Compact: Against the Eugenicons


1. I’m currently on the way to Amren with my wife. I don’t have the time to respond to this rant from Michael Lind. Incredible timing!

2. Now that we are waist deep in a crisis era (we were only knee deep in 2016), the old taboos are rapidly crumbling on the Right and formerly marginalized ideas and positions are gaining rapid acceptance. Everything is becoming more fluid now in the absence of an ideological consensus which Trump tore down but never replaced.

3. As I was just saying this morning, the conservative liberal establishment crumbled in the wake of Trump’s victory in the 2016 election and many of the ideas and positions which used to be associated with the Alt-Right have either gone fully mainstream or now seem poised to do so in the near future.

4. Finally, it is fitting in light of this that an open debate about race realism and eugenics is breaking out in this new landscape. Screaming “racist” at people and hand wringing about Nazis and the Holocaust doesn’t work anymore. The post-World War II order is collapsing because nearly everyone alive today has no memory of that era.

Compact Mag:

“In May 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump promised, “Five, 10 years from now—different party. You’re going to have a worker’s party.” In the presidential and midterm elections since 2016, the GOP has picked up more working-class black and Hispanic voters, while losing more college-educated whites to the Democrats, in defiance of progressive predictions. But it will be impossible for the Republican Party to win over more working-class white and nonwhite voters by adopting pro-worker policies—as long as a substantial share of GOP donors, journalists, think-tankers, and activists structure their politics around hereditarian theories that claim that the patterns of class and race in America and the world are the result of unalterable DNA.

Call them the eugenic conservatives, or “eugenicons.” …”


  1. “Eugenics” are not the thing driving away white, working class voters from Republicans. It’s their continued support of homosexuality and suicidal fiscal policy. Eugenics were even once popular with the American public and are a non-issue now.

    • “Eugenics” are not the thing driving away white

      The electorate is too stupid to gasp such a concept, much less care.

      “Me have money for sum BigMacs and wants new car.”

    • Mitt Romney Paul Ryan type economic policies that only benefit the 1% are what drives voters away from the Republican party. “Privatizing” social security…in other words abolishing it, doesn’t resonate with 90% of the electorate who know that would leave them destitute at age 70.

      • It is called Reaganomics/neo-liberalism. Taxes cuts for the rich breadlines for the poor. The market knows best, leave it to the private sector, we gotta run government like a business. Well they have and they have run it into the ground. Now these mis-managers par excellence do not want to surrender power to the people and plan on putting up a fight. Reagan Irish, Neo-liberalism, Milton Friedman, Jew. Both dead and buried, but their blood lives. I am going to teach you to be racist, Nightowl.

  2. Eugenics is a failed, flawed, and inaccurate strategy. Culture, upbringing, and society has a much bigger impact on an individual than their DNA. The Nazis were fools who purity-spiraled against the Russians leaving them beaten into oblivion. If eugenicists are right and their DNA is so superior it can overcome every circumstance then why do they always lose? Look at William Pierce, Hitler, and Nietzsche. One lost a major war and committed suicide upon defeat, one ended up dying in a mobile trailer in some backwoods in West Virginia, and the other ended up in a psychiatric hospital at the end of his life. So much for superior genetics, eh?

    The Eugenicists will argue that Blacks are inherently criminal using modern crime statistics. Well were they inherently criminal before the 1960’s and LBJ’s welfare state? The answer is mostly no. Black criminality has more to do with being raised without father figures and being exposed to degenerate hip hop culture rather than their DNA.

    Blacks complain about segregation and Jim Crow but at least they had an intact family unit back in those days with a sane culture. Black, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, etc. are exposed to anti-White propaganda on a daily basis telling them that the cause of all their disadvantages is coming from White people. When they start believing their reality is dictated to be controlled by the White race, they are putting a crutch on themselves and on society as a whole.

