Normal Times

We don’t live in normal times anymore.

The world that I grew up in during the 1980s and 1990s has vanished. The world of the 2000s in which I formed my radical political views also now feels like a distant memory. Sure, there was Waco and Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City bombing, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Bush v. Gore and 9/11 in that period, but none of it seemed to rock the foundations of society. George W. Bush exhorted the nation to go shopping as the War on Terror got underway. The public mood was complacency. I recall William Pierce in his last years railing about the yawning indifference of Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccermom.

Do you remember the bland politicians of that era? It was a drifting country that nominated George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole, Al Gore and John Kerry. I remember Limp Bizkit, Britney Spears, Eminem and boy bands like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC setting the tone of popular culture. Aside from being disgusted with George W. Bush and posting on online forums, my most vivid memories of that era are things like Spring Break in Florida, going to football games, grilling and chilling, getting drunk with friends. It seemed like nothing much mattered. The public couldn’t be moved to really care about anything.

Around 2009/2010, I remember going to the Tea Party rallies and getting the sense that something was brewing in the early years of the Obama presidency. I was writing about Glenn Beck.

Unlike Auster, I’m starting to believe from what I saw of Glenn Beck that he is indeed fomenting and leading a genuine MARs movement of Banal White Nationalists. His audience definitely has a self-image of being an “exploited and dispossessed group” (outsiders not insiders). They really do feel “ignored or ridiculed” by what Beck derisively calls the “fringe media.” They’re almost exclusively White working and middle class voters. They feel threatened by Obama’s redistributionist policies. The photos circulating from the 9/12 protest reveal a definite undercurrent of racial and cultural anxiety in the demonstrators.

Judging from Beck’s antics on television, his audience has a banal (not explicit) level of racial consciousness. At least this time, the charge of ‘racism’ from the Left is not without merit. Beck’s followers certainly don’t think of themselves as ‘racists’, but they share an implicit whiteness and nurse racial resentments like White Nationalists. It is mature enough at this stage for them to conceive of elite liberals and progressives as ‘the Other’. They have a dim, unarticulated understanding that they are “losing their country” and are starting to get angry about it. A significant number of them feel betrayed by both political parties.

I plan on tuning into Beck’s show more often to see whether or not this is just a mistaken first impression. Maybe I’m reading to much into the tea leaves here. I have a very dismissive view of conservatives and seriously doubt anything will come of this, but these signs of growing radicalization are encouraging nevertheless.

In retrospect, the temperature of our politics was beginning to heat up about 14 years ago under the then placid surface of the Tea Party. John McCain had recently lost the 2008 election. The GOP nominated another center-right loser in Mitt Romney in 2012 who was the last of his kind.

By Obama’s second term, we were beginning to have major BLM race riots like in Ferguson and Baltimore. Trump burst onto the political scene. The Alt-Right began to take off like a meteor. Trump ended up winning the 2016 election and it shook the political establishment to its core. The man who we saw as a moderate civic nationalist was seen by these people as an existential threat to Our Democracy.

In 2017, Donald Trump settled into the White House and attempted to govern as a normal conservative president. He launched missile strikes on Syria after Assad “gassed his own people.” He fired General Flynn. He embraced Paul Ryan’s agenda of repealing Obamacare and tax cuts. He hired people like Mad Dog Mattis. He even later hired John Bolton. Trump galloped away from the radicalism of his insurgent campaign which infuriated the Alt-Right. Trump was content to be in power. The thing that mattered to Trump was the fame and glory of holding the office, not wielding power to bring about transformative change. He surrounded himself with sycophants who flattered and manipulated him.

The Alt-Right, too, continued to act like nothing much had changed. Trump had won the election fair and square with a narrow Electoral College victory. We judged him on the basis of his campaign promises. We didn’t care about the gathering storm of scandals. This blindness to how radically things had changed after Trump’s victory is why Charlottesville happened. In normal times, it shouldn’t have been a problem to hold a tense free speech rally in a leftwing hothouse like Charlottesville. The police should have done their jobs and maintained order. The governor shouldn’t have conspired to deny us our civil rights. By that point though, we had exited normal times and the usual rules were being bent and broken. A federal court order which restored our permit to hold the rally meant nothing on the ground.

I recall a memorable quote from Jeff Schoep after Charlottesville where he said something to the effect that he had been holding his little Nazi rallies with the NSM for 20 years and he had been all over the country and had never seen anything like what happened in Charlottesville. There was no precedent for it. After Charlottesville, we held the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville with helicopters in the air, barricades, metal detectors and snipers on rooftops. The charged atmosphere couldn’t have been more different from the event we had held there just four years before. In the online world, I was booted off PayPal and countless other payment processors, banned from Twitter and Facebook and wiped out on social media. The normal rules no longer applied to us. Trump himself was ultimately banned from social media and indicted under a conspiracy charge under the Ku Klux Klan act.

