Steve Bannon: There Is No Coming Together

I agree with Steve Bannon.

We have come to take for granted that we live in an era of polarization.

Even if Trump or Biden wins the 2024 election, gridlock is the norm. Congress comes and goes every two years. It has become an ordeal to pass a budget. The only way to pass big legislation is through budget reconciliation. Big policy issues like abortion are decided by the courts now. A policy agenda is what can survive a filibuster in the Senate and the inevitable attacks in federal courts.

We often hear people say that America is becoming more polarized without giving much thought to what that entails. It has reached the point now where one side is arresting the other side (and their lawyers). What would happen if Democratic DAs in black majority cities simply arrested all the Republicans? What would happen if Joe Biden incarcerated his opposition? Well, that would end the gridlock!

Suppose Trump is convicted and sent to prison on some of these bullshit charges which sets the precedent that the Democrats can use “multiracial liberal democracy” to gulag their opposition. What would stop a black DA in St. Louis from arresting Sen. Josh Hawley or a black DA in Jefferson County, AL from arresting Sen. Tommy Tuberville? What would stop the California AG from prosecuting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy? Why should any of the Republicans who supported Trump on 1/6 and who therefore engaged in “rebellion” be seated in Congress when they are disqualified by the 14th Amendment? Why would these people stop with the Orange Pumpkin? The “rule of law” and “jury of your peers” is flexible enough that it can be invoked to justify arresting and incarcerating enough Republicans like Marco Rubio to take control of Congress too. Anyone who objects to this can also be labeled a racist and a white supremacist. No one is “above of law” unless you are an Antifa rioter, Hunter Biden or an FBI agent.

Steve Bannon sees the future playing out like I do. Polarization continues to get worse. Democrats indict and arrest Republicans. Republicans demand tit-for-tat retaliation. The number of radicals on both sides soars. The remaining moderates like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are driven out of office. As the political atmosphere becomes more heated and feverish, political actors make extreme moves that provoke extreme reactions. Everything is extreme. No one is interested in compromising. Moderates reach their political nadir. Norms suddenly melt away as the political order liquifies.

Government by the likes of Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg and Letitia James proves to be more than the system can handle and it buckles. Eventually, some incident happens that is the spark in this toxic tinderbox like Lexington or Fort Sumter. There is a violent collision somewhere between the two sides. This consolidates the two sides into opposing camps. Polarization devolves into conflict. Conflicts produces a clear winner and a clear loser. The issues that brought about the conflict are resolved as one camp is vanquished in the process. Radicalism declines and the number of moderates soar as the population grows weary of the violence. Violence creates moderates and moderates beget compromise. Fanaticism cools.

In other words, our extremely polarized times will be followed by an era in which one side has achieved total dominance over the government. The government will function again with one of the two sides in the current conflict succeeding in imposing their vision and values on society.

The question is … how will we get from here to there? Who is the winner? What lies ahead in the years between? How much does it ultimately cost to get there? Ben Collins is correct that now is a great time to leave the country. Bannon is correct that one side is going to win and one is going to lose. As Lincoln put it, “it will become all one thing, or all the other.” That is where we will be in about ten years.


The vanquishing hasn’t happened yet in our times. A key difference.

Note: In an ideal world, the two sides would agree to peacefully and amicably dissolve the Union and create functioning nation-states. The two sides would recognize that it is not worth it to continue living like this. This is unlikely to happen though for a number of reasons.


  1. What both the Republicans and Democrats have in common is that they’re both wasting our time with this fight.

    I’ll care once the Democrats actually start to represent millennials, which won’t happen as long as millennials are tethered to Boomer leadership in the neo-liberal side of the Democratic Party. Until then it’s a fight between two different groups of boomers. One group of Boomers needs Millennials and the other group of Boomers doesn’t need millennials. Neither will push the bottom to top economics I want.

    • The Democrats ARE representing millennials. They do NOT want millennials 1) owning homes 2) having families and 3) being white. Homes enable structural racism because economic “intersectionality” and “environmental” injustice that is built into the unseen cost of homes. Having families causes “global warming” by expanding (white) humanity and consuming more (brown) resources. Finally, being white is evil.

