#BanTheADL: Keith Woods and Elon Musk Discuss Anti-Semitism

Keef is exposing the ADL to a huge audience. He is also pressuring Elon Musk to restore major accounts that have been banned on the platform. This counts as activism.


  1. “Alex Jones doesn’t want to #BanTheADL because “they’re the most pro-Hitler organisation I’ve ever seen”

    How does that kook still have an audience ?

    • He’s making noises about joining Steven Crowder’s outfit and moving out of Austin.

      I’m guessing he knows that would reduce his numbers.

  2. The real question is how many Jews agree with the ADL? How many non-Jewish liberals agree with the ADL?

    Even so, the termite approach as opposed to the populist approach looks for the dissident. Even if 9/10 Jews agreed with the ADL (I doubt it’s that high), the termite would still find use for the other 1/10. And then what about liberals in general, are they far off from Jews in their support?

    I think it’s just as important that they’re feds and pro-establishment as it is that they’re Jews.

    I bet a lot of people agree with defending minorities but find the ADL too pushy with censorship.

  3. An Afrikaner tech billionaire and an Irish nationalist radical walk into a bar …

    It’s surreal how much influence Keith has gotten on Twitter.

  4. This is GOOD activism.

    Does anybody know if Keith Woods has a full face tattoo and spends time regularly walking around in Florida for the mainstream media’s cameras screaming about Jews?

    Interested party needs to know.

  5. The ADL and friends may have to get some minds right. And I mean right. There was a book from the 80’s called They Dared To Speak Out, about political leaders who paid the price for even mild criticism of Israel. Rep. Paul Findley, a moderate Republican, comes to mind.Tons of money was poured into the campaign of his opponent and he lost his seat.

  6. Looks like whole House of Jew is burning down.

    At the very end, they roll out the holiest of all holy things…the holy hoax.

    And then, the final denial of the holy hoax begins.

  7. I have received Mr. Greenblatt’s ADL messages for several years now.

    Some are concerned with protecting the right of Jews to live an unharried life here.

    Most of his messages, however, are about organizing the bullying of White Gentiles.

    It’s difficult to evade the notion that he wishes for Whites to be utterly passive, silent, without identity of any kind.

    Not only is that evil, it’s a stupid strategy that will backfire on the very people he claims to protect.

    Doubt me?

    Consult history and see what I mean.

    Bullying always begets bullying – because Our Lord has set up a world that, in the end, always reflects you back to you.

  8. ‘Liberalism’ can only exist under certain conditions.
    As long as the vast majority of the public voluntarily obeys the elite, and the elite agree on what direction to take the country, the façade of liberalism can exist.
    And as long as the vast majority of the public can get along and there aren’t major cultural rifts.
    Take away these factors and the façade fades.

    Liberalism is, in the main, a pretense.
    It is a soft form of authoritarianism and oligarchy, masquerading as its antithesis.
    And if you continuously diversify your population, and some regions greatly diverge from others, culturally and in other ways, liberalism becomes untenable.
    But liberalism is treated as an absolute, timeless and universal, instead of something conditional, ephemeral and largely superficial.

    Post-2017 the mask slipped, and the masses finally caught a glimpse of what lurked beneath the veneer of liberalism this whole time, and it was ugly, hideous, nasty and vile.
    This genie won’t be able to be put back in the bottle any time soon if ever.

    • The key to understanding liberalism is what Noam Chomsky referred to as ‘the manufacturing of consent’.
      Once the ruling class can no longer manufacture our consent, liberalism breaks down.
      Liberalism is in fact plutocracy + technocracy.
      Insofar as liberalism exists at all, it exists horizontally, plebs are free to disagree with other plebs, not vertically, the vast majority of plebs must not disagree with patricians and do something about it or patricians will come down hard on them.