    Just look at Blacks who don’t swallow the anti-White pill like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, and Ben Carson. All three of these men are Black men who are vilified by the Black community just because they don’t follow the anti-White narrative. They became extremely successful in life and don’t hold a single grain of hatred or resentment towards Whites.

    Genetics is a real thing but to dictate that it is an absolute outcome of society is not only ignorant, it’s misleading and builds resentment. Upbringing and culture are much more relevant, success and outcomes have much more to do with the power of the mind and determination than they do with what your genetics dictate.

    • How about we focus on the basics like getting married, having children, avoiding being gay or worse “trans,” avoiding race mixing, shutting down mass immigration?

      Breeding a master race of super humans just seems absurd in light of our current predicament.

      • ” basics like getting married, having children, avoiding being gay ”

        All very noble,
        but very difficult in Amera-brazil.

      • ” focus on the basics like getting married, having children, ”

        That won’t be possible in a Venezuelan dystopia, which America will plunge into, given the current trajectory.

      • “How about we focus on the basics like getting married, having children”

        How are you going to inspire people to do that? Appealing to eugenics is a no-brainer here.

      • “Eugenics” needn’t be about breeding a race of super humans. In fact, even under the most propitious circumstances for eugenic policies, the multi-generational time-lag between the implementation of the policy and any “super human” fruits it may bear made the movement’s prophets sound ridiculous (when not merely insulting and threatening).

        Nonetheless, those future generations will indeed some day come to be, and they will come with a certain set of heritable traits. The question is: which traits? Traits that you, the New England IQ-denier above, and almost everyone else recognizes as desirable, admirable, beneficial? Or traits that even anti-hereditarians recognize as undesirable, unfortunate, or disadvantageous? This is the crux of the matter, not some fanciful blather about “super humans.”

        A baseline “eugenics” position is simply that, to the extent we can, to the extent compatible with our views of human freedom and human dignity, we ought to attempt to increase the prevalence of desirable heritable traits and decrease the prevalence of undesirable ones. This can be done by identifying and manipulating existing breeding incentives.

        Since virtually all social policies directly or, far more commonly, indirectly influence the decision to breed or not to breed among various strata of the population, there is simply no neutral stance on this issue. It’s not a question of “not wanting to play God.” We’re already playing God. Our social policies are already influencing breeding decisions – it’s just that in our time, in a decidedly dysgenic fashion. Eugenics says: that needs to change.

      • The whole “trans” thing is a brutal lesson in Darwin, all these questionable, mildly autistic, neurotic, heterosexual girls are now sterilizing themselves out of the gene pool. Same with all the gays who for hundreds of years were encouraged to marry and lead a normal family life are now spending all their time down at The Blue Oyster Bar. People who used to be “fixed up” with a family life by a cohesive culture are now remaining childless so the psychological and genetic profile in the future could well be quite different from the world we know now.

        • Mega-dittoes, John. GOD is the SUPREME EUGENICIST. My study of Scripture and the rise of Eugenics in America and England, and yes, even the National Socialist variant, is merely the outworking of the ‘Be fruitful and multiply’ command to Adamity.

          New England Free Speech’s rant is like a whining teenage girl, when no one notices her at the dance. Suck it up, buttercup.

          God creates ONE hominid (among groups of others already there- Cain’s wife, and the reality of the age of the races, with caucasoid humanity coming LATE on the ‘evolutionary’ scene, right before the explosion of CULTURE, WRITING, ART, and CIVILIZATION, ca. 3000B.C., etc., doncha know?) then He chooses another hominid, (Seth) while the disenfranchised hominid, Cain, tries to recreate this divine genetics with faulty genetic material (non-Adamic races)- fast forward to Noah, his three genetically identical sons (NO multiracial BS here, folks!) then on to Isaac, not Ishmael. Jacob, not Esau, and finally Jacob’s 12 sons by four mothers, as the gene pool from which YHWH incarnates HIS only Son, Jesus, to be the ‘Last Adam.’

