ABC News: Suicide Rate Hit Record High In 2022

According to Peter Turchin, popular immiseration is one of leading forces that drives political instability by creating an updraft of populist discontent which is exploited by counter-elites. There is a grain of truth to the “worse is better” theory. When the material lives of the masses is steadily improving, elite consensus is high and the memory of a major war is strong, as it was in the Les Trente Glorieuses after World War II, the number of radicals in a population remains low. Sheer misery alone doesn’t make revolutions or civil wars. It is a necessary, but not sufficient factor though like oxygen is to fires.

ABC News:

A total of 49,449 Americans died by suicide in 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

This is a 2.6% increase from 48,183 in 2021 and the highest number ever recorded, according to provisional numbers released in a new report from the federal health agency. …

The suicide rate hit a record high in 2022.

I believe it because it struck someone close to me.


From 2011 to 2022, over half a million lives (539,810) were lost to suicide, with 2022 showing the highest number of deaths on record. Within this period, the adjusted suicide rate increased by 16%. Recognizing the mounting mental health crisis and demand for accessible crisis care, the federal government introduced a new crisis number, 988available nationwide in July 2022. This easy to remember three-digit number connects callers who are suicidal or experiencing a mental health emergency to a crisis counselor at one of 200+ local crisis call centers. There, they may access crisis counseling, resources, referrals, and connections to other crisis services. Though suicide deaths slowed in 2019 and 2020, they began to increase again in 2021 and 2022, but the cause of this recent rise in suicides is unclear. …

In related news, Mehdi Hasan drew my attention to this.

As living conditions deteriorate in Joe Biden’s America and the ruling class makes these dramatic, sweeping moves like indicting and arresting Donald Trump, the number of people who are open to political violence has increased over what it was two years ago after January 6.

CBS News:

PAPE: What we’re seeing is the country as a whole on the edges, but now moving into the mainstream, is becoming much more angry, much more radicalized. And this is particularly happening just in the last three months. What is occurring, I study this not from the perspective of a political pollster who’s ahead in a political horse race, but from 30 years of experience in studying political violence. And the biggest picture to take away from the survey of our dangers to democracy tracker, is that political support for- support for political violence is now breaching into the main strain. That’s different. It’s not just about Oathkeepers, proud boys, it is now breaching into the mainstream, and we’re seeing the consequences of that in many ways in our society. …

Things have gotten worse since April.

It is also not just stereotypical MAGA supporters like the Boomer fed poster who was murdered by the FBI last week. Leftists are more willing to resort to violence.

The Post Millennial:

“The study found that 11.6 percent of US adults agree that a “use of force” is permissible to “Prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.” This amounts to around 30 million people.  …

The public is more radicalized than it was in April and it’s really quite significant,” said Pape. “We’ve been tracking this quite a while, and this is a really big bump.”

What Pape did not mention is that the number of people who will approve of violence when it serves a desired political outcome on the left dwarfs that of the right. In the same study, it was determined that the amount of Americans who say the use of force is justified to return Trump to the White House has shot up from 6 million in the past few months to about 18 million people. This is almost half the amount of people who justified using violence to keep Trump out of office.  …

So, I look at all of this and it leaves me asking a simple question: when politics gets this bad and related social trends like suicides, mass shootings, polarization and so forth get this bad, do people ever just you know mellow out? Does life start improving? Does the number of moderates start increasing? Does that ever happen short of a major conflict and social upheaval that drains the poison?


  1. “Suicide Rate Hit Record High In 2022 ”

    Yes, and I do not trust ‘statistics’, because they are so manipulated.

    This figure, if you ask me, seems very very low – not to mention all the Vaccine deaths they do not count, nor will ever count, as such.

    One poll, however, did make sense to me, and that was a recent Gallup poll, in which now 15% of Americans are thinking about fleeing the country.

    This country bears no comparision to the one in which I was privileged to be born.

    It’s not just the politicians or the upper echelon bureaucrats, it’s been sold out at every level.

    • “A total of 49,449 Americans died by suicide in 2022”

      False number !
      Many ppl choose to die by O.D.
      A large fraction.of drug deaths are suicides.
      A significant number of traffic deaths are suicides, head-ons etc.
      That. 49,449 could be doubled, reasonably.

      Over 50 veterans a day kill themselves. Thanks VA !

      • Any services related to the military is fake and worthless. I remember going into the USO at the airport (LAX) and the people working there were rude, even hateful with us. On a somewhat related story I got food poisoning at a MEPS station that I believe was intentional. The civilians who work in these fields hate you if you’re an enlisted white guy. Fuck this hellish country.

