Elon Musk To Sue The ADL For Defamation


What have you done?

The richest man in the world is on a collision course with the Jewish mafia which will expose the Jewish conspiracy to censor the internet in court.


  1. Well I’ve stated on other posts that they’re overreaching with censorship tactics. These are specifically militant, specifically organized Jews (with a leader straight out of the federal Government, Jonathan Greenblatt). I think Elon Musk is just calling a spade a spade. I think there’s something wrong who would than accuse Musk of being antisemitic.

    I’m interested in seeing where right wing but still proud Jews, like the JTF, fall on this issue. If they’re anything but a joke they’ll fall in line and side with Musk.

  2. Mush has the shekels for a top-notch lawyer. It will be interesting to see which law firm takes Musk’s case against the ADL.

    I bet they settle out of court with a handshake, and corned beef sandwiches at Katz’s Deli in JYC.

  3. Whether the Muskreich wins or loses, let’s hope this finally redpills conservatards once and for all. It is not atheists, or communists, or globalists, or liberals, or the Left, or the Illuminati, or Irishmen, or the New World Order, or modernists, or reptilians, or the real racists, or big government, or the woke mind virus, or Yankees, or RINOs, or the Clinton Crime Family, or Satanists, that is ultimately responsible for de-platforming everyone. It is a very specific group of people.

    No low-IQ conspiracy bs is necessary to understand why someone as vile as Tariq Nasheed still has a platform and a megastar like Kanye West, even though his brain train is scrambled, does not. The Scooby-Doo mask is off. It is as plain as day at this point.

    Once ethnic awareness gets mainstreamed, the freaks and weirdos in these spaces who get off on being transgressive will need to find another dress-up hobby. Normies can take it from here.

    The Final Countdown. After everyone is redpilled, nothing stops us from recognizing that we have separate interests from the New York financial sector, some that converge and many that diverge. Then, we can adjust our politics instead of repeatedly getting baited and switched with backlash nonsense while our communities are pulverized into dust. We’ll change this place from an exploitation zone into a commonwealth.

    It will be safe to vote GOP only when Ben Shapiro abandons the entire party in disgust — that’s the only true test. Our greatest strength is that there are 197,000,000 white people still in the United States. Any other group, including our greatest allies, would easily trade places with us. Once we’re ideologically free from Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, David Brooks, etc., we’ll be free to use the state to improve our quality of life, both economically and culturally, like any normal country. We have nothing to lose but our freedumbs.

  4. I doubt this goes anywhere. There is no reason to trust the legal system to judge something like this.

    Censorship is now state policy. The ADL is just another enforcement mechanism of that policy.

    • Even if the lawsuit goes nowhere, dumping all the ADL requests for censorship on the internet and discovery in court cannot but further weaken the taboo on discussing the issue

      • The ADL is losing influence because its perceived as tilting at windmills and grossly over reaching.

        We still lack the ability or willingness to ostracize the dangerous and counterproductive fringe elements of the white right, most of whom are either psychos or psyops. Until we have that, we won’t win against things like the ADL. Its too easy to make the case for censorship of JQ stupidity, so much so that even I see the need for it in our own interests.

        If theres an argument for it, then the cudgel of guilt by association we all are broadbrushed by because of these retards and Feds will also exist and the ADL will extort businesses like they are now.

        Discussing the JQ is legitimate. But it doesn’t need to be discussed everywhere, all the time and at the top of everyones voice.

        I’m content for the taboo to persist to some degree. Certainly doesn’t need to be the main topic on Twitter.

  5. It seems strange to me that Musk opened his eyes and awakened?…….. obviously is good but my question is:

    All these years, particularly from 2019 to the present, when people were being banned from Twitter, youtube, facebook, in the name of anti-racism and anti-fascism, where was Musk? Didn’t he realize even then the anti-democratic danger and bullying of the left, moreover, it seems to me that he himself had supported the banning of some “White supremacists” from Twitter….

  6. What is the nature of the beast? The Jews persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. And these needs and wants to persecute are born in the blood. Unless and until you can speak the truth…….you lose.

  7. It is too much influence that an organization like the ADL could take that much value off of a company. Too many businessmen are feeble and willing to blow with pressure like that. That’s why people don’t like to be outed, because businessmen show weakness. I’m glad that if you google my full name, me calling Overwatch/Phoron a “cunt” on vnnforum doesn’t come up anymore lol. It actually did come up in the workplace a few times.