          Yeah, God’s clearly on the side of Eugenics. And the Papal paradigm of ‘universal jurisdiction,’ the filioque’s marring of the Trinity, and the Schism merely hid that truth, aided and abetted (of course) by the race-miscegenated Jews ever since 1865, STILL CANNOT ERASE THE REALITY THAT BLOOD WILL TELL….

          The recent Am Ren articleS on Eugenics, could not have come at a more opportune time.

          • Father John,

            Thank you for all the information you gave me for that took effort. I appreciate it.

    • New England,

      You mentioned that Hispanics among others are subject to daily dosages of anti-white propaganda. Really? I have very rarely encountered anti-white propaganda and neither have my classmates while being in school in the United States.

      I also have never personally known a Mexican or Mexican-American who hates white people or blames whites for poverty. Why do you think millions have come legally and illegally to the United States in the last few years? Human self interest.

      Most of us do not watch much TV that is true but my elderly grandmother watches American television non stop throughout the day so I asked her. She said the commercials are like she is in Africa since the summer of 2020 but that is all.

      If a person only read or watched race based material then your comment would be more accurate. But no one does or should do that.

      The older Mexicans in the United States watch a lot of Mexican channels. The young ones like myself swim, play tennis, socialize, or on the internet or go to school. Sorry but once again no Latin that I know encounters the anti-white hatred that you claim we are continuously exposed to such an extent it has warped our minds.

        • Arrian,

          An expansion of my comment above. Grandmother did recognize that it is more than the commercials but modern TV and movies but she does not watch that garbage.

          She said that you can pick what American movies you watch but you cannot choose the commercials.

          Just cleaning up some comments before I leave in a day or two. This time I will be gone for awhile.

          • Arrian,

            There was a European revolution in 1848. Some Germans came to Mexico and then a few drifted into the United States after awhile. The German relatives I have are less religious than the Latin relatives and not as conservative.

            They still retain some of their liberal revolutionary leanings except grandmother. Since they do not breed like native Mexicans my Latin relatives vastly outnumber my Germanic ones.

          • Arrian,

            My “Germanic” relatives are an example of the self-destruction of a people.

            All of my currently living so-called German relatives are classified as Mexicans or Mexican-Americans. They all have Spanish as their native language, none can speak German, their blood lines are more Spanish/Mexican than Germanic.

            My grandmother for instance born in the United States among Mexicans spoke Spanish as her native tongue, learning some German at home until going to an American school where she quickly learned English and ultimately forgot her German until now she only speaks a few words while still liking old German music.

            The only difference between them and the rest of us is a somewhat lighter skin tone.

            So when a people destroys themselves racially, culturally, and linguistically is that assimilation or self-inflicted genocide?

    • Hi NEFS, I made those arguments myself at one time. You don’t need to change your mind right now. But if you’re up for it, here are three things to consider to ensure we’re thinking this all through. I apologize for drilling down into this stuff in an effortpost. It’s essential.

      1) For the past 5 million years of human evolution, males have committed the most violence in almost all places and times. What explains this? Did the patriarchy go back in time and indoctrinate proto-humans into toxic masculinity? Or, is it more likely that homo sapiens is a member of the animal kingdom, similar to rhesus macaques, baboons, and other members of the primate order? In the species closest to us — chimpanzees — males engage in territorial disputes and intergroup conflicts and form intense dominance hierarchies that are frequently resolved violently. Why is it so taboo to believe genetics is entirely responsible, without remainder, for the violence disparity between men and women?

      Once this is fully understood, there shouldn’t be a taboo on explanations from genetics. Such reasoning may be misapplied, but it is not automatically ignorant. The behaviorism and existentialism from the 1950s are out of date. Thinking since then has shifted from nurture to nature, including fields ranging from linguistics to neuroscience.

      2) Consider California. Before 1965, it had the best schools in the nation. Now it has almost the worst, ranked 49th. Could you explain this to me? Why didn’t this happen to Wisconsin or Vermont? Is California a stronghold of white supremacy, even though only 25% of the people born in California today are non-Hispanic whites? Or did California undergo population replacement, and the updated Americans are made of different stuff? Be honest. What is more likely?