        • “the USO at the airport (LAX) and the people working there were rude, even hateful with us.”

          I’ve heard that, many times.

      • @Arrian…

        I read your reply to my wife.

        Yes, after postulating the truth, I am happily reminded by you some ways they miscount the suicide vote, in numerous ways.

        Yes, how right you are to think of this!

    • Interesting racial fact.

      In nordic countries 95% of intentional deaths are suicides.
      In Africa and Israel over 90% of intentional deaths are murder.

      Ponder that.

  2. I bet all this legal, high potency cannabis may be a factor in this rise in suicides. I know there are a whole bunch of young twentysomething heavy users committing suicide and their moms writing anecdotes about their tragic spiral downwards through cannabis abuse online.

  3. The standard model for a failed state under a totalitarian regime (ours is that now) is for the regime to have as many counter demonstrators in support of their regime, plus a ton of militarized police to bust heads.

    They have that and more if these figures are correct.

    It will take something dramatic to move the needle on this. The vast majority of people are still so risk averse in their outlook, they will continue to give ground and knuckle under. Conservatism as usual basically. Victory through gracious defeat. Faggotry in other words.

  4. Housing prices skyrocket ?

    Bring in millions of immigrants annually.
    Allow foreigners to purchase land ( thailand and philippines dont allow it).
    US and Canada real estate are safe banks for Chinese and Russian mobsters.
    Allow giant money laundering funds (blackrock) to buy residental property.
    Hmmmm, why are.housing prices on a rocket ride?

    • This.

      We’re unable to build enough new housing to keep up with the Niagara of Brandon’s immigrants pouring in, which makes shelter drastically more expensive everywhere.

      And as was mentioned, no one is doing anything about crooked corporate landlords like Stephen Schwarzman, who pay cash for houses (which freezes out ordinary buyers) and drive rents up. Elizabeth Warren and Ro Khanna want to legislate against this, but the Republican Party isn’t having it.

      Classic kosher sandwich, with everything on it.

      • “unable to build enough new housing to keep up with …..immigrants pouring in”

        Where are the ecologists to yell and protest about over population, urban sprawl, loss of wildlands ?
        Why don’t they chain themselves to border entries and yell “too many people, we don’t need more”.

        They only do that when WHITES can be blamed.

        A very suspect agenda.

  5. Hatred of the innocent Nightowl, and the love of money. What difference does it make what harm I do to the people I live among as long as I get rich? We are talking about the nature of the beast here.

  6. “Cost of living crisis is pushing people to the edge”

    That’s the medias spin.

    Truth, your living standard is dropping like a rock, you’re being impoverished.

    Inflation gives people the illusion that they have more money while they’re sinking into poverty. Clever trick !

  7. My best friend from high school committed suicide last month by jumping off a bridge over the interstate highway. He had a bachelor’s in economics and was flat broke and using drugs. The future looked so bright when we were kids. I never expected this living hell for so many Americans.

    • Sorry to read that.

      WHITES have no support system.
      There aren’t any WHITE organizations or charities where he can get a menial job and decent shelter, no groups to encourage him, give him moral support and direction.

      Any time some WHITES try to form such an org, the jwz will sabotage it.

      • @Arrian…

        May I respectfully disagree.

        We have our local White Churches – which is why they used their Covid scam, in part, to try to destroy that, or, if failing that, diminish it.

        We also have numerous local civic organizations.

        Though we are at a decided disadvantage on a mass media level, we have a lot of smaller assets.

        Things are not bleak – not hopeless.

        We will not be beaten.

        I remind you that North Vietnam never won a battle against us, but, they won the war.

        So will it be in The West.

        • “Things are not bleak – not hopeless.”
          I didn’t mean to imply that, but rather we need more effort by more ppl.

          Of the above institutions you mentioned are any EXPLICITLY WHITE and only for WHITES ?

          We need this on a national level.

          • Yes, Dear Arrian – we need a hell of a lot more effort.

            How right you are!

            Yes, at this time in history there are no local organizations, save for The Klan, who will very openly and publically say that they are White – and ONLY White.

            That said, the reality is that almost every church in my area is all White, and has never seen more than a passing visitor, who was not.

            Even The Historic Society of my town has no non-White Participants, and, yes, even The Masons’ in my part of the world, are still entirely segregated. or so I am told by my neighbour, a leading mason.

