Review: 2023 American Renaissance Conference

UPDATE: I see the fourth indictment came down while I was brooding over our darkening political climate. What happens if voters choose to vote against Our Democracy in 2024?

The 2023 American Renaissance conference was the fourth Amren conference (2010, 2014, 2022 and 2023) that I have attended. This was the first time that I have attended two consecutive conferences. It was the third time that I have been to the conference at Montgomery Bell State Park.

As many people who were there noticed, I was feeling uninspired during the first half of the year. I felt like I had already said everything I have to say. I felt like news and politics was getting monotonous. How many mass shootings and race riots can you cover before they blur together? How many self-detonating vanguardists have we seen lash out in frustration over the years? How many personality cults have we seen rise and fall apart in the movement? How many times have you seen the GOP squander a political victory? Is there anything exciting to report about Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSanctimonious?

I was bored.

I wasn’t feeling it.

After twenty two years in this space, I have pretty much seen it all now. I needed a break from my routine to reflect and snap out of this funk. I now feel like I have turned a corner.

In a lot of ways, I could fit the 2023 American Renaissance conference into this pattern. The conference was held in the same park in Tennessee. I went and saw lots of old friends, met some friends for the first time in real life and made new friends. It was good to see everybody again. I always enjoy meeting up with people at least once a year who have been traveling the same road for years or even decades. We had fun drinking and socializing again. The same small pathetic group of Nashville Antifa showed up and briefly made a little noise. It struck me as a token gesture of resistance. They seem to be getting bored with it. We ate the same steak dinner. We listened to speeches by many of the same people who have spoken in previous years. As usual, there wasn’t enough time to speak to everyone who I needed to talk to. If you have ever attended an Amren conference, I am sure you would have found this conference very familiar. I will be following up on some things with several people who I saw at the conference.

Ricardo Duchense spoke at length about the history of liberalism and the need for a Fourth Political Theory. Keith Woods spoke about how liberalism has rapidly transformed Ireland. Stephen McNallen spoke about how he sees the spirit of Wotan awakening in Weimerica. Ruuben Kaalep of Estonia and Dries Van Langenhove of Belgium gave rousing nationalist speeches. James Edwards gave a speech about why he is optimistic about our future much of which he attributed to this website. Gregory Hood spoke about the corruption of the PMC and why they never solve problems. Sam Dickson gave a surprisingly optimistic speech about why our current system which is based on a systematic denial of reality is doomed to fail. Jared Taylor spoke about his experiences over the course of thirty years as a White advocate.

As always, the speeches and the conversations with attendees was thought provoking. The highlight of this conference was meeting my friend Keith Woods who is visiting America for the first time. It was also good to see Thomas777 again who I have known since my days at The Phora in the early 2000s. I would like to give a shout out to another attendee who bought me a beer for identifying a mutual nemesis.

Last year, I remember we drank a few beers with Steve King at Amren. Joe Biden had recently given the Dark Brandon speech in which he denounced a third of the country as “semi-fascists” who were enemies of Our Democracy. The 2022 midterms were another “Battle for the Soul of America.” Democracy itself was on the ballot. The Democrats declared victory after performing much better than expected in the midterms while the Republicans eeked out a narrow of victory in the House of Representatives. Donald Trump announced the 2024 Revenge Tour shortly before the last Amren conference.

Less than nine months later, Donald Trump has been indicted and arrested three times and faces over 450 years in prison. The political rhetoric was getting hot in 2022, but it has gone nuclear in 2023. The last presidential election cycle in 2020 was nuts and the stakes are even higher this time around with the outbreak of war in Europe and the weaponization of the Justice Department. The political crisis that began when Trump won the 2016 election is intensifying. The worst of it is undoubtedly yet to come.

Do you know what I was thinking at the 2023 Amren conference? This might be the last time for a long time that I get to go to a conference and see all of these old friends. This might be the last summer for a long time that it is safe to go out and see a movie with my wife. We all remember how 2020 went and 2024 appears to be shaping up to be worse than that. When you look at it that way, you realize that you are taking a lot of things for granted. You gain a new appreciation for normalcy.

