The Siege/Massacre at Ruby Ridge…

Massacre of the Weaver Family at Ruby Ridge

31 years ago, almost to the day (August 21st, 1992) this same vile, ZOG, Cuck, Iron Heal FBI/ATF laid siege to a White separatist family on an Idaho mountain top – Ruby Ridge.
This full out military siege of one family led to the brutal murder of a 12 year old boy – Sam Weaver, his dog “Striker” and the sniper execution of Victoria Weaver as she was holding her new born baby.
The events this week – the killing of Craig Robertson and elderly 300 lbs man who couldn’t walk a 1/4 mile without the aid of a cane appear to be very similar to the Siege at Ruby Ridge. We’ll have to wait to get all the facts, and let’s wait to get the right facts.

Many things in our country/society have seriously changed for the worse in these 31 years. Back then, there were actually some reasonably fair and honest mainstream media reports on the terrible events at Ruby Ridge. Here is one I recommend produced by PBS – imagine that! PBS – The American Experience “Siege at Ruby Ridge”

Don’t expect many, any honest reports of the killing of this old White man in Provo Utah, not even from (Post Tucker Carlson purge) Fox News.


  1. I can imagine more separatist communities emerging with this ongoing migrant crisis going on. Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency and is asking residents to shelter homeless illegal aliens…meanwhile the governor and lawmakers makings that request are not sheltering the illegal aliens in their own posh homes.

    Freedom of association is a fundamental American and human right. I’m glad I live in a red state like Georgia where sanctuary cities are banned. Atlanta is an unofficial sanctuary city though. These migrants seem to be focusing on entering Blue states the most where there is sanctuary status. These sanctuary cities and states have laws on the books which states that they must provide shelter to illegal aliens no matter what, even it means paying for expensive hotel rooms at the tax payer’s expense.

    We have total open borders, if Biden wins re-election America will be gone, we’ve already had about 8-10 million illegal aliens cross the border in just 3 short years. Anne Coulter years ago cited that the real number of illegal aliens in America was 50 million people, it’s probably 70 million now since she stated those statistics in her book.

    These illegal aliens are a massive drain on tax payers, real estate costs, healthcare costs, and even hotel costs. If this migrant crisis sustains itself for a few years, half of America could end up looking like something out of a Mad Max film.

  2. There’s not much to say about it that hasn’t already been said. Randy Weaver passed away in the last year or so. God knows what became of the surviving kids, including the baby who was being held by Vicki when Lon Horiuchi, now living large on a fat fed retirement, blew her head off. All of the FBI and ATF goons involved where promoted (except the one who was sent to his just reward at the time). None went to prison. They all got away with it, just like Bill and Hilary. Even so, God will not be mocked by them at the end of the day, for we only see through a darkened glass on this mortal coil. I think Luther once stated that we shouldn’t despair when we see the evil ones get away with their monstrosities in this life. He said it was actually a very bad sign for them, as they were basically like hogs being fattened for the day of (eternal) slaughter. Christ will return with a sword in hand one day. There will be no escape for Horiuchi or any of the others. Amen.

    I’ll just leave any readers of this with a quote from the great soul Solzhenitsyn, describing the gruesome reality of the days when the Talmudic Satanists and their shabbas-goyim ran wild in Russia:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. . .The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    Sic semper tyrannis.

    Despite the horror, Russia survived. So will we. It would be excellent if our people would simply take Solzhenitsyn’s lesson to heart and learn to apply it effectively. Officer Friendly might not be so eager to kill on Schlomo’s behalf if there was a significant chance that he might not be coming home for dinner ever again on any given assignment. Thirty pieces of pension (which is really nothing more than an empty promise by Bankstains at the end of the day) isn’t worth very much in the grand scheme of things.

    • Thank you Exalted Cyclops. That was very beautiful and inspiring.

      I’m not sure if I mentioned it to you, I’m descended from Russian nobility the start of my Russian family was the first son of Catherine the Great – the German princess sent off to the (then backward) European Kingdom of Russia, they married her to the Russian Czar, who was a weak man/leader – they don’t last long in Russia then or now.

      There was a coup by the mostly German Praetorian Guard (equivalent) , the Leader of the coup was a tall, very strong German guy, she and Catherine had an affair and her son was the start of my Russian family.

