Trump Indicted In Georgia

Why should anyone be bored with our politics?

Sure, Donald Trump is running for president again and has been indicted again (we have seen it three times before), but we are at the point where you can begin to feel the pull of the waterfall ahead. History is speeding up. The 3,000 foot drop into the unknown is coming next year.


Driving the news: The 41 felony counts in the 98-page indictment include racketeering charges, conspiracy to commit forgery and perjury.

Trump is charged with 13 counts, including soliciting the then-Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to break their oaths of office with regard to overturning the election.

The defendants include former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was compelled to testify before the Atlanta special purpose grand jury, and former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, who was a part of the Jan. 2021 phone call to Raffensperger in which Trump told the Georgia secretary of state to “find” the necessary votes for him to win.

Also charged are former members of Trump’s legal team, including John Eastman, Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, Robert Cheeley and Sidney Powell. …

As I was saying about the Amren conference, we are going about our routines and everything feels normal. It was normal to go eat some wings and watch Barbenheimer. College football season is about to begin. Millions of people will be tailgating again and going to games with their kids.

Don’t be fooled. American politics hasn’t been this bad at any point in our lifetimes. Not in 1960 when JFK stole the election from Richard Nixon and he graciously let it go for the good of the country. Not during any of the assassinations, bombings and riots of the late 1960s / early 1970s when trust in institutions was still at a record high. Not during Watergate which was a coup by the Deep State against Richard Nixon. Nixon again graciously stepped aside and resigned for the good of the country.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton never summoned this level of anger, resentment and disillusion with the system. Bush v. Gore, which was settled by the Supreme Court, was a contentious election cycle but it doesn’t approach this level of breakdown of trust in institutions. The Crash of 2008 which gave us Barack Obama created more of a millenarian feeling around the Great Black Hope. Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was a shock to the system, but he never locked up Hillary Clinton. He tried to govern as a normal conservative president. The closest thing to this election cycle in the 2020 election when we had the COVID lockdowns and the George Floyd riots, but Trump again never had his Justice Department arrest Joe Biden in his basement. No sitting president has ever criminalized the other major party.

Going even further back, we could bring up the House of Un-American Affairs Committee or the Red Scare after World War I. Eugene Debs won 3.4% of vote as a prisoner during the 1920 election. Throwing Donald Trump in prison during the middle of the 2024 election is clearly in a different category of dysfunction. No one has ever tried to pull off this big of a power grab before. While politics in the Gilded Age was heated and violent, William Jennings Bryan was never arrested. None of the forgettable presidents of that time period like Cleveland and Harrison had their rivals arrested and incarcerated.

Polarization hasn’t been this bad since the War Between the States and Reconstruction. It is truly incredible when you think about it that our elites would put our institutions under this amount of stress in a time such as this, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised after Iraq or COVID or transgenderism or now the war in Ukraine. Making foolish decisions is the hallmark of our current ruling class.

How many people have been radicalized by these four indictments? Is there anything that any of us could ever possibly do that is more destabilizing than this? We have seen the system weather assassinations, riots, bombings, mass shootings like they are mere thunderstorms in the news cycle. Violent people who lash out in anger are brushed off. They throw away their own lives without changing how others perceive the system. This feels like it is different. These show trials really are changing attitudes about elections. There is no coming back from this level of loss of trust in the system.

Elections are how the ruling class legitimize their rule in our system. The key thing is that both sides trust that the process is fair and legitimate. The loser has to feel like they are full participants in the next election. Defeats aren’t permanent defeats. They are torching that to own Trump.