Our Democracy prevailed in 2020 and 2022 and spared us from having to face a range of extremely negative scenarios, but perhaps its luck runs out in 2024 as millions of people are ready to vote for Trump to own the establishment again. Maybe Donald Trump is elected president again from prison or the Supreme Court intervenes and lets him out or the system buckles under the weight of incarcerating a leading presidential candidate of a major party in the middle of a presidential election cycle. It is conceivable that a majority of voters could vote against Democracy next year.

Jared Taylor announced the next Amren conference is happening next November after the 2024 presidential election. I hope to see you there. I am sure we will have a lot talk about. That’s assuming we make it through next year without the establishment unleashing all of their violent minions again to deter people from voting for Trump, or worse, after they do so out of spite when he wins.


  1. I’m glad you had a good time at the AmRen Conference HW but it doesn’t sound as if I missed anything. Just the usual right wing “meet, eat and retreat” event where a small number of respectable racial conservatives spend hundreds of dollars and travel hundreds of miles to hear speeches from the usual suspects, who basically tell the audience to do nothing. And then everyone shakes hands with people they only see once every few years before driving back home to Petticoat Junction.

  2. This reminds me of the days when I used to think of society as divided between Whites and non-Whites – whereas now I see it more as Boomer vs. Millennial than White vs non-White. I used to suscribe to Amren back when it was a magazine. I truly feel that if things really hit the fan, they’d hit the fan based on generation instead of race. The younger generation of whites have been left out of white privilege. With the way I now seek out non-whites as allies, I wouldn’t show up at an amren conference. However I’m reminded of the time when I would have sought that out. I’d probably show interest in meeting people from thephora though. Me and Overwatch and Prak are no longer on hostile terms.

    • “I truly feel that if things really hit the fan, they’d hit the fan based on generation instead of race.”

      Apparently that’s what happened in Cambodia during the almighty slaughter. Younger ones killing the older ones.

  3. I can only suggest that if the local scene is boring you, find out what’s happening in the rest of the white world. It’s a case of:- all of us are running in the same direction, be it Australia or France.
    Research some British or European history to tide you over until the local scene can ignite your interest again.
    Fill us in on some aspects of your life we know nothing about.
    White replacement certainly isn’t a uniquely Southern American issue.

  4. Glad you’re back Bradifer. Rested, fit and ready to cycle back to Cunthair Walrus the Branch Covidian.

    Next time you go off to party with the other whigger-whimperers moaning about ZOG, take Jaye Ryan / Wile E. Hibernigger with you. He really cucked up your blog no end. Had a lot of admiration for Wick the Dick Wickstrom, didn’t want me to mention how Wick ran off with the wife of his ex-best friend and got the FBI snd Michigan State Troopers to save his sorry ZOGbot ass from the husband and son, and was a ZOGbot since the late 1970’s. Nor about getting a Rulo Nebraska pig farmer to kill a 5 year old kid and a 27 year old man. The pig farmer died of a brain tumor and a bunch of us real See-Eye Dentists think that Wick Da Dick should have been caged on death row next to the pig farmer. Thats how bad Wile E. cucked thangs up. You’d had thought it was 2012 on Axis Skanky’s Blog and Wile E. kept losing out to his doppleganger.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • @Marcel,

      Two ‘ashkenazi supremacist’ WASPs. I’ll pass.

      I don’t know if you can watch the video of Edward Dutton and David Duke where you live, but I lost almost any smidgen of respect for Dutton, after that video.

      • “I don’t know if you can watch the video of Edward Dutton and David Duke where you live, but I lost almost any smidgen of respect for Dutton, after that video”

        Why? i didn’t see that video.
        I only know that Dutton has always fighting against wokes.

  5. I don’t get it?
    Why do ‘Yanks’ hate Donald Trump so much?
    He’s just a Reagan republican; tax cuts, primarily for the wealthy.
    He’s not a white or Christian nationalist.
    He didn’t even try to build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it or drain the swamp, that was all bullshit.
    Is it just aesthetics, his uncouth demeanor, the way he talks and carries himself?
    To me this is all nonsense, political theatre, they can’t be serious can they?

