Against Activism

I used to be an activist.

I really enjoyed engaging in activism.

I haven’t been an activist in several years though.

When I was an activist, we would hold demonstrations to 1.) rally our people behind causes that they already supported or 2.) break taboos to push our ideas into the mainstream. I remember feeling an urgent need to “do something” in the late Obama years. In hindsight, I was impatient. I couldn’t see the future course of our politics. I didn’t understand the times we were living through.

As I look back on those days, I remember it as our summer season. We still had near total free speech on the internet. We could easily raise money through PayPal and crowdfunding platforms. There was minimal surveillance and harassment by law enforcement. The political establishment was much more confident and simply dismissed us as “extremists.” Conservatism, Inc. was still standing strong. The overwhelming public mood was indifference. We could hold our little rallies and some liberal groups might hold a peaceful counter protest, but overall people would drive by, honk horns, maybe take a flier. In the pre-Trump era, there was nowhere near the same tension and animosity in our politics because we were marginalized and the liberal establishment did not feel threatened by us.

Donald Trump announced he was running for president in 2015.

At the time, I took a break from real world activism. The Alt-Right was exploding on the internet. I remember being glued to Twitter throughout it all. It was like a digital insurrection had broken out. It makes me laugh just to think back to how much fun that was! What a ride it was!

In 2017, we tried to return to real world activism, but the world had completely changed. Summer was over. Domains were stolen. We were banned from PayPal. The Iron Curtain fell across the internet. Antifa began coming to our events and getting violent. “Journalists” led doxxing campaigns. There were brawls in Berkeley and Portland. It still seemed distant to us in the South. The West Coast is known for its extreme leftwing politics. We had never encountered anything like it until Unite the Right which was followed by a wave of unprecedented lawfare and selective prosecutions in Charlottesville.

In 2018 and 2019, the movement as a whole tried to adapt to these new realities. There was a shift from public events to flash rallies. There was a huge debate about optics and groups like Patriot Front and American Identity Movement changed their appearance. We quit engaging with Antifa and BLM. We largely avoided holding events except for flash rallies in Democratic strongholds. We learned our lesson about progressive prosecutors, jury pools and “the rule of law” in Charlottesville.

2020 was another watershed year … COVID, the Summer of Floyd, Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election and the lead up to January 6. Because the movement had learned its lesson in Charlottesville, no one ended up like Kyle Rittenhouse, Patriot Prayer, the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys. We overwhelmingly chose to stay out of the frame while Antifa and BLM rioted all over the country. The only people who ended up going down for January 6 were followers of Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes.

By 2021, it began to dawn on me that we had entered a new era. Starting with a YouGov poll that came out shortly after Joe Biden was inaugurated as president, survey after survey, poll after poll began to show that conservatives had been radicalized by the so-called Racial Reckoning of 2020. I went on White Rabbit Radio in early 2022 to discuss this tipping point. The Great Replacement went mainstream. National Divorce went mainstream. The term anti-White went mainstream. Abolishing the FBI went mainstream. Suddenly, topics which had been taboo for my entire adult life began creeping into mainstream discourse. It has reached the point where Elon Musk seems to wake up and have a casual conversation with Keith Woods nearly every morning. Matt Walsh says we need more European babies. There has been a truly radical change pulsating through rightwing politics since around 2019.

In the past, the point of activism had been to erode these taboos and push our ideas and values into the mainstream, or at least this is what those of us who were serious thought we were trying to accomplish. We called it “moving the Overton Window.” We wanted to normalize our politics. For some people, it had always been about acting out their own emotional sense of alienation from the mainstream. Now that the former has largely been accomplished, there is no need for activism anymore. On the contrary, events are now moving so rapidly that millions of people are becoming radicalized on their own. It is not up to you anymore. You can go on a Caribbean cruise and when you come back our politics will still be trending toward the extremes. These trends have their own irreversible momentum now.

Politics is getting crazier and crazier every day. You don’t have to “do something.”

This is why activism has become dangerous.

Orthodoxies become violent on their deathbed. The repression hasn’t worked. It has backfired. Individuals have been punished for this. Organizations have been bankrupted. Social discontent, however, has only intensified. We are now light years away from where we were in 2016. The number of radicals in the population has soared since 2020. Radicalization is going vertical.