  1. Donald John Trump, The WHITE BOY candidate, shall be taught his place, Once long ago, lived a man, named DON JOHN, who delivered a Smashing Victory, for our people, the Bell’s rang the thru out all of CHRISTENDOM…………..LEPANTO…….HANG tough and do the right thing , Don John Trump, THE LIVING GOD and the people, will be with you, the people that count anyway….. Despite, all that has happened since then, de, ,spite all the let down’s and disapointment’s, I still retain a image of D.J.T in my mind, it was the very last debate, with Hillary Clinton, at the very end of the debate, the moderator had a few last words, crowd is clapping, all the big shit/shot’s,falling all over themselves, too get to Hillary, with the heir fake kisses, hug’s, smiles and laughter and Trump, walked alone to the edge of the stage, stood their alone, looked straight at the crowd and camera’s, no smile on his.face, no crowd clamoring to get to him, I felt sorry for him, for a brief moment, I then saw the strength in him, show that strength again Mister President, I hope our people, will reciprocate in kind……

    • @Terry…

      Like him or not, President Trump has been given an historic role, such that, even if he died tomorrow, would not cease to be influential, until we get through this time in history

      His campaign in 2015-16 was the lightning strike to a long forgotten and sleepy pile of hardwood logs.

      The fire he lighted won’t go out until it has fully burned.

  2. I can remember watching the hearings that led up to Nixon’s resignation as a 13-14 year old. They were on every day and pre-empted all the soap operas. The chairman of the hearings was Sen. Sam Irvin of NC, a conservative Democrat back when they still existed. Another such Congessman at the time was Walter Flowers of Alabama. Not sure if he was in the House or Senate.

    • @TW…

      And so do I – remember the whole endless fiasco of Watergate, that had the whole nation riveted.

      And, yes, Senator Sam Irvin is a happy memory for me as a Tarheel.

      One thing I will say : time has made it clear that though, President Nixon had megalomanical extra-constitutional issues, it was really his predecessor who ought to have been put on trial.

      LBJ’s dealings might just be the scandal of scandals in what more than a few historians have termed, ‘The American Century’,

  3. Satan is a master chess player, he has had his sickophants, so successfully warp this country, so successfully attack the foundation’s the structure, the very culture and once successful system and economy of this tricked out country, that we the people who have worked for , bled for, sacrificed for, wept and prayed for, who have loved this fair land, this once NOBLE REPUBLIC, we are now strangers in our own lands, we are no longer MASTERS of our own house, DARK OVERLORDS, rule over us with contempt……..

    Yet we still breathe…….as long as I breathe, I will struggle …..And GODS will be done….

    • @ Terry Smith,

      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”
      ? Epicurus

      Just a little reminder that the Abrahamic God of the Bible is not coming to rescue the South or Europeans worldwide. It is up to us individually and collectively to save the fragment of our race worth saving, but I agree with Tom Metzger that it will take Whitey being put up against the wall both figuratively and literally to find the intestinal fortitude to survive.

      • @November…

        I am a Christian, but, unlike many of my fellow Christians, I do not think for one moment God is going to ‘rapture’ us out of this.

        Why do I not believe this way?

        Because, being a Christian, I note that God gives us our lives, famillies, communities, and, yes, countries, to take care of, or not, as we so please.

        He lets us stew in our own juices.

        My maternal ancestors came here and fought 150 years of wars with Indians, Virginia, Georgia, and The Carolinas, and their descendants fought The Anglo-Zio Empire of the late 18th century, and then the United States’ Government in the 1860s and 1870s, followed by all the unnecessary wars of the 20th century.

        God did not spare my ancestors any hardships they underwent to build this country, and they underwent many that had nothing to do with war.

        They were not immigrants – but, conquerors and settlers.

        If this country is to ever again be worth a toot, then we will have to do the heavy lifting.

        Mama cannot write us a note to get us out of that.

        So, yes, November – you speak the truth, let no man deny.

        • “God is going to ‘rapture’ us out of this.”

          You’ve got more sense than 99% of the fundamentalists.

          “God did not spare my ancestors any hardships”
          You mean we aren’t extra, extra special…..*gasp*.

          • @Arrian…

            Thank you for your kind words.

            Well, yes, I think America is ‘special’, in the sense that we have a unique country, not least of all which we had a great set of Founding Fathers.

            That said, I think our country is special, NOT because God waved a magic wand and made it so, BUT, because many people who have lived in this country, from the earliest days, have utilized God’s personal blessings to them, in terms of energy and talent, and have used that.

            A big problem with many Modern American Fundamentalists is that we all have come up in a highly specialized society – one in which we all learn that we have a specific job, and, if we get any problems outside of that scope, we turn to someone else, in the system, or the system, itself, to take care of the dilemma for us.

