The Bridge To Nowhere

Editor’s Note: Selma was once a beautiful antebellum town like Eufaula. It had the misfortune though of becoming a target for MLK & Co. during the Civil Rights Movement.

Sam Dickson made a remark at the latest Amren conference that stuck with me.

In his speech, Sam brought up the last days of the Soviet Union. He talked about a Hungarian couple who were nobles and exiles who lived in Florida during the Cold War. Sam’s friends had an unshakeable conviction that the Soviet Union would ultimately fail because the communist dream wasn’t based on reality. I recall him saying something to the effect that communism failed when the people of the Soviet Union and its satellites came to believe that they were on “a road to nowhere.” The contradiction between the official ideology and material reality became too large to sustain the faith in the system.

It occurred to me that we are living through a similar moment with the American faith in multiracial liberal democracy. The Great Disappointment of the Obama presidency shattered the illusion that America was on the cusp of reaching the millenarian “postracial” paradise the liberal establishment set out to achieve in the 1950s and 1960s. Toward the end of the Obama era, frustration and disappointment began to curdle into anger and rage which manifested in the Black Lives Matter movement. Are we also on our own road to nowhere? Why did the first black president achieve so little with two terms in office?

Wokeism as we know it today exploded into the mainstream in the 2010s. The diehards didn’t lose their faith in “antiracism.” Instead, they convinced themselves that the racist boogeyman that is holding back progress was more powerful and insidious than anyone had ever previously imagined. “Racism” wasn’t a personal failure to treat other people equally. It was now “structural” or “systemic.” Intent is unnecessary. The new buzzwords describe a general force of oppression that operates like gravity. The new fundamentalist version of “antiracism” is openly, explicitly and aggressively anti-White. It doesn’t simply gesture toward the future colorblind utopia that MLK sold America on in the 1960s. The presence of White people even of good will creates a malign force that inexorably oppresses Black people. Aunt Jemima, the Washington Redskins and Christopher Columbus didn’t survive the iconoclastic frenzy that erupted in 2020. It was like watching, say, the Aztecs offering up sacrifices to appease their angry gods. The despairing faithful prostrated themselves en masse before Black people and promised to Do Better.

Millions of White conservatives noticed this cultural sea change. Apparently, it has alarmed them. Trump voters now believe that anti-White racism is a greater problem than anti-black racism. It has become mainstream to notice that Whites are trending toward extinction in the United States. Whites are becoming more defensive and less complacent in response to the new “antiracism.” At least on the Right, faith in racial equality and America’s march toward the future colorblind multiracial paradise has been shaken enough that suddenly debate has reemerged about the subject. The skeptics and scoffers like Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor used to be shouted down and ignored. Now, there seems to be a sense that this hasn’t worked and that their influence has grown. Bright young White people see that the inability to tell the truth about race and break with establishment orthodoxy has caused all of this.

Anyway, I was still mulling all of this over when I heard from James Edwards that Uncle Jared was going to be coming here to Central Alabama last weekend. James wanted to know if I was interested in meeting up again for back to back conferences. The Southern Cultural Center was holding its second annual national conference and James Edwards, Jared Taylor, John Hill and John Friend were all going to be speaking at it. We never get enough time to catch up and socialize at Amren. I also haven’t seen many of my old friends from the League conferences in years. The old League conferences were always less formal and more relaxed than Amren. I told James Edwards that I was on board and would be there.

Jared Taylor has only visited Alabama on a handful of occasions. America’s top race realist had never seen much of the area – Montgomery, Birmingham and Selma – where the defining moments of the Civil Rights Movement that crystallized racial attitudes and shaped the course of the nation for a generation took place. The Wizard of Tuskegee had guided race relations in his generation. MLK rose to fame here during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. The Selma-to-Montgomery March and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were the highwater mark of the Civil Rights Movement. Bull Connor’s actions Birmingham stirred the conscience of the nation in 1963 and gave America the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is so much to see here. We didn’t have time to see it all, but I knew that Jared Taylor had to see Selma. I couldn’t let Jared Taylor fly in and out of Montgomery and not see all the progress that has been made.

Selma isn’t just a small city in Alabama where people live. It is a key symbol in the orthodox narrative about racial equality. It is where righteous civil rights martyrs like John Lewis and the forces of good triumphed over pure evil on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It shaped how the nation thinks about race. Every year the same elderly politicians make the pilgrimage to Selma in March for the annual photo op. They parachute into Selma, link arms, walk over the magic bridge and fly back to DC by the end of the day. People from all over the world come to Selma to walk over the bridge to nowhere and feel morally superior to others. Medieval pilgrims used to travel across Europe to gaze upon holy relics and pray to various saints. The various Interpretative Centers in Selma perform the same religious function for pious liberals.

