The Right Is Talking Itself Into Revolution

I have been around for a long time.

I started this blog back in 2008/2009 around the time when Obama was elected president. I have been active in this scene since George W. Bush vowed to go get the evil doers after 9/11.

Needless to say, we have come a long way over the past 15 years. I remember writing about Glenn Beck and the Tea Party. I remember the Ron Paul presidential campaigns. The thing that strikes me the most though about our current moment is how I can log into Twitter and everyone in my feed sounds like some combination of Gregory Hood, Dr. Hill and Curtis Yarvin on the Constitution.

See, for example, this article by Auron MacIntyre at The Blaze which compares people who still believe in the Constitution to sovereign citizens. This is rapidly becoming the new conventional wisdom.

The Blaze:

If you want a good laugh, you can enter the phrase “sovereign citizens” into your favorite video search engine and find endless hours of delusional people being arrested by the police. Sovereign citizens are a loose collection of individuals who believe they can evade the authority of the police by claiming exemption from the legal code.

There is no central text explaining the sovereign citizen ideology, but one branch holds that America’s first governing document, the Articles of Confederation, was never legally dissolved, meaning that those who claim “sovereign citizenship” are not subject to the law as currently enforced under the Constitution. Though it has never stopped a single arrest, devotees of this doctrine will confidently state their case as they resist detainment, treating the legal assertion as magic spell meant to halt a police officer in his tracks. While delusional people attempting to argue their way out of an arrest can create a hilarious spectacle, the phenomenon can also teach an important lesson about placing one’s faith in a document that no longer has the authority to restrict power. …

The Articles were designed to be very difficult to change, requiring unanimous consent from all 13 states. The Constitutional Convention began work to replace the Articles in 1787, but no vote to alter or dissolve the original document was taken. Instead, the new Constitution created its own rules for how it would be ratified, requiring only nine of the 13 states to agree to the document. Technically, the sovereign citizens are correct that the Articles were never legally dissolved, but this has never stopped any of them from going to jail. …

The Constitution is a dead letter.

Once again, it wouldn’t be surprising to find this take on Unqualified Reservations in 2009 or to hear it in a Gregory Hood rant in 2010 or to hear it in a Dr. Michael Hill speech in 2014. Back then, the mainstream Right still unironically believed in the Constitution. Glenn Beck and Ron Paul were waving it around like a talisman that could ward off evil. Ted Cruz was thumping his Constitution in Congress.

Imagine what it would be like to fall into a coma after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in DC in 2010 only to wake up like Rip van Winkle in 2023 and find Beck doing an interview with Trump about arresting his political opponents and The Blaze making fun of people who believe in the Constitution!

What happened to True Conservatism? It is Gone With the Wind … belief in the Constitution is fading away. Millions of people are starting to accept that it has nothing to do with how we are governed.


  1. “unironically believed in the Constitution”

    All the military takes an oath to uphold it.
    Many are sincere in their pledge.

    • @Arrian…

      I am sure many are still sincere.

      That said, people do not see The Constitution, or it’s upholding in the same way.

      Everything in this world is, as The Good Lord intended it, seen through the filters of an individual’s individual perception.

      Case in point – for those Southerners still flying the Stars’ & Stripes, it means something quite different than it does to many elsewhere…

  2. Glenn Beck has been one of the worst about treating the constitution as some kind of holy document that was brought down by an angel and handed to Thomas Jefferson. It’s finally beginning to dawn on him that it’s just like any other historical document, it only means what people want it to mean. What it meant to a small group of basically 18th century English aristocrats, ain’t the same as what it means in a country made up of people with names Chan, Mohammad, Lakisha, Juan, etc. I work in an antique store. You can buy legal documents from us that were hand written as far back as 1700. (The quality of the handwriting will embarrass you, compared to today) you can buy some of them for $20 to $100…..

    • @Shadowbass…

      Mr. Beck has had a very hard time coming out of his Reagan-esque American mentality to see what is going on in this era.

      That said, I heard him say, 5-6 years back, that almost every amendment of the Constitution has been shot through with holes, and not ad hoc, but systemically.

      I may not agree with his Northeastern view of The United States, but, I do think he has awakened to what is on the line.

  3. I’m not sure how far the woke can go at this point. They’ve already normalized grooming of children to change their gender and embrace sexuality at a young age. Every city in the world celebrates gay and transgender pride. Now BLM rioters are getting millions from cities. All I see is losing. Our borders are broken, almost 10 million people have crossed the border under Biden’s watch.

