CBS News: A Nation Divided


I’m not a fan of Victor Davis Hanson, but this is a good video on what has happened over just the last decade. We have been climbing like a rollercoaster. The terrifying climax and drop is still ahead.

55% of Republicans see Democrats as enemies.

24% of Americans either strongly or somewhat favor a National Divorce.

By a 3 to 1 margin, Americans see other Americans as the greatest threat to the American way of life.

Note: As the New York Daily News so eloquently put it, Trump is an Enemy of Democracy. What do you do with enemies of democracy?


    • The created divisions in this country are the result of centuries of highly destructive jewish programming. Their very worldview revolves around alleged persecutions, dispensations, and wars they’ve lost. It’s crystal clear jews are not instituting half measures. Look at the extent of the damage. They want to be the LAST TRIBE STANDING. This war must be understood and damage reversed while maintaining the nation, resources, and military. If you do not understand the outside influences that have sought to destroy this nation, these very same forces will just be repeated in any new balkinizations of the US. You cannot outrun the fight against the international jew. It will just follow you.

      • @Joe…

        International Jewry has not made any effort to destroy this nation – none, whatsoever.

        No, what they have done is usurp it, and then divide and reapportion it so that they can capitalize on it, however they so please.

        They want an enslaved nation, not a destroyed nation, if that makes you feel any better.

        • “divisions in this country are the result of centuries of highly destructive jewish programming.”

          Which went into hyperdrive with the advent of electronic media.

  1. A question for those better informed than I am on global strategy:

    Would balkanizing the US along partisan lines permanently remove us from the position of global superpower? As a “unified” nation, we are already struggling to present a portrait of strength. Would breaking the country down into smaller parts weaken us militarily? Or are we expecting our ocean borders to keep foreign invaders at bay?

    • It has to do with moving the usury cartel
      to it’s new judeao-masonic-christian home, the Third Rome and new Jerusalem… Moscow… as they finish the final fleece and grift wealth transfer before they let the invaders, err “refugee’s” rape, pillage, and burn it all down…

      • Just like they did when they instigated the Bronze Age collapse circa 1177 BC.

        Nothing ever changes. The banksteins have been doing this playbook for countless thousands of years.

        • “Just like they did when they instigated the Bronze Age collapse circa 1177 BC.”

          I would be very interested in how you got the data or what it was that made you come to that conclusion. Not that I’m doubting it.

    • Most of the foreign invaders have been coming across the 2,300 mile long undefended southern border, not sailing across the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. The Usual Suspects are buying airplane tickets for wogs to fly from Africa to Brazil or Colombia then start the 4,000 mile trek towards el Norte. The Usual Suspects are also providing transport, food, medical aid etc. to some degree, such as at the Darien Gap in Panama so the Third Worlders can complete their journey to the southern border.

      The so-called “charities”, especially the so-called religious “charities” are, of course, the worst in aiding and abetting the invasion of the U.S. The people at the top of these “charity” schemes are also enriching themselves through the destruction of the U.S. A good part of the money The Usual Suspects donate to “charities” ends up in the pockets of the few at the top of the “charity” racket which is of no concern to The Usual Suspects. It’s just regarded as overhead costs.

      The fact that many of the wogs get robbed, raped, beaten and die on their perilous journeys is of no concern either to the people running these religious so-called “charities”. They are doing God’s work and as a bonus, people at the top of the “charity” heap are getting rich, too! God does indeed move in mysterious ways.

      • @12AX7…..

        Yes, how very right you are.

        In fact, Scottish professor, Neil Oliver, covered this unbelievable hypocrisy recently, when he said something along the lines of : ‘If they say it is safe, you know it isn’t; if they say it is right, you can damn well believe it is wrong, and if they say, ‘you must do it, don’t!’

    • “…Would balkanizing the US along partisan lines permanently remove us from the position of global superpower?…”

      It would almost assuredly start a civil war that the Jews so desperately want. The quote above about Eastern Oregon wanted to separate from Western Oregon is on point. The same would be expected from eastern Washington State, parts of California. You think they would let them go, no. And that would start a war. There are many other flash points. You could expect the Jews to start a lot of guerilla attacks from blue States on Red States doing the same. I show how to handle this without civil war here,

      Notice the Jew media is all about bringing up all these tensions and suggesting that the only solution is separation.

  2. Re. the X guy: People in 1980 didn’t believe what some people in 1960 were saying. There will be no civil war or national divorce. Well, maybe if they cancel football season.

  3. Tremendous ethnic diversity leads to conflict (white vs nonwhite).
    Tremendous cultural divergence leads to conflict (conservative vs progressive).
    Tremendous economic disparity leads to conflict (populism vs elitism).
    All 3 are present in America in particular and in the west in general.
    + America is corrupt, decadent and waning, BRICS is rising.

