Tucker Carlson: We Are Headed Toward a Trump Assassination

I also think assassinations are coming back.

Obviously, the country is becoming more polarized and radicalized. Voter turnout in elections is soaring. This is similar to Gilded Age politics. Presidents Chester Arthur and William McKinley were assassinated. Teddy Roosevelt was nearly assassinated. He was shot during a speech.

George Wallace and Huey Long were both shot. Huey Long was assassinated. The comparison to Long works best because he was sued and impeached. In the end, it took a bullet to stop him. There was no one with enough charisma to carry on the movement he started.

The Russia Hoax with Mueller didn’t work. The phone call with Zelensky didn’t work. The two impeachments didn’t work. The January 6 Committee hearings didn’t work. The E. Jean Carroll verdict on sexual assault didn’t work. Four indictments spanning everything from paying hush money to Stormy Daniels, the Presidential Records Act, a conspiracy theory about January 6, the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 and RICO charges in Georgia haven’t stopped the Orange Pumpkin

Do you pull the trigger and invoke the Fourteenth Amendment to allow state and local election officials to take Trump off the 2024 ballot? It would unleash an uncontrollable chain reaction of chaos. Similarly, even if one or more of the court cases take out Trump and send him to prison, which seems likely, it will do incalculable damage to both elections and the criminal justice system.

If some lunatic like Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Trump and it could be portrayed as the work of a lone wolf though, it would be much easier to get the country to accept that.


  1. On election night before Trump was even inaugurated, I predicted to friends the system would impeach him. In that didn’t work they would try to put him in jail. If that didn’t work, they would kill him!

  2. “We Are Headed Toward a Trump Assassination”

    Well, they’ve already assassinated him, over and over, in every way that is not physical.

    As to that last kind of assassination, I am sure they, who ever they may be, are reluctant, for they could not mistake what that would mean – to tens of millions of Normie White Rural Americans, for whom President Trump is both their hero and would-be saviour of the nation.

    Like it or not, President Trump is, nowadays, to many, what FDR or Robert E. Lee was to Americans when I was a kid.

    You cannot kill that without reaping a Category 5 whirlwind.

    • I also think that murder has become complicated.

      Regime is so rotten that nobody dares to commit crime for them anymore. Previously if someone served the regime, regime had power to defend the criminal. But not anymore.

      So possible perpetrators are too afraid to take the job. Lunatic triggerman of course don’t think but people behind him do.

      • @Juri…

        Thank you for your confirmation and for your reasoning.

        I had not thought about it like you have, but, now that you speak it that way, I see it.

        Yes, possible perpetrators were scared of doing this to Trump in 2017, which is what President Trump was saying out on the White House Lawn one day, something to the effect of : ‘They’ be afraid to assassinate me, because of a civil war.’

        Be well!

      • Juri, you and Ivan are not taking into consideration the sociopaths in antifa’s “John Brown Gun Clubs.”

        If you have ever seen photos or videos armed antifa mutants a drag queen story hour, or some “gender transition” clinic, those are members of the John Brown Gun Club. They have branches around the country, including Georgia (for the “they ain’t in Dixie”crowd).

        Take a look at the mugshot photos of those few antifa domestic terrorists that have been arrested, and ask yourself if you think that any of those freaks would be willing to assassinate who they have been lead to believe is an American Hitler (we should be so lucky to have one).

        The deep state has plenty of Talmudic candidates to choose from.

        • @November…

          Thank you for your comment.

          I very much appreciate your presence at this site because you are smart, civil, and prepared to encounter those who do not exactly think like you.

          We have a shortage of November-like people in this country and it is hurting us.

          Speaking to the underpinnings of what you say here, I’ll day this : there are always unbalanced people, and unbalanced groups of people who are used

          No better example of that than the Anarchist loon Leon Czolgosz, who assassinated President McKinley.

          The assassin thought he achieved something by killing a good man.

          He achieved nothing but evil and sin.

          As to terrorists in The South, I know we have them, as I have the misfortune to know some of them.

          Absolutely they are unglued, and absolutely, they are capable of trying to do anything.

          That said, they know where they are, and, because self-preservation is on their mind, they tend to reign themselves in.

          Outside of university towns, and a short list of big cities, The South is a very inhospitable place for these kinds.

          They know it, which is why they burnt Northern cities, but, not Southern.

          Hurting our monuments was the high water mark of what they will ever be able to achieve, outside of their home bases.

          I hope this reply finds you well!

    • Hello Ivan;

      Yes, you are correct, if Trump is assassinated it will set off the whirlwind. Even if Trump has a heart attack naturally i.e. without the Deep State ‘accidentally’ mixing some special vitamins in his quarter pounder breakfast the suspicion will be the black hand of the Deep State was behind the affair. That is the problem scumbags have when they have a history of doing one stupid, evil, incompetent thing after another. How do you prove a negative i.e. we did this mile long list of evil deeds but we didn’t do this particular one?

