death sentences. In fact Jesus Christ said that the Men od Sodom would judge harshly the men of ZOG.

    If Daniel was gelded by Nebuchadnezzar II because King Hezekiah let the Babylonians look at his palace riches, making regime criminals eat theys’ spawns’ nuts seems well in order. (2 Kings 20:13-18.) My regret is my retarded six-year-old grandson was raped his very first night in foster care and turned into a homo and rage monster and on that basis I was falsely charged with child molestation and imprisoned in a nuthouse for refusal to hire a lawyer. the case fell apart because my grandson refused to lie against me. So if Daniel got castrated because of Hezekiah showing his stuff to Babylonians why shouldn’t ZOG regime criminals get chernobyled and forced to eat theys’ spawns’ nuts and imposing an order of theocratic military dictatorships to be known as The Ten Thousand Warlords ruling over the 50,000 white people they are able to save?

    The reason the guillotine was established for industrial-sized executions that the former means of punishment such as breaking at the wheel and burnt at the stake cost too much and took to long to do properly, Time to bring back medieval justice for modern regime criminals and theys’ families.

    I bought me the very first Aryan Nations wood-chipper. I need ZOGbux to buy new blades,


    $2,75 million in 4 judgments Reversed & Remanded by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.Reo v. Lindstedt 19-cv-2103 but the State of South Dakota still gave my 1806-acre inheritance to Bryan Reo and lets Bryan Reo collect my rents of $12,400 this year and cost my sister 150,000+ and still is suing me in Lake County Ohio korts.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

    P.O. Box 666
    Granby. Missouri 64844


  4. The bright young man at the end of his presentation, offered his hope, that we take the English speaking people route and forgive the loser in this war, sure, they need the Lord’s forgiveness first, when they surrender and submit too our domination, the subject of pardon and exile, can be discussed………what goes around, comes around……….Pilgrim……….

  5. Pastor Martin, Nimrod could not have given Abraham a servant, they lived in different times. And there were no Jews at that time. There was the line of Eber, called Hebrews. That is all.

  6. People do not believe in the government or the economic system, nor do they believe the social system is equal or reasonable. I think a crisis is fairly likely, even considering how out of touch with reality many people are.

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