Live Thread: First 2024 Republican Presidential Debate

I’m only posting a live reaction thread because this is a tradition here. I don’t plan to watch this. Debates are over. You can go back and read the archives of the first 2016 debate.

Note: Josef Bosch nailed it.


  1. Aww come on. You might find SOMETHING cringeworthy to comment on. I don’t blame you though if you don’t watch the debates, I’d only be really interested if Trump was involved.

  2. “GOP candidates are competing to be Not Trump” …

    And that means : Not a one of them stand a chance in hell to attain that to which they would aspire.

    Precious few are going to vote for a warmed over version of a 2007 Republican.

  3. I won’t watch it. I made my decision in 2020. Christ himself could drag his cross down an escalator and declare for the presidency and I’d still vote Trump. Its the principle of the thing.

    I hate that orange boomer fuck, but he’s our choice and we either get our choice or all bets are off. Its not about Trump. Its about getting our way, and the damage it will do to the system every time they try to thwart that will in ways that erode the credibility of the system itself.

    In this way, we win regardless of how it works out, and Trump in the worst case scenario will make for a hell of a statue.

  4. What does a deep state shill sound like????

    ……China, China, China

    Who is not going to take the shill pill? Who? Who??

    • Oh, and cutting social services, while increasing the money we spend on Israel, Ukraine and the military (but not on returning vets).
      When are we gonna stop supporting these pricks?

      • “When are we gonna stop supporting these pricks?”

        Only when we have solidly WHITE organizations.


  5. I don’t have cable, otherwise I’d be looking at the clown shoah and commenting on it. Maybe a sock-puppet show later on my Odysee channel is in order. Jabba Christie, Jewdass Pence whose nigger pig killt Ashley Babbitt. Both the dotheads, even fat Albert Scott.

    Judas Pence’s nigger pig,
    Put Ashley Babbit in her grave.
    Jewdass Pence’s nigger pig killt Ashley the Brave.
    Judas Pence’s nigger pig,
    Put Ashley Babbit in her grave.
    She ain’t gonna MAGAtard no more!!!

    Sung to tune of John Brown’s Body.

    I’se running for Prez-o-dint myself. I would have supported Cheeto-Jesus the ZOG-Emperor’s insurrection to the max, maybe put Nutty Nancy’s gin-soaked head torn off on a flagpole staff. I was gonna try to becum Khan-Ye-Dolf the Nutty Nazi Nigger as Vice-Prezodint but when he didn’t go all death-coon 6.66 on them jews, instead found a kikess with big tits and a bigger butt to apply the Kanye-snake to her kikess stanky I decided to move on and becum-cum a free agent.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

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