The Case for Donald Trump In 2024


The ghost of Rush Limbaugh chimes in on this from beyond the grave.

I agree with Dr. Hill.

The 2016 election was an electrifying roller coaster ride. I voted for Donald Trump in both the primary and general election. I voted for him mainly to demolish the conservative establishment.

The Trump presidency was a demoralizing shitshow from beginning to end which I covered for four long years. Trump voters congratulated themselves for Making America Great Again, checked out and went back to sleep. The Alt-Right cracked like an egg after Charlottesville. We were wiped out by an Iron Curtain of censorship. As president, Trump reverted to conventional conservative policies after settling into office. His major legislative accomplishments were the tax cuts and criminal justice reform. Jared Kushner was put in charge of our foreign policy. Trump’s final act was capitulating to Anthony Fauci and allowing state election laws to be changed, tweeting LAW & ORDER as cities burned and swindling millions from his supporters during Stop the Steal only to abandon them and pardon a bunch of black rappers. He endorsed people like Mitt Romney while destroying Jeff Sessions. He ran for reelection on Jexodus and the Platinum Plan.

Throughout it all, I judged Donald Trump like I would have judged any other president. The only thing I cared about was policy results and changes. I didn’t care about his scandals or impeachments which absorbed the attention of CNN and MSNBC. He could have brought the troops home from Iraq and Syria. He failed to Build the Wall. He normalized faggotry. He pandered to blacks and Hispanics while ignoring his demoralized White supporters. He picked the worst people like Mad Dog Mattis or Christopher Wray. By 2020, I was exhausted and was ready for it to be over, which is why I didn’t vote for him. You couldn’t have been more done with Donald Trump than I was in January 2021.

Lately, I have begun to reconsider my view of Donald Trump. What if the stuff which I actually cared about – immigration, foreign policy, trade policy, censorship, Southern heritage, White issues, etc. – didn’t matter all that much? What if the stuff that I DIDN’T care about – Russiagate, FBI spying, the impeachment over the phone call with Zelensky, January 6 – is what actually mattered in the long run? By the standard of a normal presidency, the former is what should have mattered. Trump ran on an agenda and largely failed to deliver it. As time moves forward though, it is increasingly clear that it is the latter – the extremes his opponents are willing to go to take him out – for which Trump will be remembered by history.

The 2024 election has a much more interesting dynamic: either Trump wins and wields state power to take revenge on all of his various enemies, OR, Biden wins by using the legal system to destroy and imprison Trump. Policy has nothing to do with this election. Settling scores is all that matters. Both sides are willing to break the glass and wield emergency powers. The Left sees Donald Trump as an existential fascist threat to Democracy. The Right sees the Left and the Deep State incarcerating Trump as an existential threat to their freedom. Given the stakes, neither side can afford to lose the election.

In the eighth year of the Trump Era, it is clear that the truly significant thing that Trump has accomplished isn’t his policy record. It is the divisions he has stoked. It is the distrust of elites and institutions that he has fueled. It is the radicalization on both sides that he has fostered. Joe Biden ran on restoring normalcy in America, but our politics are now more acrimonious than when Trump was president. Normal times when we debate policy choices are long gone. We have only traveled further into a crisis era.

Back in 2017, the Alt-Right was chomping at the bit for Trump to push through radical changes in society. Normie Republicans were relieved to be rid of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump himself never expected to win the 2016 election and scrambled to cobble together an administration. Trump only had a tenuous hold over the Republican Party. Congress was stocked with Paul Ryan types who saw his victory as a fluke that they could ride out. The political atmosphere is completely different now. Both sides are now ready for confrontation and radical change and will stop at nothing to steamroll over the opposition.

Picture the following three scenarios in 2024:

1. Ron DeSantis or someone else, not Donald Trump, wins the Republican nomination on the basis of their policy vision and practical ability to implement long overdue reforms. In normal times, DeSantis may have defeated Trump, but this looks increasingly unlikely. Voters are spoiling for a fight.