    All of these things are undermining the American ‘liberal’ world order we’ve had since 1920 (American dollar supremacy) or 1945 (American military supremacy).
    We just don’t know what the outcome of all this will be.
    If America can’t resolve these problems somehow, the American ‘liberal’ world order will crumble.
    America can’t solve them by getting rid of Trump, he’s just one focal point in this, another Trump will take his place.

    Perhaps the right and left, can reach a compromise, but if not;
    Peaceful secession is one possibility.
    Civil war, with one side triumphing over the other, or mutually assured destruction is another possibility.
    If one side triumphs over the other, it could either lead to a one party state, or restricting the losing party, criminalizing some of its former ideas and policies.
    I guess another possibility is it just keeps going back and forth like this for decades to come with no resolution in the foreseeable future, a long, but cold civil war/stalemate.

    Either way America’s power and standing in the world will diminish, I’m sure of it, we are entering a multipolar world order where America will diminish in relevance.
    And I’d say it’s going to be a less peaceful and prosperous world in general, due to declining health and fertility.
    They’ll be less economic and technological growth in the world, more stagnation, decline and malaise.

    • Once again we get the “limited” bad choices we must make. I say we run the country as a whole for OUR benefit. I want the whole damn thing. It’s mine.

      Here’s another choice. We take over the voting by limiting voting to those with skin in the game. Married with children, no immigrants(even if citizens), deport everyone from 1965 on up who has taken any government assistance, deport all aliens. Stop all importation of job stealers. If they must have people imported to work then lock in a number, say 200,000, and have people bid on the license in a lottery. High bid wins. Any corporation that imports manufactured goods not made in the US can not make over 20 times their lowest workers pay.

      We don’t have to live like this.

  4. No, I definitely do not see my fellow Americans as enemies, or, for that matter, anybody in the world.

    I respect other human beings and, unlike those in favour of ‘diversity’, other cultures and nations, and, as a whole, am a warm and friendly, caring man.

    That said, as a Traditional Rural Christian White Southerner, I gave been unable to avoid the notion that many people, foremost being The New England Yankee United States’ Government – and the alien Jewish corporations that own it, have placed a target on my back and are treating me, and my kind,as skeet shoot.

    So, because you are making a war on me, THE CONFEDERATE FLAG IS MY REPLY.

    It’s the reply I have on my clothes, it’s the reply I have at the polls, it’s the reply I have at church, throughout my community, and, if necessary, it will be my reply on the battliefield.

    I want to live in peace and respect, but, if you want a war with me, and my kind, a war is what you will get.

    The choice is up to you.

    Personally, I PREFER KINDNESS, but, I realize that this does not at all suit those who own this country, or many who live in it.

    • Ivan (civil war now, make America like Ukraine) Turgenev always willing to blare the civil war horn. Why if you are so set on civil war do you not stop telling us what to do and go attack our enemies in guerilla war? If you were half-ass at it I bet it would change things for the better.

      • I perused your comments, Dear Sam.

        That you are on every side of any particular issue means that you’re much more interested in trolling folks than you are in making conversation.

        I hope things improve for you at home..

        • “…That you are on every side of any particular issue…”

          Oh how you think you are so crafty. Pretend that my position is always changing. That make work for some drive by readers, but not for the people who have seen me posting for years. They know what I’m for.

          1. A Constitutional Republic that WE control in our best interest.
          2. Massive deportation of illegal aliens, any immigrants that have taken any government aid since 1963, stop almost all work permit visas though I would allow a few 100 thousand “if” they were bid on by companies in an auction that paid the taxpayers and all the FBI, CIA, etc. agents that have conspired against us.
          2. No voting for immigrants.
          4. Any crimes committed with a firearm get the immediate death sentence when convicted.
          5. Total domination of the left by limiting voters to those who pay taxes, married, over the age of 30, etc. etc.
          6. I would eventually like to see the Jews in mass all thrown out of the country. All of them. Let them go to Israel and f*ck up their country, not ours.
          7. Build a huge gulag in the desert west where all criminals go to bring about the “Great Western Permaculture” project and terrace the whole entire desert and make plants grow there.
          8. Pro nuclear power and also pro electric cars, though I know electric cars are not so popular, but I see them as good for national defense.

          There’s more but that’s a general break down.

          BTW, these Jew type “pronouncements” like me being on both sides of an issue do not work on me because I will just point out what a sneaky liar you are and anyone can look at anything I said and readily verify it. But you, can not. Prove that I’m on both sides of any issue. Prove it. You said it, link it where I was on both sides of an issue here and changed my point of view or tricked anyone on anything I said. You can not. If you can not, then you are a liar and are trying to deceive people. You are trying to fuck them over by making them confused. You are a deception agent. Prove it.