In the years that followed, we saw time and again a tendency by the political establishment to take reckless, sweeping actions to bypass old norms or to break the rules. Donald Trump was impeached twice. There was the “racial reckoning” of 2020 when Kamala Harris was using her Twitter account to raise bail money for rioters. COVID turned the world upside down in all sorts of ways. There was 1/6 and the draconian crackdown that followed. All of Trump’s closest associates from the 2016 campaign have been put through the ringer and prosecuted and punished for assisting him in his victory. Trump himself is now facing over 75 felony charges and 450 years in prison. The mood has shifted from complacency to militancy. We are not drifting through history now so much as spiraling toward conflict.

Now, if you are thinking about attending a political rally, you have to ask yourself questions like … will I be charged with conspiracy or sued under the Ku Klux Klan Act for expressing my views in the public square? Will the police turn against me? Does this jurisdiction have a progressive prosecutor? Maybe you are just a normal person like Daniel Penny. You now have to navigate life through parts of the country where criminals are glorified and law abiding people are punished for defending others. The norms of a bygone age have receded into the rearview mirror. Mainstream politics is now BOILING, not BORING. The days when Chris Matthews and Tim Russert covered politics on MSNBC are long gone. Watch the clips above. It is non-stop, apocalyptic, breathless hysteria from the liberal establishment.

If you are considering running for office, you have to ask yourself questions like how will the intelligence community or law enforcement be weaponized against me? Is it worth the risk? How will I be punished for supporting or voting for the wrong political party? Will the country descend into violence if the candidate I support wins the presidential election? The stakes are so much higher now. Engaging in the normal political process even if you are just shit posting online has been criminalized. Ask Ricky Vaughn.

Where is this going? It feels like a fever dream which is just getting worse which each passing year. No one is calming down. We aren’t going back to, say, Bob Dole type elections or the lazy culture of the 90s and 00s where you could just tune out of the spectacle and trust that everything that would be ok.


  1. Never underestimate the gravity of the status quo.

    Things will carry on as usual right up til the moment the wheels come off this bitch and we tear ass up the ramp like dukes of hazzard with the pedal pushed flat. Like that crazy bastard riding the bomb at the end of doctor strangelove, what else can we do but say yahoo and hang on for the ride and the lulz.

    Once thats done, maybe then we can get serious and carve out some White spaces again.

    In the meantime, I remember all the events you note from my lifetime in the late 80’s forward, and I’ve always felt like the last shoe was gonna drop off the camels back or whatever. Here we are though. Still grabbing the fence.

    Any minute now HW. Any minute.

  2. Do you remember being a young man, full of piss and vinegar, ready to take on the world, only to quickly change your tune when you got a fist to the jaw and realized you weren’t as indestructible as you had been led to believe?

    Those That Be haven’t gotten clocked yet, and they still believe they are indestructible.

    • Agree of disagree Christ killer? Freedom of navigation, if American warships are free to roam the Taiwan Straits then so too are Russian and Chinese warship free to roam the Aleutians? Where is the shvartza and all them Irish general defending Russian and Chinese freedom of navigation? Are they all out stocking up on adult diapers?

  3. Al Sharpton: “Don’t side with King George.”

    So, do start an event that official public parlance on the Island still to this day refers to as rebellion, insurrection and secession?

    • Trump is like King George III and the Confederates.

      That is just one example of the hysteria on CNN and MSNBC. Again, it is like a fever dream. These people have lost their minds.

  4. The rot went into overdrive with Slick Willie and the inevitable pantsuit princess.
    She of the so unlikeable status, a fixed election was unwinnable as she stumbled in her “historic” slipper on a hot NYC day.
    The Derp State declared WAR when Trump uttered the phrase…a transfer of power back to the people on a cold January day in the swamp of imperial corruption.

  5. Brad i like when you do these kind of articles on your blog, i mean these articles which mix analysis/nostalgia for the past (i think a lot of us have it) and reasonment about the present and future. I agree totally with you, i said on this blog many times that all started after 2008/2010. In USA obiouvsly but also in other parts of western world. After 2010 the left became more radical, it started the woke persecution that gradually has come to our days. I was born in the 90’s and i’ve a sister and a brother born in 1980 and 1982, so i have witnesses of that time (in my coutry obiouvsly). My opinion is that in 80’s and 90’s people care less about politic, as you said they were interested in watch football and sports on television or at stadium, watch tv series/movies, go in a pub to drink a beer with friends, work, etc… THEN we reached the years afrter 2010 until today….. the year of LGBTQ obsession, Race obsession, cancel culture obsession, cultural marxism fanatism and other bad things. The Covid also change things because it was a big event in the history of the entire world, even if i didn’t care too much. Now the Covid is not on media anymore and it has returned the LGBTQ/gender obsession with also the climate change and just stop oil mad. I’ve nostalgia of times when people where less mad and fredoom of expression was still allowed.