James Edwards and Jared Taylor on the Bridge to Nowhere

James Edwards at the Fountain of African Wisdom

Jared Taylor drinks from the Fountain of African Wisdom

The Fountain of African Wisdom doesn’t work and smells like sewage

The Amelia Boynton House

This is the house where the Selma campaign was organized which ultimately gave us the Voting Rights Act. Legend has it that the first draft of the Voting Rights Act was written here on the living room floor.

The whole city is blighted like this.

The tornado that recently hit Selma did less damage.

As I told Jared Taylor, Selma is like our version of Pompeii. A mysterious disaster occurred there in the 1960s which destroyed the town. It gets worse and worse with each passing year. At least for me, this cursed city has always been a monument to the liberal orthodoxy on race, a Blighted City on a Hill.

Honestly, what happened to Selma goes back at least 50 years before 1965 to the revolt against Victorianism. It goes back when Progressives put their faith in the New Social Science which became a new consensus in the 1930s. It goes back to the liberal triumph in World War II and the lessons that were drawn from that conflict. It goes back to when the hereditarian predecessors of Jared Taylor – people like Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard – lost to environmentalists like Franz Boas and Ashley Montagu. It goes back to when the rise of film and television made it easier for social engineers to reprogram the masses with various fantasies that changed racial attitudes in the 1940s and 1950s. The Voting Rights Act in Selma was the legislative capstone to a worldview which had matured over several decades.

The “road to nowhere” that Sam Dickson mentioned in his Amren speech reminded me of the bridge to nowhere that I had seen so many times in Selma. Specifically, it reminded me of the politicians who come to town to walk over the bridge in the backdrop of the town that is disintegrating around them. They are leading the nation to nowhere. They are getting older. A century of social science and social engineering and trillions of dollars in spending hasn’t eliminated racial gaps. None of their solutions worked whether it was public school integration, voting rights or marginalizing racists. Toppling statues of Robert E. Lee or Ulysses S. Grant combined with draconian censorship isn’t going to work either.

If communism failed in the Soviet Union, what does Selma say about multiracial liberal democracy? Selma is worse off than most cities in the poorest countries in eastern Europe. Sherman’s March to the Sea wasn’t as devastating as John Lewis marching through Selma and Lowndes County.

We all had a great time. We need to get together and do more of these tours. Discovering the Fountain of African Wisdom alone for the libtard pilgrims was worth the trip.


  1. Somebody did a great YT video a few years ago showing how dead Selma really is, which was great. I don’t remember where to find it tho.
    The last time I was there was about 20 yrs ago. It was even worse than I remembered.

  2. I have thought many times about Mr. Griffin’s excellent articles on Selma, and it’s condition.

    The truth of this, to me, however, is that the whole South is more or less like Selma, if not visibly so, then certainly on the interior.

    We’re drowning in alien interference, and our own pathetic lack of willingness to thwart it.

    • “Selma was once a beautiful”

      Compton was once a nice LA suburb.
      Jamaica was once a wonderful tropic paradise. Haiti was the jewel of the Caribbean.

      There seems to be some common factor ruining these places.
      Just can’t put my finger on it.

      • St Louis was a good working class industrial city too, and Baltimore, and Detroit, and Oakland California. The black underclass achieving political power ran these places down the drain. It wasn’t the colored underclass alone, it was decades of crappy trade deals, open borders. the donor class shutting American industry to work hapless Chinamen for 99 cents an hour, the Washington hack politicians helping every step of the way for their cut.

        • Blacks ruined Compton in America’s heyday, the gogo 60s. Full employment, a rocking stock market, high paid aerospace jobs etc.

          They burned it to the ground, ruined it !

  3. That bridge that collapsed in Pittsburgh while Brandon was visiting is the perfect metaphor.
    The Long March is complete and only the purges remain.
    Use the time wisely.

  4. You really should post up content from Red Ice. I think Henrik and Lana have been on fire lately by hammering out all the absurdities of the New World Order.

    Like OD, they seem to inject a commentary on what is sane in an insane world. In all honesty I don’t see the system collapsing unless the dollar collapses which they are propping up with high interest rates and high spending. Cultural Marxism is a powerful sinister force because it operates on a religious level, as indicated in your article.

    The right has all the winning ideas but has a tendency to always lose because of poor messaging, poor execution, and mismanagemen.Which is why I think you should post up more Red Ice content. Because Henrik and Lana give a winning strong message by showing the most absurd aspects of the New World Order that gets ignored by the mainstream, including the mainstream right.

    • @New England…

      Miss Lana and Henrik have been ‘on fire’ for years.

      They’re very brave folk who speak the truths to an era which is allergic to anything but falsity.

      As to The Mainstream Right – they’re at the edge of listening to Henrik and Lana.

      Give it another 2-3 years, and Henrik and Lana will be ‘mainstream’.

