#BanTheADL Is Trending on X


Keef has started a movement.

Even Agent Poso and Charlie Kirk are on board.

UPDATE: Matt Walsh, Auron MacIntyre and Catturd have joined the movement.


  1. Destiny is a very interesting thing. If you find your purpose, what you were meant to do in life, you live a happy. And if you do not, if you defy your fate, you suffer. The destiny of the Jewish people is to find Christ, it always has been and it always will be. And if they do not find him, they are bound to suffer.

  2. I have lived life long enough to know that what you put out into the universe comes back at you like a boomerang.

    That, and the fact that the very core of The Southern Understanding of Americanism is that no federal government can regulate speech, I do not want any advocacy group, for things that are legal, banned or strictured.

    Moreover, as a Dixiecrat, who has little changed the point of view he was given as a child, I am mindful of the fact that this is the only blog, to which I may venture, and express my point of view without being constantly attacked, censored, or canceled.

    Most of The Internet will simply not allow a Southerner to speak his mind, even if that is done in the most polite and erudite of ways.

    No, the correct way to handle the ADL, or any number of anti-Southern groups is to constantly point out to our fellow Southerners what they really are doing and their methods.

    If, however, they, The ADL, is to be banned, or face some form of stricture, it must come from individual states – NOT a Federal Government.

    The very core of this American Experiment is enshrined in the 10th Amendment – each state which, sovereign, has the right to regulate things, including tarifs on imports.

  3. Even Mr. Parrot wrote about this:


    Obviously these are not impartial organization……….Is not a news……back in 2015-2016 i was already saying that SPLC was a far-left organization and even ADL. They claim to have a list of “Dangerous organizations” around the country but “strangely” in this list are not included Antifa, Black lives matter and other far-left groups…….what a coincidence.

  4. I don’t think the ADL has any right to claim to speak for Jews. The idea that some Government sponsored spokesmen can represent a community has bothered me and I’m someone who tries to avoid profiling Jews just because they’re Jews (I feel Jews have a right to choose their ideological positions and get judged on it like anyone else).

  5. There are comments still standing on occidental dissent that show a time when I used to think extreme Zionist Jews were cool. That has changed. I still want to include Jews, but I include the ones who aren’t extremists. I realized that by attempting to be fair to Jews, I was being unfair to Arabs. I consider the ADL to be extremists. The fact that they have Government support and mainstream credibility doesn’t change the fact that they are extremists. The leader of the ADL comes out of the Obama administration. The past leader was Abraham Foxman.

    • The ADL: Standing up for Jew pedophile-rapists since 1914. Leo Frank got far more mercy at the end of the rope than he showed his 13-year old victim. There are very few Jews who say anything even mildly negative of the ADL. Unz is one of the very few, and he doesn’t flinch from calling them out on their endless lies. BTW, the ADL to this day still insists Leo Frank did nothing wrong.

      As with Epstein, the ADL and 90% or more of jews are merely following Talmudic teaching on the matter as Talmud teaches that goyim are mere animals put in earth to pleasure jews in any manner a jew deems fit.

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    • Universities in Colorado that I circuit have been talking about this for almost a year. The comments about it are mostly that the Arizona land owners who sold their rights are deserving of everything that happened to them. While circuiting Arizona, I’ve noticed numerous water-heavy businesses springing up in the Valley while it’s biggest cities continue to expand outward, primarily Mesa, due to immigration, legal or otherwise.

      Arizona is unsustainable unless the monsoon season happens and lasts longer. That grows increasingly unlikely as the heat island effect from Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, and Scottsdale keep nature at bay.

  7. The big difference between the ADL and the SPLC is that the ADL is right winged on Israel. If every Jew was like the ADL, Kevin MacDonald would be right about how Jewish support for civil rights is insincere and done only to weaken White identity.

  8. This should keep Leenda Yacca busy, she of the Censorship Executive Officer fame, tell me more about “free speech” absolutist Elon?
    (crickets sound)

  9. Even Agent Poso and Charlie Kirk are on board.

    I actually hope they’re insincere posers on this issue.

    If they’re sincere, well, it’s just a couple of people.

    But if they’re insincere, and only taking this position from pressure by their followers, that could be a healthy sign.

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