USA Today: Unlikely Voters Back Trump By 2-to-1 Margin

If Donald Trump could sweep the OD comment section like in 2016, he could probably easily be elected president in 2024, but this would require convincing the most cynical, disaffected voters who are convinced the system is rigged to turnout to vote for him.

USA Today:

Donald Trump’s argument that the 2020 election was rigged has reinforced the views of Americans who are already disenchanted about politics, one factor in their inclination not to cast a vote next year ? that is, a vote they would probably cast for him.

An exclusive USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll of unlikely voters ? those who are eligible to vote but say they probably won’t ? give Trump a lopsided edge over President Joe Biden among Americans who are deeply skeptical of politics and government.

Registered voters who say they aren’t likely to go to the polls back Trump over Biden by nearly 20 percentage points, 32%-13%, with 27% supporting a third-party or other candidate. Citizens who are eligible to vote but haven’t registered also favor Trump by close to 2-1, 28%-15%; 27% prefer another candidate.

If they participated in the election, Trump’s advantage among them is so wide that they could shift the political landscape to his advantage. His standing among unlikely voters is much stronger than in surveys of registered or likely voters, which generally show a presidential race that is effectively tied. …

Imagine the shitshow.

Somehow, Trump manages to dodge 91 felonies (even more charges are coming from Jack Smith) and is elected president. He will almost certainly be convicted on some of these charges. Perhaps the Supreme Court is forced to intervene and rules in his favor or he appeals and is not in prison when the election takes place and he defeats Joe Biden. Trump immediately pardons himself. What will the reaction be to the return of Trump like Napoleon only now he is seen as a rapist and insurrectionist?

In another plausible scenario, Donald Trump manages to defeat Joe Biden in the 2024 election while he is serving time in prison. Is he inaugurated in prison? Do they let him out of prison to take the oath of office? Does Trump pardon himself from behind bars? Again, what would be the reaction?

Suppose the Michigan Secretary of State who has been making the rounds on CNN and MSNBC concludes that Trump is ineligible to run for president because he is disqualified under the Fourteenth Amendment. The case goes to the Supreme Court which rules in Trump’s favor, unlikely voters who want to blow up the system vote for Trump and he wins Michigan. Again, what is the reaction?

Do all these people who have carried on for years about January 6th, Our Democracy and the sanctity of the peaceful transfer of power stand aside and allow Trump to be inaugurated as president?

Things are currently so bad for Joe Biden that he is LOSING to Trump in the CNN poll. This is like the first or second time in history that Trump has been ahead of Hillary or Biden in this poll.


In an early gauge of a hypothetical Biden-Trump rematch, CNN’s poll finds, registered voters are currently split between Trump (47%) and Biden (46%), with the demographic contours that defined the 2020 race still prominent.

Trump has never really been competitive in the polls. In the 2016 election, there was only one poll which had him ahead in that cycle. In the 2020 election, he was behind in the polls for the entire race and often by double digits in swing states. Today, Trump is tied, slightly ahead or within a point of Joe Biden, which would almost certainly translate into a Biden defeat in the Electoral College.


This is not a feeling we talk about much. While political reporters obsess over the anger and resentments felt by blue-collar white men in Rust Belt diners, liberals’ emotions are seldom considered worthy of the same kind of exploration. …

Yet part of me looks at those polls and wants to respond not with calm and reason, but with a blood-curdling scream of rage. Or at least with the kind of frustration bordering on despair that usually prompts those questions in the first place. …

My informal canvas of liberal friends reveals that this feeling — something like incredulous despair verging on panic — is not unusual. We tamp it down and joke about it, but it never disappears. Tens of millions of Americans are fine with Trump’s brand of revanchist authoritarianism, and even yearn for it. …

I am currently undecided on voting for Trump.

I will definitely be voting in state and local races in Alabama. The Supreme Court has created a fiasco with our congressional map. If Trump wins in 2024, I am not going to miss Morning Joe!


  1. I expect Antifa will be mobilized under the cover of BLM protests over whichever latest dead black scrote was most recently shot by police.

    Antifa can operate with impunity harrassing and intimidating poll workers, conservatives will do what they always do and cuck out, and it will still go against Trump.

    I don’t see a scenario in which they let Trump back into office without a major blowup.

    Its the kind of scenario in which the military usually intervenes in banana republics. Our military has their pensions paid by the enemy, so they will undoubtedly favor the status quo.

    It ends nasty either way.

    • Not always banana republics. See Greece in 1967, they had a right-wing military coup to prevent a socialist who was expected to win the upcoming election.
      So why not a left-wing woke military coup to keep Trump from winning, if all else fails?

  2. Seems the more the regime attacks Trump the stronger Trump gets. Trump has come to symbolize the only credible opposition to a corrupt and vicious tyranny. The regime is in desperation mode to hold on to power.

  3. @IronicSockAccount

    I know tone doesn’t convey well through text, and I want to assure you that I am not being confrontational with my following questions. What’s the smart play, then? Avoid the polls and any chance of conflict; go to the polls and roll the dice; or, go to the polls armed and prepared for whatever may come?

    I personally have no plans for voting in a federal election. I have yet to be convinced that voting on national matters in any way, shape, or form anymore. I believe that someone upstairs has machinations in motion, and the victor is already decided in the back rooms. Unless I can be shown a strong argument otherwise, I believe the winning move is not to play next year.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed, at least to me. Although not anywhere near as bad as Biden, I think Trump is beginning to have his own issues with his age. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been around a lot of elderly folks, and the crankiness, negative attacks on others, maybe forgetting things more often, etc. if you been there you no what I mean. Just subtle things, but definitely there. Throw in all the crap they’ve thrown at him, I wonder. My opinion is that both Biden and Trump are too old, just me though.

  5. There are a certain number of swing voters who tend to vote anti-incumbent every time, switching back from party to party. It’s because of those people that I think Trump has a chance.

    He’s never been tied/ahead this early in the election cycle. He tends to make up ground at the end.

    I’m not saying I believe in him, but I believe in his chances of victory.

    He may indeed kick some immigrants, that’s about it.

  6. I won’t be voting, but if you held a gun to my head and forced me, I would pull the lever for Biden.

    My opposition to Trump stems from that he accomplishes nothing except to activate the left and demoralize the right.

    Trump is worse than useless.

    The reason I won’t be voting has absolutely nothing to do with believing the system is rigged.

  7. I remember in 2016, the election of Trump……all forecasts gave Clinton first until the night of the election and then the next morning (i was at university at that time) i went to the bar and i found out that Trump won the election…….i remember the sad of bartender and my smile. On Television i saw that Antifa in that occasion rioted.

  8. Heighten the contradictions, Comrade. Trump gets elected, Trump gets arrested or Trump gets arrested (again), Trump gets elected. The blue haired skanks, good “liberals” and “conservatives” (who never conserved a damn thing), the professional Left (e.g. NGOs, Lügenpresse, religious groups, think tanks etc.), being emotionally incontinent will have epic public breakdowns, very entertaining. This will also further motivate Trump to take vengeance upon his enemies starting with Republican cucks. They all deserve to get it in the neck too, good and hard.

  9. Jeez Biden is this unpopular?

    The inflation is still really bad. The rents are up.

    Military adventurism in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine has wrecked the nation

    I am an Independent now and feel like Trump and Biden have had their chances. Looking at writining in RFK Jr. Maybe a Classical Liberal can fix all this.

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