    I think one day we’re going to wake up and see that Whites are a rarity in the world. And either the non-Whites behave themselves and adopt White values or we enter a world of lawlessness and vast crime the world has never seen before. I don’t have a problem with non-Whites as long as they adopt White values. It’s ghetto culture that scares me.

    I’m trying to see a nationalist backlash, but all I see is ceding ground to woke institutions, woke corporations, and woke government. Maybe segregation increases and more currency gets directed towards Whites, but public culture has become very Woke, with very little resistance. All normal people can do is disengage from the clown show as best as they can.

    The only way I can imagine things going our way is if Western countries become like a Rhodesia where Whites hold all the real power among the masses of non-Whites. Because I don’t see a way in how Whites out-breed non-Whites or are willing to deport millions of non-Whites out of White countries.

    • @New England…

      “I’m not sure how far the woke can go at this point”

      It can go far further.


      Marriage to pets. (They had this in Germany for a while)

      Te removal of all former American heroes from the public square.

      The burning down of all churches.

      The removal of all natural meat products from the market.

      The banning of all marriages.

      The removal of all all age of consent sexual laws.

      The establishment of gulags for all people who think like people do at this site.

      Yes, there are more examples, but, all you have to do, to see how much further they could go, is look at Maoist China in the 1960s of Soviet Russia in the 1920s.

      Most important in my response to you is that you must not allow yourself to think that, without your active opposition, they will merely run their course.

      No, they won’t.

      You must pick and choose honourable and law-abiding ways to oppose them, as suits your fancy

      Things won’t get right without you.

      You are the key.

  4. It sound strange to me to Say this but we have paradoxically and ironically thank the left and wokism. In these 15 years from 2008 until today they’re become more radical than US with their censorship, antifa and BLM violence, cancel culture, obsession for LGBTQ and environmentalism(Greta Thumberg version). This awake people and allow them to realize that our Freedom Is on danger with cultural marxists in power. Only the most stupid flipped from the right to the left in this period but a lot of apolitical have become dissident right.

  5. Of course America is not a democracy, it’s a demoligarchy, an oligarchy whose democracy is largely ceremonial.
    The same is true of Canada, Australia, western Europe and all modern democracies.
    Most of the time Americans are propagandized by the oligarchs into voting the right way, for one of two or more candidates they control.
    Occasionally they vote the wrong way, for someone they don’t fully control, like when they voted for JFK.
    Huey Long, RFK and JFK Jr were preemptively assassinated by the oligarchy.
    Its oligarchs are criminals who routinely steal the nation’s wealth, commit war crimes and engage in drug and human trafficking.

    While Trump is no populist hero, it appears they don’t fully control him, altho you never know, this could all be political theatre for whatever agenda(s).
    It’s hard to get rid of Trump because as Brad points out faith in America’s institutions and America itself is at an all time low, thanks to a massive decline in living standards by design on the one hand, and the diversification of America on the other.
    This diversification isn’t just ethnic/racial, it’s politicultural too, rural America has little in common with urban America, especially the rural south, and interior.
    The rural south has 20th or 19th century norms, not that there’s anything wrong with that, you could also say they have classical or timeless norms, meanwhile the urban coasts have bizarre, postmodern norms, like the ludicrous idea that men can have a baby.
    Plus, we’re in an age of social media, despite all their attempts to curb free speech, the oligarchs lost control of the narrative.

    So what’s going to happen?
    America will continue to lose faith in its institutions, in all likelihood, regardless of whether Trump is imprisoned, assassinated or the election is stolen from him, imprisoning, assassinating or stealing the election from him will just speed up the process.
    If he wins, but largely squanders his 2nd term like he squandered his 1st, America’s disillusionment will continue.
    If America’s oligarchy doesn’t make some concessions and give the people in general, and rural America in particular at least some of what they want, secession or revolutionary war is inevitable, sooner or later, so really the ball’s in their court.
    Until Americans, and rural Americans get some of their needs met, they’ll turn to increasingly anti-establishment candidates, political movements and eventually even paramilitary groups.
    The oligarchy is hoping they can put the genie back in the bottle, but all they can do is delay the inevitable, sooner or later a people always turns on its oligarchy if they don’t throw them a bone now and then, it’s history, it’s inevitable.