      The powers that be had to arrange some other royal alliance, wedding some my ancestor wasn’t the heir to the Russian thrown, but he was give titles, land and there were some powerful members of my family name in subsequent Czarist Russian governments like Minister of Transportation.

      My Russian Grandfather fought as a late teenager in the White Army in the Russian civil war – when, they/we lost – he immigrated to the United States, his sisters to Yugoslavia, one to San Francisco and one that I kept close to up until her death ~ 2000 to France – what a gal!

      My Russian grandfather was extremely smart, spoke and read at least 4 languages including the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. I just knew him as an older man, nice but kind of beaten down by life – the Russian Bolshevik coup Civil war then coming over and going through the Great Depression.

      I never talked with him about politics or the Js, I did with my Russian French great aunt who was in Paris during the German occupation in World War II – she said things were safe, clean and German officers would give up their seats on the French metro to ladies like her.

      My Russian Great Aunt really like the American tennis player John McEnroe and violent Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. 🙂

      She would go out at dawn with her two (Russian-French) sons to some battle field where the Russian Czarist troops defeated Napoleon and dig up some bushes and trees to replant on her family land in France as sacred trees.

      What a gal.

      Thanks so much for the Solzhenitsyn quote.

      God bless you and God protect you and yours in these terrible times.


      • Fascinating history. Thanks for unloading. Blood will tell, as it usually does. I’ve quoted that exact verbiage from Solzhenitsyn time and again, but no one seems to understand that it is only CONCERTED, MASS resistance (and not the ‘lone gunman’ BS) that will enable us to get out from under this mess….. Sigh. That’s what comes from a nation that won’t have a state church, and all men under one Patriarch. St. Nicholas Czar-martyr, Ora pro nobis.

    • “They all got away with it, just like Bill and Hilary.”

      As much as I hate those 2, it was George HW Bush who was President during the Randy Weaver fiasco. It’s an unfortunate thing that the timing conflated this with Waco, and that led to public opinion trends that let the Republican Party off the hook for their f*ckups.

      • Yes, you’re right Ruby Ridge was under then President George HW Bush in the Summer of 1992.

        I don’t remember Bush or any top Bush level people being much involved with the Ruby Ridge slaughter. I thought it was Janet Reno. She came shortly after, with WACO.

        1991 to 1992 was the year America and my personal observations living (if you can call it living) in New York City, then fleeing, trying to work in mainstream Conservative politics – finding the David Duke and Pat Buchanan rebellions.

        So many incredible, civilization, anarchy tyranny events in that war and a half – the 1991 Rodney King Riots, Central Park jogger gang rape near murder (rapists got off and got a huge $ tax settlement thanks to Rev AL Sharpton and the Je* Manhattan DA Morgenthau – yeah that Morganthau

        Here’s from Washington Free Beacon about the Ruby Ridge massacre:

        “4. This atrocity occurred under George H.W. Bush. This is often forgotten by conservatives who see Ruby Ridge and Waco as two black marks against Clintonian rule. But Clinton would not even be elected for more than two months after the killings. On the other hand, left-liberals often forget that this was not some case of the reasonable liberal Democrat’s government defending society against rightwing crazies. If you think there’s anything wrong with the police state built by President Bush after 9/11, you should also keep in mind the federal horrors unleashed by his father.

        What this last point really shows, however, is the bipartisan nature of out-of-control federal law enforcement. Ruby Ridge occurred under Bush I but the Clinton government conducted the whitewash. The planning for the Waco raid began under Bush I but was undertaken by Clinton and ultimately whitewashed by a Republican Congress. Ruby Ridge and all that has followed it—Waco, Clinton’s expansion of the drug war, Bush II’s abuses of human rights in the war on terror, Obama’s solidification and expansion of these authoritarian powers crafted by his predecessors—demonstrate that the issue is not the left vs. right, but the militarized central state vs. individual life and liberty.”

    • “had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever ”

      Solzhenitsyn was naive,
      almost all people are sheepish and cowardly.
      The founders were wiser, thus the 2nd amendment.

      Axes, hammers and pokers do not have the power and reach of a deer rifle.

      Founders were much wiser !

  3. Mr. Ryan,

    Thank you for posting this. I might have heard of this incident on this website now and then but this is the first time I looked at a video about it. An interesting and sad story.

    Is this incident widely known nowadays in the United States?

    • Great to hear your intelligent comments Miss Christiana, you give us some hope that our young people have some intelligence, some morals and aren’t all just TV, celebrity addicted air heads!