    • Its not just yanks that hate Trump.

      “Conservatives” (who’ve conserved nothing), have been conditioned to value the appearance of respectability and respectfulness over truth or courage or any other meaningful virtue.

      Much of this, as much as I hate to agree with atheists (who are pretty much all gay), is a corruption of the ingrained Christian sensibilities that have basically been hijacked into docility training. This is purely Christians own fault, even if its inspired by insidious outside forces. Truth was ever the highest virtue of the faith. The message of the gospels. No longer.

      Everybody wants to love thy neighbor and turn the other cheek because the reality is, for a coward, those are the easiest ways to cope in a system hell bent against you.

      Maybe, but probably not, if HW is right about the powder keg we are sitting on, Whitey will finally lose his temper and stop being such a faggot.

    • It’s real easy. Trump is a White Protestant, and the Catholics & the Jews (the two major groups who compromise the Democratic Party) don’t want to see a revival of White Protestant leadership in the US.

      I will go you one better, Trump is a liberal New York Republican, somewhere to the left of John Lindsey, and even that is too much for the Cathoics & The Jews.

      As far as Jaye Ryan goes he’s just trying to get some Mexican pootang, it’s all pink on the inside, right? Down in olde Mexico, it isn’t uncommon for a dude in his 40’s or 50’s to marry a 16 year old.

    • Karl,

      You’re missing the picture because, like most people, you don’t follow the so-called “deep-politics”, preferring, instead, to focus on analysis of the media-narratives. Instead, consider that America is an empire, run by international corporations which we might call the “oligarchs” for short. They operate through IMF loans, the occasional CIA hit or black-mail campaign, or, as a last resort, military action.

      There have been two major sea-changes among America’s oligarchs, beginning with our Civil War, which ushered in an era of secular conservatism, allowing the oligarchs to centralize and secure their power. However, this fell into complete, unbridled apathy and hedonism by the 1980’s, making it ripe for takeover by the new spirit of degenerate liberalism. These dildolechian liberals slowly wormed their way in to the corporate community and, because they had religious passion where their opponents only had hedonistic apathy, won out. As a result, we are ruled by oligarchs who are zealous devotees to a religion that has suicide and redistribution of America’s wealth as a sacrament.

      Trump is a defender of the old, hedonistic, oligarchs. He doesn’t oppose the system itself, but he does oppose the religious zealots who’ve hijacked it. Frankly a better side for us to support…

  6. “It is conceivable that a majority of voters could vote against Democracy next year.”

    Isn’t it bizarre how that sentence can even be real? Even ten year ago, that kind of contradiction in only a 14 word sentence would have been the equivalent of asking a computer to divide 0 by infinity. It simply would not have computed. But now, about 1/3 of the country literally can say that sentence and keep a straight face.

    We are heading toward disaster.

  7. Do you have any concerns about the fbi having undercover agents posing as Patriots at the Amren conference? My guess is that the fbi is all over Amren trying to dig up anything that could be used against anyone who attends. Just like they find a way to indict Trump for nonsense “crimes”, just like Jan 6 soccer mom “rioters”, like Kyle Rittenhouse who was almost incarcerated for life for the crime of defending his town and himself from BLM arsonists and convicted pedophiles. It seems obvious that America has reached the point where the fbi owns, operates and protects the Democrats two private armies, Antifa and BLM, while making absolutely certain that the opposition to Marxism cannot organize. The feds and local Leftists prosecutors are very anxious to find “proof” of their imaginary White Supremacist “terrorists”.