      3) Consider educated blacks. Let’s not look at blacks at their worst but at their best. Let’s take Sowell and add Cornel West. (I’ve read many books by both.) What do they have in common? While Sowell is a classical liberal, and West is a Marxist influenced by Pragmatism (or is he a pragmatist influenced by Marxism?), both see life as a series of improvisations. It’s like jazz. Both think humanity goes wrong by forcing things into preconceived categories and plans. This is an intellectual distillation of high time-preference. It is different than the cosmic horizons of, let us say, German philosophy.

      Consider Michael Jordan. I love Michael Jordan; he was a great competitor. He once was thankful that his high school basketball coach “kicked his butt.” Most whites would bristle at being bullied by someone who is supposed to help. This is a difference in power distance.

      Before I was blackpilled on sportsball long ago, I watched a game of basketball on Boomervision. A white and black player almost fought on the court and discussed it separately in the postgame. The white player said he didn’t fight because he needed to consider his future. The black player said he needed to be on the floor and didn’t want to let his teammates down. This is a difference in in-group preference — one sees the individual first and the group second, while the other notices the group first and the individual second.

      Where am I going with this? If you’ve followed so far, blacks have high power distance, high in-group preference, and high time-preference. Race is not about skin color but clusters of behavioral traits rooted in brain pathways. Blacks struggle because the combination of traits mentioned does not scale in modernity. The high time-preference becomes institutional myopia, poor planning, and infrastructural decay, the high in-group preference becomes nepotism, and high time preference becomes self-serving corruption and hypocrisy. We observe this everywhere around the world, where blacks are the majority. Since the 1960s, blacks have been able to control and run cities like Detroit. That’s what has changed in America. It would be nice if blacks collectively succeeded so everyone could, um, relax, but would you want to bet on this? There will be drastically fewer wypipo in one hundred years, and African communities from Somalia to Haiti to St. Louis will still have the same common problems.

      • “Race is not about skin color but clusters of behavioral traits rooted in brain pathways. ”

        Skin color is the external marker gene that identifies those internal attributes.

    • Blacks always had a high rate of out of wedlock births and criminal behavior. When “racism” was forbidden, there were no longer any restraints on their behavior.

    • “…Eugenics is a failed, flawed, and inaccurate strategy. Culture, upbringing, and society has a much bigger impact on an individual than their DNA….”

      Well thank God almighty we have a yankee to come and tell what is, and what isn’t. Whatever would we do without them? (don’t answer that).

      This is the same guy that when he moved down South, he complained that,”…there is a sense of distrust and even contempt for outsiders…”.

      I’m sure they are delighted with your “pronouncement” attitude, where you tell everyone what to think and chide them on their lack of “development”.

  3. This is an old documentary about William Luther Pierce (probably realized by his enemies but still interesting):

  4. My opinion is that we have a lot of opponents (or if you want to call them enemies) as the left in turn has a lot of enemies (all people who disagree with woke religion)………We have to focus on Who or what is most threatening to society and the answer is simpe………….LGBTQ. Until the 2010 illegal mass immigration, muslim extremists, blacks were the main problem but today we are facing another thing. The establishment is obviously obsessed with race/black/cancel culture/white guilt but there’s one thing that is obsessing the establishment more in these 2010’s……LGBTQ/gender fluid/queer, etc. I perceive them as the true current enemy and for them i use properly the term enemies because they’re mad people who day by day invent new strange theories and want to manipulate society, especially children. If you ask me with whom I would rather live together and share society between blacks and LGBTQ , my decisive answer would be with blacks. Yes i prefer people with different culture and skin color rather than mad people who identify as the oppose sex, as animals and any kind of bullshit that you can identify with.

