#BanTheADL: Jonathan Greenblatt Responds To Elon Musk

Even if you wanted to do activism to raise awareness about the Jewish Question, there is nothing you could possibly do that could top this. The taboo is collapsing in real time.


  1. I was wond’rin’ when that day would come, when the ADL incited revulsion more than it did fear.

    It took long enough, but, I guess all’s well that ends well, and ending their reign of terror can only be a good thing for everybody.

    They did their part to poison public dialogue in this country, but, that said, I won’t let White Gentiles off the hook for allowing themselves to be so intimidated by this racket.

    Looking back, some decades ago, I guess we got so spoiled by the relative freedom we had, that we never thought could end.

    Sadly it did end, but, maybe now we’ll begin the journey to get back what has been lost

  2. I was reading Amren and they made a good point that even though Musk is calling out the ADL, he’s not really restoring people. So it’s about him being “defamed,” but he’s not really taking a stand on free speech.

    I didn’t link because I don’t want to get stuck in the spam filter.

    I’ve never been suspended on twitter, but that’s because my posts there aren’t that extreme. If I wanted to post extreme stuff, I’d take it somewhere else.

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