Charlie Kirk: Whiteness Is Great


Hail Charlie Kirk!

Hail Our People!

Hail Victory!!!

Sorry, LOL … I had to.

Try explaining this to yourself five years ago.

What an incredible moment to see this happen. We have won out with conservatives under the age of 45. All those polls which showed mass radicalization going on under Joe Biden were not a joke. Charlie Kirk himself has been radicalized or simply given way to the inevitable.

As I said the other day, Richard Spencer jumped off the train to do Alt-MSNBC at the very moment it was leaving the station. Some people got way too blackpilled in the Trump years.



  1. The NY Times is hating on Kaitlan Collins. Tressie is just sore Don Lemon got kicked to the curb by Kaitlan.

      • “Just hatred of pretty White college girls”

        It goes far beyond that.

        Anything, absolutely anything, that is exclusively WHITE is to be wrecked. Nothing that could be a seed bed for WHITE association is to be tolerated, it must be ruined, wiped out.

    • “What was the point of this article?”

      “Goy, goy, you’re not race-mixing fast enough ! No more WHITE events, you must mix with the browns and blacks to create a nice turd brown race of retards so that we may usher in the age of moshiach and you can be our slaves.”

      “Racial purity is only for the chosen, as phineas exhibited in the torah. Racial protection is exclusively for us jwz.”

    • Wagner himself, Dmitry Utkin, founder and military commander of Wagner PMC, was in the plane and is confirmed dead.

      This is a day of darkness. Utkin was the best of the best of our race. In this generation he had no equal.

  2. From the article:
    Not a typical word in the vocabulary of a southern black.

    The tenor of the entire article reeks of a far more devious mind than anything from the pen of Tressie McMillan Cottom could produce.


  3. “Betrayal” Implies we ever had an obligation to Ukraine to begin with, and we didn’t.

    Kristol is just bent that nobody is buying his greatest ally 2.0 bullshit.

    Because its ok to be White, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    20 words nobody can argue the righteousness of. A clear, concise and complete mission statement for Whitey. An affirmative identity, as curry ramaswami would say.

  4. Richard Spencer was never sincere. It’s better for everyone he’s no longer involved. Everything he touches turns to shit.

  5. I am a Bama grad. When I was there in 1978-82, there was a sorority called Sigma Delta Tau that had been exclusively Jewish forever. Within the past several years, they have gone “diverse”, including blacks. Go figure.

  6. By ‘whiteness’ he means the social construct/culture of whiteness (get educated, work hard, buy a house, raise your fam, etcetera), which any race can adopt, altho some may have more difficulties adopting it than others, he doesn’t mean the white race.
    The modern republican party is pro-whiteness, not pro-white.

    Trump and the alt right didn’t change the party, just a bit of its cosmetics.
    The only way to change the party is to stop supporting and voting for it, especially at the national level.
    Vote for a 3rd party or don’t vote.
    As long as they have your support fundamentally, they’ll never, ever change.

    This is who they are, modern upper (middleclass) conservatives, why pay some white dude minimum wage or higher when you can pay Jorge and Esmerelda half or a quarter of that?
    Why worry about mass immigration and the cost of living when you own your own house and dozens or hundreds of others?
    Supply-side economics, that’s what modern conservatism really is behind the veneer about God, country, faith and flag.
    These guys just care about themselves and their families, they don’t give a damn about working class whites.
    Why stand up to the Jewish cabal?
    It’s dangerous, better to keep your head down.

  7. Its sounding like they smoked Wagners entire senior command staff.

    How stupid could they be to all be on the same plane flying openly like this?

  8. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

    Joseph Sobran

  9. “Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”

    Nope, Sobran was wrong.

    minorities couldn’t care less about us, intrinsically.
    The fires of contempt and hatred for us are being continuously stoked by one group and one group alone.

    There’s only one source.

  10. Say what you want about Charlie and his organization, but the work they are doing is good right now.

    He isn’t perfectly aligned with my perspectives on things, but his lack of autism about this approach to grassroots organization is sound.

    I’m guessing they aren’t litmus testing people by forcing them to declare the JQ or breaking out the tiki torches on campus either.

    Yeah its not all White kids, but if the message is “its ok to be White” I’ve got a hard time casting shade.

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