            Though this specialization has many upsides, when your country’s institutions have been quietly usurped by tyrants, there is no systemic solution.

            We, The People, have to tend to this problem, ourselves, and that involves a lot of individualistic calculations on what can be honourably done.

            Again, this kind of situation does not fit into the mentality that we currently have.

        • @Ivan,

          Thank you for your honest response.

          It does seem imho that the Christian God gets let off the hook for His creation, especially being supposedly omnipotent and omnipresent.

          Let us hope or pray that we are up to the challenge of this very real existential crisis.

          Ivan, if I recall correctly, you do not hold Dr Joseph Goebbels in high esteem, but nevertheless, I believe that these two quotes by him are right on target.

          “Faith moves mountains, but only knowledge moves them to the right place…”
          ? Joseph Goebbels

          “If the day should ever come when we must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will slam the door so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will stand back in stupefaction..”
          ? Joseph Goebbels

          • @November…

            You’re very welcome.
            Your quotes by Dr. Goebbels underline what I have recently said to the church we attend ..

            ‘God blesses us with abilities, but He does not do our things for us. Just because we have Christ, and the many splendored blessings of The Holy Ghost, does not relieve us from having to mow the lawn, comb the cats for fleas, make our own biscuits, and, yes, tend to difficult issues, such as rectifying a country that has been usurped.

            We are up to this crisis – or, perhaps better said, enough of us.

            If I doubted that before 2020, watching how much sleepy-eyed Normies have come awake since that horrible year, has given me confidence.

            At this point it is clear that the judgement of the citizenry is that this version of The United States is no acceptable.

            People have moved on to the second stage, which is pondering what to do about it.

            Consumer boycotts and buycotts are but one way you can see that people are looking for honourable ways to get involved

            You know, this has been a hell of a problem – having your country usurped in the sneakiest of ways, not to mention the unbelievable amount of psychological conditioning we have been given in the last 75 years.

            There again, many tens of millions of people have gotten hip to what is going on. They see the lies, they see the lawlessness. They get the basics of the situation.

            So, while this situation may go on for a while, I am confident that we have bottomed out and, after a brief shaking, things will get better.

      • November,

        You did not address me but may i give you the Catholic view? You asked 4 questions. I knew the Catholic answer before I was 10 years old.

        1.God can prevent evil and He knows all
        2.Is He able to prevent evil? Yes but allows it either because of the punishment of sinful man or because some greater good may come from it
        3. Is He both able and willing to prevent evil–The answer is the first is true but the second depends
        4. Is he not able and not willing? This is redundant. He is able and sometimes willing. Depends on His will and knowledge of what is best.

        Sin is considered so horrible that the slightest unrepentant sin without due penance will warrant punishment. The usual Catholic strategy we are told is to pray as if everything depends upon God but to act as if everything depends upon us.

        Remember Jesus did no wrong and yet God the Father allowed Him to be tortured to death for us. The world is considered to be a Vale of Tears. We should all remember that. Our hearts should be loving with our minds just and our resolve hard.

  4. “Why should anyone be bored with our politics?”

    Because the outcome is already known, collapse, chaos in either direction this goes. People will get hurt. Our people.

    The only thing that isn’t certain is whether Whitey will find his balls again and stand up under his own strength to face the firing squads, and whether some remnant will carve something out for some of our children. Our likely outcome is South Africa. I just don’t have any faith in people anymore.

    I doubt I’ll be there to see it in any case. Murphy has it out for me lately and that “other shoe is about to drop” feeling is now more like walls closing in like a slaughterhouse chute.

    The only grace I ask for is strength and health enough to be standing with some dignity.

  5. ” We are going about our routines and everything feels normal ” well……… Their is something about this new normal, that stinks and it just don’t feel right…….I don’t trust them, I’m not letting my guard down period…….

  6. Or nothing happens like always but at least they have you back in the hamster wheel of inner party coke v pepsi political theater.