In 2023, it became clear with the Trump indictments that we are on our way to a major constitutional crisis. The system, which so many of you hate, is now in big trouble. Partisan hatred has reached historic levels. The political class is making extraordinary, reckless gambles both at home and abroad. The mainstream political atmosphere has become fevered. We are in a destabilization phase. Norms are dissolving. Taboos are disappearing. The stability of the current regime is liquifying.

Instead of engaging in activism, you need to start preparing for mainstream politics losing stability and taking a really nasty turn. It is not a good time to paint a target on your back. You need to think more about … how do I insulate myself from a system that appears to be breaking down on its own? Maybe you will soon get a chance to actually be a hero, but now is not that time. We don’t need you wasting away in prison on some bullshit charge like carrying a tiki torch when all this animosity boils over.

If you want to do something, just watch for now. It won’t be long.


  1. Excellent observation. Everything you said is quite true. At this stage, anyone out marching in the street is either a Fed or an utter moron. Best to lie low and prepare – maybe even make exit plans if necessary. I’m in a very blue state and shitlibs are quite numerous here. We’ll be exiting before too long.

  2. “Prepping makes more sense than activism”

    The two are not mutually exclusive.

    This jwywood myth of the lone individual against the ‘system’ is a cultural myth injected into the minds of the simple goy. Jwz know very well that strenght comes from organization, that’s the reason they do everything to disrupt, destroy and discourage WHITE organizations. Lone ‘prepping’, by itself,
    Will become ‘lone victim’.

    Sure, prep to whatever extent your resources allow, but without structured organizations you’re sunk.

    Someone has to find a method to advance WHITE goals, exclusively WHITE goals.

  3. Matthew 5:14-16

    You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
    Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.
    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

    I agree there is no need for activism at this stage. What will work best, I believe, is simply living, and being happy and fulfilled, and letting those who have woken up see for themselves another way, a better way… the way things used to be.

  4. You put it perfectly. There have been so many snarky articles and posts since 2017 saying “the alt right” and “far right” dissident movements are dead. They like to be smug and say, “Well, where have they all gone, there’s nobody making waves online or in the street.”
    We didn’t disappear or go away, we are sitting back, watching and waiting.
    There’s no need for our ppl to get hemmed up when there’s a billion normies willing to go out and fist fight Antifa.
    As the kids these days say, “let it cook.”
    See ya when it gets real.

  5. But that’s basically my termite philosophy. Live in survival mode while the conditions for revolution develop on their own as society creates its own contradictions. I’ve been doing that ever since I coined the term “Gangster Bolshevik.”

  6. “I agree there is no need for activism at this stage.”
    Are you ever wrong !

    “, is simply living, and being happy and fulfilled”
    Yeh, try that when American goes Venezuela.

    Typical WHITE goy, no foresight, no empathy, no care.

    “Jus so long as i am safe and happy, who gibs a fk about others suffering”

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ the very reason WHITE countries are in a steep decline.

    “I gots mine and if you don’t, tuff !”

  7. Who would join a group called “Proud Boys”, led by a Puerto Rican?

    @Brad, I remember when you questioned the who of the “Proud Boys”

    Once again the Federal Govenment comes down hard on the low end of the bell curve.

      • They still got screwed though. Jacob Goodwin got 8 years (plus another waiting for trial) for coming to the aid of someone getting beaten with a maglite.

      • Making “martyrs” out of these guys, then releasing them back into the wilderness as bonified heros in a couple years to infiltrate and destroy other organizations is something well within the capability of the domestic intelligence/enforcement system.

        I don’t accept this stuff at face value. Nothing is beneath them. For them, doing this has so many upsides.

        Trust nothing you see faithfully reported in every single state and controlled media organization.

        I’m at best a midwit White normie. If I see these angles, so do they.

  8. Does anybody see the hyporisy of it all? The Rulers who built their kingdom on fairness, equity, and inclusion……Tell me Enrique,how can they be so unfair? Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime, shouldn’t the punishment be just and fair to the minds of all?

    Twenty two years is way too harsh to me.

