George Floyd’s Cultural Legacy

I’m feeling satisfied.

Over the past week or two, the movement barfed up another vanguardist shooter in Jacksonville and Blood Tribe led a Neo-Nazi goon march in Orlando that got a lot of media attention, but for some reason these two events were not as impactful as they might have been in the past.

Just a few years ago, we might have had to endure weeks of media caterwauling about this and the Right might have twisted itself into a pretzel in condemning “fascism” and “white supremacy.” Joe Biden might have jumped on these two incidents, waved the bloody shirt of Charleston and Charlottesville and gotten a bump in the polls. None of this happened. It seems to have blown over.

We are now in Year Three (AF).

Back in 2019, I tried to look ahead to the 2020s. I anticipated the Wokelash, the collapse of Conservatism, Inc, Trump losing the 2020 election, the decline of the Boomers and a major crisis of liberalism. Con Inc. hasn’t collapsed so much as it has surrendered and adapted to this far right surge. People like Matt Walsh and Charlie Kirk saw which way the wind was blowing and got out of the way.

Matt Walsh is making thinly veiled videos about anti-White Jews.

The ADL is under assault … from Libs of TikTok, Joel Berry of the Babylon Bee and Scott Adams who makes the Dilbert cartoon. Even the mainstream Right is turning against the ADL. Oh, and even the ability of the worst people on our own side to intervene and f*** things up has subsided.

This should have been a bad week for us. Instead, it is the ADL that is on the ropes and is getting pummeled on the internet!

UPDATE: Jim Goad has a good round up here, but missed the fact that VICE News knew about the Blood Tribe / Goyim Defense League rally nearly a month ago. The collision between the #BanTheADL campaign and the Blood Tribe / Goyim Defense League rally is probably just a coincidence.


  1. How do I curb the cynic in me that believes all of this is staged to take the wind out of our sails? My brain knows that what was once reactionary is now simply off-center, but my heart feels like it’s all a trap.

  2. “2020 was a major turning point”

    2020 was the year that The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government conducted a color revolution against American People, to put in their guy.

    Considering their push to get everyone to take poison vaccines, the lockdowns and unconstitutional mask behavior conditioning, the burning of many cities, the wholesale orchestrated invasion at the border, the war with Russia, and a near war with China, not to mention the orchestration of the economy to make every expense go up, and it’s hard to resist the notion that they are waging a war upon us.

    Certainly that is how I feel – The US Government is waging a war, without declaration, on The American People.

    That’s very very sad.

    What is not sad is that many people see this, just as many many more are awakening to it.

    There is a glimpse of sunlight on the horizon.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, very true, though, a lot of collateral damage is being taken by Black folks.

        It’s bad all the way around – but, yes, White Folks, who refuse to act like submissive Zombies are definitely the target.

        • @BlackKnight…

          ‘There’s a tsunami of raw, unfiltered anti-Semitism on this platform. Decent people, right and left, should respond accordingly. There are competitors to this site.’

          ‘Decent People’, as I hear Mr. French use it, hits my ears as : ‘Decent’, as in those still gullible enough to still be open to doing front work for us.’

  3. We woke up earlier Brad, we were simply a decade ahead of the times…… the anti-democracy of the left, the danger of political correctness, censorship, the culture war due to immigration, the persecution initiated by the left against those who do not think like them and the measures to re-educate people to their ideology……all of this we had noticed years ago and warned about long ago. I personally have been saying these things since 2011.

  4. Libs of Tiktok, nice jewish ladies. Joel Berry, self described jew loving zionist who always sides with god’ chosen people the Jews. Elon Musk, Jewish, a crypto.

    We aren’t going anywhere woth that rabble.

  5. *****Smoke Screen Alert*******We are going to be given the some Jews line of BS. Some Jews are no good, I am opposed to Zionism not Jews, not all Jews etc, etc, etc….

    All Jews reject Christ and his teachings that is what makes them Jews. And the reason the Jews reject Christ and his teaching is because Jews need prey in order to survive. And should the Jews accept Christ, they could not and would not survive, not on their own, not without living of us.

    Now considering all that how are the Jews fit to lead and rule over us, when they are incapable of living and supporting themselves on their own.

  6. Two things about Floyd.
    1) He was saying “I can’t breathe” while he was still in the cop car.
    2) He had enough fentanyl in his system to kill him, plus he was on meth, which would raise his heart rate while depressing his breathing.