2. Trump is convicted of multiple felonies, but wins the Republican nomination only to be sent to prison where presumably he will run in the general election as Joe Biden’s opponent. Perhaps the Supreme Court intervenes and bails him out after his conviction. Trump goes on to narrowly win the general election. Does the Deep State accept a Trump victory? Is policy going to matter in this scenario?

3. Trump is convicted of multiple felonies, but wins the Republican nomination and is sent to prison. Joe Biden wins the general election. Does MAGA accept the legitimacy of Biden’s victory?

The first scenario is unlikely. The last two scenarios are about equally probable. Donald Trump isn’t going to go quietly into the night like Richard Nixon who 1.) accepted the stolen election of 1960 and 2.) resigned during Watergate. He is ready to take the whole system down like Samson.

I’m not saying go out and vote for Trump.

There are plenty of good reason not to vote for Trump. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. We’re almost certain to get a Trump vs. Biden rematch though. Political tensions are now higher than at any point since the 1860 election. The whole house of cards could come tumbling down under the stress of it all. You might want to start thinking ahead to who you would rather be in charge of the government when that happens instead of this or that policy which isn’t going to matter when hell breaks loose.

In sum, the best case for Donald Trump in 2024 is that the system simply can’t handle the political stress that he is uniquely capable of causing. It is also frightening to think about Trump’s deranged opponents being empowered by a crisis in which they are unshackled by the limits of the Constitution. Think of the Radical Republicans and how they were empowered during the War Between the States and the use that they made of the crisis in the Reconstruction era.


  1. I just don’t see Trump getting back to the White House. The whole deep state is against him. Even if he wins , TPTB will stop the vote counting at midnight & find enough mail in ballots in enough battleground States’ districts to make him lose.
    If I’m wrong & he does get back in , the Judeo -Left will unleash hell on earth, & make the BLM riots look like a picnic.
    As far as a civil war or national divorce – the only way I can see this happening is if
    1. There is a major economic meltdown & the average white person has nothing more to lose.
    2. The US government enters a war against a capable opponent & is roundly defeated. US cities are bombed to dust , which causes number 1 to happen.

    • ” . . . US cities are bombed to dust . . . “

      Ironically, most U.S. cities look that way now without a bomb being dropped. The so-called “Civil Rights (sic)” legislation and later de-industrialization policies starting with Pres. Reagan combined with Third World migration did the trick. Places like Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Indianapolis etc. look like scenes from Dante’s Inferno with cities like San Francisco and Portland recently joining that disreputable list.

      NYC now proudly sports the title not only of “Sanctuary City” but also one of the most diverse shitholes in the country with the White population down to about %30. Wogs from all over the world are living large on the sidewalks outside the Roosevelt Hotel which is ground zero for the ‘New Americans’ from south of the border to check in when enjoying the blessings of liberty and democracy. Perhaps National Review and the WSJ should sign them up for subscriptions as the Democrats register them to vote next year.

      Everyone knows “All Men are created Equal” and inside every raging colored person is a natural conservative just waiting to join the Republican Party and read the latest shit from David French. With their entrepreneurial spirit they will be starting small businesses and sending money back home to bring in more wogs contributing to the vibrancy and nasty smell of filthy NYC. MTG had a few choice words on that subject recently.

      Too bad their entrepreneurial spirit is geared toward businesses like drug dealing and prostitution but hey, everyone has got to make a living somehow. Hmmm, I wonder what the wogs will do when the temperature drops down to 50, 40, 30 deg. F. this Autumn. Perhaps the Usual Suspects will invite them into to their spacious homes to share some of that diversity up close.