      No, Democrats are absolutely, sincerely representing you. “Bottom to top economics” in itself just means inflation. In modern Democrat terms it means dismantling “white supremacy.” The Democrats solve that by killing you off. Their goal is to keep blacks above water during this self-imposed extinction event while everyone else literally dies off. Richard Spencer approves of this because at least he gets a petty revenge on whites in the end. He knows it means white extinction and dispossession, and that is a small price to pay for resentment!

      • Socialism doesn’t necessarily cause inflation, it depends on who’s getting the income assistance.
        If the vast majority of assistance goes to people who need it, and the working class most definitely needs it after being fleeced by corporations for decades, they’ll be able to put money aside for a rainy day and invest, start families and businesses, get educated without becoming indebted.
        Then they’ll be able to compete with the upper classes, driving down prices, instead of being dependent on them for crappy wages.

        Millennials and Z need the money, we need free education, healthcare, living wages and UBI, so we can do more than just survive, so we can get ahead, so we have something of our own to invest in the economy, instead of just being wage slaves.
        Look what 4 decades of neoliberalism has done to the economy, despite decades of growth, the standard of living has steeply declined for the working class.
        It’s next to impossible to advance, millennials and Z aren’t advancing despite working just as hard or harder than boomers and Xers.

        Socialism is the future, but neither dems or reps (libs and cons in Canada) are going to deliver a new, new deal.
        So I say don’t vote for either of them, vote for a 3rd party or don’t vote.
        Until an actual conservative party that’s willing to look after the working class comes along (don’t hold your breath), there’s no point in voting for conservatives, so I say vote for the green party, they may be the best option for millennials and Z right now.

        The green party may not be as bad as the right makes it out to be, from my research there are authoritarians on the left and right as well as civil libertarians.
        The republicans/conservative party have a long history of authoritarianism from McCarthyism to the ‘war on drugs’ to the ‘war on terror’.
        Sweden locked down the least during the fake or at least overblown ‘pandemic’, and they were ruled by lefties at the time.
        This idea the right is necessarily more authoritarian than the left is total nonsense, it depends on the party and individuals.

        The mainstream/Trump right has little to offer besides mass immigration, tax cuts and deregulation for corporations, borrowing from banksters to spend on themselves, corporations and imperialism, same with the mainstream left, so I say to hell with them both, vote green, or for some other 3rd party, or don’t vote at all, wait for something better to come along, or build it yourself.
        Mainstream politics today is totally bankrupt.

      • The greens also say they want to subsidize small businesses, which would drive down inflation, because there’d be more market competition.
        The economy grew for working people after the square and new deals were adopted, and so we need a new, new deal.

        Naw the greens seem to have the right answers on the economy, and that’s what matters most.
        The culture war is secondary, what good is winning it if you struggle to make rent and put food on the table?
        We need to take care of the economy first, the culture war a distant second.
        I’m somewhere between ambivalent and apathetic about the greens when it comes to other stuff, I’m just voting for them because I’m poor and got nothing to lose.

        If conservatives want to be taken seriously by millennials and Z, who’re much more leftwing than their parents were at the same age, they’ll have to come up with something besides tax cuts for the wealthy and cutting spending on the poor, because that’s just about all they got.
        The ‘rightwing populist’ stuff about bringing our troops home and putting them on the border turned out to be BS, from Trump to Meloni.
        The only real conservatives in power are in eastern Europe, guys like Orban, Lukashenko and Putin, conservatives in the west are really neoliberals with a conservative veneer.

        A few more things about the greens:
        They appear to get all or the vast majority of their funds from individual small donors as opposed to union and corporate big donors, unlike dems and reps.
        They’re pro-multipolar world order.
        They’re anti-Zionist.
        Some greens are pro-civil liberties while others are woke and technocratic, depends on which green party we’re talking about and which factions therein come to the fore, they vary.

        Anyway, my overall point is just that the political duopoly, which represents the corporate military oligopoly oughta be abandoned, regardless of your political leanings.
        For conservatives that may mean voting for say the constitution party as opposed to the republican party.

      • Inflation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if the form of socialism your practicing leads to more working people investing their money in businesses and housing, because then they’ll benefit from higher prices, because they’ll be sellers too, not just buyers.
        The idea is for government to give enough socialism to working people so they can get ahead and become owners themselves.