    So the ball’s in the oligarchy’s court really, make concessions, or drag things out for as long as possible, to the bitter end, making secession or revolution inevitable, only time will tell for sure.
    But it’s not just Americans who’re fed up with America’s oligarchy, it’s the world, hence BRICS.
    BRICS will prevail in the end, just as the American people will, one way or another.
    The American pseudo-liberal world order was never going to last forever, America was in an anomalously advantageous position after WW2, and the Cold war it’ll never be in again, ever, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world caught up with it.

    So again it’s in the American oligarchy’s court, what are they going to do, make concessions now, embrace a more multipolar world order, or drag things out?
    It appears they’ll drag things out.
    Let’s hope they’re willing to make concessions at some point because otherwise eventually it’ll lead to WW3 and MAD (mutually assured destruction).
    Of course the world isn’t going to tolerate one oligarchy within one country within one power block controlling and holding the rest of the world back while it steals its resources forever, it’s only a matter of time before the world turns on them.

    Another possibility, besides concession, secession, revolution or MAD, is dictatorship.
    Democracy can only work when a people has some common interests, values and sense of identity.
    Too much horizontal and vertical divergence makes democracy precarious.
    But a strongman can hold things together for longer.
    When America was founded there was a hell of a lot more commonality than there is today.
    Democracy may no longer be sustainable.
    Strongmen who’re competent are efficient, democracies with no commonality are terribly inefficient.
    This strongman could be anyone, maybe Trump if he makes some bold, calculating moves, or another rep or dem or more of a one party state rep or dem.
    He could be a fascist, a Marxist or pragmatic.
    But there’s just no way America and the world can go on like it has.
    Concessions, secession, revolution, dictatorship or MAD, either way change is coming, sooner or later, American elite hegemony is no longer sustainable.

    • I guess my overall point is, you can’t really understand what’s happening by viewing Trumpism in isolation.
      Trumpism is a focal point in a faaar broader phenomenon that’ll take decades, perhaps all of this century to resolve itself.
      This phenomenon is the American-western elite’s inevitable decline, I’m calling it the Great Convergence, as opposed to the Great Divergence, which’s what the 2nd half of the 2nd millennium was, the Great Divergence, the American-western scientechnological, industrial and socioeconomic miracle.
      The rest of the world is catching up with the American-western elite, its hegemony will come to a close, we just don’t know how exactly, that’s the ambiguity.

      To summarize, the elite in the urban, coastal states dominates America, and America dominates the world.
      Eventually this elite must share some of its power, or war (and secession) are inevitable.
      The elite must share power with its people, the urban coasts must share power with the rural south and interior, and America must share power with the world.
      The Great Divergence that led to the American elite’s rise is over, now the Great Convergence begins.
      All they can do is delay the inevitable by force.
      If they refuse to concede, it will lead to the world’s destruction.
      The world won’t stop, the American people will turn to increasingly radical candidates, measures and movements.
      And BRICS will continue to organize to destroy American hegemony.

      What Trump represents, at least symbolically if not actually, is the American people, particularly the rural south and interior, and BRICS breaking away from America’s elite.
      Trump represents BRICS too because of his promise to end the war in Ukraine by defunding Zelensky.
      He defunded Zelensky’s war on the Donbass when he was in office for which he was impeached.
      If they get rid of Trump by voter fraud, imprisonment or assassination, the American people and the world will continue to turn against them, more than ever.
      If Trump wins but fails to deliver, the American people and the world will continue to turn on them.
      If Trump wins and makes good on his promises, still the American people and the world will continue to turn on them until all their needs are met.

      The only thing that can stop this process is the elite’s concession.
      If they refuse to concede to the bitter end, meaning they will resort to using nuclear weapons or provoking their enemies into using them, than the world, at least as we know it, will be over.
      But even if they don’t resort to that, by continuously postponing the inevitable, trying to maintain as much of an advantage for as long as possible, they can still cause great havoc in America and the world, we’ll see what they do.