    That being said, in that condition, he probably should have been taken to the hospital.

  7. The “Decline of the Boomers” was never a thing, because they had no strength to begin with. The Boomer meme was invented by a well-known group of race realists that secretly despaired of defeating the real enemy- Jewish power and influence- and wanted to replace them with another so-called enemy that they felt they could defeat. They also wanted to divert attention from the real menace- Jews- because they had an affinity with them. Comparing the Boomers with Jewish Power and influence is like comparing Barney the purple dinosaur with Godzilla.

    • By the decline of the Boomers, I mean that 1.) the Boomer share of the electorate is steadily declining and 2.) that Boomers are obviously retiring from public life both in the workplace and in politics. Both trends will accelerate over the next decade. We are also on the cusp of a huge transfer of wealth to Millennials.

      • Hunter- “Be careful what you wish for- your dream may come true!’ As the Boomers die off, as all generations do, who will replace them?-those stout-hearted lads the Millennials? the Gen Xers? No generation of white gentiles since the Middle Ages has dealt effectively with the Jews, and the generations to emerge since the Baby Boomers, indoctrinated in liberalism and Equity issues,and disproportionately populated by homosexuals and soy boys, seem very unlikely to do better than the Boomers at that task. Stop dividing us by generations- this is just what the Jews want us to do.We need right thinking white gentiles of all generations to close ranks- alienating us by generation is counterproductive to say the least!

        • I never said that Millennials would be any better.

          I also do not know why you think I blame it all on Boomers or something. My parents were teenagers in the 1960s.

          I simply noted that Boomers are retiring and a declining share of the electorate. They are leaving the workforce and top positions in politics. This is locked in and it is going to be one of the biggest changes that will play out over the next decade. Is this not true?

          All generations eventually reach the peak of their national influence and fade away. That was true of the Lost Generation. It was true of the Greatest Generation and Silent Generation. It is true of Boomers. It will soon be true of Gen Xers. Then Millennials around the 2040s and so on. For millions of Boomers, their lives were shaped by the Civil Rights Movement and the Counterculture of the 1960s. They personally lived through it and are more invested in it. Everyone else was born in the wake of it.

          • “I simply noted that Boomers are retiring ”

            Just watch, as there will be ever greater systems failure.
            Wait until jose and tyrone are working the electric grid.

  8. How about that Fundamental Transformation!
    No blasphemy against St. Floyd of Fentanyl you wayciss bigot. (s/)
    Si se puede, yes we can.
    BTW-How is White/Hispanic Jorge Zimmerman doing?

  9. With a month notice of the GDL and Blood Tribe march in Florida, odd how there were no Soros paid zoomers, millennials, or antifa to greet them. I must be paranoid.

    • The putrid reek of gefeltefisch is guaranteed protection against the anti-rayciss white shitlibs, Antifa (FBI cadets), et al. Works like magic. Why it’s almost as if these nazis and antifa et al are on the same team – kind of like the R-jerseys and the D-jerseys. Boneface even proudly boasted of how the CIA paid him to go and kill Russians on behalf of Larry Fink, Vicky Nudelman, and the Tricky-Dickey Piano-man.

    • “odd how there were no Soros paid zoomers,”

      Yes, maybe they are too small to warrant attention or their message is too extreme to attract a wide audience.

      Unite the right was more palatable and larger, they had to crush that.
      But it is sus.

  10. Citing Stephen Miller with approval? I don’t suppose you’re naive. Therefore you have not put it completely out of your mind that Jews can and do play “both sides” of an issue to their advantage. Stephen Miller can’t be trusted when his agenda and policy are the same objectives as the ADL. The ADL goes 90mph over the cliff, guys like Miller and Stephen Steinlight want to go a sensible 55 mph over the cliff. This is just Jews arguing over optics the same way you tut-tut Blood Tribe for optics.

    Also, hope in a lawsuit is misplaced because the threatened lawsuit is a red herring. Musk doesn’t need the lawsuit when he is already holding onto all the levers of power at Twitter. I think the lawsuit could be an attempt at in fact colluding with the ADL to bring about a settlement or an outcome which on the one hand undermines white interests further and for which both sides can plausibly blame the other. This will cause division among the opposition to the ADL. The best way to control your opposition is to divide it.