  2. All I know is that I don’t approve of almost 10 million illegal aliens crossing our border in just 3 short years. I don’t approve of the over-reaching surveillance state watching and documenting my every move online. I don’t approve of our institutions being emboldened with Marxist garbage such as man-made climate change, gender fluidity, post-colonial theory, critical race theory, and “equity”. I don’t approve of “Bidenomics” which is really just about high interest rates, high spending, high taxes, and unreasonable regulations. I don’t approve of the huge spike in fentanyl, meth, and other drugs being funneled into our country. I don’t approve in the increase of human trafficking, violent crime, and theft under Biden’s watch. I don’t approve of pro-life and anti-CRT parents being investigated, harassed, intimidated, and arrested by the FBI. I don’t approve of “gender affirming care” for minors… I don’t approve of this quagmire in Ukraine and funneling endless billions to foment this endless war. I don’t approve of Biden’s inability to speak or inability to form complete sentences.

    As far as I’m concerned a vote for Trump is a vote against all of that. That’s good enough for me. I won’t be wasting my vote on a third party because that’s basically a vote for Biden and the status quo. I would rather someone more eloquent and nuanced than Trump have the Republican nomination, but Trump is the only one who fires up the base to vote.

    I would rather have Gavin Newsom become president. Newsom is a liberal but at least he’s sharp and willing to engage with the other side in good faith, something other liberals won’t do. Biden is just a petulant child where it’s either his way or the highway. He never wants to negotiate or debate with the other side.

    Plus Gavin Newsom is sane, watch this interview:

    • @New England…

      At your behest, I watched this interview.

      Yes, Governor Newsom is very lucid, and, maybe he would be better than Biden, though, better than Biden is not saying much.

      The only ones I’ve seen in the Democrat Party, in recent years, I could support, or think redeeming is either Tulsi Gabbard or RFK JR.

      The rest are all for running your life in the name of the environment, White Replacement, and or systemically telling your children that, if they happen to think themselves a mistake, at age 8, then they could, without their parents’ permission, have themselves vivisected.

      Oh, and, yes, The Democrats are insanely in love with war.

      As to the rest fo your analysis, I could not disagree with a word of that.

      • The demographic change in California over the last sixty years is why creatures like Gavin Newsom have political careers. The wogs in California always vote Democrat no matter who is on the ticket, even an idiot White guy who demonstrably makes their lives worse like Gavin Newsom. They believe they are casting an anti-White vote by voting Democrat (which they are) but it’s like burning down your house because it has an ugly paint job. Gavin Newsom is expert at politics and getting elected as he drives the state further into the gutter.

        Demography is destiny and California first then the rest of the country is going Third World. That is what Trump should be campaigning against, that is ultimately the big issue.

    • I just want to add that I do not think Gavin Newsom would make a good president but I think he would be miles ahead of Joe Biden. But just about anyone is better than Joe Biden or Obama, since Joe Biden is Obama’s third term. There is no such thing as a trustable democrat except maybe RFK Jr.

      I think Newsom would be weak on the border, but probably not as bad as Biden. He would be terrible for the second amendment and soft on crime and homelessness. He would probably burden us with regulations and become a typical tax and spend liberal.

  3. Just read that comrade Barr says of course he would testify against Trump, this was stated on one of those meet the depressed Sunday shows.
    Deep State rats are the slime.

  4. Barring unforeseen circumstances or some sort of Black Swan event, I’m not going to vote in the 2024 election. This whole Trump shitshow and the weaponization of the justice system by the Brandon administration is entertaining, but at the end of the day, from a WN or ProWhite perspective, it’s not our fight.

    Sure, if Biden wins reelection in 2024, the dorks and nerds who write his speeches and administrate the libtard agenda will probably go after conservative normies, but you know what? Where were they when White Nationalists were genuinely persecuted in August 2017? Where were they when Randy Weaver was tormented by the feds in the summer 1992? What position did they take on the 1964 Civil Rights Act or the 1968 Fair Housing Act or the 1971 Disparate Impact decision? How do they feel, at a gut level, about their daughters miscegenating with ugly faced, dark skinned males?