        Come to think of it government should just cap wealth at say 1 billion dollars (or 1 hundred million dollars), transfer homes and stock in companies from billionaires (people who don’t need them) to people who do need them.
        The point of socialism should be to give as many people as possible at least a one time chance at being an owner rather than a permanent wage slave or welfare recipient.
        Another way of doing would be to convert corporations into cooperatives.

        In any case, the neoliberal era is coming to a close, it will be replaced by one of two things, some form of socialism, or fascism.
        This is what happened in the early 20th century, Russia became authoritarian socialist in 1917, Italy fascist in 1922 and the anglosphere social democrats in 1924 in the UK and 1933 in America.
        We just don’t know the timing, neoliberalism could last for another decade or two, but just as classical liberalism was overturned, so too will neoliberalism be cause it’s unsustainable.
        Even Trump partially rejected neoliberalism by partially switching from free trade to fair trade/protectionism, the wheels are already in motion.
        It’s not a question of if but when and to what degree neoliberalism will be supplanted.

    • DB When you mellinnial’s,.decide to do something about the “TRANS INFECTION ” your generation suffers from, then perhaps;we may let you all, stay up past your bedtime………

  2. Stalin purges in 1937 started from the Party understanding that without purging liberals, we are the ones who will be purged.

    So history repeat itself and again Jews and communists launched attack against whole society so society freaks out and hits back, hopefully first.

    Steve understood what many already know. They don’t want Trump but all of us.

  3. The way I see it both sides are going to lose in the end because both are crap and have far more in common with one another than not.
    We have the woke neoliberal, globalist and Russophobic left and the quasi-conservative neoliberal, pseudo-nationalist and Sinophobic right.
    If they’re really warring with each other, and it’s not just theatre, neither side is worth sacrificing for anyway.
    I think both sides are a joke.
    As civilization continues to decline, then collapse, perhaps political movements worth supporting will emerge, but at this stage there is no viable movement worth supporting, it’s still a case of dumb and dumber, Larry, Curly or Moe.
    This is the best the left and right side of our ruling class can come up with, it’s a joke to any thinking person.
    May as well just grab a bag of popcorn and laugh as they kill each other and let the thing implode, I’m not investing in either side, neither represents me.

    • “””…..just grab a bag of popcorn and laugh….”””

      Q told that trust the plan. He didn’t command to do something specific, grabbing popcorn, pussy, Russian money or whatever.

  4. I’d argue this political replacement has already happened. Democrats i.e. Black Run America already have near absolute control of all government. Obama ensured that from 2008-2016. January 6th was the critical moment for Republicans to pull the ripcord, and they blinked. Trump passed the revolutionary moment. Now we are seeing the sweeping prosecution and imprisonment of anyone who opposes Black Run America.

    I thought that maybe there was still a chance but the 2022 midterms proved me wrong. Biden and his Democrats destroyed the economy, maybe forever, and voters still supported him mainly because women and their feminism, and their reaction to abortion being mildly constrained. Feminism and Black Run America go hand-in-hand.

    Obama was an unmitigated disaster for white America, especially millennials. This last white generation became a clown generation. I am sorry to say it but Boomers are mostly right about millennials, and Zoomers are utterly negrified. Trump is absolutely going to prison because the law does not matter anymore. Precedent does not matter anymore. Who is going to stop the Democrats? Voters are cowed after the Jan 6th persecution. Look at the response to Patriot Front and the endless “fed” accusations. I question whether any resistance will happen when Trump goes to prison and is prevented from even running in 2024.

  5. If your analysis is correct, we’re doomed. I fear your analysis is correct. I fear the left is consolidating power and will outlaw political opposition under various guises. They have power. We don’t. Lots of discontent, but remember the Bolsheviks in Russian never won an election, but ruled with an iron hand and murdered and enslaved millions for decades. Evil people want to win and good people mostly just want to be left alone with their free stuff. Evil never sleeps. Evil people are always organized, always vigilant, always working while “good” people mostly sleep and are lulled into dormancy by professional sports and alcohol. This is a turning point in US History. Will the American Bolsheviks win? I fear they already have won.

  6. “I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. Aw right, aw right!”
    -Jim Morrison, at a Doors concert

    • Nihilist sentiment, and can be tempting. I see the zenith for progressives and nadir for dissidents as being 2020. Everything is trending our way now; in fact, every victory the progressive, globalist side thinks they’ve won only hurts them in the eyes of a majority. I am optimistic.