      I really don’t know what % of Americans of different ages are familiar with the Siege/Massacre at Ruby Ridge 31 years ago almost to the day.

      I see videos of interviewers asking simple questions about geography to UCLA Freshmen like:

      “What’s the capital of the United States?

      “What Ocean is on the American Eastern Seaboard ?”

      Or some seeming history changing event – the 9/11/01 Al Qaeda Muslim extremist slaughter of our people by illegal aliens Arab and Pakistani Muslims who overstayed their student visas to attend flight school in Florida.

      To me this had to be a game changer – all Americans especially supposedly Conservative Americans, GOP, Christians would vow and make damn sure that nothing even remotely like this would ever happen again – we would end all bad Islamic immigration and just end all bad 3rd world immigration…


      It didn’t happen.

      The J Neo Conservatives spun 9/11/01 in to another war against Secular Arabs in Iraq and dumb as* George W Bush just shrugged and went on and said he hoped 9/11/01 would create a backlash against Arabs or Muslims – he’s still promoting open borders, unrestricted mass immigration from the entire world, doing pro migrant book tours with worst ever J*w Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg.

      And nobody in Texas or anywhere else calls him out for this treason, nobody throw s a shoe at Dubya like that Iraqi Arab journalist did.

      Sometimes I think most regular White Americans are just brain dead, addicted to days a week of College (in name only) football and the NFL Negro Felon League.

      Sigh, I wish some important people especially our best young people like you would learn about Ruby Ridge, 9/11/01, the Knoxville Horror, the Wichita Massacre and the 1991 Rodney King LA riots, pogroms against Whites and Asian merchants, but…

      I don’t know.

      I need to get ready to plan a long trip abroad for most of 2024 as I can’t take 24/7 USA Presidential elections as narrated by CNN, post Tucker and Megan Kelly Fox News and the New York Times/Jew York Times – Mike Pence Christian Zionist presidential campaign to make Amurikuh a Christian nation that worships all things Je*s and BLM.


      How about some more good music recommendations Miss Christiana? All your music picks have been great so far.


      • Mr. Ryan,

        I will ask my Anglo friends if they have heard of Ruby Ridge. My grandmother with American citizenship never heard of it and neither has anyone in my family.

        As for your questions? Yes I knew without looking it up that the capital is Washington DC and the Atlantic borders the East American coast. Everyone knows that—I think.

        No wonder when I first attended school in California I had a semester at an American government school. I was shocked. At first I thought they accidentally put me in the 4th or 5th grade instead of the 6th. I was used to private schools in Mexico. After that semester we went to Texas where we have houses and land–and back to a private school.

        Of all those other incidents you mentioned everyone knows about 9/11. The rest? Not so much I think.

        As for a song? I was undecided on La Bamba by Ritchie V. or Paper Roses by Anita Bryant. So I give both. As always I never know if my songs will play. The Paper Roses song is a fear we all have. La Bamba is upbeat.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        None of my friends rather Latin or Anglo had heard of this incident. It looks like it was a huge event when it happened and then history moved on.

        Tomorrow I attend a barbecue affair. While there I will casually ask older Anglo people what they knew of this. I will be non judgmental so as not to bias any answer I receive. I am considered non-threatening and harmless by middle age and older people.

  4. I believe they deliberately killed people on Ruby Ridge as a warning to others not to step out of line. A demonstration of force. They did the same thing on Jan. 6.

    I ran across this video purporting to be a capital policemen warning fellow officers how undercover officers would be dressed. listen to what he says,

    “They will have a wristband. Their guns will have a candy stripe on the barrel…. I don’t know the wristband color, but they’ll have a wristband somewhere.”

    Could it be that Jan. 6 they meant to have some gun fire? Another demonstration? An incident that could explain them cracking down? Could it be the shooters chickened out, or could it be someone knew or suspected this and intercepted them?

    If they did plan armed false flag shootings, then it ups the significance of Jan. 6 a good bit and would explain why they overreacted, as if there was a real shooting unrising. The script was for there to be gunfire but it didn’t happen, so they propagandize it that way no matter what the real circumstances. It’s in the script. Also would explain the stupid Negro shooting the girl. He was told to expect some sort of armed rebellion, and being a stupid Negro, figured he had to shoot someone. Assuming that shooting was not fake. Which it could very well be.

