Tucker Carlson Interviews Larry Sinclair

What do you think?

Is Larry Sinclair lying?

Note: Do you remember Andrew Gillum?


  1. I do not care about a person’s private life.

    What I do care about is that the press ought not to have stifled it, the Sinclair Affair, back in 2008.

    I also care that, back in 2005, when then Senator Barack Obama told Mike Wallace, on a 60 Minutes interview, that it was his firm opinion marriage was between a man and a woman.

    Like practically everything else about soon to be President Obama, he was not what he seemed to be.

    If this country has been poisoned, and I think it has, a lot can be put at his door, though, there again was not the system that put him there.

    • “I do not care about a person’s private life.”

      I do!

      It both reveals their inner character , which will carry on to other issues and it is potential blackmail material, which is very dangerous when that person has power.

  2. “””.. Is Larry Sinclair lying?…”””

    No. They want to attack Obama and one rumor is not enought to take former saint down. Long forgotten birth cert is probably next.

    Such events usually have long delay. When Stalin made his purges, he also used decades old garbage.

    • But gays generally stick together, why would one turn on another and help the hated conservatives? I have heard some who out closeted Republicans but a sacred figure in the Democratic party?

      Look at America today under the Democrats. You see three groups who despise the country in total control: Jews, Blacks, and Homosexuals. All three hate America with a passion with the first of them being in control of the operation and knowing that the other two are “safe” choices to entrust running the day to day operations of the thing. Yes there are other people with these attitudes, but with the blacks and gays you are pretty much betting on both black and red on that roulette wheel and have just a very very small chance of the ball falling on green. This violation of the usual gay solidarity makes me wonder why this guy would be saying this?

  3. This combination of punished Tucker doing these subversive interviews on taboo subjects, with Elon hijacking X (Twitter) from the corporate censorship network has done more damage to the regime (in such a short time) than generations of activism. Toss in James O’Keefe for good measure.

    It really is amazing. Maybe the timing is just fortuitous?

    Is it possible we would have been farther along without the several years of delay from the fallout of cville?

    I gotta wonder,

  4. It’s hearsay. You can’t prove of disprove it. As for the motives of media not looking into it, it’s obvious, they supported the Obama campaign.

    What annoyed me about Obama is that he was simply a (half) Black face on a neoliberal system. He was no FDR.

    These days it probably wouldn’t matter much. Back then it would have mattered.

    • It’s not hearsay. Sinclair isn’t saying he heard this from someone. It’s his direct account of an experience he says he had.

    • Neither John Sinclair nor Tucker are in a court of law. They cannot compel testimony, issue subpoenas, do discovery, hold witnesses in contempt, bring perjury charges etc. John Sinclair’s testimony on Tucker’s Twitter feed should not be judged according to a courtroom legal standard.

      “There is no proof, only this guy’s word” is what the Lügenpresse always says when scandal engulfs one of their champions. If subpoenas, testimony, evidence etc. were produced to a legal standard then the Clintons, Epstein, most members of Congress, many members of the Lügenpresse, scumbags like Bill Gates, Wall Street types et al. would be in jail. Since these people are above the law all we have to go on is public testimony such as Tucker’s Twitter show.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised, if BHO has a tryst or two with Jussie Smollett. Maybe BHO cucked ‘Michael,’ and made him watch from a chair in the corner of The Executive Bedroom.

  6. My initial reaction to the announcement of this interview was: “So what. Who cares?”

    I remember the Sinclair allegations being discussed on the more fringe conservative talk radio at the time. Now it’s coming out…but with a different twist. I think the main issue is the ability of political campaigns to stifle important stories and the way the press was…and is…controlled by tiny elites with hidden agendas.

    There were so many strange aspects to Obama. Now this. What will we find out later about Biden and the rest of them?

    • Trump was found liable again in the E. Jean Carroll case yesterday. IMO, it is another sign of how far the gloves have come off.

      • Whatever you think about Trump, the idea that in the 90s he spent his time not doing his business, but cruising around a department store raping strange women in the fitting rooms is completely implausible. The country is finished if you can get a jury to go along with such, we might as well start having witch trials again it’s that far gone from the norms we had just a generation back.

  7. Trump was found liable again

    Is there anyone so mentally blind that they can’t see how contrived all this lawfare is ?

    Yes, about 50% of Americans.

  8. I think we all knew that Barack Obama is gay.

    Which means, obviously, I totally believe Larry Sinclair.

    Big but time.

    What does that have to do with anything that really matters right now?

    The 1787 American Constitution and its later amendments are becoming more and more of a dead letter by the year. But, at least for now, they’re holding to this “only two terms for a President” thing.

    Which means, whatever Barack Obama’s problems, faults, foibles or proclivities, he will never be President of the United States again.

    Not only is this apropos of nothing that matters:

    It also has nothing to do with the reasons that Tucker Carlson grew and cultivated the big audience that he has.

    David Cole is not my favorite pundit from our general universe these days, but I have to give the devil his due: He spot on predicted, when TC started in on Twitter/X, that we were going to get a worse Tucker, not a better Tucker, and we were going to get sort of an out there in left field sorta tin foil hat version Tucker.

    Way many more people are seeing him, but they’re not seeing the ideal version of him.

    Which is why it pains me to say:

    Tucker on Fox > Tucker on Twitter.

    Because, at least on Fox, he had some measure of forced imposed “keep your eye on the ball” discipline, whether it was direct or implicit. It still would have gotten him fired, because that which made him popular was still discordant with the politics of the FNC advertiser universe. Yet and still, it meant that he had to stay focused, and there were guardrails.

    “Obama is gay” and JFK assassination and UFOs are what we get from TC when he knows he has the run of his own joint.

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