  6. You can mostly blame Obama (with some blame on George W. Bush) for what I call the Liberal New World Order Police State. Obama is the one who weaponized and politicized intelligence agencies and law enforcement against the civilian right. That legacy lives on to this very day. Obama was also a much bigger war monger than Bush, he destabilized and brought war to Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and Libya. Obama had Islamist insurgents on the federal payroll being guided by America’s intelligence communities to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad. Not only did Obama bring war to those 4 countries but he sent drones all over the middle east bombing wedding and funeral ceremonies, causing radicalization of the entire Middle East. Remember it wasn’t until we had Trump when we finally defeated ISIS. The Obama doctrine of “soft power” is really just using America’s intelligence agencies to foment civil unrest and civil war in other countries like Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and Libya, and in most cases having Islamists on the CIA payroll like the Muslim Brotherhood and the different varieties of ISIS.

    Back at home, Obama chipped away at our civil liberties through executive orders and regulations. The collusion between big tech and intelligence agencies occurred under Barrack Hussein Obama. The mainstream media had a love fest with Obama, carrying out his every social, geo-political, and civic desire through a giant mega-phone. All this gay shit started under Obama, if Obama had never pushed the Globo-Homo agenda so hard, we probably wouldn’t be dealing with all this tranny shit today. To this very day, I believe it is a mistake of the Supreme Court to enshrine gay marriage as law of the land. Our grandfathers and founding fathers must be rolling in their graves. Had they had known it would lead up to that, I am confident that our forefathers would have taken different measures in the past. Obama also got big business to back up the Liberal New World Order Police State, if you would have told me 20 years ago that every big business would be hanging gay flags and Black Lives Matter slogans all over the place and have “equity officers” whose sole job is to make sure their company is the least White, Male, and Straight as possible I would have called you nuts.

    That is why I call the Biden Administration to be Obama’s third term. Obama may not be pulling every decision going on at the White House, but Obama’s people are with Biden and they operate on the Obama doctrine. The Obama doctrine is an over-reaching liberal police surveillance state which destabilizes nations by fomenting civil strife (such as Ukraine), a collusion of intelligence agencies with civilian institutions and big tech, woke big business, and a never ending echo chamber in the media to be as far left as possible on every issue whether it be killing energy with climate change garbage, accusing every conservative of being a White supremacist, weaponizing intelligence agencies, the department of justice, FBI, and IRS against the right, etc.

    • Obama is filth but Obama was just a place-holder and a symbol for the kikes.

      Trump’s presidency could be seen as “time to keep Russia from grabbing Ukraine while we build their army.” And a pretext for cracking down on us. Trump granted some clemency to some of the Bundy Ranchers. He was onboard with the censorship of his supporters. He was rabidly pro-vax and pro-kike war. He provided the provocation, then would stand down completely for the extreme reaction. His abandonment of the Capitol tourists was an act of cowardice that may seal his fate.

  7. ” Trump is like king.George lll and the confederates ” Trump is Trump, They are afraid of the CONFEDERACY/SOUTHERN REPUBLIC, Our time has come, we are the only ones, who believe in something, who stand for something, the big boys, the big players, they read us, they read us loud and clear, darkness dreads the light, all we desire,is too sit by our firesides and eat.our bread in peace, they would deny us this……the united states is a captured operation, in the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC, WE HAVE NO KING BUT JESUS………..WE ARE HIS ARMY………HIS WILL BE DONE……..

  8. In ’88 it was Dukakis vs Bush; In ’96 Clinton vs Dole; in ’04 Kerry vs Bush Jr; In ’12 Obama vs Romney. Boring, safe, predictable. Then all hell broke loose in 2015 and America was turned into a circus of horror. Change comes gradually, almost imperceptibly. And then all at once.

      • Agreed. For the kids in the room, you don’t understand the DEPTH of the Cuban Missle Crisis, JFK’s attempt to corral Israel/Juden, his assassination, and how the ENTIRE COUNTRY was plunged into the first true ACT of the Modern Era. Our shock enabled LBJEW to do his evil, to allow Marchin’ Lootin’ King to ‘be white tonight’ before he was killed, and then to watch AGAIN as Bobby was shot- which is all bringing it back with RFK, Jr’s. fights with the Jews Media, all the while he is dealing with his own shock that Jews did it to his uncle, and his dad… but then, he’s also [pseudo] RC, so he has all that conditioning to break.