    It’s not our job to protect normie Republican voters. We tried to convince them to take their own side, and they rejected it. Speaking for myself, I’ve got a grudge against them for that. They can fight their own fight when Brandon and his goons come after them for…opposing abortion and homos and trannies. Until they start fighting to overturn the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act and forcefully repatriate every single descendant of nonwhite immigrants given “citizenship” under that resentful law, then they haven’t crossed the rubicon, and they aren’t worth allying with.

    To be clear, I haven’t changed my mind on libtards. They can’t be changed or converted either. For WNs or ProWhites to win, we’re going to have to become our own Elite-In-Waiting. It finally clicked for me why the CIA and FBI listed us as the No.1 “Domestic Terrorism” threat: It has nothing to do with literal acts of domestic terror like Oklahoma City or El Paso or Pittsburgh. It has everything to do with the fact that we are, by far, the No.1 domestic opposition to their power, and to their “Right to Rule.” Conservatives don’t actually reject the legitimacy of the post-1945 Order. We do. We alone do. And the intel agencies know it. Hell, it’s their job to know it.

    Our ideology is irresistible and is based on reality. Once we figure out the Morality Question and the Values Question, our ideology will also finally have a spiritual foundation and will become inevitable. Conservatives have their ideology, and libtards have theirs. We will win in the long run, because their ideologies are derivative of morals and values that were invented for them by Jewish philosophers and con artists, but we won’t win by playing modern politics and worrying ourselves over turf wars between two opposing antiracist gentile factions, no matter how large and powerful those factions are.

    From where I stand in August 2023, it doesn’t matter who wins the 2024 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Whether this changes is contingent on whether Trump and his base swallow their pride and ego by rejecting antiracism and embracing a full throated defense of their own race. I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Newsom is just another Roman Catholic politician like the Bidens, Pelosi, Durbin, Gillibrand, Casey, McCarthy, Christie or any of these other Catholics.

    I’m tired of these Catholic politicians, all of them. I don’t believe the crazy Catholic cult things that the Catholics do—all of which are either corrupt, lies or illogical! I don’t have to name them for you. Don’t expect me to vote for any Catholic politicians. If Jack and Teddy Kennedy come down on a cloud from heaven, don’t expect me to vote for them.

    Trump is a Protestant. His father was a Lutheran. His mother was a Presbyterian. His serious opposition is from Roman Catholics, be it Biden, Newsom or another Catholic.

    • And all of Zion Don’s children have been or are currently married to jews with the exception of Baron.

      Trump is definitely a protestant. It’s obvious by his shameless philosemitism, zionism, and he and his father Fred being tighter with NYC jews than two coats of paint. Does the homosexual financial criminal Roy Cohn (Zion Don’s mentor) ring any bells for you Rabbi Watson? What about his presidential pardons of jews convicted of a variety of crimes? That’s you guy, eh?

      Those Catholics you mentioned, and other like them deserve and have earned a long stretch in the penal system or worse.

      Remember what is said about people that live in glass houses.

  6. The third option is an inflight between two different variations of capitalism. I agree that Trump doesn’t deserve a second chance but life isn’t fair, he appears to be getting a second chance. I think what is needed is a purge in the Democratic party, to get rid of people who don’t go far enough on economics. Trump is less inconvenient to me because Yang and Sanders haven’t taken over the Democratic Party and Biden isn’t willing to make major economic reforms. My real question is whether a Trump victory would radicalize the Yang/Sanders wing of the party, or the Biden/Obama wing of the Party. If it would radicalize the Yang/Sanders Wing, I would take it.

  7. I agree with all of these analytical comments by Dr. Hill.

    I think that, deep down inside, most people know this, but, are unwilling to bring it up so clearly as Dr. Hill, because they are simply scared of the unknown.

    I think fear of the unknown is now the principle bulwark against putting the country into a new/olde frame.

    How long this sole bulwark against fundamental reform lasts is unknown to me, though, with one half of the country unable to accept the other half’s idea of reality, it’s hard to see getting through another decade like this.

  8. “Think of the Radical Republicans and how they were empowered during the War Between the States and the use that they made of the crisis in the Reconstruction era.”