    • Ironicsockaccount, I watched the link you posted, y’all can get mad, if you want, imo, the cop was wrong to shoot the woman, they had her plate number, they could have got her some other time…….was the cop following procedure, standing in front of the vehicle ?

  9. I always thought we would not see results until the system did our job for us by radicalizing and racializing our people in ways we never could. That is exactly what they are now doing. Now we need the war in Ukraine to be a Russian victory otherwise if NATO wins then America will blockade China and start this insanity all over again in the South China Sea.

  10. Excellent and heartening.The Jew system is indeed breaking down.The good Lord will never let us go once we embrace Him.I still look for the Master Jesus to return soon and until then I’ll enjoy seeing the Beast collapse.When I think of how our beautiful and pure South was destroyed by Jew agitation at all levels(fake Civil Rights Movement,feminism,hollowing out towns,drugs,porn,mass immigration,taking God from everyday life),I feel hurt that never ends.I say let this Jew monster collapse.God will make us whole again either here or in Heaven.I don’t feel I am sinning by despising enemies of the Cross.They only want perversion and murder.We must all ask for forgiveness for our sins and not allow the Synagogue of Satan to pull us down.Thank you and all your intelligent commenters,I have learned so much that I could not have on my own.Did I see on here that someone thought JB Stoner may have been a Fed plant because they said he was garnering bad publicity at every turn.Certainly this couldn’t be true.Am I really so naive as to be fooled all these years?Its so hard to know it seems.That is why the Lord hates lies and the Devil loves them.Can anyone answer my question or give their thoughts?

  11. Boomers in our ranks knew that Protest rallies and Activism wouldn’t’ work-Those who worked against the so-called Civil Rights Movement in the past knew that it was a staged theatrical production financed and staged by Jewish Power and Influence that we on the Right would never be allowed to imitate by the powers that be. They tried to warn the young bucks in our movement that they were walking into a trap at Charlottesville and Jan. 6 but the know it alls wouldn’t listen.

    • If you go waaay back into archives, I was one of the Boomers who warned about Charlottesville, which had been taken over by the radical left. Though I think HW is the real McCoy, a guy who is truly proud of and all about protecting his Southern heritage, I didn’t trust Richard Spencer (though I couldn’t articulate why) or Jason Kessler or especially that odd-ball in the helmet and Neo-Nazi outfit, Matt Heimbach.

      I also managed to talk some acquaintances of a relative of mine, who still remains an ardent Trump Supporter against going to Washington on January 6th. I had to sit them down and point out that, with the GOP-e colluding, the Democrats found the perfect way to inflate their own turnout while depressing the opposition’s turnout. Yeah, they pulled some extra-constitutional methods to do that, but unless the Supreme Court ruled their actions illegal, they could legally get away with it.

      Even further back, I strongly suggested taking Confederate statues and monuments and other artifacts from public view and putting them under lock and key in museums where they could be guarded by security and any visitors would have to pay admission.

      I’m of Yankee heritage (though an ancestor of mine temporarily fought with the South when he got separated from his unit and could make his way safely back). You have to be okay with losing if you gamble. I take a small loss and I’m ready to leave the table. In any case, I don’t like Lost Causes. I like to win.

      My POV is that there is no disgrace in beating a strategic retreat to regroup or engaging in guerrilla warfare is no disgrace. I once pointed out that the Southern leaders knew a couple of years in advance that SCOTUS was going to desegregate the schools. If Southern Whites had collectively built private or parochial schools in advance of the ruling and withdrew all White children from the public school system. They would have wiped the grins off the face of the media that came to gloat when the federal marshalls were brought in to enforce it. Yes, formerly White public schools would be open to Black students, but there would be no little White girls for little Black boys to sit next to.

      The response to Dylann Roof massacring the church full of Black people resulting in the monuments and artifacts being sent to museums would not have prevented the Fentanyl Floyd Riots, but they would be safe and I think the hangover from BLM would have started that much sooner. (Or they would do what they still did and vandalize the Lincoln memorials).

      In any case, I take a dim view of those who castigate the “keyboard warriors” and want everybody out on the streets. The activists like Matt Heimbach and Richard Spenser are Queen Bees. They fire up a bunch of innocent young men into getting doxxed and ruining their futures. All for their personal glory in their fantasy monarchies. The “keyboard warriors” are the worker bees. If they concentrate on putting out Real Truth to Power through verifiable information that contradicts the state propaganda, then they are far more effective.