    The ADL will keep their power while looking like they made saintly compromises. The “Moderate Jews” who criticize the ADL now will applaud them for making token concessions, and Musk will resign himself to all of us and say “Can’t blame me, I tried….blame the legal system instead.” I smell a rat.

    • @George…

      “Stephen Miller can’t be trusted when his agenda and policy are the same objectives as the ADL.”

      Respectfully, I do not see Mr. Miller as even remotely resembling what is The ADL.

      For what it is worth, Mr. Miller was the only persistent voice, within President Trump’s cabinet that, for 4 years, kept sounding the MAGA principles of a closed border that his boss had campaigned on.

      Most American Jews detest Mr. Miller – because they see him as one of us…

      • @Ivan Turgenev. I did look into Stephen Miller a little more carefully and I think that your analysis has merit. However, although I will concede your facts I am going to deny their importance and try to put those facts in context with other facts we know.

        Perhaps Stephen Miller was a minority voice within the Trump administration, whose advice went unheeded. It does appear that many Jews regard him as a traitor and are angry with his commitment to tough immigration policies. However, nothing in his policy would totally stop legal immigration, which is also the same problem as illegal.

        I think it is worth pointing out that Trump deported less people than Obama.

        This means that Miller and Trump were either unable or unwilling to perform the actions that their stated policies would suggest they would do.

        And I think this demonstrates the point I made about conservative Jews falling on the sword and playing the role of ineffective, if not controlled, opposition. In fact, Stephen Miller once responded to his critics by saying that, to paraphrase, “Democrats are the real anti-semites”

        This is probably true. Whereas Republicans are all in favor of Zionist policy, some Democrats actually oppose it. But I also find this argument to be equally weak and disingenuous as the “Democrats are the real racists” argument. Because either way, we must acknowledge the racism/antisemitism is bad. This is a false dichotomy.

        The point is that conservatism, even on the part of Jews, is unproductive at best and destructive at worst. So I do not give Stephen Miller a pass for being hated by most Jews. He is simply playing a role. And that helps Jews to maintain this optic of “Both Sides” when in fact their actions or omissions, rather than their words, still support Jewish interests and nothing else.

        Stephen Miller and other conservative Jews believe their conservative strategy is the best for Jews, rather than the more nakedly biased and ambitious strategy of the ADL.

        It’s not calculated based on what would benefit white Americans. What conservative Jews are essentially saying is “Hey boys, calm it down, we got a good thing going, and we don’t want to ruin it. Let’s let up a while, cash in our chips, consolidate our gains, and wait to fight this battle another day after the heat dies down”

        • Dear George,

          Thank you for your excellent reply.

          Thank you for having looked into it and seen that about which I was speaking.

          Yes, Miller was the minority voice in the Trump Administration, after Bannon left, he always less in the know that the Kushners.

          As to your last conclusion, namely that what Miller about is to be of benefit to Jews :
          Of that I have little doubt, for who, other than Woke White Gentile Lunatics, would be advocating against their own kind.

          Where I think you and I split is that you think Miller is acting, or, perhaps better said, that, because he is Jewish, he could not possibly give a damn about anyone else in the world, other than Jews. and, thus,is actively playing a part in the great plot how to subjugate and destroy White Gentile Nations.

          I very respectfully disagree with this, because I have known too many Jews, at very close and extended intervals, to know that all Jews are like this.

          Many Jews are like Many Gentiles : only selfish and caring about no one else, other than themselves, both in the individual and collective sense.

          Many other Jews are like many other White Gentiles – caring about their own family first, but, also ,very concerned about the community at large.

          Other Jews do not care at all about Jews, and only love the country, or the world, at large.

          Lastly, the notion that all Jews have no capacity to love anyone but themselves is something I have seen defied many many times, however, in the political sense, these Jews, and the good patriot intention of these Jews, have been vastly outweighed by either the Judeo-Bolshevik Revolutionary Jews,like Emma Goldmann, Hubert Marcuse, or Saul Alensky, , or on the one hand – those Corporate Jews, of the broadly extended Rothschild clan, who never think about anyone else except as would-be grist for their own mills.

          Thanks again!