    Deep staters v deep staters. Is Dump’s trial going to be on Pay-Per-View? Is Q still a thing? Is this part of the PLAN?!?! (it’s like the Q psyop is going in reverse irl) Did they say how the god emperor is going to get out this rigmarole? Stay tuned? (No thanks) Enjoy the show!

    • You should be promoting Arkansas passing the goldback. “Counter-culture” enforcing the vax and the redneck Christian fascists of Arkansas undermining the banking cartels. Clownworld.

  7. As a citizen, I am always ready to be fair-minded about indictments.

    The fact that they saved these indictments for election season, and did not bring them forth in February or March of 2021 totally disqualifies them for me.

    No, for me they are just more election interference by The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government.

    Fortunately, I am surrounded by numbers untold of Normal Southern Folk who think exactly the same.

    Glad that I am no longer on The Far Right, but, just Mainstream, for, other than my belief in Southern Secession, my values are no different than the Southern Democrat Mainstream in the 1960s.

    • Why is your initial reaction to be fair minded?

      Years ago i got called for jury duty on a domestic abuse/child custody case (yeah, these are never fair) and sat quietly for an hour and a half listening to both sides and their attorneys argue the substance of the case, obviously lying and trying to game the system (the whore girlfriend, a spic) and the “dad” trying to save his ass and maybe see his kid, (stupid white dude) after smacking the shit out of her for cheating on him constantly (no position taken on this behavior, no fux given either).

      After an hour the judge was so mad she nearly put them and their attorneys in jail for contempt and about tossed the whole thing out.

      Finally the judge got to me and asked if I thought I could be impartial as a juror and I told her yes because I didn’t believe a single word either of them has said the whole time. She chuckled and told me where I could get my 25 dollar check on the way out.

      What was my point with this anecdote? I have no idea. I’m old AF i don’t have to have a point anymore. Probably has to do with the economy of cynicism. Maybe.

      Why would you believe your stated enemy about anything at all, ever? Dont you know we’re at war?

      • @Ironic…

        Interesting comment.

        Yes, I think President Trump unduly attempted to influence the Georgia State election recounts.

        It’s difficult to think other, in light of the taped phone conversation, among other things.

        That said, I am of the firm conviction that he was cheated in Fulton County, which, to my mind, makes for extenuating circumstances.

        All that said, I cannot consider the indictment, after a 2 year delay, as anything more than election interference – something The United States’ Government has visibly done in 2016, 2020, and now 2024.

        That our whole system has become so wildly lawless and anti-American is a very sad thing to see.

        That leaves only two options : accept it or reject it.

        Americans will, reject it, of that I have little doubt, because I see and hear their attitudes every day.

        Folks, the ordinary Joseph and Josephine, are very very unhappy to think that they are no longer living in a great land, but, actually something for to the contrary of that.

        Yes, Americans will reject this system, though, how, when, or where, however, this occurs, are all question marks, though, I rather suspect the years immediately following the 2024 presidential election will be telling.

        All in all I would give better than 50-50 odds that this is our last presidential election, as one country.

        The whole thing has become a sad farce.

    • This is an example of the vindictiveness of blacks should you put them into power. The kind of warnings the South told us for centuries that was brushed off under the influence of that intoxicating TV culture our Ellis Island Elites served us up in the 20th century. Well, now you have some middling 90 IQ angry black mama charging a Republican President and his staff using a black grand jury in a black city. What more of these black run municipalities will be doing in the future against more and more mundane Republican politicians. The blacks really hate any attempt for normality and to stop the cultural revolution because they really are insecure and know their status is fake. Blacks are the natural bottom feeders in any society on this planet, dummies and losers, big children and they know they have to keep the gravy train going as long as it can because eventually they will settle back to the bottom where they belong. They are like giant children and submitting to their rule reminds me of those episodes of Star Trek where Kirk would wind up on a planet of children and subject to their irrational rule. A Lord of the Flies situation.

  8. Mr. Wallace,

    What someone called Nate Fisher wrote above did make me laugh. Oh my. He believes if you only stick to your liberal principles you will live in paradise.

    No wonder things are the way there are. Unfortunately I have been yanked off this website for awhile but I still have a couple of days left.