    • Here is Wokepedia’s hagiography of Lon Horiuchi. The hapless Idaho prosecutor who attempted to charge Horiuchi with a slap-on-the-wrist of manslaughter rap was quickly over-ruled by a federal blackrobe citing muh kohenshitooshun’s ‘supremacy clause’ which gives federal jackboots a license to murder with total impunity. Proving yet again that “law” in clown-world is whatever a blackrobe sez it is. One of many reasons the whole structure should be destroyed completely.

      As the dindus in Fergudishu chanted: Burn the bitch down – another contemporary example of Baalam’s ass. They were thinking on the micro scale. We should be thinking on the macro scale.

    • @TW,

      The dark and unfunny joke going around, after the FBI “hostage rescue” team’s murder of Vicky Weaver was that they had lived up to their motto of “Women and Children First.”

  5. You can be sure that the local Mayor, Police Chief, and/or Sheriff are responsible for the deaths of both. Why? Because the FBI would have checked in with them first to find out about Weaver and Robertson and if they considered them a threat. That’s the way these things work.

    • The FBI would have massacred the entire family if not for a crowd of citizens videoing the “helicopter” attack with a fuel bomb.

  6. The USZOG bastards only paid 1 million to the surviving family members in compensation.

    What spit in the face insult.

  7. I voted for Colonel “Bo” Gritz for president that year for his part in ending USZOG’s standoff with Randy Weaver, and his friend, and what remained of his family.

  8. “Many things in our country/society have seriously changed for the worse in these 31 years. ”

    Like a record suicide rate ?

    • @Arrian,

      Defunded???? They congress has approved the construction of a new FBI HQ that will be 5x larger than the Pentagon.

  9. Mr. Ryan,

    I was informed that the song Stand By Your Man song by Tammy Wynette was performed as a defense of tradition against the attacks of women’s liberation. Let’ s see if it plays.

    Interesting that people in the United States knew there was a spiritual war going on. Traditionally speaking all alive Catholics are considered the Church Militant. That means we are always at war.

    And that is a good attitude to possess.

    • Thanks Miss Christiana,

      Yes, I know and love this song. I really like this live, cover version by Carrie Underwood:

      I also l really liked Carrie Underwood’s live, network television performance of the Sound of Music – I think it was ~ 10 years ago.

      The actress Julie Andrews that was the original on Broadway and later Hollywood film actress for the Sound of Music was really mean, old and jealous and slammed Carrie Underwood and this live version of the Sound of Music. What a bit**


      • Mr. Ryan,

        I am glad you liked it. I have never heard a song by Carrie Underwood. I will check her songs out.

        At the festivities I attended today I did not go around and ask many people there about whether they had heard of Ruby Ridge or not. That is not what a party is for and it would have seemed weird. So all I did was go up to the father of a friend who was talking to some other men and cheerfully asked him and them if they had ever heard of the incident.

        Only 1 out of 5 had heard of this and/or remembered it. His recollection was vague and and he did not remember any details. He asked me how I knew about this. I told him surfing the internet for songs and I saw it on a sidebar and got curious.

        None of these middle aged men seemed interested and since I am sensitive to what people want I just kept it light and asked if I could get anyone a drink at the bar.

        Is this Incident a specialized issue where in general the only people caring about it are Libertarians, Patriots (real or self-proclaimed) and White Nationalists?

  10. Mr. Ryan,

    May I play a song for one of my favorite northerners Americano? Besides yourself of course. Stars and Stripes Forever. For John B.

  11. The Movement was dead and dying just after the Ft. Smith Sedition Trial of 1987-88 where the old timers like the Order men who were still alive …

    At the same time there was a farm recession under Reagan and Bushy 1 in which white people are hurting. ZOG’s political ***** was facing armed revolt. So when Vickie and Randy Weaver moved from their Iowa home to where Butler had ….

    Back in 1988 I was “local talent” in SW Missouri which has a lot of Christian Identity. What Ruby Ridge and Waco taught our generation is that going off to yourself to follow your beliefs was a Z**-imposed death sentence. There were survival groups aplenty but none of them wanted to form a militia, so ….

    So this Mighty Evil Empire will fall …

    (Editor JR notes. Thank you for this very informative , 1st hand account to the late 1980s and early 90s from your unique perspective in the Iowa/Missouri Midwst Pastor ML – do you remember a similar Pastor James Wickstrom in Wisconsin? I like a lot of his sermons, he was a good public speaker.