    It is a worthy contemplation.

    That said, I’ll say this : 2020 was the worst year for this country since 1865, and it’s hard to see anything being worse than cities burning, monuments being destroyed, lockdowns, fake vote counts, being forced to wear masks, or being constantly pressured to take poison vaccines.

    We’re already long into the middle of a civil war. It’s just that civil war, nowadays, takes place in a way that makes it a little difficult to recognize as such.

    It is a civil war, nonetheless, and it’s been that way since 2015, when then Candidate Trump came down the escalator and announced his election, accompanied by critical thoughts about Latin illegals.

  9. A Trump victory, if it’s possible as the Dems will probably rig the election, is the only situation where National Divorce or Civil War have a chance to occur. The Left has to be the spark that lights the whole thing aflame, the Right does not have the power or permission to act on the offensive that the Left does.

    However a Civil War would be one where the Left loses. Not because of the number of guns or the number of gym bros but because they have become so insufferable and so unsympathetic to large swathes of the population they’d have a hard time mobilizing young working class men of any race to die for their crusade to keep the Right married to their States. Suburban soccer moms aren’t going to go to the front lines to defend the status quo, meanwhile millions of desperate young men with nothing to lose would love to have a chance to kick these guys out of their domains permanently.

    They can’t even reliably bring in NATO soldiers as not only are they less prepared and under-equipped due to sending a chunk of their stuff to Ukraine, but because Russia or China might get involved on the side of the Right to end the American world order (in China’s case more material than martial).

    Next year could be the beginning of the end.

    • “…However a Civil War would be one where the Left loses…”

      You don’t know that. I fear differently and that if we lose they will massacre us. I believe they would do the same as they did in Russia.

      If there is a civil war and they control the air power and the ports they could stop us from getting anything in or out. Like Ukraine they could make it where anything that moved would be attacked. Likely they would have huge, stupendous, massive armies of aliens come in from all over. They would have backing from many other countries. They could even promise large portion of the country to Chinese settlers if they defeat us. We would be genocided. They would use the coast and ports to move into into the central States and murder us in the most brutal fashion.

      Most people are not thinking about the strategic and supply aspects of a civil war but I damn sure bet they are.

      You should look more into what’s happening in Ukraine. You people who think it’s all about rifles and shooting at people haven’t the slightest notion of what would go down. We could be starved to death, like the Ukrainians were when the USSR was run by the Jews.

      This is a big reason I blather on so much about trying to use the laws we have to take control of them. A civil war would be disastrous. Even if we win what will we do with these people? And us winning, I place the odds very low. They will have support from the majority of the world and we will not. How did that work out last time?

      If we are going to win we will have to go very hard, very fast before they can block off supplies and we will have to very ruthless. Much more than I think we would be inclined to do. And if we did not do this, we would lose. Because they will not give us any slack at all. If they control most of the air force and the navy and we did not win right away, like less than 6 months, then we would almost surely lose. The odds are very high that the air force and the navy will side with the federal government Even if it’s an illegal one as we have now.

  10. I’m not always a fan of right-wing politicians because they’re…..POLITICIANS…… but if the choice is between the “right” and the left (especially the woke left) i will always choose the right. I did the same reasoning when i went to vote.

  11. I love how everyone just ignores that fact that U.S. Presidential elections are rigged, and continues to blather on about “strategies” as if voting was real.

    It’s like watching little children argue about who should command the Moonbase after their backyard rocketship arrives on the Moon.

    • I didn’t say anything about voting.