          This is not TV or radio you control, where you can make these lying pronouncements and not have anyone notice. Prove it.

          Here’s my “pronouncement”, if you do not definitely prove that I constantly change my stance on issues to be on both sides of an issue then you are in default and you are nothing more than a Hasbara agent of deception.

  5. In his book Tragedy and Hope historian Carroll Quigley talks about how the west was nearly taken over by Napoleon and Hitler but was prevented by socioeconomic in addition to military factors.
    Liberal democracy and the nation state aren’t absolutes, they can only exist under certain conditions, once these conditions break down, man reverts back to what is perhaps most natural for him, autocracy and overt empire.
    This may be happening in the US and the west as a whole.

    Hunter is thinking secession, but another possibility is a strongman.
    Strongmen can get things done and hold the country together by the force of their will, charisma, intellect and support of the army.
    It could be a democrat but obviously not Biden, it could be a republican like Trump, it could be the leader of a 3rd party, an independent or military leader.
    If this were to happen, if the pretense of liberal democracy were to dissolve, be supplanted by an overt police state, the pretense of the nation state may dissolve with it, and the US may conquer north America (and western Europe).
    Furthermore, Russia may conquer Eurasia and China east Asia.

    It may sound far fetched but this era we’ve been living in, of liberal democracies and nation states, may not last much longer.
    Autocracy and empire are the rule.
    Yes it could happen in America, as working people get poorer, as our list of rights and freedoms shrinks, as the masses divide against each other, their elite and norms continue to break down.
    We could be entering a whole new world and era in history, just exploring possibilities, hindsight is 20/20.

    • “…Strongmen can get things done and hold the country together by the force of their will, charisma, intellect and support of the army…”

      F*ck strong men. This is that same silly notion where the Jew moldbug tried to convince us we needed kings. What stupidity. Here’s a novel idea. Go back to what we had and only let Men who are producers, are married and have children who are not on welfare decide the fate of the nation. I suspect that things would be run VERY differently.

      We can do this. Written right into the Constitution. I always hear these sort of things and wonder why, so called, conservatives will not go back to our heritage and “conserve” our nation.

  6. More and more, Leftists don’t believe in free speech and dialogue. They simply want to crush those of us they deem to be “deplorable.” Given this sad reality, is there any way we can regard these people as fellow Americans?

    • Being born in a garage don’t make you a car. Magic dirt is a myth. Even so, our most numerous, destructive and dangerous enemies are not the negro or invaders from the south but other whites whose religion (Church of Woke) calls them to make war upon those whites who refuse to submit to Wokeism. That’s something HW seems to understand at least at a certain level. Many self-describing WNs are utterly blind to this reality. They seem to believe that there is some magic incantation that will turn a rabid BLM supporter into a white-nationalist. These are often the same folks who ridicule remnant Christians for believing in fables.

      A peaceful divorce is the only solution, otherwise it will end up in horrific slaughter while Schlomo rubs his insectoid hands in glee. Don’t think the woke whites will spare you any more than Lon Horiuchi spared a young woman holding an infant. (Indeed the depraved bastards gave him a fucking medal for her cold-blooded murder). If it goes full civil war, don’t be surprised to see entire cities nuked before its over. Led by the rabid jew ‘high-priests’ of evil, the goodwhytes of today’s Church of Woke will easily exceed the very worst savagery of the Union armies under Sherman, followed up by opportunistic hordes of criminal orcs from all over the world now within our borders, backed up by long-resident thugs (in or out of uniform – it makes no difference).

  7. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. You do not have to agree with it. But they should be allowed to speak their minds. And if you do not like what they have to say then don’t listen and keep you distance. I think that was the whole idea behind racial segregation, stay apart so we can both live in peace. But the equality pushers know so much more, than the rest of us,……. don’t you know?

  8. I see corporate America as the main enemy. I see one political party that blatantly and boldly sells out to corporate America – wearing it as a badge of honor. I see another political party that sneaks in Corporate friendly candidates, using the excuse that we need to stick together to beat the first party. Where I support a left-right synthesis is that I support policies that damage corporate America no matter what wing they are. For instance the Unabomber damaged corporate America and he was right winged. While classical class based left wing economics would also damage Corporate America.

  9. “……The created divisions in this country are the result of centuries of highly destructive jewish programming…”

    You are 100% correct and Ivan (civil war now, make America like Ukraine) Turgenev is just another voice pushing the destruction.

    9-11, Covid, the vax, civil war now, on and on. Mass murderers.

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