    If anyone thinks liberal democracy will save you then I have no words. I wish all of my enemies to have “liberal principles”.

      • Ironic,

        I did not know. I have heard people say that we do not understand that type of humor or sarcasm. I guess they are right.

    • Cristina, I am curious, do they teach much about the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War in your school in Mexico? And if so do the texts favor the Republicans or the Nationalists?

      • Osprey,

        I have usually attended private Catholic schools and yes they teach us about the Civil War. Our teachers and the studies are strongly pro-Franco and the Nationalists. We view the Republicans the same as the Communists.

        A Mexican secular school would probably take the side of the Republicans since Mexico ever since the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th Century has been Marxist in many ways. They butchered the Cristeros in the 20’s and 30’s and according to a priest they were still hunting them in the 1960’s.

        It was against the Law in Mexico for a priest to wear his garb in public until 1990 when a conservative party took temporary control.

        An American book called No God Next Door written in 1937 I believe covered this up to that point quite well. The American Catholic school I went to for several years was also strongly pro-Nationalist.

        Mexico is an example of a majority Catholic country that is ruled by our enemies. Mexicans vote with their bellies and pocketbook more than with their souls.

        I love my people and distrust the government.

        • @Cristina,

          Nationalists are correct with the exception of civic nationalists. Jews hate, and do everything in their power to crush gentile nationalist movements/parties because they understand that the nationalist leaders will make the masses aware of their malevolence against the folk.

  9. Just remember three groups compose the Democratic Party, Catholics, Jews and Blacks. That’s the coalition that needs broken up in real world political terms.

  10. .”Nixon again graciously stepped aside ”

    That’s a big problem with WHITE men, surrendering ground that should be fought for with fangs and claws.

    • This time we weren’t ready. Enemy had all, we had nothing. Even Putin waited 8 long years in Ukraine because Russian Army wasn’t ready back in 2014.

      But now the time has come. Whole planet Earth has united against Jews and communists.

    • Amen, brother! Even George Wallace never talked about repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration Act of 1965, or the Fair Housing Act of 1968 after he “stepped aside” in his little schoolhouse door drama.

  11. My instinct about the direction this is going is thus.

    The GOP doesn’t want Trump as the nominee under any circumstance. They will bluster and stall and do nothing after he is jailed, concede that he can’t be on the ballot or something else to keep him from winning the primary in a couple key states, and they will unite behind Ramaswamy or another brownie, because running a token to give them the appearance of respectability is the highest virtue they recognize.

    I won’t participate if so. Its Trump, or its nothing at all. Let the golem fall under its own weight.

    • This is precisely my feelings.

      I will never vote again for someone I’m “allowed” to vote for. Do you get what I’m saying there? If both parties conspire again, and they will, and if they succeed, and they probably will, then it is clear to me that they, in fact, are the ones who killed democracy in darkness. So what’s the point?

      It will be very satisfying knowing that I can say to those dipshits who will invariably say, “well at least we’re still the most free country on earth” that no, we in fact most definitely are not, and they’re the reason we aren’t. I will say that with a smile, knowing that I’m the one living in reality and truth. I don’t want to live in a fantasy world that I keep having to move the goalpost to be happy living in.

  12. We live in some very interesting times. It’s crazy how the Democrats and Republicans could be so against each other in 2023. We used to joke about how the 2 party system is 2 sides of the same fake coin. That they really have no differences in private. Now both sides are at war with each other. 2020 was a political war if you think about it. I’m also concerned about how things will go in the 2024 election. I’m not for Joe Biden or Trump. I’ll vote for a Third Party candidate with Nationalist views. If no Third Party candidate with my views runs in 2024 I’ll not vote for anybody. With everything going on….the Democrats basically want Communism and the Republicans want a Corporatist country with no borders and free trade. Both are only interested in putting all the power in the hands of the rich….both the Corporate rich and the Government rich. They still have an agenda and it’s sure not for We The People. ?