        I remember my mom railing at the TV during that period, watching Watts ‘burn, baby, burn’ and the ’68 protests, the Smothers Brothers, and mom (and dad) voting R for the first time, when Nixon came along.

        You just don’t realize the YUUUUUUGE culture transformation that the Bolshies accomplished from 1960-1980, when Reagan tried to bring normalcy back- and for a while, he did. But the Juden didn’t give up. So, we’re up to where you started, Brad.

        “There is nothing new under the sun,” saith the Preacher. So true.

        But I am hoping (and praying daily) for God’s WRATH to destroy this accursed nation, and all the antichrists along with it. Because such evil cannot endure- it goes back before FDR, if mom’s musings were right (and she usually was). But like the old hymn says:

        “Though the cause of evil prosper,
        yet the truth alone is strong;
        though her portion be the scaffold,
        and upon the throne be wrong;
        yet that scaffold sways the future,
        and behind the dim unknown,
        standeth God within the shadow,
        keeping watch above his own.”

        Bring on Secession. It’s the only way for men who can’t fight with guns or fists, to live in peace. Let the godless have New England…and Californication…… for now.

        • @Father John …

          Thank you for your reply.

          Yes, let the godless communist have their Blue States.

          I wish them well, and I wish us apart.

  9. Good article. In hindsight Obama in 2008 was the beginning of Black Run America hegemony and because blacks are the moral common denominator the ascendancy of BRA bought along with it all the other far left lunacy. I suppose the 1960’s was the tip of the spear but the white man was able to mostly stave off the “reckoning” for a few decades. The 1990s saw the beginning of blackism as we know it and it was nasty, but gays were still in the shadows and women were still more or less functionally women. Obama ended all of that.

    Spencer wrote his first articles at TAC and Taki’s mag in 2007 and 2008. “Richard Hoste” was active in 2010. 4chan was creating Ron Paul “doom” memes in 2008. /pol/ was born a year later. I remember the constellation of right wing webzines during the late 2000s, early 2010s. The “Dark Enlightenment.” The Altright broadly speaking was a direct response to this unmooring of blacks and their leftist allies. It grew massively from 2010 to 2013. By 2014 “Gamergate” had already happened. Then Trump appeared.

    What is most disturbing by where we are in 2023 is that there is utterly no Altright left, anywhere. Zero resistance. Everyone has been censored into oblivion, sued into oblivion, prosecuted, imprisoned, intimidated, fired, subverted, infiltrated. There is not a single aspect of the old altright left and nothing has replaced or even can replace it…and yet the same blackism and leftism we were fighting in 2010 is stronger than ever.

    • “I suppose the 1960’s was the tip of the spear but the white man was able to mostly stave off the ‘reckoning’ for a few decades.”

      I can’t quite agree with your wording there, anonymous. The 1960s were a lot more than the tip of the spear. They WERE the spear. You’re right, in a way, that the white man managed to survive its thrust—but just barely.

      As someone who will be seventy by the end of this year, I’m part of the shrinking population old enough to remember the impact of the counterculture; but even much-younger Mr. Wallace, our host here, at Occidental Dissent, has always seemed to me to recognize that impact. I’ve said that of him more than once here, and there are other persons his age who have a similar understanding.

      So large was the impact of the ’60s that I almost feel silly trying to point out a few things that might communicate it. Take a look at the movie “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” That’s from 1962, half a decade before the counterculture hit. This was still basically Eisenhower America. Los Angeles is a normal American city, in which movie people happen to live. The men at the post office are right out of Norman Rockwell: White men, who speak English without an accent.

      Take a look at “Marty,” another movie, from 1955. Behold a New York City in which a white man—am I remembering this correctly?—a white man escorts a white woman to public transportation—an elevated train maybe?—which she boards by herself to head home, at the end of their date. I might be misremembering that, but I’m close enough.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone point out that the Manson murders were essentially the first fruit of the decisions of the Warren court, which helped clear the way for the counterculture. Almost immediately, it seems, in consequence of those decisions, the parole system was in chaos. Nobody really knew where Manson was or what he was doing after his release from prison in 1967. Yes—March 1967, just two months before the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper.” The murders took place in 1969, right around the time of Woodstock and—a manifestation of the America that was being erased—the moon landing.

      Yes, America absorbed the impact. You had figures like Burt Reynolds, who mimicked the sexual boldness of the counterculture but didn’t really understand it. He was simply a pre-counterculture American, who now felt free to make crass sex jokes, on television. In a way, he embodies the—what? Latter ’70s and then ’80s, I guess, in which America tried to live with the change of mores.