    • diversity-ruins-civilizations

      Again, more jwzish word-play.
      They have taken the obvious ‘race mixing’ and replaced it with the counterfeit ‘diversity’, to make the poison palatable.

      Beware the word manipulators !

  5. Edmund Pettus was a great man, it is a real shame that he will always be associated with that damned bridge.

  6. Last Mile with the Last Men

    What we are seeing is The Dying ZOG as I call my daily commentary on my Odysee channel. Did the people living in 410 AD under the idiotic rule of Honorius know that Alaric’s Visigoths were about to sack Rome for the first time in over 800 years? Or did they themselves raise the gates?

    In May 2004 after the Billy Roper Rally I drove down US 69 through some beautiful Kansas towns, each around 2000 population with a Casey’s General Store convience store in each and even back then I noticed that 10% of the substantial houses were abandoned and half of them were falling in. I felt like Tiberas Gracchus in 144 BC ten years after the destruction and sack of Carthage and Corinth riding the Roman countryside noticing that there were no more Roman citizen-soldiers being bred to serve in the legions. The Roman Senators had bought the land and the family moved to Rome. Tiberas Gracchus and his brother Gaius tried reforms but were murdered. 60 years later Gaius Marius made “reforms” in arming the proletariate for the legions and thus being responsible for them. The succession of warlords then finished the Repub[l]ic, Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Caesar, then Octavian who was the first Emperor. By 400 years the Empire was split up and sacked. No more Romans.

    Today there is a overt demographic decline. The children are majority non-white. What few white children there are are singles.The Boomers are old and sick. I’m being lawfared into poverty by Bryan Reo. Cheeto-Jesus the ZOG Emperor failed to cross the jewbicon, and is learning the price of weakness. The Mighty Evil ZOG Empire can’t collapse quick enough into The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Now I’ve watched my Movement Mentors in the Klan and The Order die off the past decade. I got to wonder what exactly Jared Taylor accomplished any more than Shill Cuckly. Isn’t white nationalism as irrelevant as Republicuck National Review coonservantism? Flush Rimblow is one dead fat Boomer. Hasn’t the life moved on to younger men like Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers? Hasn’t the job of keeping the jews and niggers in check landed upon the Lone Tards, and isn’t it our jobs to support the Collapse of ZOG/Babylon through supporting domestic terrorism and chaotic violence showing that gliberal whiggers are not safe from the tide of history as ZOG/Babylon implodes? You talk about the Last Mile? Are not we the Last Men?

    Obviously having you and your blog available to post my policies is useful to me if for no other reason than to hide amongst the ZOGling whigger tax-slaves and ass-clowns.

    Well, like I discussed with Louis Beam who was trying to leave the Movement when Waco came up. Louis introduced me to Katja and David Lane. I asked, “I can’t believe ZOG hasn’t paid the Revolutionary Officers Training Corps to quit and retire”. Louis asked me if I would take the sheckels and run. I told him that I would use it as if it was Order Loot and keep fighting. And so 25 years later I’m still at it and intend to die with my boots on, no matter how dire the road ahead. I like dire, because it is worse for the weaker.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt’
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. The reason millennials have failed to create a welfare state is simple. Boomers. If Boomers weren’t here we would be successful.

    I consider corporations the main problem much like some people consider the Jewish Question the main problem. I support literally anything that destroys wage slavery which includes UBI, Socialism, welfare states, printing more money without a gold standard – total war on corporations. I support allying with Black people if the alliance is directed against corporations.

    Without Boomers there would be no Biden (Silent Generation but supported by Boomers), Obama and Trump. Instead we’d have Sanders and Yang.

    The Soviet Union fell because its leaders both sold out and failed to innovate in good faith. But Russia today still has free health care.

    Once you turn on corporate America you realize that attacking the system is more important than moving the Overton Window on race. We could always just move that later.

  8. Over decades liberals or cultural marxist as i prefer to call them, have created a properly religion as monotheistic religions:

    – in the past Christians and Muslims called all their enemies (without distinction) heretics / today woke leftists call all their enemies fascists or white suprematists without distinction

    – in the past Christians and Muslims worshipped the church establishment and Christ/ today woke worship LGBTQ and all non white people, especially black africans

    – in the past Christians and Muslims were burning their enemies at the stake and censor their books/ today woke do the same by censor you and your books, beating you, arresting you and also in some cases killing you (Aaron Jay Danielson could rest in peace)

    Leftists are used to say that Middle age was a bigoted period because of the inquisition. As a person who has a BA in history and a MA in historical sciences i can tell you this: there is no difference between Inquisition behaviour in the middle age/ early modern age and woke leftists of today as there is no difference between any dicatoship regime and woke of today.

    P.s: when i will come to USA, i would like to visit the south more than New York and i hope to have a beer with some of you.