  6. ” The right is talking itself into revolution ” what?!….
    No more than polite conversation, amlong civilized people ” now the satanist on thee other hand, by word and deed alone, as demonstrated by this current administration, has brought this country and the world along with it, too the edge of the abyss, war with Russia, china, Iran, north Korea, another virus on the loose and approaching, wide open borders, an economy teetering on the brink of collapse, unsound energy policy, crumbling infrastructure, fragmented, polarized society, corruption at the highest levels, Anger, fear, hopelessness, despair, misery, as the population continues too get fatter and dumber everyday, these things are not of god, or a godly government, or for a godly people……….like I said, we are just having polite conversation, the satanist with their deep state and their shock troops and their magic money and their policies of perversion and their suppression of intellectual dissent at every level, the over reach, over regulation of the citizenry by their enforcer’s…….they only offer TYRANNY, civil war, world war, revolution and lest I forget, if I remember correctly, did not president Obama, plainly tell us, they we’re going too ” TRANSform ” america, it is what it is, they act, we react, we’re only having conversation, they on the other hand………..the evidence speaks for itself……….the collapse of the united states, will bring complete chaos too the world and out of the destruction of the old order, A new satanic world order shall emerge, that is what the enemies of god strive for and those that dwell on thee Earth, will have a choice too make, your life or your soul …………

  7. It had to be said that all this Constitution worship is a cargo cult that leads to nowhere, especially when we are all facing an extinction so planned and horrible.

  8. “The Right Is Talking Itself Into Revolution”

    You can look at it that way, but, the way I see it – The Right is merely refusing to act as if everything is normal.

    It is not normal, and The Right is no longer going to pretend that it is.

    The reality is that ‘The Revolution’ already occurred.

    It was a gradual and silent usurpation, and, because it was this way, it’s been hard to come to grips with.

    People see the usurpation now.

    They have come to understand that America is no longer for free – that it will require some effort to reestablish it – in some form different from what we’ve had in the last century.

  9. From the Glenn Beck Blaze article:

    Technically, the sovereign citizens are correct that the Articles were never legally dissolved, but this has never stopped any of them from going to jail. The point is not that the sovereign citizen crowd is right. They are very very wrong, but they are wrong in a very interesting way. In a formal sense, the Constitutional Convention’s replacement of the Articles was illegal, but it hardly matters.

    There is a similar movement here in Germany, called Reichsbürger (lit.: “Reich citizens,” i.e. of the Second Reich aka Empire). They make the same argument WRT the Empire, that it was never legally dissolved after 1918. And the proper response is the same as the one in that Blaze article.

    One irony of Reichsbürger argumentation is that the Imperial Constitution was basically a warmed over version of the constitution of the North German Confederation before it, (which was a brief prefiguration to the Empire itself), and in turn, the Weimar Constitution was a warmed over version of the Imperial Constitution, and of course Mustache Man Bad at least pretended to operate under the precepts of the Weimar Constitution. The NGC constitution is also basically a warmed over version of the governing documents of the post-1848 arrangements between the revolution and the NGC.

    So, what it means is that basically more or less the same document helped govern an uncertain post-revolutionary mish mash (1852-1866), then a temporary prefiguration of the Empire (1866-1871), then the Empire itself (1871-1918), then Liberal Democratic Republican (“Weimar”) Era (1918-1933), then the era of Fascist Ultranationalism (1933-1945). One document, five vastly different ideological zeitgeisten.

    That in turn further proves the point.

  10. Most of these people were just riding the Trump wave. Nice to see Jack Posobiek, Charlie Kirk, etal getting more substantive and serious.
    What is the true conservatism, the right path? Some young GOP guy with a polo shirt uniform and a clip board knocked on my door inn 2020 when Trump was running for reelection.
    He asked me if I was voting for Trump. I told him I was not. Immediately he asked if I was voting for Biden. I said hell no. By this time, he seemed puzzled. He asked why I wasn’t voting for Trump. I told him it was because he did not do what he said he was going to do. He then asked how I identified politically. Republican or democrat?
    I looked slightly away from him then looked him in the eye and said I’m a paleo-conservative. I wished him luck and he left.
    The Paleos were based on Chirstian (largely Catholic), immigration, and on the JQ thing. I’ll stand with them rather than this motley crew of alt-right youngsters mocking Chistian beliefs because they theorize Christianity inevitably led to Jewish takeover. No thanks and do try to talk substantively rather than jawing back and forth about old video games, Star Wars movies, and old tv series no one other than you care about.