      If Trump is assassinated the Deep State will then have to silence their most visible public critics too. They cannot allow people like Tucker or James Comer and Rand Paul to publicly blame the CIA/FBI/DHS for the assassination like the JFK assassination. The Deep State cannot realistically go on a public murder spree against their critics either so they will have to lock them up under some sort of national security pretense.

      Both the Democrats and Republicans would of course rubber stamp such heinous actions. The Deep State has the blackmail goods on those notorious scumbags as we definitively know from the Epstein affair and also that they will resort to murder as we also know from Epstein’s “suicide”. The problem with State assassination though is that even those who hate Trump will start asking if they might end up on the Deep State’s enemy list some day and get the same treatment. To ask such a question is to answer it.

      • Hello, Dear 12AX7…

        I have not told you, but, I played a lot of chess when I was a kid.

        I got that way because there was an older kid who had a high ranking in the chess federation and who would beat me 30 times on a Saturday Afternoon.

        Not one to be discourage, I kept on getting beat until I got good enough to become my school chess champion.

        The reason, I’m telling you is this : : in getting my ass whoopt so badly, so often, and so constantly, i began to get expert at recognizing when my position on the board was reaching the point of no return.

        You know, that point where you might still do some damage, but, in the end, you would not win.

        So, you’ll see from your own reasoning that those who would put Trump down are in a position where they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

        They are like Germany in the fall of 1944 – capable of winning at Arnhem, and nearly winning in the Bulge, or, even, like at Batutzen in April of ’45, but, in the end, they could not prevail.

        So, yes, to ask such a question is to answer it – which explains to you why they have settled on fake conspiracies, coups, plandemics, and prosecutions, rather than killing him.

        Locking him up won’t work, either.

        Nothing is going to work for them, longterm, because it is going to cause too much damage.

        Not that they won’t try, because they are playing chess for life and death.

        But, trying is not winning.

        Their time for winning passed in the decade before Trump campaign declaration in 2015, this because, during that time, they gradually lost control of the narrative, and, because they did not heed common sense issues which would keep most of the White Populace from being polarized against their side.

        They’ve made their beds and now they cannot get out of them.

        They are on limited time, complicated by the fact that they seem to have no reverse gear, for, if they were smart, they would cede a couple of issues to Mainstream Americans, and get some people back on their side.

        All the best to you!

    • Last thin I;ll say to y’all : I have never seen Americans in such a mood.

      They remind me of a bonfire, one that has been built in a neighbourhood filled full of historic stick houses..

      Just one match and it will light, and, once it does, it won’t stop burning until it burns completely out.

      There are no firetrucks for dealing with that.

  3. By this point, declaring that the assassin was a ” lone wolf “ would go over as well as a porcupine at a nudist party. Nobody, absolutely nobody would believe that. There would be a million middle fingers pointed at the democrat party. And probably the republicans too. The culture has lost any of the social commonality, or religious morality that the sixties had, and informed behavior. And life could get hazardous for politicians thought to be connected to the assassination. I sure hope nobody tries to assassinate him. That could set off very bad things. But there is so much stupid about these days.

    • @Shadowbass…

      “By this point, declaring that the assassin was a ” lone wolf “ would go over as well as a porcupine at a nudist party.”

      Hysterical, and so very very right!

  4. If it happens, it won’t be the result of a black hat black suitcase job.

    It will be the result of eliminationism and stochastic terrorism.

    Why do black hat black suitcase jobs when eliminationism and stochastic terrorism are much cleaner and mean that the real assassins are never even suspected?

    I noticed anti-Trump eliminationism starting a mere 41 days after he rode down the escalator, and it really hasn’t stopped since.

    Note: Eliminationism is what (almost) got George Wallace. Which means it’s hardly a new thing, it’s just that it wasn’t known by these terms back in 1972.

  5. The country accepted Steve Scalise being gunned down at a baseball game by an obvious leftist storm trooper. Nobody likes that Rino, but, I just don’t know if boomers can be counted on to do anything but fed post and get themselves killed by the FBI death squads.

    Boomers still run the show.

  6. I don’t think they need to kill Trump. This is pretty much why.


    It would hurt Democrat morale maybe to let him appear to win, but, the GOP is there to sabotage his every move, and they control the GOP, so they have no real risk long term from letting him “win”.

    The best bet we have is for him to have it stolen or for him to rot in jail. Realistically either is more likely than assassination I think, because surely they know the position that would put them in.

    Surely…. I dunno fam. Make correlations to historical analogues all you want but this is still uncharted territory for us to a large degree.

    Its hard to say. If it were me, I’d let him “win”, make the fed raise interest rates to force an economic correction during his term, sabotage everything, blame him for it, then beat his prospective replacement in 2028 fair and square (which won’t be hard) and they are set for a decade or more.

  7. Your not wrong per se I find it interesting that this is the most polarized time when 2 of the probably most unknown American presidents were assassinated and Dump is deep state as hell.

  8. A Trump assassination would accelerate a national divorce and encourage more conflict. The problem is that it would legitimize Biden, who stole the Democratic nomination from people far to his left.