      Even if no one here votes for Trump, he will cruise through the primary. The 2024 election will still take place and the outcome will be either Trump or Biden in control with one aide screaming fraud or the end of democracy and it spirals from there

  12. Commander Hill, hit the nail square on the
    head and told it too us straight…….the RINO Lincolnites, and the satanist, see him as the WHITE boy candidate, ok……that being said, we can do something here, if MR.Trump, will embrace his ” Inner DIRTY WHITE BOY ” I for one, certain conditions being met, If Mr.Trump will be HONEST and STRAIGHT with us, ” We The People” will back him and protect him, President Trump is not a politician by trade, is not a Historian, theologian and certainly no Intellectual, that’s ok, we have other people to counsel him on that, we want him, to do what at heart, what he is best suited for, Hanging Tough, embrace your Inner ” Dirty White BoyPresident Trump, don’t play no f’in games with us, be honest and straight, we will back you and protect you, we know we got a fight coming, with these DEMONIAC’S, I HOPE he will listen too us, the people, Commander Hill, J.Edward’s and of course, The Host of this site, hell, their is commentator’s on this site, would, will give him better advice, than what he has had so far, So let us all endeavor, too embrace our inner ” DIRTY WHITE BOY ” along with President Trump and ” WHIP SOME ASS “……..

  13. You can see how this is developing. More and more people are getting behind Trump. When Trump ultimately loses, think e-voting, the fraud in the elector system is going to obvious to everybody. What then??

    • I’m worried about an either / or scenario that explodes into open conflict no matter who wins

      • What kind of conflict? One side is on blood pressure, beta blockers, blood thinners and diabetes meds and gets around on mobility scooters, the other on weed, meth, fentanyl and various psychiatric meds.

        Once prescription drug supply chain breaks down, one side begins dropping dead and the other side freaks out and commits suicide or remains spaced out on their weed and illegal drugs.

  14. He failed to Build the Wall.

    Bismarck once said that the United States of America was blessed to be surrounded on two sides by weak and friendly neighbors and on the other two sides by fish.

    Trump, or rather, Stephen Miller, actually did build the wall.

    Mexico was the wall.

    Using Mexico as a buffer state.

    A concept that Americans have a hard time understanding.

  15. Will the Revenge Tour end in Secession? That’s about all I can hope for, at this point.

    Having moved to the South for work almost a decade ago, I was back in the Upper Midwest this summer for Family- first time in years. Time away from SODOM and GOMORRAH on the Mississippi (Twin Cities) made me realize that I have to let ‘the dead bury the dead.’ Overt Muslim Prayer calls in the streets of the Minne-Apple, and a governor (Walz) that is as desirous of trannifying children as the most disgusting Drag Queen, left me visibly and emotionally ill, after only a week. I CANNOT GO BACK THERE.

    God’s wrath must fall on us all. But somehow, I feel that at least here in the South, apart from perverted cosmopolitan areas like Nashville, Asheville, Atlanta, etc. (hotbeds of apostate liberals and ‘genteel’ hippies) there is a spirit of Christian love and understanding, that at least acknowledges that the darkies are only here on sufferance….. but they all seem to be Baptist, and thus, prone to err in Dispensational heresies…. but no place is perfect.

    But secession? There is enough anger stoked here (and Confederate flags from West Virginia to the intersection of I-4 and another freeway in Florida), that was totally absent in Lake Woebegon- such that I think we might live through CWII here, rather than in George Floydlandia…. But what I DO know, is that God is not mocked, and we are deserving of anything that falls on us. May the Good Lord smite the antichrists, and save His People.

  16. Dr. Hill is presenting a false dichotomy.

    There is a third option that is more likely, as both of the options posited by Dr. Hill (National Divorce or Civil War) require far more unity and shared understanding of mutual interests on both sides to even begin to bring those ends about in any meaningful or definable way.

    Even on the Left, the moment they run out of other people’s money to steal and redistribute to the beggars and thieves that comprise their coalition of monsters they will shatter into internecine conflict and disintegrate.

    On the Right, the same is true when the money runs out the establishment and business interests will flee to their financial sanctuaries leaving ruin behind them. Beyond this, there is still no shared worldview or identity, with individualist libertarianism still being the order of the day, everyone will scatter into their holes and take whatever isn’t nailed down into their holes to wait out the storm.

    For a war, you need some semblance of parties to the conflict and a shared goal. We just don’t have that. For a divorce, you need the same and its just not there.