    Corporations are weak and feeble and the ADL has too much influence. But does that mean people should clean sweep oppose all Jews? Only sofar as those other Jews support the ADL and with an understanding that most people are sheep (I’m not so sure about this populism). I couldn’t overstate my opposition to corporate America anymore and I’m not surprised they were blackmailed. If I open a website again, it will be a left-right synthesis website bashing corporations as the main theme allowing ideological diversity to bash corporate America. Then allowing corporations to come on to pathetically defend themselves.

    This is probably the most successful activism in a while. The richest man in the world is involved.

  8. The Jews are politically toxic. Watch how quickly the Catholics abandon their Jew allies, when people start naming the Catholic like they are naming the Jew. That’s when things will turn around for White Americans.

    Notice, in the previous article, a Roman Catholic and a Jew are attempting to disqualify Trump from running for President. Brad, called them major Democratic Party players, and they are, as the three major interest groups that compose the Democratic Party are the Catholics, the Jews and the Blacks.

  9. Whitey is waking up and noticing a little at a time. More progress has been made in a couple years than decades before.

    What changed? I’d argue the ADL has become a victim of its own success as an instrument of state sanctioned ideological control, and we are benefitting from the taboo of the JQ being in place while the other taboos are falling to the wayside.

    I think lifting the taboo on the JQ will just set us back. The JQ Isn’t necessary to understand that Whitey is getting fucked. The JQ Isn’t wholly explanatory of why or by whom Whitey is being fucked either.

    The situation has moved past the JQ and it isn’t even salient anymore. That is the best news White Advocates could ever hear. The JQ is an albatross we can finally start to set aside.

    In a few years, hopefully nobody even bothers with it as a totem of the pure autism it has been.

    Nobody gives a shit about the holocaust. Its old news. Nobody cares about the old religions either, increasingly. Global geopolitical focus is shifting away from the middle east and Israel, to asia where Jews have little influence and nobody there is interested in their bullshit.

    ZOG’s influence is waning. So too must the salience of the JQ.

    Its like Catholics still arguing about the second vatican counsel. We are way past it mattering. Its high time folks on the fringe right woke up and smelled the roses. I honestly think normies are off and running already and the fringe is still just spinning its wheels in the same cul de sac.

    We aren’t ahead of the curve anymore. The curve moved and we haven’t adapted.

  10. I would add as well, as evangelicalism shifts away from israel centrism (boomers are dying off, its inevitable), the salience of the JQ will become even less.

    If I’m right it will be increasingly self evident.

    Nobody can honestly think the Blood Tribe and GDL are anything but out of touch with the current zeitgeist. Even on the right.

  11. “…We still lack the ability or willingness to ostracize the dangerous and counterproductive fringe elements of the white right…”

    If a trade had to be made. I would dump every single Jew into shark infested waters and chum the water for days in trade for the craziest White, White Nationalist.

    If the Jews want to attack White Nationalist, let them do it themselves. Don’t be a traitor and do it for them.

  12. HAHHAHHA trying to pull that Hillary Clinton mind warp on us. Well, it’s already over now. it doesn’t matter anymore.

    So transparent.

  13. “…I think lifting the taboo on the JQ will just set us back. The JQ Isn’t necessary to understand that Whitey is getting fucked. The JQ Isn’t wholly explanatory of why or by whom Whitey is being fucked either….”

    SPIN, SPIN, SPIN, you’re whirling so fast I’m surprised the tornado sirens haven’t started up. We should deport every damn one of them out of the country to Israel and make sure they go there.

  14. “… But does that mean people should clean sweep oppose all Jews?…”

    Yes. Retreat is the most dangerous part of battle. If they are on the run it’s time to pour it on.

  15. He didn’t have the money OR the power. He does now. He has a massive, huge satellite fleet in orbit that can not be censored and huge name recognition. Even if they kill twitter, he can prop another one up just like it in days, without the debts and hangers on he has to keep on now. He finally is financially sufficient. He has battery and car sales in China so that even if they kill him off here he still has revenue. His super heavy, massive rocket will likely launch this month or next. A big total failure for the Jews control of media. It could possibly destroy large parts of the cable companies, TV stations, radio stations and all other media, and they can not stop it. This satellite system he has is going to be a huge cash cow. Far beyond what people expect. He has said many times he wants to get into banking which would further cut off their profits, and influence, and raise his. A turning point.

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