      A few years ago, at a holiday dinner, I was surprised when a young relative of mine said something that made clear she had no idea that up until the time of the counterculture, young persons didn’t live together before marriage. Those of us who lived through the change can remember when “living together” and “premarital sex” were major subjects of public discussion. That was a tremendous change—and she was completely unaware it had taken place. Her statement that had surprised me was a reaction to the comment of another young relative. The latter had said she’d chosen not to live together with her fiancé before marriage, because she hadn’t wanted to return, right after the wedding, to a residence they’d already been sharing. My first-mentioned relative had thought this startlingly novel. “I’ve never heard such a view,” she said—something like that.

      One more thing: I remember an occasion, probably in the early ’70s, when a young black woman complained, on a local TV newscast, here in Philadelphia, that coverage of life in the black neighborhoods of the city consisted entirely of crime reports. Defending himself and his colleagues, a local newsman replied that there’d been a time when the local news hadn’t covered the black neighborhoods at all. “When was that?” the young woman said, with genuine mystification. Had I been the reporter, I’d have replied, “About four years ago.” A change that had taken place not long before she was speaking was already forgotten history to her.

      I feel as if this post is scattershot, but I’m hoping it will give you some sense of the tremendous change the counterculture wrought. Yes, it was thwarted or coopted for some decades, so that the change was not as great as it might have been. Yes, too, something seems recently to have accelerated, as Mr. Wallace observes in this blog post—but the ’60s were, well, far more than a mere spear. They were cultural Hiroshima.

      • You are right. I understated the 1960s. Things are so bad now that even the 1960s seems preferable. Obama and his effect on millennials was an unmitigated disaster for white America. Since Obama the cultural blackification of whites was turned up to 11. I remember the first appearance of gangster rap back in the 1990s and white kids still had a noticeable distance from blacks despite indulging in the ghetto culture through their Walkmans. No such distance exists anymore with Zoomers. They are fully saturated.

        But yes, the 60s was the Big One.

        • That’s interesting, anonymous, that the blackification, as you call it, of whites is really striking you.

          For whatever it might be worth, I’m going to add something I’ve seen mentioned only once. It was a Carl Jung comment, from the period in which, if I have the history right, Jung was still part of Sigmund Freud’s circle. Not sure where it appeared, maybe in a periodical that was being published by the group, but it was made after Freud, Jung, and another member of the group visited America, in 1909. The comment, which I’m quoting from memory here, because, as I say, I saw it only once, decades ago, was (something like) this: “What strikes the European visitor about whites in America is the effect upon them of the proximity of blacks. In America, the white man talks like a black and walks like a black.”

          Don’t think I’ve ever seen it remarked that John Travolta, in “Pulp Fiction” (1994), is playing white-man-as-black-man. We might get a glimpse of that here …

          Note, too, that it is the black character, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who is fastidious. To the inversion Travolta represents, he’s the counterpart: Black man as white man. This is from around the period you mention, when gangsta rap was in the news.

    • The French had suppressed the Casbah in Algeria, then the real fighting started.

  10. I thought after Dr. Pierce’s death in 2002 that his work and his memory would soon be forgotten and there would be no more pro-White activism of any significance for a long time. I’m glad to see I was wrong. It’s wonderful that a new generation is becoming familiar with him (and with his former leader George Lincoln Rockwell), a generation that was literally in their cribs when Dr. Pierce passed on.

  11. Hate to burst your bubble but, Nothing out of the ordinary is happening.
    Two parties, the crony capitalist neoliberal left is squaring off against the crony capitalist neoliberal right.
    It’s Clinton/Dole, Bush/Gore all over again, it’s just they, the oligarchs, mass media and politicians know Americans are angrier now because they’re poorer, so they got to play up the rhetoric to keep people invested.

    This isn’t the 18th, 19th or early 20th century.
    Capitalism won, defeated all comers; Marxism, fascism, Anarchism, Christian nationalism, white nationalism and so on.
    All political parties and nation states are just doing consumerism now, except for a few backwater places like Afghanistan and North Korea that don’t matter.
    This system is far, much more resilient than you give it credit for, it may last for many more decades, perhaps many more centuries.
    Everyone’s telling you big change is coming, good or bad, it’s all alarmism.
    They gotta sell, mainstream, and alternative media, they gotta get views.
    This is a big circus carnival freak show, a gameshow host versus a senile creep, nothing more.