    No, the third option is the more likely and its the one we are on a course for whether we acknowledge it or not, and that is the inevitable balkanization that will occur only AFTER what is currently our empire and its institutions of control, including the fake and gay two party system have fallen apart, leaving no other choice but reorganization at a simpler level, or third world tier oblivion.

    There is too much wealth and resources for whats left of our empire to slip into oblivion, so its remnants will reorganize into former components like Rome, the Ottomans, British (from whence our Republic was born in the first place) or the USSR did. Fragmented and less powerful than the whole was perhaps, but ordered at a more local level into new systems that better represent the respective regional interests of the truly diverse populations of this continent.

    A national divorce, done deliberately and forcefully would be preferable to the above. A civil war if we must. But these are not likely outcomes. Nobody cares enough about whats left of the empire to fight for it either way and its coming apart a piece at a time already under the relentless looting of the monsters that run it.

    Until I see anything that leads me to conclude otherwise, I’ll pull the lever for whoever will cause the most damage to this odious edifice of hubris that is our queer empire of lies and dead babies. Right now that is undeniably Trump.

    There’s not a snowballs chance in hell of him reforming this thing. They will kill him first before they let him truly take control as a president. If thats what it takes to shatter this intolerable indecisiveness that has taken hold of Whitey, then so be it. Crucify him, and I’ll wash my hands like Pilate. Its not my problem.
    I’m an unwilling subject to this shambling corpse of an empire anyway and I will not serve it any more or longer than I have to.

    If Whitey gets his balls back, I’ll be there to the bitter end, and maybe we can carve out something new thats worth fighting over in the first place. If not, ours won’t be the first failed civilization to lapse into obscurity.

    This is THE organic and natural course of history and it is neither good nor bad or a reason for despair. Its the same challenge to rise to the occassion, or die, as all creatures face in this endless struggle for life and legacy.

    Its OPPORTUNITY! and we will either seize it or we won’t.

    If we want clarity in this time of chaos, we have to start by understanding and speaking the whole naked truth about the stakes and consequences of our action or inaction.

    It would help to have leaders with the wisdom to not kiss the forest for the trees in even this most basic challenge of leadership.

    Clear vision, then courage to decide and stay a course once determined.

    We don’t have that. Anywhere. No great leaders. No prophets, no kings, no heros and no god. Not even a flag to rally to.

    There can be no civil war, no divorce where there isn’t even a common understanding that we are one people divided irreparably. We don’t even agree on that.

    • @Ironic…

      There is a lot of wisdom in your analysis.

      As to your crux, it, I suspect, is no more likely, than the options listed by Dr. Hill.

      Yes, there is no common understanding anymore, which is an impediment, for sure. However, revolutions and civil wars are not launched by two sides of 50% in complete harmony and accord with each other, but, by smaller and fragmented parties.

      Case in point?

      Both the American Revolution and The War Between The States had divided populaces, with, as the historians commonly posit it, only approximately a 1/3 of the population on the rebelling side was in favour of that.

      It only take a determined minority, and, at this point, even a small minority, such as the Portland and Seattle Communists, could comprise that.

      This time in history is not going to leave either this country, or The West, as a whole, with it’s current political boundaries or institutions.

      The Nation Period’, as college professors like to dub the mid 19th century, wherein huge countries were conglomerated our of the smaller, has been a general failure, and, I suspect, will come to it’s end in the coming decade, or two.

      The way thing were, in the early 19th century, were much more in accord with the reality of how things are.

      Germany and Italy will go back to numerous states, as will this country.

      In fact, many states in this country will be redrawn, so that, by the year 2050, the map we have today will seem bizarre.l.

    • “…For a war, you need some semblance of parties to the conflict and a shared goal. We just don’t have that. For a divorce, you need the same and its just not there….”