  5. There is either eugenics or dysgenics. Currently, dysgenics is encouraged and subsidized. Eugenics is the natural state of human evolution. In a healthy, viable society, who doesn’t select a mate based on health, intelligence, ability to support and raise healthy children and families and a desire to pass their genes on to future generations?

  6. “…If eugenicists are right and their DNA is so superior it can overcome every circumstance then why do they always lose?…”

    This guy is full of little verbal tricks like, others, that we know of, do constantly. For examole, he starts out with “pronouncements” where he just states what we should think, and he’s wrong, and has not even a close to nothing to back it up.

    Then he uses bizarre comparisons and tries to channel your thought process to his “pronouncements” instead of obvious answers. It’s easy to see that the better genetically inclined are far less in number, so that they lost against vastly higher numerical numbers arrayed against them. It’s hardly a surprise. Yet, he’s surprised because it’s the foundation of his complaint.

    “…The Eugenicists will argue that Blacks are inherently criminal using modern crime statistics. Well were they inherently criminal before the 1960’s…”

    He says no, but any damn fool can look this up and see he’s either stupid, lying or doesn’t know how to operate a search engine.

    This page below shows the numbers from 1920. It’s telling that the rates were so different between Whites and Blacks that to hide it the author says he, [at least he’s honest about it]

    “…Although Figures 2 and 3 and Figures 4 and 5 [graphs of incarceration] compare related proportions of populations, I had to give them different scales because of the huge racial gap in incarceration. Black men make up such a greater fraction of prison population than total population that it is impossible to measure the proportions meaningfully on the same scale….”

    So he had to scale, read change the numbers, for different races or it would be so damn obvious that it might threaten his position.

    Now given the above, what is the value of “New England Free Speech’s” comments?

    I don’t always write these sort of things but like to every so often. I know most people already know about these tricks, but some don’t and it doesn’t hurt to refresh your memeory. Once you learn these, what appear to be patterns of deception, they stick out like a sore thumb. I have wondered many times if there is not some sort of afternoon class they send kids too to practice this sort of mind warp, deception pushing. It all seems to follow a fairly straightforward pattern. It does help to see it pointed out directly. To my shame it took me a really long time to see it and understand it but once I did, it’s all over, these constant oppressive lies.

  7. 1. Modern eugenics were started in the US and Great Britain.
    2. The Nazis lost because they were fighting the world’s three largest Empires which had multiple amounts of population, area, and resources.
    3. Sure there are exceptional blacks, but they are rare, and yes blacks were better off in pre-Civil Rights America, but black societies and areas are failures across the board.
    4. Eugenics may not be the answer, but there are A LOT of people reproducing who shouldn’t be.

    • Tikkun,

      Well written. I was about to write something along those lines and then I saw your comment.

    • @Tikkun,

      It took three empires to defeat NS Germany, and had the Germans developed an atomic bomb first, they would have defeated the all-lied powers. Only Germany didn’t have jewish special interests as their motivation in that bloodbath..

      • “had the Germans developed an atomic bomb first”

        What makes you think they didn’t ?

        The USA didn’t have a nuclear weapon before Germany’s surrender, then it suddenly had 3 different types, all of a sudden.

    • “4. Eugenics may not be the answer, but there are A LOT of people reproducing who shouldn’t be.”

      You need eugenics just to keep a population from degrading.

      Nature does it with violence and merciless culling of inferiors.

