Axios: Top Democrats Say There Is a Strong Case For Disqualifying Trump

UPDATE:Nate Silver has chimed in on how Joe Biden’s obvious senility is becoming a bigger political problem for him.

Democracy Defenders were all over television this weekend arguing that actually they don’t have to bother with democracy because of this neat constitutional trick. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki interviewing Rep. Adam Schiff on MSNBC was a particularly hilarious example of this.


Two leading Democrats said Sunday there are potential grounds to remove former President Trump from the 2024 presidential ballot under the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection clause.”

The big picture: The comments by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) came as Trump sent out fund-raising emails Sunday on potential litigation over the 14th Amendment that railed against “traitorous ‘Republicans'” who may be looking into potential cases as he stares down four criminal indictments, per NBC News.

The latest WSJ poll has Trump tied with Biden, 46 to 46.

Joe Biden is facing a perfect storm of headwinds that has Trump polling better than ever against him. Sure, you could say the polls don’t matter because Trump is going to prison anyway, but they do show that Biden is struggling to stay even with Trump much less pull away from him.

  • He is widely perceived as too old
  • Most voters are still angry about the economy
  • Young voters are demoralized after the failure of student loan debt relief
  • Black voters are more apathetic
  • Cornel West is going to run as a third party candidate
  • Joe Biden doesn’t have COVID going for him anymore
  • Trump is holding more of his 2020 base than Biden because the indictments have incensed Republicans
  • Joe Biden is far more unpopular than he was in 2020
  • Trump is running a less traditional campaign than he did in 2020 when Jared Kushner and the GOP were in charge
  • Democrats have lost a bit of cohesion after four years in power which is normal because parts of the ruling coalition are always disaffected

If the election were held today, Trump would have the edge and would likely win, but you know they can’t allow that to happen again. The 2024 election is more reminiscent of the 2016 campaign in a lot of ways. Third party voters, a decline in black turnout and disaffected Bernie Bros tipped that election to Trump.


  1. There is big chance that things go south before elections and whole story ends like Soviet Union back in 1991 where our guys pulled up a coup to defend democracy from the people.

    Our guys weren’t career criminals. US ones are, so they don’t have nothing to lose.

  2. Yes, President Biden’s run for election has all kinds of problems.

    However, those who want him to win do more of the vote-counting than anyone else.

    They also have a tendency to manufacture and control national events.

    How that can be countered is beyond me.

    Clearly we are arriven in a time in American History not unakin to where Russia was in the late 1970s/early 1980s Soviet Union – that a time when it’s leaders were decrepit on arriving into top leadership, that system pretending, long after that they were dead, that they were not.

    That system, however, worthy of note, was not long for this world.

    • “…However, those who want him to win do more of the vote-counting than anyone else.

      They also have a tendency to manufacture and control national events.

      How that can be countered is beyond me….”

      Very simply. Look at this comment #1 and the link from it. The House can make stringent rules on elections and who can elect them. They have the majority, and all it takes is a better than 50% vote. Those who do not follow the rules will not have their “fake” Representatives seated. From there they start “un-earmarking” people and take away their funding. Start defunding all the people and institutions that cause us harm. One step at a time. Slowly take control. Once we have the Senate, it’s over, it’s over for them.

  3. They mistakenly view Trump as an existential threat to Democracy, when he reality he’s a blowhard. Maybe the boy will cry wolf too many times and when an actual threat to Democracy does arrive, nobody will listen.

    I’d say Trump never really tried to overthrow the Government, he only tried to get himself elected. That’s not the same thing as attempting a regime change, because even if elected, it would be the same regime. So in my opinion this won’t derail Trump.

  4. The best example yet of lawfare run amok. Why not have the Democrats in the House and Senate, even though they lack enough votes, pass a Bill of Attainder declaring Trump an “Enemy of the State” subject to immediate arrest wherever he is found? The Democrats may lack a majority of votes in either House and Bills of Attainder are specifically proscribed in the Constitution but so what, who will stop them, the useless Republicans? The Republicans want to see Trump in jail as much as the Democrats, they just don’t have the balls to say it publicly.

    A Bill of Attainder may be a step too far now but anything is possible in the future. After all, there has apparently never been a greater threat to humanity than bumbling, stumbling Herr Trump. He is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas combined. With such a threat to “Our Democracy” anything is allowed.

    • “””…He is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung…”””

      I agree. All 3 mentioned were local leaders and never threat to Jew World Order.

  5. If the election were held today Trump would win? Pennsylvania? No, it is rigged. Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, California, Oregon? No, rigged even worse. Georgia? Definitely no. Kemp and Raffenturd won’t allow Trump to win Georgia. Virginia? No. And they wouldn’t even need to rig it. But if it is close, there is always Dominion. Virginia is a Dominion state. Michigan, then? Definitely no. Very rigged. Illinois? You must be joking. New Yawk? New Joisey? Masshole land? No, no, no.

    He has precisely zero chance of winning, umder any circumstances. And that is why Zog media talks about him constantly, building him up. He is the weakest Rebublican of all. Youngkin is probably the strongest, but will he even run?

    No courts are coming to the aid of a lunatic like Trump. A sane candidate like Youngkin might get some help with the counting from the Supreme Court.

    • Jwz always have their tag along gentiles.
      Otherwise, if it were all jwz, even the simple could see the true culprits.

    • @Jay…

      I’ll support Trump, again, if I have to, but, like you, my first and second choices are RFK Jr.

  6. 46 percent for Biden. Tells you how degenerate the American populace really has become. Not that I will be supporting the “stable genius”, either.

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