Catboy Kami Arrested While Trying To Pick Up Jewish Girls In Brooklyn

Catboy Kami has been arrested while livestreaming in Brooklyn.


  1. Ffs… I can already tell this thread is gonna be a doozy lol.

    Nb4 the fed posting and name calling and pearl clutching.

  2. What’s this all about ?
    Why deliberately antagonize jwz ?
    Besides generating animosity, what does this accomplish ?

    This is something i don’t understand about GDL, why go to temples or heavily jwzish neighborhoods ?
    What are they trying to achieve ?

  3. >that first video

    Kami made a textbook noob mistake. NEVER let cops stop you, and NEVER start talking to them. It’s something people who aren’t used to dealing with cops always do. They had no reason to arrest him at that point. If cops step in front of you and want to talk, always ignore them and walk away. They can’t do shit.

  4. TN:

    >Runions related that she then called Gunter over to show her firearm safety, at which point she pressed the barrel of the gun into the front of Gunter’s torso and pulled the trigger, discharging a round into Gunter

    >Runions punished the children that Sunday morning for not waking them up and for eating the second woman’s food.

  5. Hunter, you should get one of this big, round fur hats and wear it, you would look great especially when it’s 95 deg. F. out.

  6. “F*** n*****s,Hitler was right!”

    “Oh,that’s my friend on Facebook!”

    ^Jared Taylor wilin out when he’s anon

  7. Good reasons why we will get the last laugh, even after we’ve been eradicated as a race.

    The colossal stupidity of the regimes unsustainable war against reason will eventually bite it in the ass in a big way. Reality asserts itself forcefully and eventually.

    Once we lose all stake in the outcome because of systemic disenfranchisement, we also lose all fux to give about stuff like this going tits up in spectacular fashion. Keeps the samson option firmly on the table too.

    For now, its funny just to think about all the boomer money that was lost on this.

  8. He is a known sodomite, so he has a demon. But a lot of his skits are dang funny. If he doesn’t calm down Zog will send someone to kill him.

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