    I’d say I hope he’s not assassinated and kept around as an embarrassment.

  9. What I mean by legitimizing Biden is that a Trump assassination would make Biden the defacto leader of the left in a polarized conflict against the right. But there’s a problem – Biden’s policies aren’t leftist and so leftist energy wouldn’t lead to leftist policy.

  10. Tucker is deep state. His father is really deep state. There’s audio of Tucker shitting on Dump and now he loves him? I wished he showed this grace to 9/11 truth.

  11. If they murder Trump they run the risk of creating a martyr, a force against them more potent in death than in life.

  12. “there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them,”

    Yeah, soething he’s said in private.

  13. @Roland

    When they killed JFK, the powers that be simply got their way. The sheep bought the story that Oswald was a lone commie nut and did nothing.

  14. Tucker had this naive hope that Trump no longer being President would mean the end of the Trump personality cult. I think it’ll only end with Trump’s last dying breath. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking and projection, he wants liberals to do what he’d love to do himself.

  15. Strange times indeed.

    The problem isn’t Trump. It’s what Trump represents. Not flyover country people or middle America but the willingness to break away from carefully constructed narratives and Pavlovian social control mechanisms that were instilled in Americans using control of the mass media.

    I don’t see how they can win. It’s like trying to ban people from reading or owning pamphlets or manuscripts in the 15/16th century.

    You can’t fight the future.

  16. For the record: It was Garfield, not Chester Arthur, who was assassinated. Arthur, his vice president, succeeded him.

  17. The left’s best play is to assassinate Trump, but they can only get away with it, if it’s done right. Jailing Trump would be a bad move, and would push too many people into a real civil war mode. But having Trump assassinated, PROVIDED it was by a lone wolf, that was a “far-right, nazi, skinhead, klansman etc,” who conveniently “leaves behind” an orgy of digital evidence for leftoid journos to use in their arguments for the event’s authenticity, AND genuine jail time for the fall guy, could be something that passes the ire of conservative voters. This would stabilize the national frame by again demonizing the far right and moving the GOP herd back to a moderate (this means liberal) center. Jail time for Trump, or an obvious lefty assassin, would be too much of a powder keg imo.

    This is the play to watch out for.

    • @Lucas…

      ‘They’ cannot do the play you think we are to watch out for.


      Because they have grown too accustomed to getting their way.

      They have no reverse gear.

  18. If certain powerful interests assassinated Trump (for what reason, exactly?) they would gain nothing and would lose the immense potential of that Judas Goat’s perfidy. It’s incredible that he pushed the deadly vax but people support him. If you seen the effects of the vax up close, you could never, ever support Trump, or any other politician who promoted the death shot.

  19. Jacob Dreizin on his site said that the system is getting frantic to stop Trump; they’re becoming unhinged, and he wouldn’t be surprised to see them jail him, but he believes assassination is not on the table. It would be too extreme.
    The problem is the political system…both Dems and GOP…simply can’t come up with an alternative to Trump. The GOP is a bust. They kind of ‘let down the team’ in not finding a credible candidate to bring the party back to “normal.”
    Like Jacob said, “if you want to save America, vote democratic. They’re so screwed-up that they’ll destroy the country, and we need it all to fall apart so we can rebuild it. Fuck the GOP…they’re useless and only get in the way.”

    • Mitch McConnell goes zombie, again !
      I’m just waiting for Biden to do the same .

      Hell with ‘night of the zombies’, we have government of the zombies.

  20. The spark that ignited the Spanish civil war was a couple of tit for tat assassinations. Obviously the lead up to this was characterised by extreme social polarisation.
    There may be dark forces, let’s call them rootless cosmopolitan’s, who have no allegiance to America, who are intent on creating a US civil war. Killing Trump would certainly be a spark that ignites the conflagration.

    The pilot who flew general Franco from Morocco to Spain to get the party started just happened to work for MI6. Dark forces indeed.

    Nothing is ever what it seems.

    • @English Tom…

      “Nothing is ever what it seems.”

      Very very true – because, to every situation there are so many angles.

      That’s why intelligence services are constantly probing for information – to better understand what is, fundamentally, not understandable.

  21. Who would be on “The Robert’s Commision,” if TPTB have Zion Don assassinated? Who other than MSNBC, CNN, JYT, Washington Post watchers and readers would believe their conclusions?

    The CIA invented the term “conspiracy theorists” to slander the clear-thinking folks that didn’t accept the findings of The Warren Commision. What smear will they have their Mockingbird jewsmedia use to discredit us?

  22. Ironic Sock Account-“boomers still run the show”- ? No, Jews still run the show- get that through your thick head! Some people want a new enemy because they’ve despaired of defeating their real enemy. Comparing Boomers with Jews is like comparing Barney the purple dinosaur with Godzilla!

  23. Does the rainbow mean girl of the faculty lounge HR department generation have the stones to give Trump the JFK/MLK/RFK treatment?
    Medvedez recently commented about disunity and internal strife in the glorious peoples republic of Amerikwa.
    Hmm so hmm.

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