  11. The idea that the Constitution is irrelevant is fake and gay, and I can prove it. First let’s make plain the fact that whether it’s on purpose or not, the alternatives that we are are told are the “only” thing we can do, follows the same lines as a typical Jew trick. The typical Jew trick is to say that you must do “this” or “that” while leaving out any good solutions that do not directly lead to more pozz by the Jews.

    So we are constantly told the Constitution, because it is not being followed, is no good. But use your little pea brains and tell me what would we have if it was replaced? Some other Constitution? It’s a fact that all governing institutions will have some sort of document or general system to describe how society is run. So in fact all those dissing the Constitution have no plan at all. They are full of…nothing. Nothing at all because if we aren’t following the one we have now, how are they going to make another that will be followed? Right off the bat you can see that all their boviating is nothing but silly nonsense.

    Now let’s cover the “separations” issue. If there is a broad separation and break up of the US, the likelihood of it leading to civil war, if you have any sort of common sense at all, is very high. The Jews would love this. A big ass blood fest to the tribe where we murder each other like Ukraine.

    And I ask all you fire eaters why should you involve all of the rest of us in your blood fest? If you are so determined to get your blood fest on you can do it right now. You could start a guerilla war against our enemies. In fact, that would do them a great deal of damage, and the rest of us could keep out of it until such time as we gain enough power to set things right through normal Constitutional means.

    The Constitution has all we need in it right now. Not that it’s easy but it’s far easier to get a majority vote in Congress than to win a civil war, start a whole new government and put in some new fake Constitution that you do not have and can’t defend, because you are not even able to defend the one we have now. I say we take control and run the whole damn country in OUR interest not theirs,and this can be done with just a majority of like-minded people in the House and the Senate of the government. Using the “supposedly” useless Constitution to completely dominate our enemies.

    The tools are,

    1. The Constitution provides that…

    “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    So we could easily set conditions to make it extremely hard to steal the vote and only let people vote who have our interest in mind. I personally believe that if we only had real votes and no steals it would solve 70% of our problems, and we can easily and legally do this with broad support.

    Further details here,

    2. Change the illegal supreme court decision that said States can not have “regional” based State Senates. This would destroy the city center’s grip on State governments. It’s written right into the Constitution that Congress can decide on “what” the courts are allowed to decide except for a very little small amount of stuff that’s directly written into the Constitution, mostly dealing with arguments between States and other governments. Read it for your self this is not complicated.

    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…” The important part.

    More detail here,

    3. One more which will really drive them into the dirt. “Unearmarks”. If “earmarks” are legal, then “unearmarks” are also. Our problem is that people at the top of various organizations and strewn thought the government are evil Jew scum or controlled by them. So we “unearmark” them. Congress tacks onto bills that these people will not receive one single dime of money from the Federal government or from any entity that receives federal funds. If they do so then the people paying out these funds will have them taxed away from them and they in turn will be unearmarked. What if all these crooked FBI agents who were “just following orders” found themselves out on the streets and not allowed to be hired by or work for anyone who gets even one dime of federal funds? What if the FBI agents who recently assassinated that vet found themselves out on the streets with no funds and nobody to hire them? What if people caught in antifa packs doing wildings and burning buildings found themselves on the outs and cut off from Federal funds. We are funding these people directly or indirectly you can bet. No one hires nut cases like this but schools, governments and the FBI. A lot of the attacks against our side are because people are following orders but if the people giving these orders and the ones following them were separated from their cash cow, we are paying for, this shit would stop very fast. People in government would demand written direct orders. In may cases, they would demand that whatever they were ordered to do would have to be legal and fit the Constitution. It would alleviate a lot of our problems. They would lose their illegal anti-law enforcement. They would lose their cover up agents through attrition of continious unearmarks.

    I cover this plenty here,

    Now all the people dissing the Constitution go on and on about how we can’t do this and can’t do that, but what’s your big plan? If it’s separation and civil war, well you can do that now. Shut the fuck up and start attacking our enemies, but don’t bother the rest of us, who are willing to do THE EXACT SAME THING THE JEWS DO and chip away at their asses piece by piece until they have NO POWER LEFT.

    • Yes Sam J you’ve covered a lot here and everyone should read what you’ve written. You’ve made many excellent points. I endorse them because they contain a great deal of truth. The problem is there are things – chiefly things beyond the political – which prevent any movement on the restoration plan you have carefully put forward.