    This stuff happened in Italy with Berlusconi, the left was ‘persecuting’ him, he was supposed to get 4 years in the slammer for tax evasion, but only got some community service.
    Meloni was elected, promised to end mass immigration, illegal and legal, now she’s embraced mass immigration, says Italy desperately needs it.
    You’re all being played.

    • I like what you said about the Alternative Media. Gab got some shit thrown their way by the libtards and circus clowns because Andrew Torba was chill enough to let in all the WNs that were kicked off Twitter, but as I’ve seen myself in the emails from Gab, especially the content of a Millennial Pastor named Andrew Irkser, the Deplatformed Right is effectively being herded into supporting a version of “Dropping Out” of society and living like the Amish.

      Spencer and Alt-MSNBC were right about one thing, which Pierce was ahead of the curve on decades ago: We need to seize power and wield it for our own endgame. I myself have a “Leave Me Alone” mentality, but unfortunately, that sentiment won’t ever be reciprocated. Not by Jews, not by libtards, and not by nonwhites.

      Something Pierce alludes to in Chapter 2 of “Who We Are” is how civilization has domesticated us and turned us into herd animals. I dismissed that kind of sentiment before, because it was the argument made by cranks such as Varg and the goddamned Earth First crowd, who had their own ulterior agenda. But, like you said, Capitalism as a system conquered all challengers. Capitalism is, effectively, the Endgame of Civilization. As long as civilization exists and is prioritized, Capitalism will triumph.

      I’m not advocating for a reactionary luddite approach, but to save our race, become the ruling elite, and make our values hegemonic, we need a synthesis between Civilization and Conan The Barbarian. Something that allows us as a race to be organized and advanced, but also unrestrained and mighty.

      If Pierce is right that Civilization/Capitalism (they are effectively the same thing) has a domesticating/weakening effect, then we should cease bragging about “the White Race created all the Nice Things.” Let the Negroes and Jews claim that for themselves. It’s Truth Value makes no difference, and it can only hold persuasive claim over us if we yield to its necessity to our survival, when the opposite may in fact be the case.

      Politics remains boring, not boiling. The media and the intelligence agencies have mastered the art of crafting rhetoric on both the conservative and liberal sides that entrances the normies and gets them to spin that hamster wheel ever faster.

      This whole turf war between the two antiracist factions may destabilize the USA, but the longterm goal of the WN Movement – of the spiritual heirs of Fascism – should be to drag our race into the future and transvalue the false values and obnoxious morals created for us by hostile predators and parasites that Nature, in its attempt to reach higher levels of consciousness, has deemed to test us with.

      • DP. Fine. Those of us who, (like the Monks of old) seek to retreat into our Shangri-la’s to save civilization (read the book to understand my referent) will gladly let you ‘young punks’ offer yourselves up to the front line battles, pretending you are the next Reichsoffizier or Brownshirt, as you get mowed down by the Juden Golems.

        Equitable solution, in my view.

  12. “I recall William Pierce in his last years railing about the yawning indifference of Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccermom…

    …I recall a memorable quote from Jeff Schoep after Charlottesville where he said something to the effect that he had been holding his little Nazi rallies with the NSM for 20 years and he had been all over the country and had never seen anything like what happened in Charlottesville.”

    As much as I do not agree with the world view of William Pierce, National Alliance, National Socialist Movement, and even the National Justice Party, I support their right to free speech and to express their views. I think Nazism is deranged but I respect their point of view if they want to separate from others and live off grid in a compound in West Virginia or wherever. What I don’t respect is Pierce’s purist-spiraling logic that anyone outside the alliance is garbage and although I have never read his books, the premise behind them seems crazy to say the least.

    Of course I don’t support unrelenting immigration but at the same time I am not afraid of diversity. Diversity is like salt, it’s good for you but too much of it can kill you. I’m not the type of person who places poor judgement on anyone if they have unfavorable views of one race or another or wish to disassociate with other races. Freedom of association is a fundamental American right and human right.

    That being said, Cultural Marxism is a serious problem. I would say Cultural Marxism is 10 times more dangerous as an ideology than Nazism. Most nationalists just want to be separated. Cultural Marxism on the other hand encourages the hatred and persecution of Whites by non-Whites and even by other Whites. Cultural Marxism is a delusional world where the less White, Male, and Straight you are, the more virtuous you are. I would respect the free speech of Cultural Marxists but the problem is that Cultural Marxists actively work to suppress the free speech of everyone who does not agree with their ideology, which makes them dangerous.

    I support the free flow of ideas as long as they do not actively promote violence or crime. If we had a society which respected the constitution more, a lot of problems would be solved.