      What did we learn since 01, in many ways the beginning of our modern era, as the veil of liberalism was gradually lifted?
      We learned Saddam had no WMDs or ties with Al Qaeda.
      That we weren’t there to spread freedom and democracy but to rape and pillage.
      We learned the rich and powerful don’t care about the middle and working classes (see the great recession and bailouts of 07-09).
      We learned libtards/shitlibs hate middle America (see ‘basket of deplorables’).
      We learned the nation state is a lie, the borders must remain open.
      We learned we can’t trust our regulatory agencies, the CDC, FDA, NIH and NGOs like the WHO because they’re in bed with big pharma, big business and big brother (see the plan/scamdemic).
      We learned that many blacks, Jews and all libtards/shitlibs hate whites (see the Antifa/BLM riots).
      We learned our ruling class are Satanic pedophiles (see Jeffrey Epstein).
      We learned our ruling class is willing to drag us into WW3 to protect their hegemony.
      We learned we can’t be trusted to do our own research and think for ourselves (see the censorship of big tech and the internet).
      We learned the DOJ will be weaponized against political dissidents, even an ex president.

      But most of all, we learned what liberal democracy really is and always has been, at least in living memory.
      We learned that it is code for technoligarchy.
      And so ‘our democracy’ is hanging by a thread.
      No one knows if it’s possible to put humpty dumpty back together again but it’ll at least be an uphill battle to say the least.
      Many would rather leave him as is.

      • >Liberalism is in fact plutocracy + technocracy.


        Thomas Frank made the same point in his book “Listen, Liberal.” The original technocrats — FDR’s brain trust — were staffed by many people from ordinary backgrounds. Today’s technocrats — PMCs, knowledge workers, the creative class, the highly educated — are hermetically sealed from 90% of the population.

        No one fears losing Our Democracy. No one. Elites are part of life in any social order. Do you know what does scare the hell out of people, including myself? Scrapping Social Security and Medicare. And that’s what Buttface McChristie and Nimrata Haley discussed on the debate stage. We’d get that exact policy suite if we put Dump back in there with creeps like Larry Kudlow setting economic policy. Dump talked like Pat Buchanan but governed like Romney-Ryan and would do so again. The backlash playbook stays the same; Ben Shapiro gets his tax cuts; public immiseration intensifies.

        When we watch the online left discussing issues — Steven Bonnell, Ian Kochinski, Hasan Piker — they’re AWOL. Like Richard Spencer, they waste their time dunking on “losers,” when empowering us when we face economic setbacks is literally the point of a labor party. It is just about trannies and pronouns and privilege for them. Status signaling. Tailor-made backlash issues for GOP. Leftists rhetorically say they want to help employees, but their smug imaginations are limited to what benefits their professional class, materially and in status.

        I’m not sold on the persecution backlash stuff. Suppose Obama lost his reelection to Magic Underwear Moneybags in 2012, and it wasn’t close. Suppose he instigated a horde of gangbangers to storm the Capitol after spending weeks trying to illegally overturn an election he lost, breaking all sorts of laws in the process. In that case, you’d bet there would be investigations, trials, and jail time. Blagojevich and Ryan went to jail in Illinois for far less. So Dump is going to jail. He’s certainly not going to beat the national security documents trial. The Mueller stuff was fake; this stuff isn’t. The problem is that the double standards have piled up to a point where there is no social trust; everybody now lets things slide for “their” corrupt millionaires as long as their perceived “team” is doing it.

        It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  9. Banning the ADL? Or the SPLC? It would be better to get their critics (AmRen, C-C, VDare, OD, OO, et al.) back on X/Twitter.

    More free speech is better than even less free speech. Advocating banning people we don’t like adds credibility to the arguments of people who support banning us. Bullying begets bullying.

    Our major problem is not the ADL/SPLC’s power to spread their propaganda, but our lack of power to counter it. The arguments of the ADL/SPLC can’t stand up to open public scrutiny. We want open public scrutiny.

    Although our ideas are spreading now anyway. The failures of the existing system are becoming impossible for the average person to ignore. They’re being forced to look elsewhere for solutions.

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