      Because White normies – hell, actually all normies – radicalized by the blatant corruption of the Democrats, the pusillanimity of their Republican collaborators and the open persecution and incarceration of their non-violent opposition will gravitate towards sites by these worker bees.

      These worker bees have been so effective that a lot of the gatekeepers are being forced to adapt their talking points – even if they have to massage them a bit – to keep their audiences. The message may be slightly muffled but it is still getting out there. Lately, I have seen stuff show up on respectable conservative boards that one would only find on more vanguard boards.

      I really miss Kievsky at Mindweapons. I’d love to read his comments and other philosophic discussions over what is happening. Jung’s Collective Unconscious Theory comes to my mind seeing not only White but all Normies waking up. When you see Asian and Arab Muslims protesting the LBTQ agenda being taught to their children along with White and Hispanic Christians, well… small wonder TIIC are in a panic.

      I wonder how long TPTB will continue to boast about “Diversity Being Our Strength” if the Diversity gets together and compares notes about them? Hmmm?

    • Sit back and watch the Left shit all over themselves-as they’ve done and continue to do- it’s just that simple! They’ve done more to advance our cause than we could ever do! The whole world watches them with their jaws gaping open!

  12. Doing nothing is certainly the *safest* course of action. It also corresponds to the fudamental nature of most of mankind, which shies away from danger and is lethargic. There is no need to advise the average White advocate to “do nothing,” since that is his basic inclination, and it’s how he has been behaving all along, anyway.

    But surely, HW, you must be aware that there is a percentage of our people who have an activistic character and frame of mind, and who are going to look for an outlet for their energies, no matter what you advise them to do. Mostly these are young males in their late teens and 20s, who are full of testosterone and who have little to lose, but there are also some mature adults among them. These types will not be satisified by “prepping,” growing a vegetable garden and going to church on Sunday.

    So the real question, then, is not “to be active or not to be active,” but rather “what forms of activity will be the most beneficial to the pro-White cause.”


    “When thou swearest, ‘I shall not fight, I shall not fight,’ then this, thy resolution, is in vain, for thy aristocratic nature will drive thee to it!” (Krishna to Arjuna, The Bhagavad Gita)

    • Sure.

      I understand the impulse.

      Times have changed though. They are really better off laying low and prepping at this point than engaging in activism. What would be the message at this point? Jews are bad? There is already a huge conversation about that going on about that on Twitter which is reaching a far larger audience. Pretty much everything else – Whites are being replaced, immigration is out of control, the system is anti-White, etc. – is stuff that most people on the Right agree with now. The Overton Window has already been moved.

      Overzealous prosecutors and the intelligence community is looking for any excuse to lock up so-called extremists right now. Mainstream politics could also boil over as early as next year when Trump is convicted and sent to prison. It would be a shame for more guys to be locked up in prison when the shit really hits the fan.

      That is all I am saying. I thought it was worth a shot. I doubt many people will listen though. Also, as we discovered in Charlottesville, IRL meetups do not have to be tethered to activism. Instead of engaging with the opposition, it makes more sense to, say, meet up and go to the bar or go hiking or do something private.

    • Dear Martin Kerr , “Most of these are young males in their late teens and 20’s who are full of testosterone and have little to lose” Haven’t you been reading the news lately- 18 and 22 year sentences for peaceful protesting? They have little to lose- only the best years of their lives!

  13. The first and most important step for any Pro-White activist is make any verifiable information available to John and Jane Q Normie.

    HW can check that box.

    Now is the time for people on this board to brainstorm about what kind of society they want to build after the current system implodes from the hubris of those who control it.

    Again, here is where I miss Kievsky, the former owner of the defunct Mindweapons at Ragnorok site. I believe he was actively working on putting together a post-Amerikwa system in place.

    In any case, as some one who has spent several decades watching the country going though one evocation of Godwin’s Law after another, I fervently hope that the discussion doesn’t turn to establishing a Fourth Reich in America.

    • Who could possibly conceive a system that would establish after unknown future chaos.
      If you have a good family, stay tight with them.

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