  8. The metrophiles people, have dominated , American society and it’s culture, since the 1930’s, encroaching since the turn of the century, Anglo/Celt immigration stifled, wave after wave of hyphenate’s you people brought ,, followed by the third world waves, you people have created a society of delusion, illusion, confusion and misery and your too proud, too admit you f’ed up. Black’s we’re in a much better place, back then, simply because, they we’re handled different and better, their disfunction was not allowed and certainly not encouraged, you people thinking, you know it all, you people know better, what you did, was stick your nose in, where it don’t and has never belonged, American black’s, have been used as a foil, against traditional WHITE, CHRISTIAN, value’s and norm’s since 1860……., Now the truly, smart one’s, among you people, are looking into the abyss, you people, so successfully created, it’s unfixable, you know it, so you now , you want too reason, with red state america, well the country SUCKS, because of you people, everybody is miserable and unhappy, well…………you people are intitled too your opinion, but , I hope and pray, power and authority, is taken away, from your element, I truly would, love too see the day, when American’s like and respect, one and another, once again, but till, their is major societal change and restructuring, till that is recognized and started, no chance of that happening, but……………on the other hand, the BIBLE clearly teacher’s us, the fate of this SINFUL nation, therefore the proper, intelligent, thing too do, is live right, the best you can, stay in your lane, keep watch and STAY READY and RELEVANT, be prepared if called upon, your intellectual handwringing is a little too little and a little too late, MR.NEW ENGLAND FREE SPEECH……..

  9. Answering some concerns of my critics. I am not an “IQ denier” or ignoring crime statistics. Every race has their dirty laundry to talk about, even if that race doesn’t see it quite that way. Some more than others. I said genetics is a real thing but that culture and the psychology of the mind were larger factors in determining outcomes. I used LBJ’s welfare society as an example of comparing Black criminality before and after the 1960’s. No sane person would argue with me that Black crime statistics in the 1950’s and before was anything close to what we have had since the 1980’s up to today.

    I think Pierce, Hitler, and Nietzsche were losers of history. They and others had their chance to endure in mediocrity at the very least but ended up as abysmal failures. Hitler decided to prescribe Russians as untermensch sub-humans and lose the war. Pierce wasn’t able to succeed to get proper funding for his ideas to even somewhat sustain his practice. Now the National Alliance remains a hollow compound of a handful of followers who live in Backwoods conditions. Nietzsche’s philosophy never gained winning grounds or winning proposals in the real world, only in his fantastical mind in which he went insane towards the end of his life.

    Let me ask you this, if Whites have such superior genetics, then why is one third up to 40% of the White population willfully genociding our race by voting liberal which enable policies like encouraging women to be single mothers, LGBTQ influence on White children, open borders, and unrelenting immigration? Is almost half the White race defective of basic survival instincts? According to statistics White liberals are more educated and tend to live in suburbs and big cities. So using the logic of genetics, most of the intact sane genetics occurs in Bubba living out in Bumblefuck, Idaho working as a tradesman with a high school education who votes consistently red for his racial preservation.

    I would argue psychology is more powerful than genetics. The powers that be brainwashed almost 40% of Whites to consistently vote against every single one of their racial self interests. The powers that be manipulated non-Whites to think that they are entitled to a welfare state, entitled to opportunity, and that Whites are holding them back. Post-colonial theory, post-structuralism, feminism, gender theories, critical race theory being taught in schools instead of the dangers of Cultural Marxism. Society molds the sanity and progress of humans, not so much genetics.

    • “…the psychology of the mind were larger factors in determining outcomes….”

      “…if Whites have such superior genetics, then why is one third up to 40% of the White population willfully genociding our race by voting liberal which enable policies like …”

      Listen to this mental torture of the facts. There have been whole books written on the genetic mind set of Whites to be more open and having less in-group behavior. This has been thoroughly covered. Professor Kevin MacDonald has covered this extensively. So to befuddle your mind he takes one small aspect of behavior and blows it up to be “genetics means little” while totally ignoring the actual genetic psychology emanating from Whites. So in fact far from proving his point, we are dying out because we are not genetically superior, he has proved the opposite. That we are dying out because we do not have near enough in-grouping to decide our interest first. How is that for genetic determinability, that we are dying out from kindness and worry about others view points? How many Sally Struthers commercials do you have to see before you see that Whites are not as in-grouped as others?

      “…I think Pierce, Hitler, and Nietzsche were losers of history….”

      Oh, well when does history end? Now, later, what if eventually, as it seems is happening, Whites decide against their genetic programming to go against it and toss all these people out? Would that be a part of history, or is that, outside of history?