    • Both sides are corporate capitalists or corpitalists, both sides are authoritarians, globalists and militarists who work for the big donors, it’s just the left has a lefty veneer and engages in lefty tokenism/lip service, and the right has a rightwing veneer and engages in rightwing tokenism/lip service.
      There’s little difference between the two in practice, you’d have to be an idiot politically to get behind either of them.
      They are there to divert our energy away from actual, grassroots solutions.
      Yea vote 3rd party or don’t vote.
      Put all your energy into yourself and your local community.
      Don’t give your energy, money and vote to either of these two parties.

  13. The Reagan left versus the Reagan right, who’ll win? *Shrugs*
    Some are thinking, if the Reagan right wins, it’ll open the door to white and/or Christian nationalism, but I’m thinking if the Reagan right wins, all’s it’ll do is open the door to more Reaganism; tax cuts for the wealthy + imperialism + expanding the security and surveillance state + a bit of tokenism/lip service to traditional values, and that’s about it.
    But these things go back and forth, it’s never ending, one side undoes what the other did.

    I call Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and co the Reagan left because that’s what they really are.
    There is almost no difference between the left and right, they are both crony capitalists, imperialists, globalists and culturally centrist in actuality when you look at their policies, what they actually do when given the opportunity, one is just a bit more to the left, the other a bit more to the right, and so I can’t get invested in it.
    They either don’t really hate each other, and it’s just political theatre, or they do hate each other, which’d be dumb and hypocritical, like finger pointing/passing the buck/scapegoating for America’s woes, it’s pettiness.

    Both sides are just kicking the can down the road, the socioeconomic system is unsustainable, everyone knows that but neither side of the aisle wants to do anything tangible about it because they represent the wealthy donors who profited off it, and so they’re playing deflection.
    We need serious grassroots change, only the people can get themselves out of this, the solutions aren’t going to come from on high, they’re not going to be supported by CNN, MSNBC, Fox or conservative INC.
    When both sides hate you, that’s when you know you’re on the right track.
    The two party system needs to be abandoned at the very least, if not ‘liberal democracy’ as a whole.
    Local communities need to begin organizing and taking matters into their own hands by force if necessary.

  14. Brian Pace ” Now both sides are at war with each other ” I am not seeing it Mr.Pace, both so called party’s are fake as hell and rotten too the core, both party’s are at war with DON JOHN TRUMP and we the people, of hey do it openly, blatantly, with no shame or fear, our enemies and his enemies both, see him as the proverbial ” WHITE BOY ” candidate, despite the baggage President Trump carry’ s, we’re in a fight, all of them against D.J.T and us, don’t hardly seem fair, does it? Yep, the other side better get more help, their going too need it…….

  15. America will split apart. The banksteins planned it a long time ago.

    Great metaphor, the pull of the waterfall. The entire West is feeling this pull. And here comes the plunge.

  16. It would be anticlimactic but it feels like there is a real possibility of people just hunkering down more and checking out at a new level. We are already seeing a trend of people increasingly staying off the internet. You could also have the distraction of new technologies (VR, AR) along with the growing trend of people only focusing on their local areas and families as they just check out of the whole rotten system rather than even try to help reform it or break it up. It is possible to not be affected by the political climate much at all until the economy really tanks (we are surely close) for many people. It’s boring but I think it’s slightly more likely than the alternative of full scale chaos.

  17. Cheeto-jesus wasn’t even orange jewlius. He refused to cross the Rubicon and dissolve the Congress. Now the corrupt elites will jewstice him and put him in prison. The next warlord will know enough to end this jewdenpub[l]ic and set up a fascist empire.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  18. Zion Don was/is a judas goat who always was MIGA through and through. He didn’t give two shekels about Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, James Fields, or the MAGAtards he incited on January 6, 2021; therefore, we shouldn’t give a plug nickel with concern about him either.

    Injustice in this country is handed out by a Sanhedrin tribunal of the descendants of the Pharisees.

  19. For the sinophiles.

    How many of their own people did they drown, how much farmland has been destroyed, to protect the property of their ruling class?

    The Chinese are insectoid in their morality. They can no more be a model or an ally for Whitey than a sub saharan african tribe of click talkers.

    They are spreading like termites. Their bribery and corruption eating away at every White country’s political structure.

    We are in a starship troopers scenario here. There is no common ground with the bugs.

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