    • @New England Free Speech you hit the point. You’re wise. I agree totally with you, the problem with cultural marxism in the 60’s and especially today (because the situation has been getting worse over time) is that this ideology want to cancel, oppress and silence other ideologies and people who disagree with it. Also cultural marxism it’s not only an undemocratic and violent ideology more than fascism, but it’s a mental illness ideology: i mean man who identify as a woman, black who identify as white, even recently people who identify asa animals, cancel culture, changing language and pronouns and other things. It started almost in the 60’s (even if marxism started in the 19 century) and get worse until today.

  13. This comment has little to do with the post, but I felt like it is worth saying.

    Tonight I’m watching the end of the 1960s Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And interesting dialogue just occurred between Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

    It’s the scene shortly after Brutus led the rogue senate assassins to murder Julius Caesar. Mark Antony just oversaw Caesar’s body being cremated in a funeral pyre. Cleopatra, in an emotional state, chastises the Romans for burning their great men like they would a rubbish heap, whereas the Egyptians glorify their great men with monuments and statues. (And though not stated in that comment, they also mummify them to live eternal)

    It struck me that the same contrasts that existed 2000 years ago are still with us today. Rome, the Republic, the bastion of democratic principles, though not without some degree of ceremony, reduced every man to nothing but the base elements of his physical composition. To achieve greatness was the gravest threat to that democracy, so Caesar had to be murdered and reduced to ashes.

    The Egyptians, the people of the longest existing (and most relatively unchanging, but also remarkable and prosperous) civilization in all of history, aspired their great men to immortality. Egalitarianism was a completely foreign concept to those people.

    In some ways of course, the hierarchy of the Egyptian world was unjust. If you were born a peasant, that’s what you stayed. An inbred cripple could be treated like a God just because he was born into royalty.

    But look at the world they built. It transcended everything that came before it and everything since. Thousands of monuments that will be here 1000 years from now. Even when the Romans conquered Egypt, and the Greeks before them, they adopted Egyptian culture.

    Everything that is happening today can be traced back to the very same things that undid Rome.

    • That’s why BOTH Rome and Egypt were destroyed with the Rise of Christendom. Neither was biblical, in failing to see either the Adamic Race (Whites) as the ‘apple of God’s eye’ and/or the race into which Christ incarnated. Rome and Egypt never achieved what Christendom did: Divinization is a fact in Orthodox Christianity: where do you think it comes from? Christ God did both- elevated the common man, and gave him the grace for Eternal Life, by that Incarnation.

      That’s the vision that enabled even people like Sam Francis (an old-school RC) to escape the ‘all one race BS’ early, and state: “What we as whites must do is reassert our identity and our solidarity, and we must do so in explicitly racial terms through the articulation of a racial consciousness as whites.”

      People today forget that about catholic theology, because ROME hasn’t been catholic, for a thousand years, and for sure, not since Vatican Ewww. Just sayin’…..

      I’ve written about this elsewhere. Here:

      The Orthodox Christians have a clearer path and racial memory back to Biblical Christianity. They rightly say, ‘God loveth MANKIND.” And by that, they mean, ADAM-kin(d) and NONE OTHER. As I stated in an article on Russia Insider:

      “The people and the Church are an inseparable whole. ”

      Hilaire Belloc wrote the same idea of the traditional Roman Faith, prior to the liberalism of the post-war generation that gave us “Vatican Ewww”… “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”

      This is THE tautology that Caesaro-papal Rome, the liberal Protestants, and militant Talmudism (i.e., Zionism) and demonic faiths such as Islam both envy and loathe: – God has A Chosen People- and He chose us ‘before the foundation of the world.’ [Eph. 1:4]

      And that they (the above-mentioned bastardized racial [sic] Trinity) are NOT that people; and only those who are ” of Adam’s seed and David’s line,” can be ‘sons.’ The others (being OTHERs) can only hope at best to be merely ‘servants in the house,’ and not be ‘king’s kids’ – which is demonstrably visible in the entire history of White/non-white relations: because God’s word clearly posits that things like chattel slavery exist, even in the Kingdom. [cf. Epistle of Philemon, and “I would rather serve in your house, than live in the homes of the wicked.” Ps. 84:10- only a servant…. serves!]

      That “Chosen People,” royal race, holy priesthood… is, and always has been, the White Race of Magna Europa, and ONLY White Europe. Even during the days of Biblical Israel, it was the White Adamite who alone was God’s ‘known’ race [Amos 3:2, Ez 9:2]. Russia, (for all her posturing, is still Europe) -she, along with the Norse, were among the last Adamic nations to convert to their ancestral faith, before the ‘millennium’ of St. John concluded, as witnessed to in Revelation. “And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” [Rev. 20:4] Is it surprising, then, to see that the first great Schism of Christendom [Rome] happened ‘within a generation’ [AD 1054] after that millennium???