    I edited a lot, most of your comment because it contains some threats or just some material that I think is appropriate for OD. There is a time and a place for these things, but IMO it isn’t now on OD. I hope you understand:


    • Pastor: Unbeknown to many one of the persons running for president right had a direct role as prosecutor in the Fort Smith Sedition trials. It was Asa Hutchinson

  12. The New York Times published an article called “The Lost Boys of the American Right”.
    They go on to describe a systematic, wide spread racialism on the right.

    You can read the article using

    The New York Times tries to emasculate the young right by describing them as:

    “Hatred, combined with masculine insecurity and cowardice, is herding young right-wing men into outright bigotry and prejudice. Contrary to their self-conception, they’re not strong or tough or courageous. They’re timid sheep in wolves’ clothing..”

    They describe the young right as “angry”, “sheep”, “full of fury”, “bullies”, “trolls”, “terrible”, “disturbing”, and “vile”. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Times article with this many insults towards their subject.

    This Times article is much as likely to be applied to most of the young right as it would to the South African settlement of Orania and other settlements which want to escape Cultural Marxism. The problem with Cultural Marxism is you can’t reason with it, you’re not allowed to debate with it. You’re not even allowed to escape from it. You especially can’t reason with The New York Times.

    Thinking about Charlottesville, January 6th, and Ruby Ridge has had the state successfully squashed far right opposition and protest in this country. The FBI was even investigating traditional Catholics for far right views. The IRS was targeting conservatives. The Deep State has a vested interest in a liberal New World Order full of Cultural Marxism and social decay. Nothing really stands in their way. As bad as we have it here, the Canadians and Europeans have it much worse since they have Hate-Speech laws. I just watched a video on Red Ice of British police brutalizing an autistic girl with back problems because she said a police officer “looked like a Lesbian”.

    Law enforcement are punished for curb stomping law breakers and incentivized for pursuing and persecuting the far right. Some probably embrace the New World Order way of tyranny but I imagine most law enforcement are just trying to keep their heads down.

    Voting red and avoiding crime-ridden zones is about all we can do. I do think Trump will probably be imprisoned before the election with this partisan and aggressive judge he has for the January 6th trial. Justice department sources say she is not afraid to jail Trump. My prediction is most likely Trump will be imprisoned before the election and even if he isn’t, his legal troubles will be enough of a headache to turn away independents and moderates from voting for him giving either Biden or Newsom the presidency. The senate and house may be more important than the presidency though at this point. We need the presidency for conservative appointments of federal officials and judges but we need the congress for investigations, anti-woke laws, and stricter immigration laws.

    • oh noes, poisoned politics

      >David French

      ‘They’re using their platforms to whip countless Americans into their own frenzy of fear. We should expect more bigotry and more revelations. Dark words spoken in secret will spill out into the public square. The lost boys of the American right corrupt our culture. Full of fury against their opponents and afraid of running afoul of their “friends,” they poison our politics and damage their own souls.’

  13. Ruby Ridge was bad, but Waco was worst. 70 people were killed by the Feds in that slaughter. Among the victims were innocent little children. Supposedly, one of the reason for government intervention was the welfare of those kids. As us the Ruby Ridge case, they had a funny way of showing it.

    As a former cult member, I was appalled at the way the Feds were handling things. They showed no comprehension of the way members of a doomsday sect would react when confronted with a government that was coming after them. The prophecies that David Koresh fed them have already put them in a state of extreme paranoia. As far as they were concerned, this was the fulfillment of those prophecies. And when the climax happened, I wept angry tears for the senseless butchery that has occurred. And the Feds have been doing this crap for decades to show the citizens of the USA that if you differ from us , even in a non-violent way, we’ll come after you, and kill you, if we have too!

  14. Mr. Ryan,

    May I mention something? By Mexican standards I believe the American Federals acted with much restraint. The Mexican Federals under such circumstances would have gone in blazing and left little in their wake. As would most countries.

    Why do you think many male members of my family/relatives are Army officers and policemen?

    I am not giving my approval of everything the Federals did only mentioning such matters.

    I leave in a couple of days and you have been most gracious to me. It will be a while before I return.

  15. Mr. Ryan,

    You wanted a dance song? Well I give you Blue Tango by Billy Vaughn. Let us see if it plays.

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