      The problem is twofold:

      1. Most whites are thoroughly gaslighted and believe jew lies regardless of how many facts and evidence are presented. They are so gaslighted that they are literally doing things contrary to their own survival instinct which even animals enjoy. Most whites in the west (Clown-World) are probably under a Satanic spell of some kind. Jews and their Masonic allies have been casting such spells for a long time. All organized ‘Christianity’ in the west is now Satanic – whether it’s the Church of Woke or the Church of Shabbas-Goy makes no difference.

      2. Marbury v. Madison established blackrobes as supreme over all other branches. It’s very old but a brazenly unconstitutional decision. A proper congress could undo this decision and severely clip the wings of the blackrobed philosopher-kings via impeachment and defunding. You’ll note the last blackrobe impeached (Alcee Hastings, in 1988) was impeached by a Democract congress – for brazenly taking bribes in chamber. He was “elected” to congress not long after his removal – probably just to show the clowns (((who))) was really in charge and rub it in their faces. He remained there for decades, only unseated by death. He can still vote from the grave for a successor, though. Not even taking bribes in chamber would get a blackrobe removed from the bench now.

      In order for anything resembling your sequence of reforms to take place at least 40% or more of whites would need to be somehow de-programmed from their present course of self-extinction. How do you take even one house of congress when the entire process of nominating candidates and elections is rigged all the way down to the local level? Even if some not owned by the usual suspects managed to slip through the net, an unelected unaccountable blackrobe would block any attempts by them to change the rotten system. The fake-and-gay “opposition” party supposedly control the house and could do many of the things you suggest. We all know damned well that it will never happen with this bunch. McCarthy is still their leader, despite his record of total failure. Such an opposition is literally worse than useless.

      You are correct that control of congress is the key to purging the system. The problem is that the system is now rigged enough that it precludes any possibility of change in the makeup of congress. That all being said, I would say the worst of the two problems I mentioned above is the first one. Most whites – totally delusional – like things the way they are. Whether it’s the “conservative”, (Scofield) “bible-believing Christians” or raving blue-haired shitlib wymyn professors of gender-studies they don’t want their nice gravy-train of thirty million pieces of fake silver to end. Uncle Schmuel’s whispers of the shit they’re buying being gold work magically to keep them hooked.

      Absent some miraculous ‘great awakening’, the only way it will change is to burn the bitch down. If millions die, they cannot truthfully claim they were unwarned. They failed to take heed and continued to believe lies over truth. The results of such behavior are often fatal, whether it’s taking fentanyl, drugs, alchoholism, sodomy, gluttony, etc. Believing the spawn of Satan – who is more averse to truth than a vampire is to garlic – is no different. It will get you killed. Look at the hapless morons in Ukraine – getting killed in the hundreds of thousands solely on the basis of Jew lies. Pope Noseferatu, Lady G and Mitt Wormney all rub their rodentine paws in glee at the mountains of white corpses.

      • “Problems”

        “…1. Most whites are thoroughly gaslighted and believe jew lies regardless of how many facts and evidence are presented..”

        This is changing. I say what I say because of this and to provide other avenues of change other than “burn the whole thing down” which will not prove to be very productive. Notice there are many who say the ONLY way to change this is civil war. They are liars and I want to make sure people can see this. If you could get just 5% or 10% of Congress to be severe assholes and constantly throw in un-earmarks, constantly put out that we need honest voting and explain exactly how we could get it. It would be enough. One of my biggest criticisms of what you have said is that the Jews have done what I am saying by just plugging away at it and I say we can do the same. But we have to at least move in some direction that can be productive. Otherwise, the Jews will win, we will have a civil war and we will be Ukraine. Just like them. Huge blood fest for the Jews who will make sure the blood loss is deep and wide.

        “…2. Marbury v. Madison…”

        I actually agree with Marbury v. Madison, but that doesn’t mean that the other parts of the Constitution have become invalid. Many of the rulings that are pozzed “could” be interpreted by justices as being valid “because” of laws Congress passed. This does NOT mean Congress can’t tell them they are wrong and to f&ck off. They can, and it is clearly written right in the Constitution with plain language.

        And in the end I ask, is it easier to get a handful of Congressmen to raise hell and force through change than to win a civil war? The question answers itself.

        I also believe there is a substantial amount of gas-lighting, telling people that everyone is so stupid that they can’t see what is going on. I find that false. The problem is people don’t want to be targeted so they keep their views to themselves.

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