1. If re-electing Zion Don will help destroy whatever is left of this moribund Republic then bring it on. He can be president of the red states and Shitpants Joe can be the figurehead leader of the blue ones.

  2. Did he apologize to Sessions? If he had kept Sessions and supported him he would still be President. If he had fired Comey immediately like Sessions wanted to and replaced him with one of the conservatives Sessions had in mind, none of the Russia hoax stuff would have gotten traction. Without the FIB it had no legs.

    Alabama should tell Zognald the Dubious to go straight to hell.

    • Sigh.

      Jeff Sessions was a solid, good US Senator from Alabama. He did not do a good job as President Trump’s Attorney General. Trump should have made ex NYC Mayor Guliani his attorney general.

      When the ridiculous nonsense of “Russian Collusion”, Russians made mean, inaccurate FB and other social media against Hillary and all the Democrats and a couple of terrible RINOS (Mittens Romney) went along and said:

      “Yeah, Russia is America’s #1 enemy (Max Boot wrote that when Romney was running for President), THE RUSSIANS STOLE THE ELECTION FROM HILLARY.

      Trump’s Attorney General should have just told these Lib Leftist, Homo Dems and system RINOs (Bush Family, Cheney Family, Romney Family) “Go pound sand, you lost”.

      Instead A General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Super Serious accusations that Donald Trump Colluded with THE RUSSIANS (Because Trump wanted to work with the Russians to defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban and just well the Cold War was over).


  3. I think Substack has a liberal bias because just about every article that is promoted on there argues in favor of Jack Smith’s indictment. This “conspiracy” charge is based on Smith’s own deranged view of the law. I’m not an attorney but I’m pretty sure if we were going by Jack Smith’s standard of justice, Hillary Clinton would be indicted for having an unsecured email server with classified info and because she “conspired” to use the false Russian collusion narrative to have intelligence agencies spy on Donald Trump’s campaign. She “conspired” with federal agencies to spy on Trump and investigate him for crimes based on knowingly false information and false documents.

    I cannot take anyone seriously who thinks Jack Smith’s loose interpretation of the law cannot also be applied to Hillary Clinton. After reading numerous articles in the media and by influencers, I have come to the conclusion that these people wish harm on Trump by any means necessary, but lawfare just happens to be the easiest route for their bloodthirst.

    • “Jack Smith’s loose interpretation of the law”

      Uh, smith is just the desk goy.
      Someone writes the script that he reads.
      Guess .

  4. For the sinophiles.


    If any of you think its a coincidence that the green energy technology and EV sector that are being mandated and subsidized in the West are the major material and technical advantages of Chinese manufacturing, you are beyond lying to yourself.

    Chinese, not Jewish influence is our greatest threat as a White nation. The Jews have already swallowed their own toxic ideology and may end up killing themselves off with it before they get the rest of us. The bug people however, are an imminent threat.

    • The Chinese along with the Russian just sent a flotilla of warships very close to Alaska. Irishman Dan Sullivan crapped his pants. You keep trash talking Christ killer and you are going to luck yourself into a front line deployment. Saints be praised.

  5. Assuming Trump is the GOP nominee, do you folks think DeSantis would endorse a man who makes a mockery of his surname? Back in Andy Jackson’s day, DeSantis might have challenged him to a duel for violating his family honor.

    • De Santis was not HERE during Andrew Jackson’s day. His entire Ibero-Italic short genetic line only came over AFTER the WBTS. So, don’t make comparisons that either seek to elevate your own Nordic Superiority, or demean SHORTY (non) De Santis.

      Neither Zion Ron nor Zion Don are the best we have. But it’s (at this point) all we have.
      God dammit.

  6. It is hard to feel sorry for Trump.. really. We could have thrown Hilllary Clinton in jail but trumps Daughter Ivanka because of her relation with Hillary’s daughter prevented Trump her father from putting Hillary in jail. Notice the favor is not returned. Trump is his own worst enemy. Now Trump is threatening witness former Vice President Mike Pence. I expect to see Trump temporary in prison

  7. “Chinese, not Jewish influence is our greatest threat”

    No, you don’t realize the deeper schemers who exercise the greater control.
    Don’t confuse the Golem with its master.

    Who opened China to global trade, taking a nation of peasants living in mud brick huts to a global industrial power?

    (Hint, first of the malicious mob was Henry Ki…….)

    • You can’t possibly be of the opinion that Jews control China. Of all places and peoples in the world, they are the least susceptible to Jewish perfidy. Kissinger is hardly a success story in the context of China, and the failure of that policy is if anything an indication of my point.

      I’ve got enough disgust and mistrust for both the yellow and hook nosed menace, but Jews have done so much damage to themselves with their own bullshit, I don’t see them as nearly the threat a united and universally hostile Han China is.

      But, you can buy into the JQ cul de sac if you want. You’re gonna always have company.

      Meanwhile, the Chinese are destroying everything we have through wholesale corruption on a scale the Jews could only hope for.

      Its not for no reason the Zionist empire is on a warfooting with China. At this point they threaten the Jewish hegemony. China is anything but a Jewish golem. Its not the 60’s anymore.

      • The Chinese have been studying the jews and their tactics with a great deal of interest for some time. They also remember the Opium Wars and the Sassoon Family’s involvement in them. Given their talents for mimicry the Chinese may very well beat the jews at their own game.

        • “You can’t possibly be of the opinion that Jews control China.”

          Not directly control, but channel the direction of their actions by devious means.

          Who brought Mao to power, isreal epstein and his cadre of tribesmen funneling aid from the USSR by influence of fellow jwz in the Kremlin.

          Read about the Shanghai jwz, before 1947 they werethe wealthiest ppl in China, they controlled China’s economy, the Sassoons and allied families had an iron grip on China.

        • “Opium Wars and the Sassoon Family’s involvement in them”

          There’s a lot more than Sassoons, there’s a legion of allied jwz famalies.

      • ” Of all places and peoples in the world, they are the least susceptible to Jewish perfidy. ”

        You are very wrong.

      • “China is anything but a Jewish golem. Its not the 60’s anymore”

        Wrong decade.
        It wasnt until the 70s that kissinger manipulated Nixon into opening China.

    • I say stupid.
      I think he’s sincere, when not blinded by his own ego.

      It’s possible to be smart with money and stupid in political matters, especially when born into millions.

  8. Amerika sends ships and planes right next to China and Russia regularly. But they cry like babies when it is done to them.

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