            Yes, I agree – we must be unabashedly White, BUT, I just wanted you to know that the basis for recovery is still there.

            We just have to recover our misplaced balls.

            That’s good news, right? – that things are not completely or hopelessly lost.

  8. I’ve heard of 5 people in the DR committing suicide. The sad part is that the DR is a heartless group. These people tell each other to kill themselves for being overweight, or not having kids etc. All the hot air about “loving your people” is bs. These are individualists that simply don’t want themselves to have to suffer diversity.

    There are no mental health resources for this group, and anyone asking for it would be harassed for being weak. Any mainstream therapist would likely just lecture you about White privilege or something. And they wonder why people snap. We are in a system that is trying to genocide us, and gloating about it INSTITUTIONALLY. No people in history has had to suffer the extreme propaganda 21st century White people have.

    • @Mike

      Yes, being a young white male in the West today is a heavy burden to carry. It is sickening.
      These young lads need mentoring and guidance but the ZOG system will crush anyone who tries to provide it.

      • “young lads need mentoring and guidance”

        Absolutely !

        And good apprentice programs so they have reliable skills and income, instead of just a worthless high school diploma, which retard urbanape can get.

      • @English Tom…

        I totally agree with your first statement.

        That said, it’s an opportunity to prove that we are up to our great heritage.

        As to your second premise, I think it was spot on, until recent years, however, with The Internet, and a new White-Gentile media rising, I do not think it is any longer quite so.

        Moreover, those who would control everything have never controlled the local, except in the largest cities.

        They have been vulnerable, and are increasingly vulnerable.

        Heads up – we’re going to win this war – no matter how many battles we lose!

  9. And the neoliberal right is just as much to blame for the state of the economy and society as the neoliberal left.
    This whole blame the left or the right thing is a psyop.
    If you’re still thinking in terms of Biden’s or Trump’s America, or Trudeau’s or Poilievre’s Canada, you’re not very smart.
    It’s the big donors.
    Politically, the solution has to come from way outside the establishment.
    And personally, no sense in staying loyal to a system that’s disloyal to you, so abuse it when you can, like it abuses you.
    Take as much as you can, for as little as you can.

    • The US government is chock full of voters for the Democratic Party. Most rich people vote Democrat, and support the Democratic Party. The people you call “the Right” who lead groups like the Republican Party have the same aversion to their voters as the rich Democrats (Jews and Yankees) do. To say that it’s not one of the other is simply not true. It’s the people who identify as “progressive” (just a euphemism for Leftist/Socialist/Communist who are dominant in practically all institutions and positions of power.

      It doesn’t matter that those people don’t fit the Pie in the Sky Marxist fantasy of “true Communism.” They’re the same type of people, taught by the same type of people, representing the same judeo-masonic interests. And the are overwhelmingly identifying as LEFT and trying to repress the RIGHT. PERIOD.

  10. And this is just the beginning, wait till the petrodollar is supplanted by BRICS/the yuan, we’re not far off.
    They’re holding a meeting 4 days from now to discuss just that, among other things.

    And the biggest bubble in the history of bubbles created by the covid bailouts bursts.
    I wonder what a financial meltdown far worse than the ‘great recession’ of 08 in the midst of ongoing socioeconomic and cultural decline will do to our politics?
    Good times ahead *nods*.

  11. Sadly we are seeing the end results of lack of labor unions and lack of religious faith.

    Pat Buchanan put economic protectionism as a big part of his platform and he peeled off enough Midwestern auto workers to give Papa Bush a scare.

    Plus Buchanan was big on religion.

    If we had years ago put him in office alot of this bad stuff would not be occurring.

    With the unions wages would go up and with rieligion suicidal folks would have some hope and a purpose (the Great Commission & going to Heaven)

  12. I’ve heard two anecdotes from black coworkers about middle aged blacks they know or are related to committing suicide over the last year so I can believe this. I had never really heard about black suicides before, I’m sure they happened, but in the past the rare suicides in the community would be some white goth girl or some manic depressive. Never heard much about middle aged blacks doing this?

  13. Re. Housing prices.

    I think the money changers are creating a dangerous bubble, like japanese and now chinese real estate bubbles.
    Disaster looms.

  14. But, but, but, muh egalitarian workers utopia?
    Forward, yes we can…be Zimbabwe!
    Make Rhodesia Great Again.

  15. White men have lost their sense of higher idealism (i.e., a reason to live and sacrifice for their civilization and folk). Without that driving force, Whites become hedonistic nihilists, and life loses its meaning.

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