  9. Muh based ginger bearded ‘redneck’ doesn’t have a Southern twang, and believes that diversity is our strength.

    Fastforward to the 4:30 mark.

    • @November…

      Yes, Mr. Anthony is not a Southern Nationalist, but, a ‘sophisticated’ Modern Christian Southerner who does not have a twang.

      We have a lot of these kinds of people.

      For what it is worth, I do not think that Mr. Anthony’s message is a ‘conservative’ one or, even, a ‘Right’ one, but, rather, just a general complaint about the political corruption, which, I think, resonates with everyone.

    • @November It’s ironic that this man’s rise is owed entirely to the rich men of RIchmond. I would have never heard of this guy if wasn’t for the media’s constant haranguing about him. It’s clear to me he’s being bolstered intentionally.

      • I want to add there is a “fad” among the upper classes to LARP as what they perceive to be simple living common folk but they still come off as privileged pieces of shit. I’m guessing the agenda is multi-faceted but the point is to hijack populist sentiments and steer the blame away from the usual culprits (the ungodly wealthy and their trust fund babies, spending all day baking old bread). I wouldn’t care about this if this is solely what they did with their fortunes in their personal lives but no, they record it for likes and notoriety, I’ll bet everything I own there’s an agenda, there is always an agenda with ridiculous wealth. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  10. “…public school integration…”

    I’m always trying to come up with plans to gum up the works. Here’s another. Alabama needs to have segregated schools but it will be based on the legitimacy of the children. There will be bastard schools and legitimate schools. Children of married parents go to legitimate schools, others…

    • @Sam…

      We already have that system, informally, throughout the South.

      Kids who have parents, parents with money, go to private school, with other such kids.

      Kids who lack one or more of the above state-criteria suffer a public education.

      We’ve had this system for 60+ years, only, allowing ourselves to be Yankee and Jew submissives, we do not have an honest name for this system.

      Northern Culture has always been this way – have slavery, but give it a different name – such as, ‘Free Trade’, ‘Free Market’, or Migrant Labour’.

      Cowardly as we have become, we, Southerners, have learned this deceit quite well.

    • “…We already have that system…”

      Yes and they have to pay twice for school. Public plus cost of private. I want them to not have to do that.

      As for, Terry smith, “…I want all white kids taught the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, all white kids properly educated,.etc…”

      I’m a pragmatist. The reason the Jews are so successful is they constantly take whatever little gain they can get. We should do the same.

  11. Well, I am shore glad, I am nowhere near, that mirage, that shining city, known as Selma, ALABAMA, I really don’t know, whether I could restrain myself, from donating some DNA material, for that prestigious wellspring of knowledge, I could actually imagine seeing these African wellspring’s of renewal, in all of America’s finest neighborhood’s, starting with Kensington in Philly, market street in Frisco, Pennsylvania avenue in Washington d.c.,.fifth avenue in new yawk city or sunset strip in LA, along with the disclaimer, ” Don’t drink the Kool aid WHITE people”………..

  12. Blacks and Browns have made our cities and town unlivable. Now they are making our political system unworkable.

  13. “;Children of married parent’s go to legitimate school’s, others”…… SAM J……I can’t get with that, I want all white kids taught the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, all white kids properly educated, all white kids taught the classic’s, all white kids taught a skilled trade, all white kids taught martial arts, basic military training, all white kids properly fed and clothed, all white kids lioved and cared for, we do this for all our children and young people, we will provide them with a proper start in life, not just white kids, from stable homes, you take disavantaged white kids, give them the break they need in this country, provide them with the guidance and direction they need, it is our DUTY too do so, we must not fail , we can do better….

  14. Dear DB- Don’t fall for the “Boomer; strategy- just another head fake by ZOG fifth columnists to distract us from the real enemy- the Jews. Anyone who professes to be one of us that doesn’t focus on Jewish Power and Influence is truly leading us across “A Bridge to Nowhere.”

  15. I consider myself a political dissident who happens to believe in classic anthropology but I’m more pragmatic about race than most white nationalists. I follow Brad/Hunter because we go back. It’s interesting for me to read him and read how things both change and stay the same. It’s like a roller coaster ride. I like to check up on old forum posters both here and on twitter and on thephora. I’m someone who finds Hunter/Brad interesting, but I’m sure we disagree on a lot of things as we’ve both taken various paths over the years.

    • Speaking of which Daryl/Kane12345666, do you think you could alip into jewr Igor costume and persuade “Lord Skorpius” to ride again after a decade or so? Three or four columns and then nothing. Mrs. Bradifer won’t have to work on stiching back up the blue & yeller costume with a skorpion tail on it, as this is not the Gay Oughts no more.

      Back then you looked uncommonly like Marty Feldman. Those were the daze. Original phorafags/feebs are no longer with us.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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