      This guy is constantly arguing in bad faith. He makes these “pronouncements” then proceeds to gas-light you with nonsense trying to lead you in to thinking the foolish things he “pronounces” are facts when they are nothing but propaganda points he wishes to befuddle your mind with.

    • This guy is full of verbal tricks to fool you. Let’s see exactly what he said,

      “…The Eugenicists will argue that Blacks are inherently criminal using modern crime statistics. Well were they inherently criminal before the 1960’s…”

      Whoops, so a 1 minute search shows that’s nothing but lies and bullshit. That didn’t work so now he says,

      “…I used LBJ’s welfare society as an example of comparing Black criminality before and after the 1960’s. No sane person would argue with me that Black crime statistics in the 1950’s and before was anything close to what we have had since the 1980’s up to today…”

      So he tries to totally sidestep what he said in the first place. Remind you of any other “races” verbal trickery? Sure does me. Prove them wrong one place and they move to another lie. Well why don’t you go back to your first statement and prove that?

      I guess it’s my “undeveloped” Southern mind that sees all this gas-lighting and lies and wonders just what you are up to. What’s the point? What is your reason for being here? Since you’re a yankee why the hell you telling us, who have lived with blacks all our lives, anything about Black people? Anything at all. Do you think our “undeveloped”(sic) minds need guidance? I don’t need any.

  10. New England Free Speech ” I would argue psychology is more powerful genetics ” They are both powerful, their are other extenuating circumstances that come into play, living in post CHRISTIAN america, WHITE flight from the cities, over reaching government, over reaching media/pop culture, to get along, you have to go along, meaning keep your mouth shut, if you want a job, if you want to participate in the economy, mass feminization of western society, modernity has made self degradation, convenient and.easy, loss of identity, it just isn’t one thing, that has brought us down, it’s many combined, ……….New England Free Speech, changing the subject briefly, I’ve always admired the rustic beauty of new England, with the stone cottages, the old farms and such, I have always thought, how these landscapes found in new England, replicated in Appalachia, would only enhance it’s beauty and charm, their is hope for our people, even yankee’s in the south, offer up something, beside’s criticism…..

  11. When I see the engineering marvels, that are being achieved thru out the world, our people, here in America, have turned into a bunch of do nothing’s, we are under a dark, national spell, or is it national judgement……..

  12. Spahnranch1970,

    Possibly but I have met middle aged white men in Texas who thought they were super conservative because they loved guns and capitalism and were more conservative than the liberals.

    They believed if everyone became a Republican including blacks then everything would be okay. One of them had a man crush on some black named Thomas Sewell. It was embarrassing.

    They also believed in mass immigration just as long as it was legal. I know what to do under such conditions. I smile and act and talk graciously and they view that as if I am confirming their beliefs.

    • One of them had a man crush on some black named Thomas Sewel

      Lol, Thomas Sowell. He’s an economist and public intellectual. Pretty good guy and I’ve learned a good deal from reading him, but I doubt his reputation would be as high as it is among conservatives if he wasn’t black. It’s pretty obvious when white conservatives bang on about “Thomas Sowell, Thomas Sowell!” it reflects their deep-seated hopes that blacks (or more precisely, blacks-in-big-numbers) could somehow, some day, create something other than the totally undesirable, totally unbearable living conditions they’re universally known for. (From my personal perspective, even if blacks were like Chinese, I still wouldn’t want to live around them. When people are that obviously racially alien, wtf is the point? I feel nothing in common with them. Pure insanity even trying.)

      • Silver,

        Yes I agree of course.

        I did know what the man was doing. He was groveling no matter how he justified it in his mind. I never offered my opinion for I believe he would have been shocked not only that someone like me has an opinion but that it might differ from his own.

    • Arrian,

      I believe you are correct.

      I leave sometime Friday or Saturday and will be gone for more than a couple of weeks so I will go out with a bang. Musi Denn is one of my grandmother’s favorite songs. May it play.

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