  7. Who is the invisible hand that saw to it, that Donald Trump would be prosecuted by so many black prosecutors? Hint he wants a world without Christ. Who could he possible be?

  8. ” if Democratic DAs in black majority cities simply arrested all the Republicans? ”
    Under RICO they could be charged as co-conspirators.
    They could certainly dismember the key party leadship.
    Not a far step from the current absurdities.

    With POC juries you’d get Zimbabwean justice.

  9. I have a pet theory when it comes to cycles of history that seems to indicate a victory of the Right in a coming paradigm shift. Going back 400 years, and possibly earlier, the eras seem to occur in cycles of Materialism and Spiritualism and a catastrophe at the end of those cycles usually swings humanity into the other cycle. The Thirty Years war marked the end of a spiritual age, as the death and war caused by religious infighting gave way to a population embracing the ideals of Enlightenment thinkers, individualism and deviation from the religiously focused states that came before it. This bled into the 1700’s where even the founders of America referenced wars of religion being a concern hence why there would be no explicit national religion. The 1700’s also was the era of the Marquee De Sade and later the French Revolution. The rise of Napoleon and the wars that followed, where he was dethroning kings and threatening the Vatican, caused the cycle to swing back to Spiritualism as onlookers saw the death and carnage of people obsessed with social beliefs to the point of killing people who disagreed and the massive war that resulted as horrible and that humanity needed a return to God and Family values for a real fulfilling life. The Victorian era then would give way to World War 1 where abstract ideas of honor and conformity led to the deaths of millions of men, and the 20th century swung us back into a material age once more and you know the rest.

    Of course it’s more nuanced than that as there was spiritualism in the 1700s and there was brothels in the 1800’s, but it’s just a sort of broad overview of the eras. I think we’ll swing back into a spiritual era as the material age has failed so many people, and it will be sometime long after we’re dead in the 2100’s we’ll see the rise of a material age again after a major war, but whether it follows the pattern of the 1700’s or the 1900’s is for future man to determine.

  10. It’s a nice fantasy, but cruel reality always wins out. In 1860 there were two sides, each one controlled whole sections of the country. The federal government hardly existed, it was so small. But now there is just the uniparty. Oliver Anthony sees that, to his credit.

    As Mitch was saying just before he had his diabetic mini stroke, there had been a week of bipartisan unity, and the bipartisan unity had already almost completed the trillion dollar NDAA.

    All very collegial. Just like that, a bipartisan trillion dollars aimed foremost at our replacement by foreigners. Turn off the tv and the cruel reality will begin to peek through. It is not 1860, there are no two sides, only the uniparty.

    It is going to happen, it could happen any day, or more likely after 2025. Just 10 Satan warheads, exploded over North America would fry the grid. You will wake up and there is no juice. At that time there will be some taking sides. Sheriffs might become important leaders. But Oliver the good ole boy is right, no one in Washington is on your side. Except maybe Tom Massie.

  11. The 14th amendment argument falls flat on its face once you consider Trump told his supporters to leave their weapons at home come January 6th. You gotta be fair to people and these are Judges making this bullshit 14th amendment argument. No wonder the courts are no longer trusted or respected. Our judges are not fair or honest.

  12. “There Is No Coming Together”

    This is true, whether we like it or not.

    That said, I respectfully disagree with Mr. Bannon that the future has only one likely scenario : a winner and a loser.

    No, he sees this scenario because he does not see a nation that will reorganize itself, along political lines.

    In such a case, both sides will be winners, because both sides, no matter how much turmoil on the way there, will be out of each other’s hair.

    In the end,.separation (secession) is the only practical and moral option, if for no other reason than tens of millions of people cannot force tens of millions of other people to live in a manner in which they do not want.

    History showed us that, in the end, large groups of people cannot, longterm, force each other to be who they are not.

    History also shows that every union will, one day, become fragmented.

    History is this way, and history will not be flaunted.

  13. How in the world could our side make deals with people who believe that a grown man is a girl because he says he is? Or that small children should be encouraged to change their sex, when they don’t even know what adult sex is. The leftists saying this crap are so irresponsible it’s breathtaking..

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