        • @george:

          As you pointed out the average Jewish man or woman is motivated by the one burning question of “is it good for the Jews?” I listen to Michael Savage and he openly worries about how the antics of certain tribal members like Victoria Nudelman and Jonathan Greenblatt is going to generate Antisemitism on a scale unheard of before in history.

          Their older people have ended up being the biggest victims of extortion rackets like the ADL and SPLC who love to extort the butter and egg money from elderly Holocaust era Jews. It’s those poor people who will end up on the downside of a pogrom, not these racketeers. I wish they’d save their money and put it into a plane ticket and an Israeli bank in case they have to break all speeds to make Aliyah.

          The more experienced and cynical posters on this board may view Stephen Miller and the Libs of Tik Tok site owner as Jews controlling the opposition by leading it, but there may be a good chance that, even if they don’t like the people on this board, they realize that our country has been the most generous nation that ever hosted them and have their own vested interest in preserving it.

          I also think that, for the first time in history, thanks to the internet and the pervasive recording of activities in real time, the average Jew is able to see the Usual Suspects riling the Gentiles as it happens and are not only alarmed but repulsed and angered by it. Rather like the guy who is tight with another guy who is really a criminal and catching the perpetrator setting him up to take the fall for his crime.

          In any case, they are with us, whatever their motivations, and they make excellent organizers. It is up to Whites to critically examine whatever tips they offer, make use of what is useful and disregard what is not.

          • Its gonna be tough to outdo the German National Workers Party. What a bunch of idiots whose leader couldn’t read a military map,ie Stalingrad. However,they did have the right idea as far as race and national solidarity was concerned.never gonna happen here as modern Americans are too stupid,fat and well fed to even come flash you keyboard commandos.This country is DEAD!!!!Let that sink in as you watch football and eat like pigs this fall.

  11. > ‘wake up white America’…………. couldn’t agree more!

    That photo tells us more about the nature of the real problem than 1000 photos of burning cities could ever do. How many blax are in the picture? I can’t see a single one. This is a small example of how extensively and completely the white population of Murika has been gaslighted by jew-owned media on every single aspect of every issue. They can literally brainwash entire populations into psychotic suicide. Jewkraine is an even more dramatic example. They’re getting slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands fighting for a gang of jews who now own at least 28 percent of the farmland of New Khazaria and openly boast of it being the ‘New Israel’. The utter retards actually think the rotten Globo-Pedo EUSSR slave plantation represents “freedom”. At least the negroes get free gibs, white pussy and worship in return for their support of the Jew World Order – and they don’t even have to sign up and fight for Der Judenführer.

  12. Can anyone recommend a short, concise essay (Ann Coulter?) that sums up, exposes the life and death of the street criminal, BLM BlackLiesMatter guy George Floyd?

    It doesn’t work trying to get regular people to read 250 page books and internet blogs come and go.

    But a short magazine, flier can have lasting effect. I recommend activists, writers have a “best of” flyers, articles say 10-20 – commentary like the Derb’s “The Talk the Non Black Version”. IT must be very good as this was the reason #*$&@ NEO CON MAN JE* Jonah Goldberg banned John Derbyshire from ever writing for National Review again.

    • Minnesota, one of the largest collections of retarded goodhwytes on the planet outside Scandicuckia itself. They need to get a portrait of St. George of Fentanyl with his best porn-star erection and make that their new state seal. I wonder of the Church of Woke prayer meetin’ pictured in this thread’s header was taken in Minneapolis. It wouldn’t a surprise at all if it were. I do wonder why WNs prattle on so about the high IQ of whites. If you’re so damned stupid you are able to be gaslighted into a state of suicidal psychotic fanatacism by lying, scamming jews, how damned smart are you?? The IQ tests are missing some kind of factor here.

      Whites need to become more like the Armenians the Russian proverb. (It requires at least three jews to swindle an Armenian).

      • “…The IQ tests are missing some kind of factor here…”

        1. empathy
        2. A far less sense of in grouping or out grouping of the other.

        That’s not measured on IQ test. It’s a big problem but note, it’s slowly being solved by the Jews and their incessant diversity push.

  13. The picture at the top of the article showing a bunch of white-skinned Cucks and Cowards holding ‘pro-white’ signs is a Stellar Example of why real Whites are being Defeated and Destroyed by the (((parasites))). None of these Sheeple had the Balls not to wear a Face-Diaper, as Ordered by their jew masters.

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