      I don’t see this happening because White people do not run country, the Jews do. Biden doesn’t run anything. I suspect he is barely coherent much of the time. The Jews run all of it and it is in their best interest to start a civil war, JUST EXACTLY LIKE UKRAINE, and kill as many of us off as they can. The Jews are slowly losing power and their behavior is becoming more known because of the internet. They don’t care how many people have to be killed to control us. And they run this country.

  17. If a man lies to you several thousand times it is inexplicable that now someone would begin to think now he is honest, now he is being straight with us. But that is how Americans are, inveterate hero worshipers, as Mandell House rightly said.

  18. You guys are all being played, left and right.
    There is no war between ‘nationalists’ and ‘communists’.
    Trump is just another Kosher conservative like Reagan, HW and W.
    And other than adding a T to LGB, it’s the same ol’ left it always was.
    AOC and Bernie aren’t really socialists, not even close, 99% of the time they vote the way Pelosi wants them to.
    This is all political theatre, America is not a democracy, the criminal oligarchs (who’re crony capitalists, not communists) who bribe and blackmail both sides aren’t at war with each other over trans, or Roe V Wade.
    They know Americans left, right and center are angrier these days because they’re getting poorer, so they are channeling some of their anger into hating their neighbor, that’s all this is.
    There will be no civil war, but even if there was one, it would be between Reaganite conservatives vs Clinton liberals, are you ready to fight and die for Reaganism?
    You’d have to be really stupid, but okay.

    • “…Trump is just another Kosher conservative like Reagan, HW and W….”

      This may be true but if Trump runs and they either steal the election or he gets in and nothing happens it will be the final nail in the coffin. We and everyone will know. There will be no way to pretend that the government is anything but illegitimate. Now we know this now but many are undecided. They will know. To defeat Trump will require mass cheating on a huge scale. Far larger than the last. It will be obvious to even the most foolish.

  19. Look what happened to Huey Long and the Kennedys.
    That’s what happens to politicians who step out of line.
    They bribe and blackmail both sides.
    They make them an offer they can’t refuse.
    There is no populist hero looking out for you up there on the right or the left.
    The corporate elite aren’t Marxists, nor are they fascists.
    So pick your clown, pick your WWE wrestler.

  20. Mr. Wallace, if you believe Trump has even a half chance of winning in 2024, you’re nuts.

  21. Trump can’t win. In the One Per Cent chance of him winning, Trump would be a 78-year old lame duck. He’s always said and done stupid things. Still doing so. Somebody like Scott would probably be his running mate.

    Trump is a political Dead End. That he’s “running even” with Biden in the polls means Trump is relatively weak, not strong. The inevitable Trump defeat in 2024 will not “blow up” the system, but will make it stronger.

    • @David…

      I respectfully disagree that President Trump is ‘a dead end’, because this coming 2024 election is not about Trump or Biden, but about the system, and how The American People are going to react to how the power elite run that system.

      As such, President Trump has great value, as he acts as a catalyst for all these things which have needed doing since a long time ago..

  22. Occidental Dissent doesn’t need to make a case for Trump. It needs to make a case for staying in this country and participating in (and caring about) democracy and the petty political theater surrounding it, in the first place.

    Liquefy your assets, pull up stakes, and get out. I have no boomer-tier romantic ideas about fighting for this country. At best a few of you are neutral towards me; the majority of Americans hate me. Why would I risk anything for any of them?

    Civil War? Because why, though?

    I can succeed right now, for little to no cost or risk…

    • Trump will win the nomination.

      He will almost certainly be convicted.

      The 2024 election is going to be a shitshow and neither side is capable of acknowledging the other side won.

      I didn’t say anyone should vote for Trump or fight for Trump. Even if I did what I did in 2020, which was to just watch the spectacle and write about it (I didn’t vote), it is still going to end the same way although this time it seems much more likely to boil over. You are right it makes sense to be somewhere else when that happens.

  23. There are too many poor people, thanks to Reaganomics and neo-liberalism, you cut jobs and food assistance which I think is going to happen the people in power are going to have to answer to an angry mob. And they are still talking about cutting entitlements, people are not going to stand for that.

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