  8. Y’all remember when the enemy said that White Nationalists are extremists? Y’all remember when they would call all of us racists full of hate? They called us violent extremists bad for America. All that stuff? Now look at the US in 2023 and tell me who the real violent extremists are. It’s the anarchists, black communists, and others who launched national race riots in 2020. The corrupt government that creates new deadly viruses in labs and releases them on the World so less and less Senior Citizens will be around. Remember is not just the age of Senior Citizens they want gone. They want old folks beliefs gone as well. Look at the political war going on between the Democrats and Republicans and Trump being arrested how many times now? I’m not a Trump supporter at all. Don’t like the 2 party system in general. However Democrats and Republicans hate each other so much that nothing gets done in politics now and few trust election results at all. Yet the same people who question the election results are running for office and the normies are still planning on voting in 2024! Will the Republicans and Democrats go to war against each other in 2024? Only God knows. However I guarantee you one thing….if the Democrats and Republicans fight each other in the streets in 2024 during campaign season and after the election results are counted….I’m not stepping foot on either team. I’ll prop up on the couch and watch it all on live streaming tv and say….Y’all are dang crazy! The 2 party system is crazy and always has been! I’d say White Nationalists aren’t the violent extremists full of hate anymore. It’s the Democrats and Republicans that are full of hate now. WPWW! ?

    • Yes we see that, but guess what the 24 year old white girl who spends her money at the dispensary thinks? The threat is…Trump Supporters who actually like that horrible world her teachers told her existed in 1985 before she was born.

  9. Sigh,

    Sounds right. Thanks Hunter.

    Feels like the end of the Roman Republic where Roman Generals Julius Caesar and Pompey and Mark Anthony competed for Cleopatra’s affection and fought for who would be the King, emperor after the Roman Republic fell.

    My Russian Grandfather was a teenager when similar worse, sh** went down when Lev Bronstein/Leon Trotsky, Lenin and overwhelmingly Je* Bolsheviks did their coup after Czarist Russia was replaced briefly by a European style Republic, the worst ever Je*ish reign of Terror followed, our side at least attempted resistance in the Russian Civil War, my grandfather fought in the White Army.

    We should have been looking around for Napoleonic, AH, Putin, Andy Jackson, Pinochet, Franco strong men about 25 years ago, Trump sort of talked that way.


    Anyone see some strong men in their neck of the woods in North America? There are lots of rumblings in Central and now South America – Argentina being the latest.

  10. Hunter,

    We need a couple comment moderations, deletions for very blatant violations of OD Comment guidelines.

    These are also to be expected in such times.

  11. And as always, no one named the enemy. For fear of the Jews. We that have the Holy Spirit have not that spirit of fear.. But still it is good you went. There were lots of good people there.

    Our renewal right now centers on three places. First, the massive concentration of forces on both sides of the Polish/Belarussian border. The top Russians are saying openly the war is coming there. A huge escalation.

    Second, the battles in Syria, and soon in the Straights, as Dark Brandon has sent zogbots to fight the Iranians there. You can expect the Straights to be closed soon.

    Third, around Taiwan, the Philippines and Guam. A very nasty air and naval war is brewing there.

    The conflict in Niger rates an honorary fourth. Our good friends and brothers the musicians of Wagner are doing our work.

    As the war explodes into total annihilation, and the missiles fly, we will then discover that foreign nations really do have sleeper armies in place here, that came in among the 40 million illegals. But that comes later, after the missiles fly and the grid goes down, and people are eating other people out of starvation.

    This is the outline of WW 3. If you cannot see it, look harder. God works his will as well in war as in peace.

  12. Rangewolf writes:

    “And as always, no one named the enemy. For fear of the Jews.”

    I respond:

    That’s Amren’s strict policy at Amren events.

    But one key speaker at Amren and elsewhere did “name the J” this week.

    Vdare’s Peter Brimelow – I think he’s feeling a bit mortal and wanted to speak this truth, especially as the enemy is seeking to ruin his beautiful wife and beautiful daughters, take away all their possessions.

    Here it is:

  13. Hunter, I have tried to post comments. You rarely approve them. Please tell me why. I’m not trying to be disrespectful or disruptive. I’m

    • No, I always enjoy conferences.

      It is covering the same type of stories like mass shootings which repeat on an endless loop that bores me.

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