      Attempts by cults and heretical sects to ‘Sailer Strategy’ the world for “Christ” post-Schism, preach a) heresy, and b) a ‘different Christ’ – just as St. Paul said, 2000 years ago [Gal. 1:8, Jer. 23:26- remember, Jer. 13:23!]. It is ONLY the TRUE ‘Judean’ and the White ‘Hellene’ that are to be the biblical recipients of the Gospel. [Rom. 1:16] It is the false and Mischling Jews -who are the ‘other,’ who are the people who trusted in a false ‘blood’ ancestry, as St. John notes [John 1:13] who are irrevocably excluded from this kingdom, until they deny their spurious claim to inclusion. This is manifest, because those who ARE God’s seed [Gen. 3:15], ‘have an unction from above [1 John 2:20]. Christ clearly said the Jews….did not. [John 8:44]

      The “Israel of God” then both exists in contradistinction to, and is utterly ‘other,’ than any other claimants/countries or peoples appropriating such a name, and the Church alone, as Holy Orthodoxy says, is the full recipient of Christ’s atoning sacrifice. All the others merely partake of ‘common grace.’ And, as Monarchy is the only system that Orthodoxy views, that hierarchical society is mirrored in the Kingdom, fallacious eisogesis of Gal. 4:28 notwithstanding!

      “In the previous post we looked at Galatians 3:28, a text leaned heavily upon by feminists and egalitarians, and why it doesn’t really support an egalitarian reading.” –

      And this factoid is why the Hypostatic Union of Divinity with the Body of Christ is both mirrored in lawful unions, why only Christians have the Sacrament of Matrimony, why Christendom is totally UNIQUE, and why such an idea is included/summarized in the words of the Metropolitan. Fiat Lux.

      Comment originated in response to this post:

  14. The 1965 immigration act took time to destroy America. We hadn’t reached a critical mass of third world immigrants yet in the 20th century. There weren’t enough of them combined with white Marxists to overwhelm real
    Americans. Now there are. That’s it. No other explanation needed.

  15. Yep, I remember the total yawn of the ’96 election where the aging PMC of the time trotted out Mark Russell and Paula Poundstone for a PBS “Election Comedy Special” with this really lame, unfunny humor. That old bow tie wearing fool Mark Russel would play some vaudeville piano riffs and sing silly, Weird Al Yankovich type lyrics about the candidates “Bob Dole….Bob Dole” in a silly sounding voice. Such dreck graced the boob toob in the 90s, I guess it looks pretty harmless today compared to all the gay kissing and transvestite type content in every new streaming series coming out. When I go back and look at the old TV shows on the UHF station like 70’s “Emergency!” with all the young blond white adults at pool parties at the twilight of California’s golden age, where someone drowns and the paramedics need to come in and do CPR and save the day. I can already see the beginnings of the degeneracy where they would loose their state to strangers, they look like Eloi just waiting to end up on the Morlock’s dinner table.

    In the past the Elites were supposed to set a positive example for the masses to emulate, like one of Henry the 5th’s closing soliloquies in Shakespeare, in the Victorian age, John Adams was critical of the extravagant living of the plantation class and lived frugally himself, heck the press even kept JFK’s personal failings secret from the public. Norms clearly broken post 60s across the west with the contrasting way the tabloids tossed salt in the wounds of Prince Charles and Diana’s troubled relationship. First we had the children of divorce in the 70s when I was growing up, I never understood why my mom didn’t want me playing with certain boys at the time, but it’s clear she was right about staying clear of kids from broken homes as most of them turned out troubled in some way, either delinquents, or weak emotional wrecks. Then by the 90s we had something even worse, full on bastardy embraced as a wonderful thing, I was absolutely shocked why I moved to Oregon and my company was throwing baby showers to celebrate unwed mothers, a decade earlier such shameful women got expelled from my high school and we never saw pregnant students, just whispers of how gross “Stacy” was for getting knocked up and having a bastard child…”Yuck” was the general consensus. Now the little orcs from this new bastard culture are out tearing up society, with the blacks we are several generations into bastardy and combined with their low IQ and the democrats malevolent pro crime tyranny we are getting hints of a “Road Warrior” type apocalypse beginning anywhere near a large black population. These days blacks spend a lot of time on their cell phones watching posted CCTV footage of blacks behaving badly across the US. This is the source of endless amusement and giggles instead of shame, you now get these big 30 person fights breaking out in the produce department of your local Walmart courtesy of this emboldened bad behavior, not to mention all the shootings and 14 year old out wilding and stealing Kias for destructive joyrides. Nope, the old America is completely gone and murdered by the elites.

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